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Lincoln Navigator



  • In the FWIW department, I've always been very impressed with the LC ride and the quality is undisputed. Of course, it's not every luxury SUV that is a bargain compared to the price of the LC, but I felt the Navigator was. Don't think I've ever had a more trouble free car (so far, anyway) but honestly, it's rare I keep one this long. I have, only because it's been so good, I kind of hate to let it go. I compared the Sequoia and the Escalade. I don't think the Sequoia is there yet on luxury or power. I do have issues with the styling, but that's personal I guess. The Escalade has the power hands down and I like the looks just fine. I can't get past the Chevy truck dash, switches and steering wheel I guess. If they are still making the Navigator as well as they did mine, you may be quite well satisfied, but I do worry because former Toyota owners expect perfection - and Ford tries, but they don't always hit the mark on that.

    A few years ago, I thought Ford and Toyota were destined to be the dominant world car makers. They had a very similar vision. Good luck! If you buy the Nav, just remember you got a heck of a good price on the D plan, ok? Just in case it isn't quite as "perfect" as your LC.

  • I think I'm in love!!! I also drove the Aviator and liked it alot but once I sat in the Nav and saw how much more room there was coupled with the automatic fold-down 3rd row seats, I knew I had to have it!!

    I have been testing Toyotas and Lexus's. I just could not find the combination of elegance plus comfort plus space all in one car before. Can't wait till my husband gets his test drive next weekend.

    The only disappointment is the lack of color choice. I really want a gold one and they don't make them. And the red is too dark.

    But I may go with the blue. Any comments on the blue??

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    In the FWIW department...

    Doesn't Paul Harvey have a copyright on that? ;-)

    tidester, host
  • bcj2bcj2 Posts: 17
    We're up-sizing our SUV from a '01 Lexus RX300. I looked at a used '02 Navigator w/ all options, including navigation. The dealer wants $35,000 for it (w/ 27,000 mi)

    Any recommendations? good? bad on the vehicle/price? It's much bigger than the RX but drives like a truck and the navigation sys is poor.
  • Can you give me some info on the 03 Navigator navigation system?? I am confused from reading that it is cd based, not dvd based. True? If so, is it worthless or still worth the extra dollars? I want to upgrade the sound system and it looks like it is packaged with the nav system. Any comments on either the nav system or the upgraded sound system appreciated.

    Thanks, Ginny in Texas
  • karz10karz10 Posts: 106
    Things are good on my '00 Nav that was purchased used a few months back

    I went in to take care of some minor warranty items before it hits 50k, I complained that the clearcoat had begun to peel off the aluminum rims, one was quite noticeable, while one was just barely noticeable, they are going to replace both rims with no hesitation, as well as take care of the other items on my list

    Just thought I'd update anyone that might be interested, truck drives great, I sure miss it when it's in the shop, it's been nice to share the Infiniti and the Navigator, depending on what one had planned for the day, or who was taking care of our 2 mo old, who is also doing quite well :) We both enjoy driving both vehicles, although they are very different, it's a pleasant variety, and we have loved the cargo capacity, I don't know what we would have done without it.

  • has been hands down the finest car we've ever owned, which is why we still have it.
  • This is not a safety issue, but more of keeping the dings and dents to a minimum. I think the retractable running boards may NOT prevent a door from another car hitting the door or my navigator as well as the fixed running boards. Sorry to be so long with answer.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    My dealership called me on Friday to tell me that my order for an Ultimate with Navigation system, chrome wheels, and center bench hit a snag.

    It seems Ford is switching Navigation systems on the new Navigators and they aren't putting the old system in at the factory any more. They tell me the new system will be much improved over the old one but of course, they don't know when they'll be shipping with the new systems. I ended up taking a Navigator they had on the lot -- Ultimate with Navigation, DVD, Power running boards, moonroof, chrome wheels, 2nd row bench. The price was right and they took my 2000 gator lease off my hands early.

