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Toyota 4Runner



  • jaredmsdjaredmsd Posts: 127
    The instructions for changing your door locks is in your manual, section 1-2 or 1-3, I forgot which.

    To do the specific task of making your door locks unlock when you put it back into park, you need to do the following.

    Make sure you car is completely off, with all doors closed.
    Turn your key to the ON position (do not start your car).
    Within 10 sec. of doing that,
    hold down the rear of the door locks button for 5 sec. and release.
    If it works your locks will lock and unlock to let you know.
    If it doesn't work, try again, I did this two days ago and it worked fine.

  • Mendota,

    My computer says 19.1 mpg but I'm calculating it as 18.0, which is a little disturbing considering I'm driving mostly highway. 2WD/4.0 L

    Anyone notice a difference in 87 vs. 89 vs. 91 octane?
  • jaredmsdjaredmsd Posts: 127
    So I drove to Carson, from San Diego, (1hr45min) on friday to pick up my 4runner, here are my impressions for those potential buyers out there who are reviewing this discussion. First off, the folks at Carson Toyota were fantastic, not only with my build order (which came exactly how I ordered it), but also with the paperwork/financing fiasco that is usually much more difficult than it has to be.

    As far as the truck is concerned, I had a 1hr45min drive back to San Diego to examine it. Here are MY thoughts:

    1. Drive is wonderfully stable, both over bumps and cornering at speed. There is not floaty bouncyness when going over big bumps like my old SUV and many SUV's that I test drove. I like the stiffer suspension (and it's not so stiff that you feel every little bump) because it just feels like you are locked to the ground.
    2. I think it's absolutely quiet, no road noise, no engine noise, and very very little wind noise, but none from the hood-scoop like others have posted.
    3. The V-6 power is very acceptable, and I really had a hard time keeping it under 70mph on the way home (it was suggested by the dealer as a good speed for breaking it in), so I averaged probably 75.
    4. The fit and finish of the interior is great. Yes there is plastic, but I personally like what they did. The audio controls on the steering wheel are wonderful, and despite what some have said, the AC controls are extremely user friendly and simple. Also, the seats and steering wheel were really easy to find a comfortable seating position, and I never slid around in the seats when cornering.
    5. The stock stereo is great for a factory unit, it's not as good as my $3000 aftermarket stereo on my last SUV, but I have no plans on changing it unless it somehow get's worse.
    6. My one complaint is that the AC/trip-computer/outside-temp display is hard to see when the sun is shining on it, but hey, that's life.
    7. My overall impression so far (130miles) is that it is the best decision I've ever made, hands down. The ride is beautiful, the environment is comfortable and quiet, and the truck itself just seems very well thought out and built. Great features.

    OH, and as you can tell I'm in California, and even with driving with the back window open for a bit, I smelled no sulfur smell. So all's good.

    Thanks to everyone for all the help while I was waiting on my order!

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The Tundra you saw was a step backwards and one that will be phased out. The Tundra is an old style part time 4WD system. The Runner V6 is technically also part time because you can select 2 or 4WD. The difference though, is that with the Runner, you can use 4WD on dry pavement and it is essentially an AWD.

    There are no plans I have heard of to bring out a manual transmission. Emission regulations have brought an end to the hand shakers.
  • coranchercorancher Posts: 232
    If your body color matches your cladding ok, I'm betting you have the "Galactic Gray" exterior. That's been the only color that I've seriously thought about buying if I had to go with the cladding, because of the cladding contrast with the other body colors. And I shouldn't leave this discussion without mentioning that the cladding could be very functional (as other posters have noted) in terms of parking lot damage and scratches from passing brush when off-road. I don't hate the cladding myself--I've just been hoping to avoid it or wait out the sale of the existing stock that has it.

    At first, the appearance package (AP) option was indeed all you needed to have to get the body color trim instead of the gray cladding. Same look as the limited models, except the limiteds have gray (instead of black) roof racks and running boards (with lights in the ends of the running boards).

    Recently (4/15) things changed again. See post #5726 for explanation, and my post #5735 and others. Seems like Toyota has implemented what amounts to a price decrease in several ways on the V6 SR5s and sports, and somewhat less of a price decrease on the V8s.

