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Toyota 4Runner



  • I thought the Prado was the Landcruiser currently sold in the US market with other engine options?
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    thanks guys , a friend was looking, but did not want to buy if a redo was a few months away,

  • I am getting close to close a deal on 2002 4Runner with Sport Package 4WD. The Price is 27850.42 + Tax, Lic and Reg, after the 1000 cash back (In southern Ca area).

    Is this a good deal?

    I like to get it in the Silver color, however the sales guy is telling me that the 4 Runner with Sport package does not come in silver only in Thunder Cloud. Is this true?
    Has anyone had a similar experience?

  • Your pricing seems reasonable, but barter as low as possible (of course). I haven't seen a silver sport but our thunder cloud is a great color (in our humble opinions) and is as close to "silver" as I've seen.
  • I'm just as curious as all of you are regarding the redesign of the 4Runner. I have wanted one ever since I fell in love with them at the age of 7 or 8, I believe. Over the years, the truck has just grown up and now, it looks better than ever. Below is some information that I found on the web. The link to the site is:

    Model News

    On a year-to-year basis, 4Runner sales dropped 10 percent in calendar 2000, ending just shy of 112,000 units. The likely reason? More competition from newer midsize SUVs, including a growing number of car-based "crossovers".

    But 4Runner fans won't be waiting long for an updated version of their favorite. It's due to arrive by mid-2002 as an early '03 model. Tipsters say it rides the same new platform destined for Toyota's redesigned 2003 Tacoma pickups, and will be engineered for greater refinement and better performance. Even so, the '03 will maintain 4Runner's traditional truck-tough character so as to stand clearly apart from Toyota's new car-based Highlander. A four-model lineup should carry over from 2001 as Toyota goes with the market flow and gives Highlander more emphasis as its mainstream midsize SUV.

    SUVs of all types keep on getting bigger and costlier. The new 4Runner should be no exception, though it may not grow to 2002 Chevy TrailBlazer size, and Toyota will employ all its latest manufacturing tricks to minimize sticker shock. An optional 3rd-row seat is an outside possibility, but we can't confirm that or details at this point. Keep checking back with us for further information as it comes to light.

  • loma1loma1 Posts: 32
    They call it the Land Cruiser Prado but I'm sure its different because they sell it in AU alongside the LC 100 series which is what we have here. I think it's smaller than our cruiser and larger than a 4runner.
    If they were going to make the 4runner larger it would seem to be more economical to just import something already designed and badge it 4runner than to create a whole new design. But there may be problems with US safety laws and the current design of a Prado, who knows?

  • autonutsautonuts Posts: 138
    I'm in the market for an old suv. Since this is the 4Runner board, can anybody out there advise on what to look for on an old(er) one? I'm talking anywhere from 1989-93. I'm also considering a Jeep Grand Wagoneer from about 1986-93 - the last year they made them. I just like the looks of the Wagoneer. What should I look for on the 4Runner say, if it has well over 100,000mi.? Would I be crazy considering one with this many miles? And, as for the Wagoneer, any ideas on what to look for/watch out for? Thanks to all!
  • <<#837 of 848 dog guards by loma1 Nov 19, 2001 (04:09 pm)
    Does anyone have any recommendations for a dog/cargo guard for the rear? Gary>>

    We have successfully used the Midwest Barrier for three different vehicles (Explorer, Jeep Gr. Cherokee and now our 4Runner). Great for any size dog(s). Our two Golden Retrievers work well with this item.
    It is available through your local pet supply center or can be ordered via mail through:
    Cherrybrook (1-800-524-0820). Catalogue #46 features these items on page 11. They are easily adjustable to fit most any SUV vehicle, are sturdy and simple to install/remove.
    Carl Wytovich
  • 3686236862 Posts: 2
    I just bought a dorado gold 4runner (2002) Limited. Since the color is not a "true" gold but a somewhat silver-gold; I'd like to bring out the gold color. Would a gold emblem or black pearl emblem package enhance this color? If the gold would work; what is the cheapest but most durable way to go about it? Have it brushed on or replace all them emblems? The dealers are very pricey in terms of ordering the emblems and installing. Any suggestions, esp. for this particular color?
  • loma1loma1 Posts: 32
    Thanks for the recommendation, I'll take a look at those:)

  • sdeamesdeame Posts: 14
    I am looking at the SR5 and the Limited and wondering what I should expect for a deal.

    Is Invoice- 1000 rebate realistic?