    I must say this updated Navigator is FABULOUS. The interior is so far above what I have seen out there (in another league from my '00 gator). And now that I've driven it a bit , in my opinion it looks and feels BETTER than the LEXUS LX 470 I almost purchased. I hope the vehicle holds up well and doesn't start to have the minor but annoying problems my '00 had. So far though, I think Lincoln got it right with this one!

    By the way, except for slightly worse graphics (when compared to the Lexus system), the Navtech CD-based navigation system that comes with this beast is pretty decent. It is doing what its supposed to do with no problems.
  • rockysrockys Posts: 1
    Has anyone had or know how to check on a recall to see if Lincoln will replace the defect?
    Reference recall # 00v073000


  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    call your dealer
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Well, I'm experiencing a bit of deja-vu. I'm totally in love with my new '03 gator purchased on Friday BUT.... the "check suspension" warning popped up on my message center and would not go away. Took it in to the dealer and yep, there is a problem "somewhere" within the system. The truck is in the shop all day today and maybe tomorrow also while they investigate.

    Good thing though, just as when I had a multitude of small problems with my '00 gator, my Lincoln service reps are bending over backwards to please me and I'm in an '03 Towncar while they fix my new truck. I know perfection is an impossible goal with such complicated and sophisticated machines, but to have to go back to the dealer three days after purchase for what may turn out to be a major repair... well, I just hope it isn't an indicator of things to come. For the two days I had my truck though it sure was nice!!!!
  • My best friend and I visited our favorite Lincoln store yesterday, he traded his Town Car for an Aviator, and I (more cautiously) left my Navigator there overnight and tried a blue Ultimate Nav for the evening. Before he got his Aviator home, the charging system warning came on. He brought it back, and a new alternator was installed immediately. But, sheesh! I'd be embarrassed. My Nav had the low washer fluid warning come one. I put some water in the bottle, and that went away, but again, sheesh.

    I gave mine back this morning, it wasn't the right unit for me, but eventually, one will be just how I want it -- that is if the defects go away. I'm watching the board carefully, folks....

    My 99 has yet to have a repair in 4 years and 65,000 miles....and I don't want the pain of trading a great one for one that has issues. I may wait for the 2004s to come out...
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Well, My 03 ultimate is still in the shop. They had to order a suspension "module" for the truck. When it arrived today, it did not come with the correct connectors so they had to order those also. I hear I may get my new truck tomorrow afternoon. I think navigator 3740 said it perfectly.. sheesh! Any Ford/Lincoln mechanics out there have any idea what a suspension module is and how they can get messed up in a new truck?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,062
    are basically small computers that control a specific set of functions. I suspect the suspension module controls the suspension functions (and I didn't stay at a holiday inn last night either!).
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    still no truck -- I guess those modules are tougher to replace than I thought... 2.5 days and counting... tick tock.. tick tock... I am driving the heck out of my towncar loaner just to get even! That mini-limo drives smooth as can be a accelerates very crisply too... vrroooomm!
  • Had lots of fun over the years with my loaner T/Cs and LSs. My dealer has been very accomodating in the last 10 years with me, anytime I need one. They are fun, but when the repair is done, I love to get back into my own car. And so will you, if they ever finish it!
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    And working perfectly (fingers crossed). Hopefully it's just regular maintenance from here on out. The process was smooth except the Enterprise rental counter at my dealership that provided the loaner wanted to charge me $20 per day as an insurance add-on. They insisted I had approved the extra expense.. I insisted that having a brand new truck in the shop for 3 days means that Lincoln was picking up the tab -- ALL of it. Matter solved. Just did not like the game playing. In the future, read these loaner/rental agreements CAREFULLY because they can slip in anything they want to. Boooo Enterprise.
  • That's when I call for the Store Manager....usually solves problem. I'm envious, you're in your new truck. Still waiting to buy mine.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,062
    Never had to deal with a rental company with my old Lincoln dealer (they're no longer in business). They had a fleet of LS loaners. They did make me pay the sales tax (which was about $2.50 per day). They claimed that the state of GA made them collect it. Yeah right. Just because the state says that you have to pay sales tax on rental cars doesn't mean *I* have to pay it. But since I was getting a LS to replace my LS I put up with it. Now I don't know what I'll get from the new dealer. Probably a Buick Century. Yecchh!

