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Toyota 4Runner



  • Man that's very interesting reading, it's will be nice to see one! Don't sound like anything I want since the 2002 is big enough for me.
  • It's normal for the computer to keep the tranny from shifting into higher gears until after the truck has warmed up a little.Helps speed up the warm up process so the truck runs more efficently.Haven't fully read the owners manual for my 4runner,but I remember seeing that in the manual for my 88 Celica.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Its actually an emissions thing. Once the catyletic converter is warmed up, the transmission will shift into overdrive. All new cars share this trait.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    magchase: Does the engine sound like it is revving way too high when it is still in 2nd gear at 35 mph?

    I don't have a 4Runner, so I don't know about its shift points (and I'm assuming it is a 4-speed auto tranny, with 4th as the O/D). But it sounds high to me for 2nd gear, cold engine or no.
  • leomortleomort Posts: 451
    I'm looking for some opinions and advice. I currently own a '94 Toyota Paseo with 176,200 miles which has been very reliable. My first Toyota. I drive 25,000 miles a year. I'm looking at used 4Runners SR5 4x4, either a '99 or '00 dpending how long my Paseo holds up. So this would be a three year old 4Runner. I would need to take out the auto loan for 3years. So if the car had average mileage when bought used, the car would be six years old and have 111,000 miles on it by the time its paid off. I plan on keep the vehicle "until the wheels fall off". But I'm a little hesitant about having a six year old car by the time its paid off especially with the mileage I put on. Any comforting words? Is this a wise move in your opinion?

  • jasanjasan Posts: 12
    Average price for a 99 SR5 is $23,000, 2000 SR5 $25,000 (kelley blue book, I averaged the dealer and private seller prices). If you have excellent credit you can get an interest rate of 6.5%. Scroll back a couple of pages and read some of the articles, if you can get a 2002 with 0%-4.9% financing for $30,000 you would almost be saving money, not to mention the warranty and mileage issue. I purchased a 2001 with the sport package and a couple of other options for under $30,500 with 4.9% for 5 years. If I were presented with your situation I would buy new.
    Just my 2 cents.
  • I am just at 37k on my '99 SR5 Highlander 5 speed (4 Runner Highlander, not the Camry Highlander) and starting to notice a little wear on the ties but I know they will need to be replaced possbily by the summer. Does anyone know the reccomended tread life on the Stock Dunlop's from '99? I don't have the specs but I guess they are 31"s that came with the thing.

    I'd like to add something bigger on the next go a round but not loose the capabillity to do 75-80mph on the highway and not raise the center of gravity or going into any kind of lift. Any suggestions that I can add to the factory rims, add some height and not risk rolling the thing over on the highway. I have to drive at least once a month for work to VA and back and if I had to drive any slower I would kill myself.

    Other than that, the car is great.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Check out Edmund's Loan Calculator to find out what your payments will be. The really neat feature is that it is bundled with Edmunds True Market Value (TMV)!




  • I test drove a 96' 4Runner and had the same problem as post #172,

    "Upon coming to a stop or on highway, when suddenly letting my foot off the brake, I get a noticeable "thunk" and the shift lever jumps (but stays in gear)."

    Do anyone know why? Does it mean the transmission is bad? Should I buy it? It has 87k miles on it now.
  • sdeamesdeame Posts: 14
    I am being offered a Toyota 4Runner Limited at 1000 over invoice NOT including the rebate.

    So what do you all think. I walked out twice already.

    Give me some feedback.

  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    I've seen a lot better than that, but it all depends on where you are looking.
  • leomortleomort Posts: 451
    sorry for the long delay in responding back. I don't usually hang out in the SUV board. I think I could get a 3yr old 4Runner SR5 4x4 for 18k at auction. I'd need to take the loan out for 3yrs. I drive an average of 25k/yr. That would put the car at 111,000 miles before being paid off. Just wondering if SUV's are not economically feasible for me even though I'd love to have one.

  • We are looking into purchasing a new 4Runner since used pricing in my area is not much less than new. I live in Upstate New York and have been told that the price on any model of 2002 4Runner would be sold to me for $500.00 over invoice (+ tax). Is this a good price or should I keep looking?
  • before i bought my sequoia, dealer offered me $5000 off MSRP for a sport version 4runner, especially when the new 4runner is coming out soon, i think you can do better than this. $500 over invoice nowadays is for new vehicle like sequoia. but i live in san jose, cal. though. hope this will help.
  • hoge1hoge1 Posts: 1
  • Sorry to hear this. I did not experience the vibration on my new 2001 4runner. I took it to 85/90 mile without any effort. It is very smooth.
  • I have also had my 4runner at about 85 with no vibration felt whatsoever. Naturally the wheels are the first suspect with this sort of thing, but I also had this problem with a Dodge RAM truck and it turned out to be the actual drive-shaft going from the transmission to the rear differential that was the culprit. If your dealer is certain it is not the wheels/tires causing the vibration, have them examine the driveshaft for balance. If that is the problem, balancing the driveshaft or replacement of the driveshaft are your options.

