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Toyota 4Runner



  • rockyballrockyball Posts: 22
    What did they do to try to fix problem? A friend of mine had same noise and after many returns to the dealer and after notifying Toyota that she was going to pursue GA lemon law, they came up with a "final fix" using shims behind the pulleys. She has had the car back for about a week and no noise.
  • beer47beer47 Posts: 185
    Try They have a place in MD.
  • 4runtexas4runtexas Posts: 31
    the dealer in my area was very very helpful, before i even mentioned wanting a new vehicle they stated they would be speaking with "the big boys" at toyota about our contract and a new vehicle, i was very happy with them, the thing is im not trying to get anything free, i simply want a 4runner that doesnt squeek!

    perhaps they may throw in a couple small options, but i told them specifically, " i wont accept a new vehicle with less options than my previous one"...(moonroof, foglights, running boards, double decker, sport edition seats, roof rack, alloy wheels) i would be willing to pay for 4x4 or V8...i should be speaking with my dealer today when i drop off the request for my new vehicle
  • 2003help2003help Posts: 23
    Hey bryancos thanks for the tip.
    AutoZone is the place 19.95.
    The clean light from the bulb is nice.
    There is also a rebate of 10.00 from Sylvania when you buy 2. One per household. So my neighbor bought a set.
    Saved 20 bucks on the 80 invested.
    Offer expires 6/30/03 though.
    Nothing like saving 25% in the auto game.
  • 4skinner4skinner Posts: 8
    I have Hella H4 replacement headlight bulbs installed on my 98. You can find for as low as $7 each. They also come in wattages ranging from 55L/60H, up to 100/110. I run 80W Low beams/110W Highbeams. These throw as good a beam as any non LED set up and are great for driving.
  • gsj3gsj3 Posts: 20
    Has anyone with the V6 had extremely loud clicking coming from the engine, possibly the injectors? Also, when I put motor under load, accelerate from a standing start for example, I hear what sounds like an exhaust manifold leak, or even valve train noise. With the windows open, this is very loud and annoying. Car has 200 miles on it and I don't remember it making this sound during test drive. I have had a tech listen to it and they say there is nothing that can be done at this time...great. Anybody? I guess I need to listen to another V6 on the lot and see. If anyone had this problem fixed, PLEASE respond, thanks!
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    My 2003 V6 4Runner also makes a ticking/clicking noise under acceleration. I can only hear it with the windows open. If I drive by something that reflects the sound it is very noticeable. I've been told that the variable valve timing engines tend to produce ticking noises. The engine works fine, pulls hard and is excellent in every other way - it just sounds like a 20 year-old 4 cylinder. Someday, I want to get a friend drive my 4Runner and I'll drive next to it in a parking lot and see if it really sounds that bad from the outside. I've tried to listen to other new 4Runner's and they didn't seem to sound bad as they are driving by.

    Perhaps your noise is different. In mine, it isn't bad enough to really even ask the dealer. Different engines sound different to different people.
  • ddw5ddw5 Posts: 23
    Had the same problems with my v6 sport. The belt squeak was fixed by replacing the auto-belt tensioner. It hasn't come back 2 months later. I had/have the ticking noise. Was initially convinced it was the exhaust manifold and took it in for that. Am convinced it is the injectors firing and I really don't notice it anymore. That aside, I am more pleased with the truck every day.
  • 2003help2003help Posts: 23
    So much fun owning this '03 4X4 V-6 4Runner.
    About four weeks ago it was the squeaky belt,auto tentioner deal. Dealer changed belt, sound went away for a week , then it came back. Went to different dealer told me nothing could be done at this time, but the all mighty Toyota is aware of the problem. Drove it for another week and the squeaky belt, auto tentioner deal just went away Don't know why it's just gone But I now have a rear passenger side body flex creaking noise. It's noticable at slow speed backing in and out of the driveway. Can anyone help with that?
    This week while driving on the freeway with my moon roof open I noticed when the truck reached 55mph the Moonroof motor would get an impulse of slight motor engagement, as if it was going to close. I also noticed as I reduce my speed to 45 mph It would do it again. And this happens every time at these speeds. It's like it engages at 55 and disengages at 45. Any help on this electronic beauty?
    Because as of Monday it's "Hi Ho, Hi Ho off to the Service Department go". Only 1500 mile in 5 Weeks and this will be trip #5 to Warranty Service.
  • iceman50iceman50 Posts: 20

    This is normal for the moonroof as the wind deflector is speed sensitive. It is not the moonroof closing, it is the wind deflector moving. At about 55MPH you will see that it retracts slightly, and as you lower your speed, it rises.

