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Nissan Altima Hybrid



  • bogdanbogdan Posts: 10
    When I drove the Altima Hybrid back to back with the 2.5S, I actually had second thoughts about the Hybrid, since its stiffer 3.5S derived front suspension was definitely more “communicative” of road imperfections than I was used to. But after finally getting around to driving the Accord, I was amazed at the positively kidney-jarring jolts I was receiving over larger road imperfections. The Altima is much more composed by comparison, yet even the reviewers at CR, who clearly hate firm suspensions, call the Honda’s ride supple.

    Also, I’m pretty tall (6’2”) and the amount of legroom combined with the generous width of the footwell make the Altima feel like a much larger car to me. I sat in the Accord and thought I was driving a Civic. I have no idea how legroom is measured, but despite obvious differences, invariably all cars within a certain class are within fractions of an inch of each other.

    And as far as the 3 series vs. G35, I think it’s an unwritten rule of journalism that the Beemer is untouchable. I think BMW could put out a mule attached to a rickety cart and that combo would still outclass Infiniti’s best according to the likes of C&D. Edmunds came REALLY close to proclaiming the new G37 coupe better than the 335i, but wimped out at the end. For my part, $10K would be the only motivation I’d need. When all is said and done though, you have to give Nissan props for even trying to compete against BMW. No other Japanese manufacturer does that.

    As an aside, have you actually seen another Altima Hybrid on the road? With sales around 400 for March, I’m not counting on seeing one soon, but I have yet to spot any other type of hybrid except the Prius. No trace of the Camry Hybrid either.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    i haven't seen another altima hybrid on the road, i have seen plenty of camry hybrids. you can tell by the tail like. There is more white in it

    of course i am in the 3rd most hybrid registered state? (mass)
  • Seriously, what are they thinking? Nissan is raising the price on the base model of the Altima Hybrid by $590 MSRP. Will that affect every trim level? Will that affect invoice pricing for the dealer?

    The answer to the first question is most likely - yes; since every option package is priced out separately and then added to the base MSRP.

    The answer to the second question is a little bit more difficult. We can hope that the $590 is only on MSRP, but maybe someone that is a dealer or works at a dealer can shed a little light on this for us.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    i know for a fact that nissan was losing money on each hybrid they sold...maybe they are trying to break even now...i'm not sure if invoice price is increased though
  • cpcacpca Posts: 20
    Been looking at a Hybrid with the Connection Package and didn't think to note the "old" (pre-increase) invoice prices from Edmunds. If anyone has those, I would be curious to see how much the invoice price changed (if any). This is what I've got:

    Base Price - MSRP - Old=24440 / New=24990
    Base Price - Invoice - Old=_____ / New = 23442

    Connection Pkg. - MSRP - Old=5250 / New=5250
    Connection Pkg. - Invoice - Old=_____ / New=4554

    Floor Mats - MSRP - Old=100 / New=110
    Floor Mats - Invoice - Old=___ / New=84

    Destination Charge - Old=615 / New=625
  • jimmy100jimmy100 Posts: 1
    I believe the old invoice was $22800 or so.

    I just got mine today with Convenience Package for $24442 which is about $300-400 below invoice. Any comments on my price? I went to supposedly the biggest dealer in the US, which is the Los Angeles area. They gave me a competitive quote by email, which other dealers had a hard time matching over the phone or by email.

    The negotiation didn't take that long including trading in my 13 year old SUV. The financing took forever.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    Base Price - MSRP - Old=24440 / New=24990
    Base Price - Invoice - Old=22821 / New = 23442

    Connection Pkg. - MSRP - Old=5250 / New=5250
    Connection Pkg. - Invoice - Old=4554 / New=4554

    Floor Mats - MSRP - Old=100 / New=110
    Floor Mats - Invoice - Old=79 / New=84

    Destination Charge - Old=615 / New=625
  • cpcacpca Posts: 20
    Thanks very much for filling in the blanks, langjie.

    One edit: My original post should have said the old base price MSRP was 24400 (not 24440).

    One other question (just curious):

    Edmunds lists the Nissan holdback as 2% of "Total Invoice". Is the destination charge included in their definition of "Total Invoice"? (Obviously, this is trivial, since it only affects the holdback amount by $12).
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    honestly, i don't know. but the holdback is really 2% of total invoice + 1% of invoice for floorplan or something. in reality, it's 3%
  • starhuskerstarhusker Posts: 26
    I have almost decided to buy Altima hybrid until I found out that there is no aux audio input. Listening to the podcast on the road to work is part of my life now. How could I get over it? Thanks.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I thought Nissan was coming out with their own hybrid soon and the Toyota system was only temporary.
    When is their own system coming out?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Where did you hear this?
  • tomscot2tomscot2 Posts: 33
    I jsut test drove an Altima Hybrid today, a basic model, and there was Aux input jack right there in plain sight on the audio system. In fact, it is kinda hokey because it is not hidden at all.
  • starhuskerstarhusker Posts: 26
    I didn't test drive it. I got the info from the following link if you click on the Audio section.
  • starhuskerstarhusker Posts: 26
    That's a very good news to me tomscot2. Thanks a lot. I'll test drive it this weekend.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I want my next car to have auxillary input, side curtain airbags, bluetooth, good fuel economy, good crash test results, good reliability, reasonable price and stability control.