    Best Regards,
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Nothing wrong with asking for a better deal.
  • Would anyone care to share the price paid for a 2002 4Runner SR5 2WD with Sports and moonroof options?

    The best deal I could get so far from a local dealer (San Jose, CA) is $250 over dealer's invoice which is above $240 over that posted on The dealer said the difference is for their advertising cost paid to Toyota.

    So, it's turned out to be $500 over the published invoice. Does anyone actually received a better deal than this?

    The message #915 by doudoudid said he was offered $5,000 off MSRP for a sport version 4runner, which is about $1,700 *below* invoice. How a dealer could do such a deal and still make money?

  • I finally was able to test drive one of these trucks and it was awesome!! I really loved it. I test drive a 2002 Limited with every option in the world. I was a little surprise of the small cable, but had good cargo area. The truck wasn't very wide and a little cramp but I didn't have problem with the headroom at all. Getting in and out was a chore, but I can get use to it. The Limited was the only one on the lot, the salesman said that they sold out of every one but that one.
    He said it would take about a month to order one, and that I could get leather without buying a Limited. I told him that I see him after the Milwaukee Auto Show in February.
    Have the tight cockpit been any problem with you owners of the 4Runner?
    BTW, the salesman told me that we should start seeing info about the 2003 in March and that expected release date of the 2003 was Nov. or Dec. of 2002. He also said that the truck would be a V-8 and that it would be wider but he wasn't sure about longer.
  • A friend of mine who sells Toyotas was just told by a Toyota Rep that the 2003 totally redesigned 4 Runner will be out in the spring of 2002.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    That's a decent price for your area. Best I've seen is invoice in SoCal, not worth the trip if you ask me.

    There is definitely an additional advertising fee charged in your region, the dealer is acting in good faith.
  • I hope your right for two reasons: One is that I would love to see the change sooner before later, and I hope that bring the price of the 2002s down that much sooner!
  • I certainly hope Toyota doesn't screw up the look of the new 4Runner because the current generation looks really sharp, in my opinion, its the sharpest looking SUV I've ever seen. From different sources, I have found that the new 4Runner may have a front end that resembles the new Rav4 and Highlander SUV's. If it turns out to be this way, the aggressive factor of the 4Runner will certainly disappear. A few reasons why I have not purchased a Runner yet is because I am waiting so anxiously to see what type of engine this new one is going to get and if the inside will have more room, as far as width goes. Many people say that the current generation engine is underpowered at 183HP. I do know for a fact, that most SUV's of this size do have much more HP than 183. I'll tell you this though, it seems that Toyota quality can't be beaten as far as dependability and reliability goes. If Toyota would just fix a few things on the 4Runner,(IE)things mentioned earlier it would definitely be one of the best SUV's out there to date. Lets all wait and see what the 2003 model has to offer, I wish it would hurry up!
  • I totally agree with you Jeffjeff, the aggressive look is why I keep going back to the 4 Runner. There is better proforming SUV out there, but there isn't many that look better then the 4 Runner. I'm also worried that they will change the look of the 4 Runner. I have a 97 Rav-4 and I was very upset when Toyota changed the look of the Rav-4. The new Rav-4 look like so many other mini SUV out there now, and now I'm worried that the new 4 Runner will look like all the rest out there. Personally I can't wait until Summer to see it, but I really don't want a SUV that's larger then the 4 Runner is now.
  • rljslick

    True, true, I agree with you as well. I really don't need an SUV that is much better than the current Runner either. I'm just a single guy that wants a cool nice sized truck that's all. With the V8 probably comes more gas consumption and with the increased size probably comes harder maneuverability in tight areas. When the 2003 makes it's debut, it's going to be a quick decision for me, either wait a few months and see how it performs or buy a 2002, the last styling for that generation and probably the "best looking"! Isn't that sad, I don't even know what the new one will look like, but I already have this feeling Toyota is going to mess up. It seems like they always mess up a good thing.
  • LOL!!! Yes, Toyota really blow the Rav-4 that's for sure. I have the same feeling also about not liking the new 4 Runner. The worst thing they could do is change the body style to much, like they did with the Rav-4. I planning to get a 2002 Sport 4 Runner sometime after the first of the year. I can't wait, driving my wife nuts!
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    from the DC Auto Show, and was talking to a Toyota rep. He confirmed that there's a new 4Runner coming next fall, and it will have the 4.7L V8 as an option. He also said it will be roomier than the current 4Runner.

    So it sounds to me that this new Lexus GX 470 (to be shown at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show), the Land Cruiser Prado/Colorado, and the new 4Runner will all come from this new platform.

  • That's interesting, did he say how much roomier the 4Runner will be? I heard that it will have a third row seat. Sound like a very large SUV. Can't wait to see it!!!
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