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Nissan Altima Hybrid



  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    It's a great magazine if you're looking for a Honda, but they trash just about everyone else
  • This is good information. Thanks for digging it up. I too am looking forward to a Consumer Reports test. Any idea when that is going to happen?

    As of today, there have been 2 reviews posted on, and the owners are loving it. 10.0 out of 10.0! Sweet...
  • I purchased one yesterday (March 13th) for a delivery by Monday. The dealer gave a hefty discount. I don't know what my package was called, but it came with most everything except the navigation. It has a list of $30,625 including destination, dealer took off $2121, net cost $28,504 plus tax and tags. I know everyone knows the fed. gives a rebate, does anyone know that NJ and most states give something also? It's not much, but it's a discount off ordinary income, it may be worth a few hundred in your pocket, I'm not sure, it seems vague.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Actually, you -can- "jump" a hybrid. On Toyotas and the Altima, which uses the same system, the 12 V battery that goes dead if you leave a light on, only "boots" the computers and closes the relays that connect the high voltage "traction battery" to the powerplant. Once that connection is made (the car is turned "on") the hybrid system takes over, using the traction battery to start the ICE (internal combustion engine) and charge the 12 V battery (it's charged by the electronics from the traction battery, not by an "alternator"). It takes only a few amps to get the system going.
    Once going one of the two MGs (motor generators) charges the traction battery, providing power to recharge the 12 V battery as well as power to move the car (via the other MG and the ICE).

    If you did leave a light on overnight, you would have to have the car "on" for a few hours to fully recharge the 12 V battery. BTW, fully discharging it is not good for any lead acid battery. Each time you do so it causes some damage, shortening its' life. Leaving it discharged for some time is much worse, so if you do manage to kill it, charge it up asap, either by running the car, or with a charger.

    The Hybrid Civic can have the same problem, but they have added an extra starter motor (12 V), so if the "traction battery" goes dead you can start the ICE with the 12 V battery.
    In the Toyota system, it's unlikely the traction battery will go dead. It's operated between 40% and 80% state of charge and is not allowed to go above or below those values. This is to ensure the battery lasts a long time (it's never overcharged or drained fully). I suspect the Civic is the same, so I'm not sure why they added the 12 V starter motor.

    BTW I'm told (by a dealer( we will not see the Hybrid Altima here in Canada until June.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    It's the connection package, but good deal! I got $1500 off for mine which STILL ISN'T HERE YET!!!! I was supposed to pick it up today, but it hasn't even been shipped yet, =T

    Enjoy your car though
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm new here. I need some major advice. I just got a job but it is about 40 miles away from my house. I leave early in the morning but still takes me about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to work. So I drive 80 miles a day and I'm stuck in stop-and-go traffic the majority of the way.

    The H3 has been the car on my mind ever since it came out, but because of the gas prices, the distance, and conditions I have to drive in 5 days a week, it seems unreasonable. I would probably fill up once a week at $60?

    Should I sacrifice my dream car? My other option is to get the Altima Hybrid. Cheaper, more affordable, and definitely a gas saver. Any suggestions. Please help.
  • Wow, when I first saw this new conversation being started, I laughed thinking this was a joke, but no, you're not joking...

    Seriously! Completely different choices. Its almost kind of a battle between good (Hybrid) and evil (Hummer). I can sympathize with you somewhat though because I have always wanted a full-size pickup, and I fell in love with the F-150 when it came out. The reality is that automotive vehicles are easy to fall in love with, but equally as easy to hate after owning them and realizing the true cost of ownership. Seeing how gas is not going to get any cheaper, and if you live in one of the states that is offering the Altima Hybrid, you are already paying close to $3/gallon. That works out closer to $80/fillup. I know, I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and it gets 13 mpg, and has a 23 gallon tank. It sucks. Trust me. It sucks a lot. Truth be told, not many advances have been made in improving the efficiency of SUVs or Pickup trucks. Eventually, the hybrid technology will make its way into the larger auto segment as well. Honda is developing a Ridgeline Hybrid with a new generation of its own hybrid technology. It is due out in 2008 or 2009.