    Also, I have had no problems with my 4Runner, no squeaks, no smells, no issues; although I do have the V8. Gas mileage has continued to increase from 15 mpg originally, to almost 19 mpg currently at 7000 miles.
  • azrunnerazrunner Posts: 16
    Just returned from a 4000 road trip around the southwest: AZ, Alburqurque, Denver, Durango, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls, Butte, MT. and have experienced a lot of what I read in this forum.

    Gas mileage is good under 70mph and terrible above. Though the V8 power is a nice trade off especially when passing....anyone ever driven the life- threatening stretch from Page to Flagstaff, AZ? V8 power is a life saver!

    Put a Load Warrior Yakima roof rack on mounted directly to factory rack - no need for any other Yakima hardware. Even mounted a bike rack on the Load Warrior. Gas mileage decreased 1-2 mph (again worse at high speeds.)

    Noticed the moonroof noise describe above - thanks for the info!!

    Carried 3 little kids and 2 adults. Everyone was comfy.

    Sulphur smell. Well, it is definitely a "characteristic" of this vehicle made worse by certain fuels. I would NEVER fill my tank in Phoenix, AZ!!! All the little gas stations along the way in NM, CO, UT, ID and MT seem to have good smelling fuel.

    Safe. We passed some tragic road scenes. One in which another vehicle hydroplaned off the road and flipped. The 4runner kept plugging away!!

    Running boards - very useful for top loading!!

    Clean up after the trip - quite good. Only left with a red grape stain on back carpet and tar on cladding. Any good ideas on keeping cladding clean? Been using an Armor All Vinyl cleaner/protectant (not reg. Armor Al).

    Oh yeah - the cargo nets that come with vehicle are excellent to keep gear from falling out the back when door is opened! Double decker cargo thing - useless. Always kept down.

    Cargo area is ample. Had to pick up a mounted mule deer head on the way home. Remarkedly, it fit right on top of our luggage. was NOT a little spike :)

    Thanks for all the help in this forum - I read it weekly to keep on top of what is "normal" and what is not in my 4runner.

    BTW - Great vehicle. I have a silver sport...maybe you have seen us on the road!!
  • rogers12rogers12 Posts: 140
    Just read through most of the posts in this forum - hoping for some information on my 4Runner. I just bought a 2000 SR5 4WD with 35K miles on it. Very clean. No problems with this vehicle (yet). This is my first 4WD and my first SUV. Traded in my 2000 Accord on the 4Runner. I needed something to haul stuff. I spent alot of time investigating the 4WD mechanical stuff. I didn't want to screw it up. I'll bet it is expensive to fix.

    My 4Runner seems to run better with Premium gas. Anyone find this to be true with their vehicle? Might just be my imagination...

    Since I didn't buy a 2003, just thought I'd mention from an objective standpoint that the cladded 2003 4Runners certainly do look different, but only different, not bad. I wish I had known about getting a good deal on the cladded 2003 earlier, I might have been able to add just a few thousand $ to the price of my 2000 4Runner and got a new one with the cladding. Maybe still too much for my budget though.

    Anyway, thanks for the information in this forum. I will lurk and read what is updated in the future. I will probably be in the market for a 2006 or 7 4Runner in a few years. :)
  • 2003help2003help Posts: 23
    Thanx iceman50
    Now it's only the body flex noise they need to address on Monday
  • trdsctwotrdsctwo Posts: 67
    Is the grey cladding gone forever?? Can I assume that if I were to buy a 2004 SR5 that I would not have to accept the grey cladding as a
    base model? Or is, as I suspect, the Monochromatic SR5 a permanent
    added cost option from now on and the grey-cladded wonder will continue to occupy the base model spot in the 4-Runner lineup??
  • jagsdadjagsdad Posts: 56
    trdsctwo: Yes, I'm pretty sure the cladding is gone. It appears that sometime in May Toyota stopped delivering anything to dealers with cladding. The price of the vehicles went up a bit, but the new vehicles did not have a "option" charge for the monochromatic paint, or for the aluminium wheels anymore. In effect, the price of the new vehicles went down. I guy who knows also told me that the cladding is gone for '04.
  • so_caliso_cali Posts: 64
    well i took delivery of a 2003 SR5 V-6 today and have had a number of 4Runners previously with great results. during the test drive i noted some rattling noise from behind me and wrongly assumed it was the tow pkg accessory box, cargo cover or floor mats that were all piled in the back waiting for the new owner.

