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Toyota 4Runner



  • trdsctwotrdsctwo Posts: 67
    Thank you! I am almost there as far as getting a clear picture. This "money factor" then is
    only partially related to a certain rate of interest but contains a component of "lost opportunity
    costs" which is a way of saying what the leasing company (TCCC) believes it could have made if it had invested in ventures other than leasing. Pegging it to an APR is not a true representation of the cost of the lease to the customer. Please correct me if this is not the
    case. Thanks!
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    You've pretty much got it. The only caveat here is that some companies actually do use an interest rate. Ford does. Even the ones who do don't figure the interest on the depreciation, but on the entire cost of the vehicle. I don't have a good formula for figuring those.

    By the way, there is one advantage to the money factor method of calculation. With an interest rate, you pay more interest during the first half of the loan term. On a lease with a money factor, you pay equal amounts of depreciation and cost of money with each payment. It makes it very easy to figure out your payoff at any given time. Just take your residual plus the depreciation portion of your remaining payments.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    MIA at NY auto show. :( I was there yesterday, and did see the new Lexus GX470, however.

  • Hi, thanks to all who have posted regarding the faulty gas tank and fuel gauge problems. I was having the same problem and didn't know what to do about it until I read your posts.

    I went to my dealer and they acted like I was crazy to suggest such a problem, but they ordered the parts and fixed it (under warranty). Now when I drive a couple of miles after filling up my gauge doesn't go to 1/4 tank.

    I'm having another problem with my driver's side mirror being distorted. It's been this way since I bought my truck in May '00. The dealer replaced it twice and they are aware of this problem, but they're all defective. They said it's a manufacturer's problem (not a Toyota part) and basically they can keep changing the mirror but they're all be defective and then they say "most people are just living with it". I can't "live with it" because it is highly distracting and dangerous. It takes away from my driving pleasure. I joked that if I got into an accident, I would sue Toyota because it's their defect. Seriously, I am sick of this problem and want them to take a good mirror off another truck or something. Or give me a truck that doesn't have this defect. Isn't this a safety issue? Don't I have a recourse other than "living with it"?

    Every time I talk to their corporate offices, they tell me they are working on it. "It's the manufacturer, not Toyota". Well, last time I checked it said Toyota on my truck, not some other manufacturer. It's going on two years now and I want a distortion free mirror. Any suggestions. Please help. Thanks.
  • I have a 2001 4Runner. With the AC on full and the recirculation on, the vent temperature varies between 45 - 50 deg F. I checked our '98 Camry and the vent temperature was between 34 and 38 deg F.

    I live in Phoenix and that 10 Deg makes a big difference. Is there any way to adjust when the compressor turns on and off?

  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    More rumors about the 2003. This is from "OutdoorWire", a good site with 4Runner enthusiasts. Take it with a grain of salt.;f=13;t=010199

  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    just got recall on 96 runner, something about faulty rear suspension causing handling problems. most prevelant on 2 wheel drives. forwarded to dealer where i traded.
  • trdsctwotrdsctwo Posts: 67
    This rear suspension problem has been around for a while. I knew my springs were bad last
    summer and came across a Toyota Service Bulletin while looking at a book called "Lemonade"
    in our local library. I talked to my service advisor who was more than happy to replace them
    under warranty (which was due to run out in 4 months). I must also add that I replaced all
    four of factory shocks with Bilsteins less than a week later. What an improvement in
    handling and general ride although it is much "harder". Toyota must have been aware of the
    problem for some time before they issued a general recall.
  • Anyone ever install the Toyota front mud flaps on a 01 or 02 SR5 with fender flares? My SR5 only came with rear muds, but I want to install Toyota fronts. I have the overfenders. Can it be done? Do you have to remove the overfenders 1st to install the muds.

    I haven't seen one with the flaps installed.

  • loma1loma1 Posts: 32
    They don't make mudflaps for the runners with the fender flares. I've seen where some people have jury rigged some Tacoma flaps to work. Here's what one person did


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    #9 Toyota 4Runner

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  • mikeg444mikeg444 Posts: 17
    My wife is going to start driving my 97 4Runner 4x4. She has always been reluctant to drive it in the rain as it is "rear-wheel" drive. Question is: if it is raining can she put the truck in 4H and drive as normal without hurting the system? I assume she should turn it off if she gets on the highway. What about if she exceeds 50 with 4H engaged, will that cause problems?
  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    Steve (cliffy1) and others....

    I'm eager to see what the 2003 4runners will be like but I'm also looking at getting a 1999 4Runner. I was looking seriously at 1997 Land Cruisers but, in the end, the gas costs would be a problem with the amount of driving I do. Being 6' with a tall trunk, I can't fit into a 4runner with a factory sunroof. I want to have the center differential (and locking rear differential) which I think limits me to a 1999 or 2000 Limited (SR5's didn't have the center differential, correct?). Can those be found without sunroofs? So far as I can tell, a sunroof is not part of the limited package although I'm sure its common. Without the sunroof, I have about 1.5" between my head and the headliner. A good quality aftermarket topslider sunroof will only take 3/4" of headroom so I should still fit. Is it possible to find a center-diff model w/o sunroof? I beleive the center-diff began in 1999 but if not, please let me know what year it was first available.


