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Lincoln Navigator



  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    I haven't heard any rumors like that. Navigator sales are up over 100% in Canada and while they aren't setting those kind of sales records in the States, they aren't going backwards either. I suppose Lincoln could have some concern about the Aviator cannibalizing some sales of the Navigator....

    Ford is stopping production of the Excursion in '04 though, so anything is possible.

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  • In answer to your question, if the individual has a reasonable cheek width, the answer is yes, but not on a long trip! If the answer is no, the consider putting one in the third seat, one in the second seat, and plenty of room for everyone. That is what we do with the two grandkids, and when we have all three, we put two in the second plus the petite mother and the third in the third with her mother. This is generally a visit to another town, so I'm not there, but my wife says it works very well.

    Also did order the 03 Ultimate with rear seat entertainment system. Price was just what they quoted it would be, to the penny for A-plan, also had X-plan pricing on the invoice, which was higher. Should be in within next six to eight weeks. (ordered as wife wanted this one to be red, which will go along with our white 00 and blue F150)
  • Not a chance. It's Ford's most profitable vehicle. That's what it's all about. It won't go away until it sells worse than the Continental did..... The Excursion sold miserably this year, largely due to the successful efforts of the environmentalists to kill it. But believe me, if it still sold well, it would have had its contract renewed.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    i heard that after the first of the year the power will go up to compete with the caddy
    anyone heard the same?
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    A work associate of mine got one of the new 2003 Navi fully loaded....really nice rig(I'd add about 50-60 more hp). He asked me to post a message and ask any other 2003 owners if they had trouble with their powered folding seats or retractable running boards? Apparently he has had to return the Navi to the shop to fix these already...
  • So ya wanted to know about the new Navigator. Lets see, I have owned it for about a month of which about 2 weeks worth have been in the shop! Electrical went out and the windows would not close. Panels on the outside of the door would not stop making noise, passenger mirror has mind of its own, and the truck will sometimes sound like a mustang on startup. The problems are minor, the pain in the but part comes when the dealer can't seem to fix it. In response to #306, I am also waiting for the power parts, gate, boards, etc. to go out. Just waiting. Remind me again why I paid this much for a Lincoln!!! When you stop to look at the big picture I guess the truck has not been that bad but I have never gone through this much trouble with any new car, ever! The paint job is poor, I have silver. The dash is that silver stuff, can't wait for the kids to scratch it. I am fearful each time someone goes near it. I expect to have wood kit put in at some point. I have more to say but I will save it for another post.
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    Anybody here able to tell me what kind of 4WD system is on the Navigator? Part time, Full time, Awd? Thanks in advance.
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    Please expand on your last post. Is FoMoCo stepping up to help you? Your vehicle sounds like a candidate for the Lemon Law. I think that is the course I would pursue. Best of luck to you.
  • If anyone is trying to upgrade the Alpine stereo and keep it stealth read on. I had a total Eclipse system put in and you cannot see anything. The five channel amp was installed in the second row armrest Did not lose much storage space.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Thanks, sounds like yours was one built when the assembly crews were having a a bad day or two. I forwarded your information and this web site to my co-worker. He's hoping that his is an anomaly and won't have too many more issues. There is nothing more irritating than getting a new rig and having even minor things that need to be repaired, had my share....lucky our last couple of new rigs have been pretty solid.