    I am located in Boston
  • I can save about $1500 on a 01 4Runner SR5 4WD compared to a 2002. Is there any difference between the two trucks, I am interested in the VSC and Traction Control, the only difference I see is the look of the rims, Is the sport package the same? how about the interior and exterior colors?

  • jf01jf01 Posts: 88
    I don't have a 2001 or 2002, but I'm pretty sure that the Sport Packages of 2001 and 2002 are different. I think it's to get the 2002's out of the way to make room for the 2003's later. I think there was also some difference in interior as well, but I'm not really sure about exterior.
  • I have a 1997 4Runner, 2WD, 4cyl, AT. How often should the timing belt be replaced? How much should I have to pay to have it done? Can most any mechanic do this or do I need to find someone with Toyota experience?

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Your 4 cylinder doesn't have a timing belt. Only the V6 does. You have a timing chain, and that needs replaced only when it starts making noise. Figure at least 120K miles.
  • Gas pedal sticks in the idle position (not in the accelerated position, Thank God!, it always goes back to idle). It is most annoying from a dead stop, but I also notice it when accelerating at higher RPMs. The dealer said there was some carbon buildup and a cylinder had to be replaced - $125. There's got to be an easy, inexpensive way to solve this. Do you know of one?

    Automatic antennae will not go up or down. The motor runs when it is supposed to though. When I open the passenger door, I can see the little booger, but can't get to it. Can't get close to it under the hood. Do I have to take the wheel well lining (cover?) off to get to this motor to find out what's wrong? Do you think I need a new motor?, antennae?, what?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Keep in mind that I am not a mechanic. I am a bit baffled though by the gas pedal sticking. Isn't it supposed to stick at idle or am I missing something here?

    As to the antennae, I don't know. Sorry, but you'll have to ask somebody who has looked at it closer.
  • (1997 4Runner, 2WD, 4Cyl, AT)

    Here's what happens...

    If the vehicle sits at an idle for several seconds (like at a stop light), when I attempt to accelerate, the pedal has a little "stick" to it. Once I push hard enough to break the stickiness, it accelerates OK, but the vehicle jumps or lunges. I can't smoothly accelerate from a dead stop. It also happens if I am cruising down the hi-way and want to accelerate (but not as sticky).

    As I said, it does not stick when I release the accelerator. It goes back to the idle position. It only sticks when I attemp to accelerate from any position.

    Thanks cliffy1 or anyone else who can contribute.
  • jf01jf01 Posts: 88
    Has anybody upgraded the stock speakers, and maybe added an amp? I want to upgrade the stock stereo, but like the setup of the stock headunit. It has large buttons, a volume know and a tuning knob. Replacement headunits that I've looked at almost never have all three. I also prefer the way the stock headunit looks in the center stack, as opposed to almost all aftermarket headunits. Maybe I've just been "spoiled" by the stock headunit.
  • Apline makes some really nice replacements. Not too expensive either. Blaupunkts are also good but the alpines sound better. They stay nice & crisp when the volume increases.
  • Most likely cause of the sticking pedal at idle is a dirty throttle plate. You can clean it yourself with a $2 can of carb/throttle cleaner and a tooth brush. With the engine off, remove the main air hose (loosen hose clamp) to the throttle body to get at the plate, you can move it by hand to clean around the edges. For the broken antenna - you need to replace the antenna mast assembly because the plastic gear teeth are stripped, again very easy to do yourself if you have a 1996 or newer Runner. Mine broke on my '97 just two weeks ago. The mast assembly was $45 from my local dealer. Start with the radio off (antenna down) and unscrew and remove the 3/4" diameter metal ring located below the tip of the mast. Have someone turn on the radio while you hold on to the mast assembly while it is ejected out by the motor. Then take the new assembly and thread the plastic gear down into the hole with the gear teeth facing forward while your helper turns the radio off - the motor will engage the gear teeth and pull the new assembly back down into place. You may have to turn the radio on & off one or two more times to get the mast to fully retrack. Hope this helps.
  • I also live in the Boston area and have been looking for a 2001/2002 4Runner (Ltd or SR5 w/ Sport Pkg). So far the dealers I've talked to aren't giving up much in price. Probably because they do not have many, or any, 4Runners in stock. I have got quotes from on-line sources like AutoByTel and CarsDirect with a 3% to 4.5% mark up above invoice. When speaking with the local AutoByTel rep, he tells me that the 4Runner is a profit vehicle for the dealers in this area and they will sell the few they have for the best price they can get. He also told me that you are more likely to get a better deal on an SR5 vs. a Limited due to the fact that there are many more SR5's produced when compared to Limiteds.
    If you already have not been there, you may want to try Boch Toyota in Norwood, as they had the largest selection of 4Runners (about 15 new 2002's as of 11/18) in stock that I've seen. I don't work for Boch and I've never dealt with them, yet, so you're on your own if you go there.
    Good luck, and please let me know how you make out with your purchase.
  • I bought an 87 4Runner back in 97 with 120k on the Odometer. If you are going that old, I recommend finding one with a 5-speed or new AT. I, nor my mechanic worried about the mileage, it was the other stuff. Check all the little things that will need replaced and bigger things like timing chain/belt. One major problem with early 90s and late 80s 4Runners is that there is a known rust problem over the rear wheel wells. On pre-91' models it's a once piece design and practically half the side of the truck--very expensive. Really look on the ouside and inside of the wheel wells. I rolled mine a year later on ice, and when the wrecker flipped the truck off of it's roof, instead of winching the thing onto the flatbed, they drove the mangled truck onto the flatbed. The tires were flat, the whole frame was bend probably 5 degrees off and the roll bar in the back and just over your head saved from serious injury. I still sold the old truck for $500 to a guy who was going to part out the engine. An old jeep may look good, but will rust just as fast and its engine will strand you. Hell, I've seen more new jeeps do that.
  • autonutsautonuts Posts: 138
    Hey, Thanks a lot for your input! Sorry to hear about your '87 4Runner, though. I know I should go with my better judgement and stay with a 4Runner, but I thought I would throw the Jeep idea out there anyway. Did you mean in your reply that the transmissions (automatic) aren't very good in those earlier years in the 4Runner or that they were possibly abused by their previous owners?
  • Hi folks,