    My advice to you: Wait on the H3. Its not worth the total cost of ownership, and soon (5 years) there will be more fuel efficient big vehicles available, and then you can trade in for the H3 Hybrid...GM are you listening to this...
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,965
    I think this is going to come down to dollars and cents for you. Given your description of your daily driving conditions, you're probably going to spend at least twice as much operating the H3 compared to the Altima. You probably should look at long term items too. Tires for the H3 are certainly going to wear out faster AND cost more. And don't forget about what it's going cost to insure as well.

    If I'm looking at getting an H3, the Altima hybrid probably isn't on my radar.And if I'm considering the Altima, I doubt that the H3 is on my short list. Not the the typical comparison shopping dilemma :confuse:

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  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    if you can afford the h3 and are willing to dish out $250 a month for gas compared to $100 a month for gas, go for the H3...

    though at the price of $250 a month, you could buy the h3 for fun and buy a versa to commute
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    Is there some reason you have left out the other hybrids from Toyota and Honda? I would think the Civic or Prius would be at the top of your list of hybrids that get good mileage. The Altima may have some early bugs to work out. If you are that far from work you do not need a vehicle in the shop. Just more choices to think about.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    i think he wants one that looks good, =)

    lol, ok, not good, but you have to admit that for all the hybrids that save you gas, the altima is the sportiest
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    I think all the current hybrid cars are ugly so I am not the person to make that distinction. The least ugly in my eyes is the Civic. Most of the new cars have very restricted rear vision. Or look like stink bugs. Just cannot bring myself to like much coming on the market in sedans. Maybe once you get used to driving a PU truck it is hard to go backward. I can see the desire to own a Hummer 3. A fellow that bought some land from us has one and loves it. He traded his 2004 Accord for it.

    I might make an exception with the LS600 hybrid. It is pretty good looking. A bit over indulgent, but nice. Not what I consider environmentally green.
  • I drive a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse. It has 100,000 miles. The mpg is about 22mpg. Should I just suck it up and keep with this car?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    If it runs good, I sure would. Take that payment you would be making and put it in the bank. Before you know it you will have enough cash for a new car without giving a bunch to the lenders. We Americans are conditioned by the banks to think making a car payment is good. Nothing good about it unless you have 0% financing. Then you are using someone elses money.
  • bogdanbogdan Posts: 10
    Well, I e-mailed Consumer Reports about it and received an oddly noncommittal reply that it was not scheduled to be tested. Maybe it's too new.

    For my part I just test drove the Hybrid back to back with the gasoline 2.5S and I was impressed with both. There are minor driving differences, but nothing dramatic. For example, the Hybrid has a stiffer front suspension (3.5S suspension?) and what seemed to me like tighter, lighter steering, while the 2.5S had better low-end acceleration and more weighted, if slightly numb steering. I believe the Hybrid uses electric and the 2.5S is rack and pinion, but I can't be sure. Otherwise, the car was pretty composed on the road, the interior was quiet and well done, and the space fairly generous, with the exception of the Hybrid's trunk which seemed sliced in half. To give you an idea of space, I'm fairly tall (6'2"), but there was enough space behind the driver's seat for my daughter's carseat. She most likely will sit close enough to kick me in the back of the seat, but that's parenthood!

    Overall the Altima Hybrid seems like a much more refined hybrid automobile than the previous gen Civic hybrid, which I have driven several times. I realize that's an apples to oranges comparison, but I'm just throwing it out there.