    thanks again
  • I took a look a the 2003 Navigator yesterday, since my brother was giving me rave reviews about how well it drove and the features. I amd 6'6" with a 38" inseam, and I have to tell you that i couldn't even take a test drive because there was no legroom on the driver side. The center console took up so much room that my leg was stuck between the console and the steering wheel. The dealer told me that many large and tall drivers were having a major problem with the 2003 model because of the feature. I took a test drive in a 2002 model and it gave a decent amount of legroom for me to feel relaxed. Does anyone know if Mercury plans on correcting this problem or updating the center console? And can anyone tell me if there have been problems with the 2001 or 2002 Navigators? I may have to take another test drive because I do not know if this SUV will fit in my garage. Also, the dealer told me that the Navigator gets in the low 20's in mpg. Is this true?
  • Hi everyone. Ok, Lets see. The rearview mirror on the passenger side had a mind of its own. Went off course after backing up. And at one point decided to continue moving on its own. As if you were holding the button all the time. If this happens get the shop to replace the door switch. They may baulk but this seems to have solved the problem. I will keep everyone posted on all of this info. Next, the Nascar imitation. On startup the exhaust sounded like that of a Mustang. It also sounded like it was directly under the driver. Curious??? Well after insisting and driving the shop crazy they seem to have found it. According to the manager, it appears to be the muffler. They said they beat on it and go the noise to quit. A new muffler is on the way. While I am thinking about it, check the OIL!!! Mine came short a quart!!!
    The rest of the car seems to be functional at this point. Frankly I am only driving it on weekends and out on trips. It burns so much fuel I went out and bought another economy car for my day to day driving. The gas saving pay for the other car. YES, I drive that much! What else, Yea, the plastic bag syndrome. At highway speeds the door panels sounded like plastic bags flapping in the wind. The dealer took off the plastic panels and siliconed to the door. Yea, cheezy, I know, but it worked! All is ok today, tommrow we shall see. Oh, Just want to mention that the folks at my dealer did bend over backward to help me. Credit where credit is due.

  • It's really true. The first ones off the line, especially ina total redesign are problematic.
  • I get 14 miles per gallon, but I knew going in how much it would cost to drive it. The leg room is great - I am 6' 2" and have plenty of room. I have the same plastic bag syndrome that I will have my dealer silicone the doors.
  • for a used base 2002 Navigator having only 15K miles on it? I am considering a Navigator and I want to get a feel for a target price.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    The folks at Motor Trend's Truck Trend Magazine(November/December '02 issue) just did an article comparing 4 lux suv's: Lexus LX 470 (2002), 2003 Navigator, Range Rover, and the Mercedes G500. They rated the cars in this manner: Range Rover #1, G500 #2, Navigator #3, Lexus Lx 470 in last place (?!).

    The magazine labeled the 02 gator "most improved" suv, and had general praise for the vehicle overall. As an 00 Navigator owner I'm curious to drive a new one to see if these improvements are as good as they say. I'm sorry I can't link you to the article.. I only have a hard copy of it.
  • the 03. It's such a subjective thing, what one likes in a drive. I love the way my 99 drives, and the 03 is different. Little tighter in the steering, (which I don't like particularly). It tracks nicely though. Very comfy, maybe moreso than mine. Lotsa power, but the best part of the new one is the interior IMO. I'll buy it just for that - when I'm ready. Great features, layout, and design. I think it's the classiest in the genre.
  • Finally took delivery of my '03 Navigator (after a few months of waiting)!

    I will post opinions later but I do have one question.

    Apparently, Lincoln no longer supplies headphones with the DVD system (dealer showed me a service bulletin). Has anyone purchased/ installed wireless headphones? Is there any built-in IR in the DVD system for the headphones or do I need to get one installed? (if there is no built-in support, I was looking at the Clarion WH105 which are RF headphones - anyone know where to patch the system into as it has RCA inputs for left and right audio).

  • Don't waste your time with the cheap headphones from ford. They are not wireless, I complained because I was told they were going to be (got nowhere) Please let me know if you find a wireless patch or work-around.

  • You can pick up wireless headphones from Circuit City. I picked up an additional set for passengers in the third seat.
  • Blackrhino1:

    What did you need to install to make them work? (or do they work out of the box). And what model did you buy?

  • They are programmed to the same frequency as the other Audiovox set. My Lincoln dealership had an outside shop install the unit before I took delivery. If you have the Audiovox dvd system you can go to any Circuit City roadshop and purchase the headphones. Hope this helps.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Has anyone had the ability to use the Navigation systems on the 03 Navigators? Is it any better to the 02 and earlier versions? I heard that the Lexus DVD-based systems are the benchmark (my wife's RX300 nav system is excellent)-- how does Lincoln's CD-Rom Nav. compare?
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I've just noticed that the Lincoln LS has a touch-screen DVD navigation system. I think the Navigator has an older CD-rom based system. Why wouldn't Lincoln put their best navigation system in its most expensive product? Any Ford insiders out there with some insights?
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    i have looked at many "invoices" from ford/l-m dealers and am familiar with holdback, etc. When I see a post saying "i bought my on the A-plan price" or the "x-plan" price, are these prices for FMC employees, or what? Just curious who can buy at these prices, besides a shrewd negotiator!
  • A-plan is for Ford employees, X-plan is for employees of affiliated companies.
  • I'm afraid to post this on the other board, and get accused of "baiting" the Toyotaloyalists again, but I'm also wondering what other issues you've had with your Navigator. I have a 99, that I would have normally traded by now, but it's been so darn good, I just hate to let it go.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    It has been mostly small stuff but still annoying. I hate going back to the dealership for anything. My navigator's rear wiper has failed twice (two dealership trips) my fog lamps have failed twice (two more dealership trips), the left driver's a/c vent got stuck and would not move horizontally -- they had to replace the whole mechanism (yep, another dealership trip) and all four tires had to be replaced because the truck started shaking wildly while on a road trip. Later I find they were recalled. Also, one day the trucks fob's stopped operating and the radio would not automatically turn off when you opened a door. Including regular maintenance I've taken my truck back around 8-9 times in 28 months.