    This might not be, I suppose, the last action on this matter. I suspect Toyota would like to maintain more of an appearance difference between the SR5/Sport models and the limiteds. Any speculators out there?
  • Thanks for the info, and the posts you mentioned helped explain it . Bottom line, I could avoided my only gripe with my SR5 by paying a $350 fee (or roughly 1% of purchase price). Or, it sounds like I missed what I want by about a month's time. Are those posts saying cladding will be gone altogether soon? Hint to future buyers - DO YOUR RESEARCH, DON'T LISTEN TO SALESMEN. They're just lucky its such a solid vehicle otherwise. Thanks corancher. Dead on with the Galactic Gray call.
  • jaredmsd, when describing his new 4Runner, said he could smell no sulfur, but he's got a V6. It's my understanding, that only folks with V8s have this problem. Am I correct?
  • vodgutvodgut Posts: 162
    Well, I just tried the procedure to set the option to unlock on shifting into park. The first few times it didn't work, even though I followed the directions in the owners manual.

    Turns out just turning the vehicle off doesn't work, you actually have to take the key out and put it back in and turn the ignition to on, then hold down the power lock button. Maybe someone else can avoid my problem in the future. Take the key out first, then put it back in!
  • vodgutvodgut Posts: 162
    I don't recall anyone with the V6 complaining about the sulfur smell. I think they've all been V8's. Seems like most V8's don't have the problem, or only a mild sulfur smell, but a few have the bad smell.

    I believe the emissions systems are fairly different between the V6 and V8.
  • The computer is calculating 19 to manual calculations have been 18 to 18.5

    After almost 5,000 miles I had yet to notice any sulphur smell on my v6 until my son did a couple of days ago while hanging on to the luggage rack /standing on the running board. He said " Mom what was that smell comming from your truck" ? I asked when ? His response was when I turned the engine off. I had only moved it approx 10ft. I immediately smelled the tail pipe and smelled nothing ! Maybe just a coincidence ???
  • onlyagirlonlyagirl Posts: 45
    I am thinking about buying a 4-Runner and I want White.......when I "build" my vehicle on the Toyota site the white comes up as an option......(v6 limited 2wd).......but when I've searhed for one there is not one out there......does anyone know if the white exterior is only available on certain models or in certain regions? And also are the no-cladding vehicles out there yet? Most of the dealers around here only have cladded ones or gray cladding......
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    Well, I just bought my new 4Runner (Jared, you and I were shopping at the same time I think). I've been looking for some time. I will pick it up in the next day or two. Right now, I'm still a little apprehensive about the purchase, but it was a fantastic deal at $27,000 on a MSRP of $31,300. I'm sure I'll love it once I pick it up. It has the cladding, but I don't mind since I'll be doing some off-road trips (and I like the $750 incentive). More than anything I wanted the reliability of a Toyota - I hope it won't dissappoint in that regard. Thanks to all that helped me research the vehicle, your posts were very helpful. I'll provide a report after driving it for a week or so.
  • coranchercorancher Posts: 232
    Didn't think the limited models came in white and just checked the brochure. It's slightly confusing in one spot, but indicates that white is not one of the choices for the limiteds.

    Since they're no longer producing the cladding-equipped models and don't currently make the color-matched trim pieces in white, it looks like they won't be producing any more in white of any 4Runner model.

    Alternatively, they could start producing the trim pieces in white and make the color available for any or all models. Can't see a reason why not.

    So if you want a limited you may have to do choose another color or (maybe) wait. If an SR5 (but not sport) model will work for you, you can probably get a pretty good deal on a white one with gray cladding right now. Seems that dealers are wanting to clear out the ones with the cladding.

