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Toyota 4Runner



  • coranchercorancher Posts: 232
    bmw323is--My fuel filler door is steel, and the backing structure is also. How did you find out that yours is aluminum? Have you tried a magnet to confirm that?

    Vibration at idle--My V6 does it a little, some of the time. Quite minor, and I wouldn't have thought anything of it if it hadn't been mentioned here before.

    Delicate (=cheap?) headliner material--One of the only places where I think they went with an inferior product. It scuffs too easily, and there were a couple of minor scuffs already when I picked it up new! I'm the only person who's ever driven this one, other than dealership personnel, so I know it hasn't been abused.

    Fuel octane to use, and the consequences--This topic has been explained in very good detail here previously. Might I nudge those interested to use the "Search this Discussion" box at the bottom of the page? That search technology is wonderful stuff!

    Climate control keeps switching back (in manual mode, anyway) to recirculate setting--I've seen this mentioned a time or two before, but no resolution. Has anybody asked Toyota or the dealer about this one, or should I be the first? I read the owner's manual once, and don't remember this being handled.

    Transmission imperfections--There have been some discussions and comments on the behavior and responsiveness of the two different transmissions previously in this thread. I've driven both multiple times, and like the V6 better, though they're both good.

    Mileage--Still getting around 20 MPG in mixed driving, with a bias toward highway. Pretty spiffy for a 4200 lb vehicle with 245 HP!
  • rogers12rogers12 Posts: 140
    If it is like what I am used to, the climate control will automatically switch to recirculate when the interior temperature of the car is very far from the setting. Once the interior temperature has become closer to the set point, the climate control will switch back to outside air. The recirculate setting is more efficient for both heating and cooling and is incorporated to assist in initial cooling/heating when necessary.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    I purchased mine through my dealer, for ~$925.00. I traded-in my 2002 Explorer for my new 4Runner Ltd. Thankfully, I had also purchased a Ford extended warranty for my Explorer, and it paid for itself about 5-6 times over before I finally got rid of that lemon at ~46,000 miles. Had I not had the extended warranty on the Explorer, I would have been in BIG financial trouble, and would have been stuck with that truck. With the new 4Runner, I hope I never have any problems, but it only took one bad experience with a new vehicle in which an extended warranty saved my butt, to convince me that a manufacturer's top-shelf extended warranty makes very, very good sense, especially for someone like myself, who drives at *least* 350 miles/week. In fact, I've had my new 4Runner for 2 months now, and it has nearly 5000 miles on it so far. Therefore, you can imagine how fast I'd blow through a standard factory warranty in terms of MILEAGE.
  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    * 2 colors dropped - Impulse red pearl & Imperial jade mica
    * Limited available in white
    * Color keyed cladding standard on SR5
    * SE still has gray cladding
    * SR5 & Limited have 3rd row seat optional
    (excluding Limited with rear air suspension height control)
  • joanvbjoanvb Posts: 8
    For those who are considering the '03 family of 3 (husband and teenaged son) just returned from a round trip from Long Beach, CA to Long Beach, WA, towing an "ultralight" (estimated loaded about 4,000+ lbs.) 21' travel trailer with an '03 Limited 4x4 V8 with X-REAS and navigation.

    Thanks to information and recommendations found on this discussion, prior to the trip, ordered and installed a more heavy-duty hitch and got the Weathertech floor mats. Happy with both.
    We also got Yakima roof rack additions for the roof rack for transporting bikes, which we'll use for skis in the winter.
    Towed beautifully. We previously towed with a '98 Ford 150, and this towed even better.

    Drove on the beach (without the trailer)at Long Beach, WA, (can't do that in Long Beach, CA) and the vehicle handled beautifully, even in soft sand. The moonroof was particularly nice for that, as well.

    When ordering the car, the navigation was a luxury for me, and I have found it well worth the extra $. Allows you to "see" what the road is doing up ahead, shows how many miles to go and how many hours/minutes to get there. This combined with the "range" indicator of how many miles are left on the tank was very helpful. Also, among other "points of interest",it will indicate grocery stores or gas stations.