    I am in the process of haggling for a Hybrid with a Convenience Package. We'll see how it goes.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    good review, it is the 3.5 suspension because of the extra weight. you can get very close to invoice price for a hybrid IMO, let us know how it goes, there should be a plethora of hybrid's with convenience packages at the dealership

    oh yeah, you only have 1 child right? Just want to make sure you don't need to pay the AMT (which would lower your tax rebate). basically as long as you don't have too many deductions, you're ok
  • bogdanbogdan Posts: 10
    I actually have two kids, but in theory we should be ok for AMT since my wife is currently on maternity leave.

    You'd be surprised how hard it is to find the car that I want here in northern NJ. I searched inventory five nearby dealerships and among them, only one has just a single model with the Convenience Package. I am now working with another nearby dealer to obtain what I want from somewhere else, most likely NY. As usual, everyone wanted to sell me the car off the lot, even going as far as saying they could only get me a hybrid off the lot for $1000 above MSRP. What nonsense.

    If all else fails, I'll just try CarsDirect. It's been a great negotiating tool so far.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    no, if all else fails, drive to massachusetts...we have loads and loads of them on the lots with convenience package (give or take aluminum kickplates and sunroof deflectors)

    i'm getting $1500 off msrp for mine, i know someone else getting it for about $2000 off. mine hasn't arrived yet and i think they just bought it off the dealer.

    i think it's worth it to drive 200-300 miles to get the car that you want. just search our inventories.... and and

    LOADS OF THEM!!!!!! between those dealerships, there are about 50+ in stock

    i'm buying my car from clay through this dealer named Jeff Craig. you ought to email some of these places to see what they can do
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    The 2.5S uses hydraulic power steering and the hybrid uses electric power steering. Reason is the engine shuts off from time to time. Wouldn't be good if it relied on hydraulic PS running off the ICE. ;) Also the AC uses the engine in the 2.5S and an electric motor off the "traction battery" in the hybrid (same reason as above).

    I just checked online here in Edmonton Alta Canada, and two dealers have one hybrid each. Black with black int. and cloth seats. Will have to go and check them out. I think if I got one it would be the ivory int. Don't like black int. - they get way too hot in the sun.
  • ighigh Posts: 60
    Anybody bought this car recently in the Bay Area/Northern
    CA area?

    I am in the market for one with the Tech package.
    The cars are in extremely short supply and the dealers
    are asking for 1K-2K markup over MSRP.

    Carsdirect is quoting 30914 which is about 1400 off MSRP.

    What is the real deal out there?
  • langjie - I noticed that you are on a forum over on too, and that you ordered your NAH. Have you received it yet? I really want one in Sonoma Sunset with the Blond Leather Interior and the Technology Package. I checked the inventory of every dealer in every state that sells the car, and I couldn't find one matching this description. How do you go about ordering one? My dealer here in CA is giving me invoice pricing, and I have them looking for one for me, but I'm betting they aren't going to find the one I want. These cars with the Tech Package are so rare. I'm wondering if Nissan is limiting production or slowing it down to see how the one's that are on the lot are selling. Or if they possibly met their "quota" for the CAFE standards already, and they don't need to sell anymore.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    my car finally came in today, i'm going to pick it up tomorrow. The tech package cars are really rare, the sales manager told me yesterday that nissan cancelled the orders of altima's with tech packages because of a shortage of navi units. i know the dealer i'm dealing with also has a green NAH with tech package.

    ordering a car would take 6-8 weeks assuming there isn't a shortage in navi units.

    you can do your own search but i really doubt you will be able to find the exact car you want. but the target MSRP price you want is 32,365 or 32,625. so just look for that
  • ighigh Posts: 60
    Finally got a silver one from Stockton Nissan (drove
    80 miles to get there). Tech package + floor mats for
    300 over invoice.

    Could get no deal or preferred color in the Bay area.

    I am overall happy with the car but made the switch from
    an Acura TSX - obviously a different kind of car, more
    nimble and compact. Also interior was plusher. So some
    adjustments for me.

