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Toyota 4Runner



  • makakiomakakio Posts: 25
    the Toyota 4WD discussion board here at Edmunds' Town Hall. I just posted a "disappointed with my '01 4Runner's 4WD system tradeoff" story.
  • makakiomakakio Posts: 25
    Talkin' about those plastic things you bolt to the undeside of the hood that throws air (and bugs, rain and small sand/rock particles) up over the hood and windshield, plus takes the hit instead of your leading-edge hood paint. I'm sick to death over a sand-pitted windshield that is only 15 months old and the pits in my front-end paint. Because I live in Santa Cruz, CA and only take the truck to snow country maybe 30 days a year. The 4Runner front-end is a rock MAGNET.

    So the question is: who has one and are there opinions as to which ones both look good AND work? Meaning: the one my grandpa has on his Ford diesel is 6" tall, red and works *great* (I think it probably throws stuff over the ten cars behind him too), but his ride looks like it's got Peterbuilt envy. I'm looking for something a little more upscale and a little less - ugly.


    Thank you -
  • joefanolijoefanoli Posts: 3
    Regarding the Trac Control/ASC, there are times, on dry pavement, when the features hinders acceleration. Pulling into traffic fast from a standstill, for example, the ASC kicks in and reduces power and essentially stalls the truck. Still, it's better to be with the ASC full time than without it altogether. It's a little annoying but once your accustomed to it you learn not to force the ASC to come on by feathering the throttle until the wheels are straightened out.

    Regarding the center locking diff on the pre 2001, my understanding is that although the center diff was locked, the front and rear diffs were still open, thus allowing one or two wheels to spin. On the 2001+, with the center diff locked and the Trac turned off, the front and rear diff are also locked. Thus you have all four wheels locked. and there is no slipping. I am not 100% if this is the case, but it is the impression I have gotten while driving both model types.

  • jynewfjynewf Posts: 26
    The Disco vs. 4runner thing as been addressed before, starting at post# 1199. My thoughts on the issue are at post #1200.

    Yes, I considered both the Disco and 4Runner. Obviously, I chose the 4runner. There are lots of considerations when purchasing a vehicle. In the case of the 4runner, it met more of my needs than the Disco.

    As far as reliability, I wouldn't know a thing about Discos. I suspect that they've improved over the last couple of years. That's the thing with 4runners, though. Reliability is generally never an issue.

    Good luck in deciding.
  • jynewfjynewf Posts: 26
    Performance Products (they have a website and catalog) sells a low profile bug deflector that is lower than most bug deflectors. I have one on my truck. It's smaller, sits lower, is less noticeable than other bug deflectors, and it has prevented any further chips from occuring.
  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    Thanks for the posts. You wrote;

    "Regarding the center locking diff on the pre 2001, my understanding is that although the center diff was locked, the front and rear diffs were still open, thus allowing one or two wheels to spin. On the 2001+, with the center diff locked and the Trac turned off, the front and rear diff are also locked. Thus you have all four wheels locked. and there is no slipping. I am not 100% if this is the case, but it is the impression I have gotten while driving both model types."

    If that's the case, it's very impressive. In the rare situations that you needed it, it would be like locking all three diffs on an LC80. I'm curious as to how it's possible though. Since the rear diff is an open unit only, how could it lock? Ditto for the front. I can certainly see how the computer system can trick the open diffs into sending power to the wheels with traction but I can't understand (yet?) what device would lock the front or rear diffs. I appreciate the post and look forward to reading more.


  • trdsctwotrdsctwo Posts: 67
    Had one installed on my 96 4-Runner the day I bought it (along with a sunroof and rear
    deflector). I am sure it has saved both my hood and windshield many times over. I went
    with OEM Toyota deflectors and if memory serves me correctly (from Dec. 1996) the dealer
    "threw them in" as part of the original deal. My windshield is still original though I have had
    the hood repainted due to a close encounter with a golf ball that left it's own special crater.
    I also bought a hood deflector when I recently purchased a Sequoia and am looking for a
    sunroof deflector for that vehicle now.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The Runner does not have the ability to lock the front and rear diff.
  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    That's what I figured but given Joe's post. I thought I'd perhaps missed something in studying up on the vehicle. As always, thanks for the reply.
  • johnson42johnson42 Posts: 1
    Is there a good upgrade to the sound system without replacing the 6 disc head unit? Amps or speakers that can be installed easily? Wanting a 4Runner, but that sound system has got to be improved.
  • brisibrisi Posts: 2
    Does anyone out there have the TRD headers and/or exhaust system on a 2000 or later 4runner? I am interested in learning if there is a noticeable power increase. I would also like to hear from anyone who has the supercharger installed. I live at 7500 feet in the mountains of Colorado and frequently drive over high altitude passes. It seems that the supercharger would be a better way to make power in our thin air than more displacement or more cylinders. I like the current size of the 4runner and would not be interested in the 2003 if it gets larger (although reading the debate over its delivery date has given me quite a chuckle). Information on the gas milage effects either of these parts causes would also be helpful. Any and all feedback on this or direction to earlier discussion would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  • joefanolijoefanoli Posts: 3
    Is it possible that the 2001+ models have posi traction? So that once once the Trac is turned off, and there is slip, the front and/or rear diffs lock up. And while the Trac is on the posi lock doesn't have the chance to kick in because the Trac will limit any slip by reducing power. The reason I think this may be case is because there is a significant difference in the offroad characteristics of the pre and post 2001. The pre-2001 would have wheel slip in deep mud and steep upgrades, while with the post-2001 there would be very little slip at any wheel.