    I must give credit though, Lincoln service reps have always responded quickly and with courtesy to my truck's issues. My lease is up in 8 months and despite my concerns I am considering leasing an '03. I think the new Nav's look great inside and out and all the reviews I've been reading say that it drives and handles much better than my '00. I am also considering an '03 Expedition Eddie Bauer (same truck, less glitz and $$) or a Lexus LX 470 (have to streeeetch the budget to get that one though). My wife owns an RX 300 and it has been problem free and the service has been on par with Lincoln's.
  • I guess I've been more satisfied for two reasons: 1) I have had near perfection with my 99. Brakes lasted 60M, just got them done for the first time. Only repairs have been the rear wiper like yours, twice, and an 0 ring evacuated the A/C. But my dealer is very easy on me. Always a loaner without asking, even for 1 day in and outs, and although their mechanics are morons, I'm never inconvenienced. I'm not sure anybody does much better than that.

    I too am in the market, and as impressed as I am with the 03 Nav, I'm a little wary of the first year out syndrome, so since mine is so good to me, I may keep it and wait for the 04s. I've been looking around quite a bit....not found anything I like better for the money yet. I like the looks of the Escalade, but not the chevy truck interior and it lacks features. Great engine though. Lexus is too small, but very nice. Not a looker either IMO.
  • I have had a 1997 Edie and a 2000 Navigator, just ordered a 2003 Navigator. Both vehicles had rear wiper problems and after having them replace twice I quit using them. I was glad to see that they have a whole new system for the rear wipers. Other than that I have been satisfied with the Navigator. The Lincoln dealer was excellent.
  • After test driving the Aviator last Thursday, I tested the new Navigator. It was an Ultimate, so it has the new power toys, and I'm amazed at how taken I was with the retractable running boards. Still not a reason to get the truck, but they were surprisingly effective. I was very taken with the power folding 3rd seat. That is a must have. Plan to get an 04.
  • We opted for the Ultimate 2WD, hope it is never off the road! We did not get the retractable running boards as we think they add protection against those who cannot control their door when they open it in a tight parking space! My son in law thought of that when we were discussing over a family dinner. The power third seats are just great, and not having to take out the seats, as we do with the 00 is wonderful!! Took only five weeks to get it, no too bad. The 03 rides better than the 00, steering is tighter, (which I like), the seats are a bit more firm, which is ok. So far we have averaged 14.8 mpg, but I expect that to go up as we become more accustomed to driving it. (we average 15.6 in the 00, also a 2WD).
    This dealer removed every last bit of plastic! We had no extra clean up to do. I was really impressed by the thoroughness.
    I have only had one problem with the 00,the splice for the air suspension. I took it to the dealer where I bought it, and they "repaired" the splice. When we were out of town, it broke. Fortunately, the LM dealer there loaned us a town car to get back (170 miles). We keep it for two days after the repair was made and took it back, kind of at our leisure and exchanged for our "correctly repaired" 00. This dealer really went out of his way to help us, as this occurred on a Saturday afternoon, about 2PM. The only other situation has been the recall by General of the tires, and the selling dealer did get right on that, replaced all five within two weeks of verification that our tires were part of the recall.
    I guess I am fortunate to have two dealers within 30 miles that care about past, present and future business, but they will have some competition from the guy 170 miles away from now on!!
  • at this point. First I didn't like them, then a friend saw them work, and really took after them. Now, I'm conflicted! Could you clarify why they pose a safety issue again? Not having them would not be a deal breaker, to be sure, but they seem to be pretty darn functional - something I didn't expect before...