    It's difficult to find something like that. The Altima Hybrid might have been the one, but you have to buy the $5000 option package to get bluetooth and then you have a $30K plus vehicle. You can't get VDC on the 2.5 non-hybrid at all. The 3.5 is pricey and a gas guzzler.

    No VDC on Sentra and Versa.

    Does any vehicle like this exist now?

    I think I can cherry pick that combination of options on the 2007 base model Mini Cooper, but it would fail my reliability requirement. I also have heard rumors than the 2008 Ford Focus might have this stuff available, but reliability might be subpar and resale value will definately be poor. I have also thought of a Dodge Caliber SXT, but reliability and MPG reports have been poor.

    I think the current best choice is the Camry Hybrid or an 4 cylinder Camry XLE with optional VSC unless the 2008 Accord has VSA and bluetooth standard on LX or EX 4 cylinder models this fall. I think the next most likely vehicle will be the next generation Honda Fit (2009??) unless Nissan has any plans on making VDC available on Sentras and/or Versas in the next year or so.

    Sounds like I might have to wait until stability control is mandated in 2012 to get this combo in features in sub $25K cars. I'd actually prefer to go down to sub $20K economy cars.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Well the Prius has all that.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I don't think I can stand driving a Prius and not even benefit from using it in the HOV lane. I really hope there is something else that looks better than a Prius available now or coming in the next year that meets my other criterior or I will just keep waiting until it does.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    you get what you pay for. safety is a "luxury". not much you can do right now...that's the reason why ESC got mandated because it should be cheap enough to implement throughout

    keep in mind there's haggling room
  • I agree with langjie. Before you make any rash decisions, go test drive a Camry. I personally think the vehicle handles like dirt, and has poor acceleration. Reports on the Camry 4 Cylinder show that the transmission is slow to engage, and could be dangerous when merging on the freeway.

    I would venture to guess that the = in your formula above is more like a ≈ and the answer is Altima Hybrid. You pay for what you get!
  • For the life of me I could not find the Altima Hybrid in the colors I wanted anywhere in all of California. I looked up and down the coast, and it was nowhere to be found.

    I ended up Special Ordering my Nissan Altima Hybrid in Sonoma Sunset with Blond Leather Interior and the Technology Package on 5/7/07. I went through Nissan of Garden Grove, and I'm getting a great deal on the car. Thanks to Lina, the Internet Director, at the dealership. I highly recommend this dealer to anybody out there looking for this hard to find car. I will have mine sometime in June, and I can't wait.

    Check out there website, and go visit the dealership if you want this car:
  • bcp01scu05bcp01scu05 Posts: 19
    Jaxs--if you look at the picture linked below, I think the AUX input is visible towards the top left of the picture. Is this what you're referring to? There appears to be no description of what exactly that is for, but it looks like the right size/shape to be an Aux input. =Gallery/photoId=20112012#
    (in case the link doesn't work, it's picture 14/25 of the Interior section of Edmunds' photo gallery).

    On other matters, does anyone have any recommendations on dealers in the South Bay Area, CA? Assuming I like the car when I test drive, I'm probably planning on buying a NAH in the next couple months. I have access to the Carperks network ( through my work, so I will probably try that as well as going through either Carsdirect or the internet salesperson at another dealer to ensure I get the best deal. I will probably have to special order the car I want, too, so if anyone has good information on which dealers make that process painless, I'd really appreciate it! :D
  • johajoha Posts: 7
    The Nissan USA web site gives a complete list of standard and optional equipment for the Altima Hybrid and unequivocably states that a power driver seat is included in all models. I live in Maryland, so I could not see the base model car I purchased from a dealer in NJ. I was unhappy to find that there was no power seat. I wrote to Nissan and was told by a customer service rep that there is a disclaimer on the web site [see if you can find it!] and Nissan reserves the right to lie about their products on their web site. Do not trust Nissan info. Check carefully. :mad:
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I wonder what percentage of Altima sales the Hybrid is?

    In my area it seems like the majority of new Altima's I see are hybrid models compared to a very low ratio of 2007 Camry Hybrids vs 2007 non-hybrid Camrys I see on the road.
  • starhuskerstarhusker Posts: 26
    Hi Joha, if you check, click interior, you will find the hybrid has 6-way manual adjustable driver's seat in the base model.
  • johajoha Posts: 7
    Starhusker: You are right that Nissan's web site now states that the base model has no power seat, but that is a very recent change in response to my letter of complaint of 4/25/07. As of 5/3, Nissan's web site still bragged of power seat in all Hybrid models.
  • tomscot2tomscot2 Posts: 33
    Are you getting any discount off of list?
  • Oh yeah. A pretty significant one too.
  • tomscot2tomscot2 Posts: 33
    How much of a discount? I couldn't get them to budge off of MSRP given the fact that we have to order the car that we want.
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