    I've heard of Mercedes dealers who have a fleet of Camry loaners. It's all up to the dealer.
  • Our MB dealer here also has Camry loaners - guess that doesn't threaten them. My favorite LM dealer used to run a large fleet of Lincoln loaners, I understand Ford used to sell the dealers product to loan at below invoice. After 6 months or more, the dealer could then retail them and recoup most expenses. They have stopped that program, according to my guy, and now have a different deal with Hertz. So now, I get a Hertz Lincoln loaner, and they still pick up the whole tab on it. Not much difference to me. It's all up the dealer and how much they care about their customers - how much expense if any is passed on, which is probably why I have spent about $300M at this dealership over the past couple decades....
  • I have noticed a minimum octane requirement for the new nav's and was wondering how necessary this is and what could happen to the truck if I fill it with regular 89 octane instead of the 91 minimum? --Any mechanics out there? Also, Has anyone had problems with their power running boards or liftgate?
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I've been wondering the same thing about gas for years. Is premium gas just a scam? I always put premium in the tank (gas station owners must love me) and I've never had any problems. I guess I could try putting a lower grade gas as long as it will not negatively affect anything-- but wouldn't I be risking my quiet-smooth ride? I just don't know. Also,if the engine starts having problems will it self-correct if I switch back to premium?

    As far as the power liftgate and running boards go, mine have been trouble free (mind you, I've only had the truck a short while). I just need to be careful when I open the liftgate in my garage because height-wise it's a close call!

    While I am here I have a question for any Navigator experts: Can the power fold mirrors be programmed to fold automatically when the ignition is shut off and open again automatically when you start the truck? There's no mention of this possibility in the manual so I'm guessing it's a no-go. Can the dealer program it? Thanks!
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,062
    Use the octane that your vehicle was designed for. While most newer cars have knock sensors that allow the timing to be retarded to compensate for lower octane you will lose both power and fuel economy doing so and in the long run you won't save any money, either. If it requires 91 then use at least 91. OTOH using higher octane than required will not help and in some cases can even hurt. Premium (91+ octane) actually has less energy than 87.

    Use what the OM calls for. No less, no more.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Today I get into my truck and am welcomed by a "liftgate ajar" warning in my message center. I opened the power liftgate and closed it several times... same message. Just as I started to get peeved at my gadget-filled vehicle I decided to check the glass portion of the liftgate (opened and closed it) and voila -- no more warning message. I must have accidentally unlocked it with the FOB. I apologized to my liftgate for thinking such bad thoughts about it and went on with life. If anyone else is having similar issues check the glass!