    I've seen a number of the "no cladding" (appearance package AP) units around here, but they're still very much the minority. I've wondered if some dealers are keeping the ones with the appearance package out of prominent view to avoid making the cladding-equipped ones harder to sell.
  • onlyagirlonlyagirl Posts: 45
    I am not in any big hurry so I'll see what happens over the next few months......the car I have now ( Merc E320) will be out of warranty by Oct and I am not too interested in owning it without warranty......had a Toyota before getting a '98 ML320.( a disaster) I think I want to go back to Toyota....I think I'll look again at the Highlander but I like the more rugged looks of the 4-Runner.....except I am not a fan of the gray niece has one , Galactic Gray , and I want mine to look different from hers......we'll see......I could go with the Titanium but it doesn't seem to be out there much either......
  • delguydelguy Posts: 43
    I don't know about the white, but I know there aren't many v6 2WD out there because that's what I started looking at.
  • onlyagirlonlyagirl Posts: 45
    Yes, I noticed that also......I've been going back and forth on trying to go ahead and get the v6 4wd or v8 2wd......the gas milage in all of them looks to be very least on paper....not sure what the real world figures brother and brother in law think it's very silly to get a 2wd suv......they have plans for it I think.. :)
  • beagles3beagles3 Posts: 132
    Quick question concerning the info you gave to morry, will that set up for the door locks work on a 2002 Limited?? I asked awhile back,but, got no response...
  • vodgutvodgut Posts: 162
    The 2003 Limited only comes in 6 colors currently. Black, Pacific Blue, Stratospheric Mica, Galactic Gray, Dorado Gold, or Titanium Silver. I'd be surprised if they changed this before '04, if they haven't made the change with the latest batch of mid-year changes.

    Personally, I've always wondered about the point of having a 2wd SUV, too....but then again I've never owned a 2wd car or truck, it's been all Subarus, Audi, and Toyotas...

    As far as the door locks on a 2002, I have no idea. With the redesign for 2003, I really don't know if they'll work the same way at all. The best thing would probably be to consult your owners manual. I've never been in a '02 myself. Last time I drove one of the 3rd Generation 4Runners was when I test drove a '97.
  • jaredmsdjaredmsd Posts: 127
    I don't have a limited '02, so I couldn't tell you. I would suggest looking in your manual. That's where it was on the '03.

  • Co -

    Are you sure about the statement that they will not be producing any cladding-equipped models? For one, they still show it as standard on a SR5 base model on

    And secondly, and most importantly, would Toyota do this and risk a customer relations hit with regards to the people that have already purchased these models? Granted, we knew we were getting a lower price for doing so. But I don't think many people would have purchased a style that was to be obsolete within a year (thus a major re-sale value hit). And my guess is that maybe people at dealerships knew, but didn't tell, which makes things worse. This seems like a bad move on Toyota's part.

    Sorry to keep bringing it up, but...come on. Thanks.
  • beagles3beagles3 Posts: 132
    Thanks for the info...I have checked the owners manual and it does not mention a thing about programming door locks. The only thing that it mentions is the VIP 2300 alarm that comes optional for the models that don't have the standard security features...I will check with the dealer...
  • coranchercorancher Posts: 232
    Kings_in_7, I am not sure that the cladding is no longer being produced. However that is the implication and substance of a couple of the reports, if I read them right. I wish one could reliably assume that company websites (like are perfectly up-to-date, but that isn't always the case. Also, the folks at Toyota could change their minds at any point. We've seen several changes already, since the introduction of this new generation 4Runner.

    I won't attempt to read the mind of the factory or Toyota Motor Sales, but I don't think it's speculating much to assume that Toyota is not overjoyed about how this whole launch has gone, and some of the problems haven't been their doing. They can't turn their strategy and their inventory and their production processes on a dime, and so they've had some challenges in responding to market/taste conditions that were different than their assumptions during development and intro planning.

    I haven't been tracking prices, but I heard that the new generation 4Runners are priced about the same as the previous generation, despite being larger, more powerful, and better equipped in terms of both driveline and interior features. Aside from the occasional problem with bad smells from the V8 models, they've received great reviews.

    But I'll bet Toyota was not really expecting the generally poor reaction to the stronger cladding statement, and not expecting the price cutting (rebates and discounting) on the parts of competitors, mostly domestic. Around here right now, you can buy the entry model Explorer (XLS) for about $6000-7000 less than the entry model (SR5) 4Runner. Alternatively, for the same dollars as the SR5, you can buy an Eddie Bauer Explorer or even an Eddie Bauer Expedition. Yeah, they're apples and oranges to some degree, but these are big dollar differences and they influence the market.

    So Toyota has taken incremental steps to address the situation as they see it, and sometimes such incremental steps (while a benefit to prospective buyers) don't feel to fair to previous buyers because the whole situation didn't turn out as they had planned and they couldn't maintain their original structure.

    It's hard to predict the resale situation--it could be that cladding will be more in style then, or that the cladding will keep them better looking in the world of parking lots and scratchy brush. I'm not betting that way, though.