    The back seat headphones worked great...our son (or me) could listen to CD's or the radio, while front seat listened to something else. Sure you could take along a walkman for the same thing, but this was more fun and less "stuff" to deal with.

    My only complaint? As mentioned previously on this forum, the headliner is very easily scuffed. I've already inadvertently put several light marks in it by holding my key in my hand as I put something in the car. Just have to be careful!

    Thank you to all who have contributed here. The information has been very helpful.
  • saarkazmsaarkazm Posts: 11
    I'm also experiencing the same thing. I will bring my truck into the dealer tomorrow and post any updates as soon as I get it.
  • I am in the market for a 2003 or 2004 Toyota 4Runner but I can't decide if I should get a V-6 or a V-8. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • nwrunnernwrunner Posts: 2
    I also experienced the moonroof rattle (2003, v-6. LTD), using the available technical bulletins my dealer was able to make the necessary corrections, and the rattle was completely eliminated. So good luck to others experiencing this problem. However, I do think that the "wind noise" for the 4Runner is more than most vehicles. Perhaps a wind deflector would help, not sure.

    MY QUESTION: I would like to remove the multitude of warning labels located on the visors, however, they don't seem to just peel off, has someone had succes in removing them?

    Although my vehicle is only 2 months old, I have had the opportunity to take it off-road MANY times, and am very impressed with it's handling and capability.
  • falcon74falcon74 Posts: 67
    model for 2004?? Are they adding any colors? Also, do you know when they will be out?

    Thanks again for responding?
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Thanks for the update on '04 changes. I thought the mid-year '03 changes included a change to color-keyed cladding for the Sport Edition? Will the '04 Sport Edition go back to the grey cladding?

    I think it's already been mentioned here, but I noticed that the Sport Edition photos on the site have all been changed to reflect the use of color-keyed cladding.
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    Yes, the diff is the lowest point, so it is your true clearance. Some people also measure for the bottom of the frame rails at the side.
  • sacstate1sacstate1 Posts: 189
    Go with the V8, it is a proven engine and doesn't seem to have all of the 'bugs' that the new V6 is having. Five speed tranny is really nice, which is available only on the V8.

    Read your owners manual about 4LO, you should only use 4LO under 10mph, it is made to get you unstuck, not for longterm driving.
  • oldnavycdroldnavycdr Posts: 17
    I'm in the market for the 4Runner and read the postings on the various glitches and problems. What concerns me is the questions about QC. Let me pose this you all of you new owners: should I wait for the '04 with hopes the moon roof rattles, belt squeals, and cladding issues are resolved or are these minor enough to get the better price on an '03? Also, V6 or V8? I won't be towing, like the increased horsepower of the 6 but I'm disturbed about some of the reports posted about folks having to fight for a whole new vehicle because of engine problems. So, folks if you had it to do again, now or later?
  • coranchercorancher Posts: 232
    V6 vs. V8 decision (coppermine2001): Search this discussion and you'll get lots of opinions and some good information. I'd recommend the V6 based on my own research and criteria (and experience), but your situation may vary. The V6 is a new engine with a proven transmission, while the V8 is a proven engine with a new transmission. Both engine and transmission are expensive and complicated devices and, according to what I've seen, are about equally likely (though not very likely) to present you with problems or a big repair bill.

    Climate control: I dislike the habit of the system to switch to recirculate mode by itself, even when in manual mode. Reading the manual, it seems that Toyota believes that recirc mode can help initial cooling on a hot day. I don't understand that, since the cabin is much hotter than outside air on sunny days. I don't use auto mode much, BTW, because I think it is a waste of energy and is likely to wear the A/C system more. As far as I understand it, the auto mode uses both the heater and the A/C on warm days, to cool the cabin. Instead of cycling the A/C compressor on and off as more "primitive" vehicles might, it gets the heater and A/C to fight each other to get the ideal temp out of the vents. A rational system, of course, but it's hard for me to be happy with the idea of burning fuel and wearing parts to both heat and cool air at the same time. Unfortunately, my alternative is to set the temp to "Lo" and cycle the A/C on and off manually when it's hot out. Anybody else got ideas on this one?