    Congrats, by the way.
  • I just picked up my 2003 Navigator Ultimate, very pleased but have noticed a strange noise from the clock. It keeps time but every once in a wile it lets out a groan and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
  • I remember the mechanical clocks from the 60's that were in my folk's cars, and how they would groan before they quit working, which was always about a year old. Please, somebody tell me we aren't going back to that! And while we're on the subject, what is the big whoop with these dial clocks again anyway? Infiniti started that in the original Q, and nobody liked it. Now everybody is copying it, and I still can't find anybody who likes it. So why are they going this direction?
  • It must be about style as the clock is very hard to read. It is at an odd angle and is silver on white. I miss the digital.
  • I think everybody does.
  • I own a 2000 Lincoln Navigator 4WD. I use this vehicle for everyday driving and on weekends I tow my 6000 lb horse trailer. It is now time for new tires. The tires that are currently installed are Contitrac AT P255/75R17. Should I replace the same tires or use something else?
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I have a 2000 4X2 and my tires were replaced under recall and replaced with Michelin Cross Terrain Suv Tires. The truck's ride has dramatically improved. Have you checked if your tires are under recall also?
  • Only the tires for 2WD were on the recall list. I guess that Lincoln didn't sell enough 4WD vehicles to qualify for a recall.

    If anyone else has experience with the Navigator's tires, please post.
  • the tires for the 4x4 were not defective and did not merit the recall.

    I replaced my Contitracs with Goodrichs. The handling improved, but they're very hard to keep balanced. I say, no reason to try to duplicate the Continentals, if you even can. I think they discontinued those lines. Put on what you want.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,062
    You will not be disappointed with Michelins. They're easy to balance and stay balanced and IMO give the smoothest ride. Only downside is they're relatively expensive. To which I say - you get what you pay for.
  • I agree.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    After much thought, I've decided to go with an 03 Ultimate Navigator as my next truck. It was a close call between the Lexus LX 470 and the Navigator, but the Lincoln offers too many perks (free maintenance, high quality service -- in my experience with them) and too many extra features (HID lights, rear parking sensors, power fold flat 3rd row, power liftgate) and TONS more room than the LX for thousands less. I love how the LX drives, but the new Navigator is much improved in that department over my 2000 version. I'm thinking I'll keep the gator until Lexus decides to come out with a modernized, roomer LX in the future. In the meantime, my silver exterior/light parchment interior gator with chrome wheels and GPS system has been ordered.. now it's just time to sit and wait (8 weeks MAX I hope!!).

    Question, does any 03 owner out there have the GPS system? I've heard a range of comments about it from "it's a worthless jumbled etch-a-sketch wannabe" to "it functions just as good as the Lexus systems except with several discs instead of one DVD" -- what do you think?
  • but I'm surprised you had to order the truck. My dealer has about 35 of them, and there's a second dealer in town who must have about as many.....
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I wanted the 2nd row bench, navigation, and chrome wheels in silver ext/light parchment int. -- that combination is nowhere to be found here in S. Fla (my dealer had at least 20 other Navi's in stock but no 2nd row bench AND navigation).
  • I currently own a 2000 Landcruiser with 62,000. It has been problem free and one of my favorites. However, I've got the bug to get something new or refi my LC.

    Test drove the 2003 Ultimate and was extremely impressed with the ride.

    Any suggestions from previous LC owners???
  • Why not go with the Sequoia? I ask because on the comparo boards, the Sequoia loyalists are so adamant. As good as I think the Navigator is, and mine has been totally trouble free for 64,000 miles so far, I can't see the Land Cruiser crowd being quite satisfied with anything from Michigan.... Just curious. I know why I don't care for the Sequoia.
  • My daughter is a Ford employee, so I can purchase on the D plan which is a great price for a new Nav.

    I have just never liked the Sequoia. It's a great vehicle, just not me.

    I drove the 03 Nav the other day and was really impressed. There's not many SUV's that can compare to the ride of the LC, but the new Nav was really impressive. Much more so than my test drive in Escalade.

    I can either keep my LC for another couple of years or get something new. I really wouldn't spend the differance between the Nav and a new LC; over 10K.

    Thanks for your input.
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