    WRONG. i drove it home after purchasing it and found that the rattle was still there and that it is also annoying and obnoxious. when i press tight on the headliner upwardly, it goes away - it also diminishes somewhat with the sunroof fully open. a brand new vehicle with 50 miles on it now with a bunch of rattles in the headliner?!? whatever happened to quality control at the factory and test driving it there before releasing it to be sold?

    I am calling the dealer tomorrow and after reading over this forum have seen now that my expectations that the 2003 4Runners would be as solidly built as ever are due for a rude awakening. even if they can fix it, should consumers buying a new vehicle have to hassle with going to the dealer and hoping they will be able to fix something that shouldn't have even been happening to begin with? it kind of ruins the new car buying experience!

    my question is this: i noticed a lot of other posts about the sunroof and headliner rattle issue - so - did anyone get theirs fixed? how was it fixed? is there a technical service bulletin on fixing it? surely not everyone is just living with this, are you?! it is UNACCEPTABLE on a new vehicle in this price range!

    please give me follow-ups on how you got this fixed if you were able to!
  • so_caliso_cali Posts: 64
    just spoke with three different dealer service departments on the phone and none of them claim to have heard or seen any 2003 headliner rattle problems - one did say that rattles are relatively easy to fix and not to worry about it, while another said he would look to see if there have been any recalls or tsbs and then called back and said he found none.

    so perhaps it's not a design defect? has anyone who mentioned having the problem here found that it cannot be fixed? i am taking this back this morning to the dealer where i purchased it and will see if they can fix it and if they are able to i will try and determine how.
  • olrockerolrocker Posts: 16
    If you search this forum you'll find a number of posts about the rattling moonroof. I can't imagine that those dealers haven't heard about it, too. I've had my V8 LTD since October and it's rattled since then. There seems to be a flaw in the new moonroof design. The field engineer from Toyota is going to be here (central NC) in a few weeks to look at it (and hopefully FIX it.) No excuse for this in a vehicle that costs 40 large.
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    azrunner, you said the cargo net keeps things from falling out of the back when opening the rear door. How? The instructions I got with the net (poor instructions) just show that the net lays flat on the floor, attached at the corners. I guess you're just supposed to slide small things under it. It seemed pretty useless so I've never used it. Am I doing something wrong?
  • so_caliso_cali Posts: 64
    i noticed the posts about the problem but saw no follow-up posts as to it being fixed.

    your post is not encouraging. i am going to call toyota headquarters and see if they will admit to hearing of any widespread problems.

    i would hope that if enough people have the problem they are reporting it and not just accepting it as being too minor to care about.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    The cargo net has a top and bottom point of attachment on both sides, very near the rear cargo door opening.
     I know this doesn't help, but my moon roof doesn't make any rattles, open or closed. I don't even have the wind deflector noise like it's opening and closing at any speed. I have not been much over 70, though.
  • so_caliso_cali Posts: 64
    Well i called the Toyota customer service center in Torrance at 800 331-4331 and they were incredibly helpful! Turns out there are TWO Technical Service Bulletins for the sunroof / headliner rattle problem:

    TSB# NV003-03
    TSB# NV011-02

    one of them apparently involves the installation of a noise kit, some clamps and greasing some parts and both are less than one hour fixes.

    i am feeling better about this!
  • azrunnerazrunner Posts: 16
    bmw323is...I too had difficulty figuring out cargo net instructions.

    There should be 2 nets. One does indeed go flat, but the other is vertical across the back and affords a handy pocket for small items. It attaches to two molded hooks at the rear of vehicle. There are two sets of hooks one closer to rear hatch. At first it was odd, but now I am used to keeping it up and easily unattaching to load large objects!