    Cladding: This has got to be a quandry for Toyota, since some people like the gray cladding an it is functional. It's odd that Toyota might keep it on the sport editions (though I guess it is more sporty looking) since it seems to be more of an off-road look and the sport edition (with lower profile tires, XReas and painted mirrors) is slightly more tuned for on-road use. Interestingly, a recent Chevy magazine ad for the Avalanche (which seems to have made excessive grey cladding famous!) emphasizes that you can now get the Avalanche with and without "body hardware" (their term, not mine). Maybe retaining it as an option for the SR5/Sport is the best approach?
  • so_caliso_cali Posts: 64
    The dealer ordered a new glass panel, put it in yesterday, replaced the rubber around it (not sure if that comes with the glass), the channels and had previously done the TSBs for this problem. The TSBs alone didn't seem to be enough but now...

    Voila. FIXED! My SR5 rides as tight as a drum now with NO rattles from the roof. It's nice to know that this is INDEED a fixable problem. I believe the key is to replace the glass panel itself!

    Good luck to those who still have this annoying problem!

    My 2¢ on the engine recommendation is to go with the V6, the mileage is better and major reviewers like the writer for the NY Times sited above, recommend it OVER the 8 unless you are towing on a regular basis.

    Getting my factory chrome wheels today and plan on just enjoying the new ride!
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    In my futile search for a high flow air filter for the new V6 4Runner, I noticed that the current airbox tube appears to pull outside air from the passenger wheel well vents rather than from the engine compartment.. I had been considering installing some 2-3" flex tubing from the front air dam to route cooler air, like I've done on other vehicles, but perhaps its not necessary!
  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    The information that I have on the new model is what I posted before. The red and green colors have been dropped and white will be available for the Limited. No other new colors were added. No two tone.

    The SR5 has the color keyed cladding as standard equipment, but mirrors are black. (Several items have been changed to be standard equipment on the SR5; appearance package, black running boards, tonneau cover, fog lamps, privacy glass and weather guard)

    No appearance package for the SE; it has the same gray cladding as 2003.

    Production on 2004 doesn't start until August, with shipping starting in September. I would look for them in the dealerships after mid September.

    I've ordered mine and the estimate is 3-4 months for delivery. (sigh)
  • sacstate1sacstate1 Posts: 189
    V6 indeed has more hp than V8, but the big difference is torque. The V8 will push you back in your seat like a 60's muscle car. There is roughly a 40lbs+ gain in torque with the V8. How does the Sport have low-profile tires? 265/65R17 is pretty tall.
  • sacstate1sacstate1 Posts: 189
    There are a few Sport packages with the AP package running around. So that means if you have a '03 Sport with the AP, you have a definite 'collectors' edition.
  • claymore1claymore1 Posts: 21
    I am concerned about the availability of the Appearance Package on the new 4Runner Sports Editions for 2004. Is it definitely not an option? Are you all speculating about it, or is it insider info that is pretty reliable? I have been very disappointed with the way the cladding looks in 2003 and the way the issue was (not) addressed properly by Toyota even after many customers' addressed dissatisfaction.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Just out of curiousity: what was it about the way Toyota addressed the cladding issue which rubbed you the wrong way?