    Unfortunately I have to head back to the dealer anyways ASAP to re-sign the contracts because the VIN# on the contract and registration does not match the truck! My sales guy called me to inform me of the screw up. I hope a cop doesn't stop me because as of right now I cannot prove that I own the vehicle! Ah Lincoln, always an adventure!
  • scrajscraj Posts: 10
    Have a question for all you 2003 lincoln owners. I bought one on dec 28 and it is a month as of date. I bought the one with the premium package.
    Now, the lincoln home page says.. enjoy the standard 9 speaker audio system with 6 cd changer. The specification part of the same page says the navigator has 7 speakers. Now, the navigator i bought.. i found only 5. One speaker on each door and one more near the 3rd seat. The sales guy in the dealership said that the other two vent like holes near the 3rd row seat are the other 2 speakers. The service guy said they are heater place or something like that.. but, he was not able to identify the 7 or 9 speakers. I called lincoln customer service and the lady was very relaxed and said that she was not able to pull up the information. She got the VIN number etc., from me and connected me to the sales guy i bought it from in the dealership. WHAT!! That is not the customer service center for#$#@$.. I can call the dealership. I told her this one and she goes..'I was only trying to help you'.. as if i cannot find the sales guy.
    Now.. do any of you know about this one? The number of speakers issue in my vehicle has been bugging me day and night and i don't know where to go. I go to lincoln and go back to dealership and in circles.
  • scraj, you can't let things like this upset you! I can't speak to the 9, it's possible, but you do have 7 speakers. There are 2 in each front door, behind the speaker grill, a tweeter and a midrange. There are at least 1 in each back door, and it's possible there may be 2 again in each back door, plus the subwoofer in the back, so that would be 7 for sure, possibly 9. It would be nice if Lincoln could tell us for sure, but don't ever expect the morons at the dealership to know, or even admit they don't know. They are usually predisposed to lying and will make something up, even if the truth sounded better. Your only hope at the dealership for an honest answer or actual knowledge, is the old parts guy in the way back, who rarely talks to people. He's the only one there with a soul.
  • I too have accidently opened the glass part of the liftgate. My concern is there is a warning with regard to the glass and to be sure it is not left opened. I think the problem is that to activate the liftgate you have to press the button on the remote twice, but to open the glass you just have to press once. I had the 2000 Navigator and got use to unlocking the doors without looking at the remote and I think the opener for the glass is in almost the same location.
  • scrajscraj Posts: 10
    After trying all the venues, i went back to the dealership and asked for the detail specification document (if they had any) for the 03 navigator. Surprise.. they had one. A huge bound book which lists each and every stereo system and all the specs. The particular stereo system i have in my vehicle was listed as with 9 speakers in total. 4 two way speakers in each of the doors and 1 sub woofer on the back. Whew!!! Finally i think that it is solved.
    I have had a few issues with this gator.
    1. The small panel fitting near the driver's right leg was bent a bit outwards. Dealer ordered the parts and fixed it.
    2. The weather seals on the front left side just popped out. Again same exercise.
    3. There was thin sueade kind of stuff that came out from near the passenger side airbag. Again the same exercise and fixed.

    The big one though :
    There is some kind of Whirrrrrrrrr.. noise from the roof area.. most probably from above rear seat area. I had a aftermarket dvd player put in the vehicle by the dealer. They thought that the dvd player was the issue and changed the dvd player. Inspite of that, i still hear the noise and when the vehicle goes over small bumps or continutous irregularities on the road, the noise keeps coming in.. some vibration. The dealer said that they secured the dvd wires and all the navigators make that whirrrr..sound or whatever it is. Did any of you guys have this one? or.. as usual am i the only one.

    I spoke to the manager of the dealership and he said that some ford guy would come along every week and he would set up an appointment for me to check this out.
    Anybody with similar experiences? Or did i just happened to get a lemon or junkie.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I have not noticed a whirrr sound coming from the roof. I have the factory DVD player. When a movie is playing, if the sound is off you can hear a faint whirring sound coming from the unit as the disc spins. With the sound up, or when the unit is off I cannot hear anything. In fact, one of the things I like best of my '03 is how darn quiet it is -- even at highway speeds.

    For your dealer to tell you that every navigator has a pronounced whirring noise in the head liner area is very misleading and simply not true. If they can replicate the sound (which it seems you can just by driving around a bit) then fixing it should not be a big deal. Have they heard the sound? Also, do you have a moonroof? Perhaps something is screwy there insulation-wise. I know this sounds silly, but I've heard of folks who've left the moonroof in the "vent" position for several days and then wondered why there's a strange wooshing sound in the cabin. Also, check your third row windows to make sure they are not open (I've left these open at times by accident.).