    Here is an article which indicates that there is posi lock, at least in the rear:

  • JPhamJPham Posts: 148
    speaking of SCs, I read somewhere that this was a dealer-installed option for 97-98+ model years?
    Is this true? If so, how can you distinguish SC models from stock ones?

  • brisibrisi Posts: 2
    The supercharger is made and sold by Toyota Racing Development (TRD). If it is dealer installed it does not void the factory warranty and, in fact, comes with its own 12 month warranty if the vehicle is beyond the factory warranty. You can see additional information about this and other products TRD sells at:

    I have not yet been able to find actual feedback from anyone who has installed this on their 4runner. You are correct that it is available for earlier models (1997 and newer I think). I am only interested in 2000 or newer models. I hope that someone out there has done this because I am seriously considering it. I am also now leaning toward a new 2002 4runner because of all of the incentives.

    I am new to this chat board because I only recently began considering the 4runner. Cliff, you seem to be the most vocal resident expert (from what I have read). How about it, do you know much about the supercharger and exhaust systems? Has anyone at your dealership ever installed these? If so, did they cause increased service visits? My nearest dealership is 45 miles away? Nearest dealership of any kind (Ford) is 30 miles away. I don't want to do it if there are reliability problems. Thanks.

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I know of three people who have had them installed. Each loves it a lot but each had some of the same comments. It takes about two weeks of driving before the computer learns the new realities of how much air it has to work with. At first, drivers are disappointed with the power upgrade but once the computer catches on, they love it.

    I don't know anybody with the TRD exhaust on a V6 but I know of two guys that have them on the Tundra. They claim a noticeable difference in power and I can hear a big difference in the sound.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The Pre-2001 Runners did have an optional locking read differential but it was not positrac. It was an electronic locker with a push button on the dash. The article you posted had that piece of information wrong.

    I remember reading about your driving impressions and I remember thinking "either he doesn't remember how his old one did or the TRACS computer didn't shut off like I thought it would." I have actually played with a 2001 on ice and it did turn off the entire TRACS system when I locked the center. It is possible that Toyota changed the programming of this to leave on the braking feature now while still disabling the VSC. It is also possible that your center differential never actually locked up when you hit the button.

    Having used the system myself, I have a hard time imagining a situation that I wouldn't prefer the unlocked mode anyway. Beach driving is about the only thing I can think of.
  • cevans2cevans2 Posts: 23
    Has anybody out there experimented with tire sizes on their 4runner? I have a 98, and the OEM tires are 265/70 R16. I'm wondering if I can fit 275/70 R16 on the factory rim without rubbing the fenders or messing up the suspension or speedo. I've called around to a couple dealers and gotten answers varying from "sure, no problem" to "I wouldn't try it". I'm also concerned if this is something a dealer might use to squirm out of a warranty repair down the line.
  • foghorn48foghorn48 Posts: 65
    I cannot speak to any 4 runner or Toyota specifics if you try this, but I have had 265/75R16's (stock) on my full size Chevy, to 285/75R16's and then went back to the 265's. Here's what I experienced: no tire rub, it did not effect my suspension (as far as I can tell), and the larger tires gave me about a 10% increase in mileage (approx 270 miles per tank vs. 310). I attribute this (perhaps inaccurately) to the larger size changing the final gearing ratio w/respect to what actually gets put on the ground. I don't know about my speedo for sure, but it's conceivable (again if I'm right) for the ratio difference to have effected the speedo as well.
  • rattler96rattler96 Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me where I can get a "sneak peak" of the redesigned 2003 4Runner?

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Does anyone know when we will have the redesigned 4 Runner or will discontinue? It has been years for any mjor modification or updates on this outdated model. I like the power rear window on the rear lift gate. I expected to see it with more horsepower, 4 wheel disc brakes and 3rd folding seats with more cargo room. It is too much that Toyota has five different style of SUV They should only have three: small, medium and large SUV and not one for every $10,000 price range (from RAV4 to Land Crusier).
  • JPhamJPham Posts: 148
    Naw, I like it that Toyota seemingly has an SUV to fit your needs. Think of it as XS, S, M, L, and XL ... not everyone fits a S-M-L.

  • pondmanpondman Posts: 3
    Go to post# 1540 and you can see the spy shot of of it being test driven in the snow. It is heavily disguised, front and sides. That is all I've seen so far on it.

    I heard it will be released this fall.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I just spoke to my District manager and he confirmed a September delivery of the new Runner. He also confirmed that there will be two engines available. One is the 4.7 V8 and the other is a 4.0 V6. Yes, I know 4.0 is different than what I had posted before and it is possible he is wrong. I had heard that the new V6 would be a 3.8.

    He also told me that there are no plans for a 3rd row seat, which is contradictory to what I had heard before. He did tell me it is on the same platform as the RX470 but would look different. The Lexus version will have a 3rd row seat.
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    Does your district manager have any HP & Torque figures on the new V6?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    September? According to Buzz, they've been in stock for a month!
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    Did you ever find out if Buzz was your buddy jerking your chain?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    No, my friend never would fess up. I still don't know for sure that it was him, but I still suspect it.

    As for HP rating, no, he didn't tell me and I didn't think to ask. I would actually be surprised if he would know that at this point.
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    I wonder what he thinks about the fact that the new 4Runners are not here yet.
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    Buzzlight is giving his two cents worth on the Nissan Murano Board here at Edmunds. Here is a copy of one his posts:

    "82of 108 My Impression by buzzlight May 03, 2002 (05:24 pm)
    In person, this thing looked really small, to me. It seemed low to the ground and the roofline also appeared to be low. It reminded me of the old Gremlin."
  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    Is there any word yet as to whether or not the 2003 will keep the electric rear window? Any word about headroom?


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