    Headliner noise. Is different than moonroof noise? My moonroof does not make noise, but if the back windows are down the headliner makes a LOUD beating noise that even hurts my ears. Seems to be a vacuum sort of deal.
  • ltc9024ltc9024 Posts: 11
    If the "noise" you are hearing occurs just when the backwindows are down, this is normal. It is nothing rattling but just the air that is rushing in causing it. Most vehicles will do it. It only seems to occur ONLY when the back windows alone are down.
    I am sure someone who knows physics could tell you exactly what causes it. My girlfriends 02 Acura does it and all vehicles I have owned.
  • so_caliso_cali Posts: 64
    the headliner noise is a rattle that occurs when you go over even tiny bumps. as i mentioned before if i press upward on the headliner near the sunroof area it stops the rattle.

    on a smooth road it doesn't happen but just going over freeway lane bumps produces the noise. it's annoying but hopefully following the TSBs will fix it. I have mine at the dealership now being worked on so i will report back later.

    otherwise i pretty much love this. i got black with the gray cladding and taupe interior. i went back and forth with the engines and opted for the new 6 and the ten more horsepower and better gas mileage. i know the torque is a bit less but i'm very pleased with the 6 so far.
  • 4runtexas4runtexas Posts: 31
    my toyota dealer fixed my moonroof noise in about 3 hours, they did however, have to take out the entire moonroof and replace it piece by piece, as there were screws and bolts that were not tightened enough, and there were parts that needed to be re greased, the moonroof is not a serious problem, and can be fixed easily (at the right dealer)

    however, the engine noise, IS a big problem...
    as far as safety is concerned, there is no chance of the engine blowing up or getting over heated (god forbid)
    It is a manufacturer flaw, and can not be fixed, simple as that. some 4runners have the noise worse than others, some don't have a noise at all. luckily, my toyota dealer was very very helpful, as I am looking to be seated in a new vehicle within the next month or so. for the rest of you, my advice would be complain to you're dealer, and simply say you are not satisfied, if toyota sticks true to their word, and they care enough about customer satisfaction as they say, they should be willing to look into a solution with you. I have been to my dealer 3 times for the same problem, and each time, there was no fix, and my dealer was very honest with me and told me that they were as unsatisfied as I was, and told me that a new vehicle was the only solution, before I even mentioned getting a different 4runner. also, on a personal note, I think from now on, every time a vehicle is re designed (i. e.- the 4runner) I will wait until the following year of the new body style is produced, that way they can fix these annoyances and repair any problems with the vehicle
  • so_caliso_cali Posts: 64
    hopefully my roof gets fixed too.

    i went back and read all your posts and see that you have the 6 cylinder too. could you please describe the problem in more detail - what exactly do you mean by squeaking, when did it start happening and what has the dealer and toyota done along the way? what is the date of manufacture for your vehicle as shown on the door jamb plate?

    i know you've somewhat covered this previously in different posts but if you could give a brief summation of all this again in one post it might be helpful to new readers, owners and potential buyers.
  • grizbear1grizbear1 Posts: 4
    Would any of you folks have an idea when the 2004 4Runner will be available? I have a lease that will terminate Sept./Oct. time frame and would like to know if the '04 will be out by then.
  • so_caliso_cali Posts: 64
    dealer says they did all the TSBs and they still hear a rattle. they are ordering a new glass panel for the moonroof because the current one has a pinch in the rubber gasket that surrounds it, which they believe is contributing to or causing the problem. this will take three days to get but they are hoping popping in the new glass will fix the problem.
  • Sovang, what did you ever find out about the loose plastic strips on your roof (2003 4 Runner)?...mine are loose between the roof rack and the windshield on both sides...the dealer said they just can't 'glue' them back down but have to take the roof rack off and remove the strips all the way down the sides of the windshield to replace the whole thing...I am a bit worried they (the repair person)will make things worse (i.e. new vehicle to dealer and thus they may not get windshield or roof rack back on right. The maintenance manager also said they haven't had to fix these before) this what they had to do to fix yours? I discovered this upon delivery along with a few other items..whatever happened to quality control?
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