    I could not find a way to display mpg, range etc in the
    Navi. Anybody know how to do this? The dashboard info
    toggles between mpg meter, mpg, temp, range etc. Isnt
    there a way to get all of these on single screen in the
  • Getting mine this week with tech also. Just wondering, did your phonebook sync with the bluetooth? Can you have two phones in the vehicle and both receive thru the car? I know only one at a time. Long time warming up?

  • ighigh Posts: 60
    I have only one phone and it did sync with the navi.
    Phonebook part I did not checek but I was able to
    send and receive calls by using the Navi touchpad.

    It can sync up with multiple phones and store each
    ones settings in the memory. So 2 phones should work.
    Do not know what will happen if one is in use and a
    call comes to the other.

    In Bay area temperatures are usually mild. So in the
    morning the EV mode comes on within 1-2 minutes of
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A reporter with a large local newspaper is hoping to talk to consumers in California who purchased a hybrid vehicle this year. If you are interested in speaking to the reporter, please reply to no later than Thursday, April 12, 2007 with your daytime contact info. and what car you purchased.


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  • bogdanbogdan Posts: 10
    Thanks for the info, but my dealer finally came through and obtained one for me loaded with the Convenience Package. They had to go across the state line to NY to get it, but I took delivery on it this weekend with a final tally which came in about $500 under invoice.

    It drives quite well and I’m getting about 35 MPG in mostly highway driving. Since the northeast has been hit with unusually cold weather recently (30s), in the morning it takes about 10 minutes to warm up enough to cruise in EV mode exclusively, but that’s not so bad.

    The first day I drove to work I had the pleasure of getting stuck in a massive traffic jam for over an hour. I was running off battery most of that time, so much so that twice the engine had to kick in to recharge it, since it didn’t really have the opportunity to fully charge yet.

    Overall, I’m pretty happy. Does anyone have any suggestions on breaking in the engine aside from the recommendations in the manual? In general, I’ve heard that you should try to avoid keeping a constant speed all the time, so I have yet to put it on cruise control. I also try to vary my speed as much as possible on a highway.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    Congrats on the car, i took delivery on mine this past saturday, I LOVE IT so far. I'm a bit under 35 MPG right now and warm up is exactly the same as you (i'm in Boston)

    I would just say that you can drive the car pretty normally during break-in. i just wouldn't stomp on the gas. I've been up to 75 (albeit really slowly)
  • bogdanbogdan Posts: 10
    Congrats to you as well, langjie. In terms of driving, I've hit 75 myself on occasion, albeit slowly as you said. I figure just keeping up with traffic offers enough variety for the engine to chew on.

    Coincidentally I drove an Accord LX this evening, and setting aside the characteristics of the hybrid drive, the time spent in the Honda reinforced my decision to go Altima. The Accord is still a good car, but in almost every category not affected by the hybrid drive (exterior + interior design, legroom, seat comfort, stereo) the Altima seems just a bit better to me. The only area where the Accord seemed to have an edge is interior fit and finish.

    I'm still amazed by the bias Car and Driver displays for Honda. Not only did they trash the Altima Hybrid in one article, but in a recent comparison test, they boldly declared the now aging Accord as better overall and more refined than the gas powered Altima. I've got nothing against Honda... as a matter of fact I own their minivan, but such journalistic bias is fairly disappointing.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250

    but yeah, i completely agree with you about C&D's bias. 40% of the time, I come to work in an Accord (carpooling) and I feel the suspension is rougher then my altima's yet they always grill the nissan's on their "rough ride" whereas they always aplaud honda's "superior handling"

    they so get paid by honda and BMW. moreso honda of course but during some of the G35 vs 335 comparo's...they say that the g35 is really really close to the 335's performance and just a bit off on fit and finish but the kicker is the G35 is 10,000 less then 335. I think that's a pretty big kicker and if I can get almost the same performance, and pretty nice luxury and pay 10,000 less...i'll save the cash everytime
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