    Last April I decided to buy a Tacoma Double Cab, but after seeing the 4Runner at the lot I decided to save the extra cash and wait till I could get a 4Runner. Well now I am ready to get a 4Runner and I hear and read all kinds of rumors as to when the next 4Runner will be coming out. I have heard anytime, Feb 2002, and August 2002.

    Does anyone have any concrete answers on this? If the new Runner is coming out in Feb I guess I will wait on it, however if it isn't until August I will go ahead and buy a 2002.

    Also, I have heard both that the 4Runner will be getting bigger, and that it will be getting smaller. Anyone know which is correct?? My local Toyota dealer says he doesn't have any details.

    Thanks !!!!!
  • jf01jf01 Posts: 88
    I read on another board that the automatic transmission could be reprogrammed by removing the ECM fuse then replacing it. Is that true? If so, how would that work? Take out the fuse and drive, and the transmission will "learn" how to shift according to how you drive? Does anybody know another way to "reteach" the transmission to shift (so that it shifts more smoothly)?
  • I asked the same thing just a few weeks ago, and no one seem to have anything concrete. The best I could find out on Edmunds and over the net was that it was a larger truck with a V8 with a possible third roll of seats. The eariest I've heard was 2003! Sorry that's all that I could squeeze out of anyone! I hope to get a 4Runner sometimes after the February Milwaukee Car Show! BTW I wouldn't want anything bigger then what the 4Runner is now. It's hard to think of the 4Runner as a mid-size SUV.
  • I'm glad to see that my 2001 4Runner is apparently not the only one with this noise!

    My 4Runner has only 1400 miles on it now, and this clicking noise started soon after I bought it (new). The dealer's mechanics (who have been very nice to work with) says it's a relay switch in the ABS brake system. They replaced one switch in a box thing under the hood, but no luck. Then today, the "regional guy" was there and tells them it's normal. Is it really? Is there any way to quiet it? It's fairly obnoxious.

    I also have a rattle noise in the dash that they are trying to fix. I love the 4runner, I always wanted one. I live in Colorado and do a lot of driving in snow and on semi-rugged dirt roads, etc. I had a corolla for 6 years with no problems, so had no hesitation buying another Toyota. But these noise issues have me a little fed up! Any solutions? Please???? Cliffy, any comments? (Everyone seems to refer to you!)

    Cathy in Colorado
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    jf01: Re your idea of pulling the fuse to reprogram the tranny - instead, I've heard that you disconnect the battery, and leave it disconnected for 30 minutes, so that the charge drains out of certain items (processors?). Then reconnect and start driving, and the systems will reset themselves working with a clean slate.

    I am not electrically inclined, but this sounded plausible to me.
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