    As for what dealers knew, I've had salesmen lie to me "There is no appearance package, you're just confusing this with the limited versions and their painted cladding." I've also had salesmen be very up-front "If you don't like the gray cladding, there is an option coming that will look just like the limited." Good folks and bad folks in the business, as always, and the buyer must rely on themselves, with whatever incomplete information they can put together.

    For prospective buyers like me, I think that discussion forums like this are the best resource we have.
  • I didn't even consider buying 4wd ! My previous was a 93 2wd which was fine for what I needed. I live in the south so I never have to drive in snow. Also, I never hauled a boat/trailer/motor home with the 93 & don't plan to do so with the 03. Some of us just like the convenience of the SUV...for hauling gardening stuff & such.

    Has anyone noticed how easy it is to scratch the bumper on the limited? It's almost like toyota didn't put much paint on them ! I have all kinds of marks already...some made by barely tapping something with it. The reason I bought the limited was because I hated the look of the cladding on the SR5...hope I don't regret the decision !
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    Here in Denver, 4runners don't seem to be having any sales problems. Last Friday evening at about 7:30 I talked to my salesman and he had 4 SR5's the way I wanted it equipped. I showed up at the dealer on Saturday morning and was told all 4 were already sold! Busiest dealer I've ever seen. It's hard to find a car on the lot - all trucks and SUV's.
  • onlyagirlonlyagirl Posts: 45
    You said just what I was gonna say on the subject of 2WD.......I live in the South also......I don't go mudding and rarely go to the mountains...don't have a boat or 4wheeler trailer to haul..and truthfully when I do go to the mountains the roads I go on are not 4WD brother and I did take my ML320 in the backcountry in Colorado....he was impressed with it's abilities...I believe he called it a "troll" and said he didn't expect it to perform as well as it did...(there was no choice on the ML it was one where the 4wd kicked in when needed or something like that)..but I do see where some people are coming from on the I said the men in my family can't understand it.......I hate to hear about the paint problems .....the cladding probably does offer some protection....hmmm, but I don't LIKE the cladding!
    We'll see........did anyone here consider the HIghlander?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    if all you need is 2WD, minivans have more space inside, as do some wagons, especially in the case of the 2nd and 3rd gen Runners. Not to mention they are way cheaper.

    I have always wondered to myself why people buy 2WD truck-SUVs like 4Runner, but I have always answered myself that people just want the looks and are willing to pay extra in terms of purchase, running and maintenance costs to get them.

    Now in the case of Highlander, OTOH, since it is just a light-duty vehicle good for snow and not for towing or offroad stuff, it is a lot easier to see why people would buy the FWD instead of the AWD.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • onlyagirlonlyagirl Posts: 45
    You are right about mini-vans or wagons but I don't like them plus I'm single ,not a soccer mom boat, etc to haul....and I don't mind the extra $$ for the SUV look...nor do I mind extra $$ for all the bells and whistles.....I'm a typical SUV wannnabe owner who doesn't need it at all. it will probably never see snow or mud or rugged roads.....there just isn't a car out there I am even remotely interested in......:)The Highlander looks too much like a wagon to me.....but it's growing on me......
  • rs_pettyrs_petty Posts: 423
    The structural integrity of a 4-runner or pickup will far outlast a minivan and will be much cheaper to repair down the road. If you don't need 4wd then you don't need to pay for it up front, maintain it or repair it. Frankly, I never understood why so many people buy 4wd just to ride on the street. Must be a preference thing -both ways :)
  • I never liked the look of a minivan or stationwagon and I'm married. Too soft looking ! (if that makes sense) I fell in love with the 4 runners in high school (late seventies). It took me till '97 to get one though...the high price tag. Although I don't tow anything or take off road, we have drainage problems on some of the streets I drive so I like being higher when there's water on the roads. I had to take a 91 honda thru pretty high water...VERY SCARRY ! (found out that honda builds a solid vehicle though...NEVER any water in the car !) I feel more secure in the higher SUV. All of my neighbors now own SUVs !

    I did consider the highlander...but it looks tooo much like a minivan (again tooo soft looking) . I like the rugged look of the 4 runner...and the convenience of the auto back glass.

    I never understood why people here bought 4WD if they had no plans to use offroad! I thought THAT was silly ! Why pay extra & have the extra maint cost for something you will never use !?

    Nippononly, why do you say the SUV is more costly to run & maintain than a minivan? Do you mean the 4wd or ALL SUVs ?
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