    Off-topic: I checked your profile. There is a thread in the 'Coupes/Convertible/Sportscars' for old Mustangs. You can probably find some freindly advice regarding restoration in there even though that thread have been pretty quiet for a while.
  • coranchercorancher Posts: 232
    Vehicle acceleration is proportional to torque at the wheels, rather than at the crankshaft, so higher horsepower should produce higher acceleration, if the transmission ratio is ideal for the speed you're at. However this is really true for only a single speed. For acceleration over a speed range, the situation is more complex and varies with time. The V8 has its biggest torque advantage at lower revs and I believe the V8 is faster 0-60, so perhaps it's the initial "off the line" acceleration that's most different. My experience with 50-70 MPH acceleration in V6 and V8 models was the same. I'll bet there are drag-race enthusiast sites that explain this all much better than I can. For those who are considering both engines, drive them over the same route in quick sequence and see which one YOU like better.

    sacstate1, I don't think I've heard anyone refer to the 17" tires as low-profile, just lowER. For the stock tires, for example, the 265/65-17s are lower profile than the 265/70-16s. For genuinely LOW profile, I did see a Sport model on a dealer lot with 19 or 20 inch rims and 50-series rubber. Not to my taste, but for the dollars they were asking they clearly expected that somebody would like that setup a lot.
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    I fail to see the logic behind not offering AP (body color cladding) on '04 Sport models. We all know SR5 does not offer XREAS suspension and I specifically have been waiting for '04 Sport model with AP to be released. If Toyota has eyes on this forum, they should realize this and give consumers more choice. In my opinion, leaving the cladding out as an option on all three trim level is the only logical way to go about this.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Either that or offer the XREAS suspension on all trim levels.
  • rstebierstebie Posts: 6
    Hi all
    I enjoy reading the posts. I have a '03 sports there is talk about this or that one thing or another. Do you real think Toyota cares what 15 or 20 people are posting here when there are thousands of these SUV's on the road???????
    If there were hundreds of folks posting here I should think it would be worth there time to looking into these complaints ect. Just a thought
    Bob S
  • dogwingdogwing Posts: 11
    I am going to purchase a 2003 SR5 4Runner 4x4. I will be occasionally towing a 2200 lb pop-up camper. At times this will occur in mountain areas. Will the V6 do the job without a lot of engine strain or is the V8 better? I get conflicting opinions. I am not a power nut and as long as the motor performs at an acceptable level I am happy. I will appreciate any input. Thanks.........
  • kjack100kjack100 Posts: 133
    and say lots of people (in the 1000s throughout the year) look at this board. One, it's linked to the number one vehicle buying informational site. Two, there are no other boards like it regarding the 4Runner, with the exception of Yototech which is geared more toward off-roaders. I think you get a good cross section of feedback on this board from the trailer towers, kid haulers, off roaders, and the want-to-be's(nothing wrong with that). I imagine Toyota corporate looks at it. Look at the number of Toyota affiliates that post on here.

    Been gone. Loved the cargo net thread..zzzzzzzz.
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    The V6 will not have a problem towing the 2200 pound camper, even in the mountains. If you are like most pop-up owners, about 5% of your annual mileage will be used in towing, so drive both and get the engine you like best while NOT towing. If you were to tow bigger trailers at some point, you may want the V8 if you plan to keep the 4Runner for a long time.
  • meemo87meemo87 Posts: 17
    There was a press release posted somewhere on this board that stated all Sport Editions produced starting in May would have color keyed cladding (appearance pkg) as standard equipment. The same post also stated that all V8's produced starting in May would have the new upgraded hitch. I have seen one of these SE's in black, no cladding, upgraded hitch. I was impressed with this vehicle's looks since it was ALL black except for the silver roof rack. YES, even the door handles were black. The combination of the hood scoop, SE wheels and the solid black color made this one tough looking rig.
  • bcmalibu99lsbcmalibu99ls Posts: 625
    Corancher, you said: "and the sport edition (with lower profile tires, XReas and painted mirrors) is slightly more tuned for on-road use."

    -----> Strange, I thought that X-REAS and 17-inch Sport rims (you can put off-road tires, can't you?) are MORE suited for off-roading than 4Runners with no X-REAS and 16-inch rims. Am I incorrect? Does anyone have any thoughts on the issue?
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