    I can't think of anything else that may be causing this except a faulty DVD installation-- but since they have already re installed it for you I don't know what the heck else could be the culprit. Let me know what the problem eventually turns out to be and how they fixed it -- just in case I start whirring too in the future! Good Luck!
  • Does anyone know about changes that will be made in 2004 model? I have a 99 Nav now, but want to trade it in. However, if they are going to add a larger engine I would wait for the 2004. Any information or if you know where I can find out that would be awesome.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,062
    I've heard nothing about changes for 2004, engine or otherwise. Since the 2003 was a major update I wouldn't expect any big changes for 2004. Option packages, paint, maybe a different wheel and/or tire package is all I expect. But I don't know for sure.
  • scrajscraj Posts: 10
    I received a call from the dealership yesterday asking me to drop off the vehicle, since a factory guy was coming over today morning. I went to the dealership yesterday evening, asked the service manager to drive around with me and make him hear the whirr mystery noise / sound / vibration.. whatever it is. His analysis was the sound is from somewhere near the DVD player and it echoes in other parts of the roof. Now, i have way too many different analyssis from different people in the same dealership. I spoke to the dealership manager again and he said that he is also gettting the DVD guys at the same time. I told him that whatever the issue is,, whether it is the vehicle's fautly part or the DVD player.. you guys fight it over and get me my vehicle fixed. The vehicle has achieved the quota for this week in staying in the dealership. I have owned it for 6 weeks now and it has been in the dealership for 2 days each week. I am yet to receive a call from the dealership as to what happened.
    Now, i have another question for 03 navigators. May sound silly.. buy, you know what will happen when you start to get annoyed with the vehicle.

    If i sit on the driver's seat, bring down the tilt steerin all the way down or partially down, the steering does not seem to have been aligned in the center of the black plastic trim behind it (on the instrument panel). The plastic trim has raised edges and the gaps to the right and left of the steering wheel to the plastic trim as well as the wood trim that runs along the dash below the steering wheel are not equal. I checked in another naviagtor and it had the same issue, but, a bit better than mine. Is it a design flaw or it is the same in all your navigators?

    Sorry for long posts.. but, guess this is the only place i can get some answers.
  • I traded in my 99 Nav on an 03 last Saturday, and have about 300 miles only on the vehicle so far. But I have noticed none of the problems you have noted. What's the build date on your truck? I'm wondering if you got a very early production unit.
    I noticed they had them on my dealers lot all the way from 4/02 to 10/02. Mine is the latter. You can find that on the sticker in the driver's door well. I also don't have the DVD.

    I was amazed at how quickly I sold my 99. It was in exceptional condition, but kind of high on mileage (65,000). I put it in the Auto Thursday morning at about 11. Got a call at noon, the guy came out at 1:30 to see it, and said he'd have the cash to me the next day by noon. He did. I really only advertised it to have some fun and see how much action I could get on it. I was asking $3500 over what the dealer offered on trade, and got it. Should have asked for more, evidently. Guess these units are hotter than I thought.

    I'm very happy with my new one so far.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Welcome to the '03 club! I've seen your posts around here and from what I gather your old gator has been great. I hope the new one is too. I'm only 600 miles into mine and boy is this beast driving nice. It is as quiet and smooth as I could ever want a vehicle and the roominess -- oh boy! Despite a suspension issue at the beginning, this truck has been otherwise flawless and has really impressed me. By the way, it was built in 12/02.

    Scraj -- I have the steering wheel adjusted pretty high up so I cannot see the centering issue you noticed. If I adjust the wheel all the way down I can see that it is a centimeter off-center within the housing.
  • Has anyone found/tried xenon (or bright white/blue) replacement bulbs for an '02 or earlier navigator?
  • You know, my 99 Nav never had a defect when new, and only one minor repair in the 65,000 miles I had it. I was hoping for the same, but not totally expecting it. Well, my pessimism has been slightly rewarded, in that my drivers puddle lamp is malfunctioning in a wierd way. Not a big thing, and something that can wait until my first oil change, but a defect nonetheless. It comes on, but immediately goes off, while the passenger one stays lit like it should. Strange.

    Also, this is a dealer thing, but when they delivered the car, they only had one remote for it, and on spares in parts. They ordered me one, but so far have been unsuccessful in programming it. I know the car was shipped with two programmed units. How dealers lose keys & remotes is beyond me. Especially with computerized key control systems.

    Oh well, that's all, I'm not bitter.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    If there's a key out there somewhere with a remote transmitter AND your vehicle's VIN tagged on to it (most dealers do this to avoid losing the darn thing to begin with) I'd have them re-program both your current key and the one ordered for you with a brand new code (if this is possible).

    My wife works with car/truck titles quite often and you'd be surprised how much info a VIN# can get you. A smart, unscrupulous individual, perhaps the same person who "misplaced" the key to begin with, might have some sinister plans for your truck a few months down the road. Again, I'm just being paranoid here but better safe than sorry.
  • actually, it had both keys, was just missing one remote. I have had it reprogrammed though, as you suggested. Thanks. I just marvel at the incompetence of the dealers. I just would not deliver a car that way....
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    The Lincoln "signature clock" rewards you with a small groan each time the minute hand moves. It's not just a navigator issue.. the 2003 towncar clock does it too. When I go in for service in June I'm going to check if a replacement/fix is available.
  • it's a solid state clock, you get a slight click when the minute hand moves, never heard a groan. I'd be interested to hear the "dealer excuse" when you inquire on this one...... Did I say excuse? I meant "explanation", like the one I got when I inquired about my A/C fading from very cold air to tepid air and back. I was told, "these units don't work the same as your old one, sir". Yeah, I'll buy that. But is it working right? That's my question!!! Time and warmer weather will tell.....
  • Mine doesn't click, it groans.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    like a short electrical "buzz". Still nothing major for me, but something I'd rather not have disturbing my quiet new ride!
  • scrajscraj Posts: 10
    Buzz... Groan.. whatever.. I have the same noise/sound. I was thinking that it was coming from the CD player. Are you sure it is the clock?

    Sure.. the dealer will give an excuse as 'All navigators make the same sound'.

    Were you guys able to time it? I will also take up the same issue with the dealership. only thing is that i was not able to time it. SO, it is hard for me to prove it when i am at the dealership.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    When I adjust the time by clicking on the + - buttons by the clock it makes the same sound. Try pressing these buttons and see if it makes the noise. This way it is easy to let your dealer know what is going on.
  • that's the sound, but it doesn't bother me. I think it's kinda cool......wierdo that I am..... Maybe my hearing is going, maybe the radio drowns it out for me, I don't know......

    One thing I have to remark on positively, is the smoothness of the engine and especially the transmission. I think the tranny is the silkiest smooth I've ever owned, and the shift points seem perfect for my foot. 5 stars on the power train, clock notwithstanding..... (groan :)
  • scrajscraj Posts: 10
    I will also give 5 stars for the powertrain except for the fact that it makes so much noise during cold starts early in the morning.. almost as if starting a huge machinery. Way too loud. The noise goes down and quietens after 3 or 4 minutes.

    Anyone has any idea about using the cargo/ dirty stuff holders made of plastic etc., on the back side, behind the second row / third row. I would like to get one of those. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  • That jet engine you hear on start up is mostly the cooling fan, which for some reason on these cars, starts up in high gear, then loosens up and slacks off until the weather gets hot.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    My 03 Navigator is running nice and smooth. One thing though, when I get going over 70mph on the freeway (that is the legal limit on most fast roads around here but I usually take it to 75-85) my nav starts to get a little shaky -- nothing major, but I can notice some slight trembling in the steering wheel. I also hear some slight rattling sounds coming from the wheel wells. Is this normal for this large SUV? What I find strange is that this ONLY occurs at 70+mph. If I'm doing 60-65 the truck is as smooth as can be. Any ideas why this occurs? It is not a big enough deal for me to schedule a service stop. I'll just wait for my 5000 mile check-up to bring it up. I get the feeling though my service advisor will just tell me to stick to the speed limit!
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