    Sean Reid
  • khuynhkhuynh Posts: 28
    You can drive the 4Runner in 4hi in the rain as normal, even on the freeway since the 4wd system will not limit your speed.
  • tenittenit Posts: 1
    Has anyone else had any problems with windshields cracking for no apparent reason on their 4Runner? I have a 98 4Runner and have had 2 crack without any impact from rocks etc.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    You'll have a VERY hard time finding a Limited of any model year without a roof. I've never seen one. You may be able to find a 2001 SR5 with no roof although those are rare as well but at least I've seen those. The 2001 was the first year of the Active-Trac system.
  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    I was afraid of that. Having owned various AWD and 4WD vehicles, I really prefer to have a system with a center differential so that it can be used on pavement in mixed winter conditions (I live in VT). So, if I can't find a 1999 Limited, I should probably think seriously about a new one or a 2001. That kind of spending might bring me into the price range of a 2003 so maybe I should hold off this summer and wait to see what the new vehicle is like. If it's a non-luxury version of the Lexus GX, I'm very interested. I've done a lot of research and test driving and my ideal vehicle now would be a 4runner with a 2" taller roof and a better suspension. Odds are, something fitting that bill is coming this fall. It seems to me that the new 4runner might be a bit of a baby Landcruiser which would be wonderful - many of the cruiser advantages without the fuel cost penalty.

    As for the current generation of 4runners, do you see any downside to the new AWD system (2001 and forward). You've explained it well and I've read a few random comments from people about losing speed suddenly in a corner when one tire slides a bit, etc.. Any cons in your experience? You're a real asset to the list; thanks for your help.

    Sean Reid
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Understood properly, there really is no down side to the Active-Trac system. In fact, I am delaying my next truck purchase in the hopes that the 2003 Tundra will have it. Yes, you can get into trouble from a standing start on loose gravel, particularly if you need to turn at the same time, but this is a matter of understanding the system.

    Take my current Tundra as an example. With the V8 engine and little weight over the drive wheels, I frequently must modulate the gas pedal when pulling out of gravel driveways. I loose power because the tires have no traction. If I had the A-Trac system, the throttle would be reduced for me. Neither option is really ideal though, so I would just make sure I was in 4WD either all the time or at least when approaching slippery intersections.

    With the Runner, you have less problems with this anyway. Only having a V6 and a fairly heavy back end, the wheels are far less likely to slip in the first place.
  • akgakg Posts: 85
    Sean, Cliffy helped me get my current 2001 SR5. I like the active trac system. I drive lots of curves and dirt and feel very secure on those rare moments when I hear that rattlesnake sound and see the icon for the system come on. I feel that my car is looking out for me. I also like the fact that I can switch into 4WD with the push of a button and to the best of my knowledge I have three different positons for the locking differential. My gas mileage has been great, 19-22MPG on an average. I thought about waiting for 2003, but I am so happy with the one I chose. It was cheap and looks and rides wonderfully. If you aren't going to wait for the new model, then at least get a 2001.

    PS. Have you read Cliffy's, 'Toyota System's Explained'? It's at the top of the SUV menu. Good luck!!!
  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    I'm glad to hear that the new system works so well. It's too bad I don't fit in a 4runner with sunroof. Since I need a 99 - 2000 Limited to get AWD and since a Limited w/o sunroof may be unobtainable, I'm really looking at a 2001 or 2002. 2001s don't seem to hold much of a price advantage so it's 2002...or the new 2003 model (perhaps with more headroom!). I'm also going to look at Pathfinders for comparison but I'm in the home stretch now. Thanks for the input.

  • loma1loma1 Posts: 32
    With a part time system you should be careful about driving it in the rain. Even with wet streets there is often enough traction to cause binding in the transfer case which will damage it. If it feels more difficult to steer the truck you should not be in 4WD.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    You are very correct about "normal" part-time systems. The current Runner is technically part time but can be used in 4WD on dry or wet pavement. Older Runners, Tacomas, Tundras and most other part time systems will bind if there is too much traction available.
  • newgradnewgrad Posts: 25
    Hi everybody! I was at the gas station on Sunday filling up my tank when the pump "burped" and spilt gasoline all down the side of my poor 4Runner. (I was NOT topping off either.) I immediately told the attendant who sprayed some neutralizer on the area. When I got home I hosed down the paint with water and washed it twice with car wash. The area still reeks of gasoline, but it has been polished several times before with Zaino. Is it protected? Did the gas permanently damage the paint? Thanks....
  • Nah, you probably did not do anything to the paint. If you have a clear coat, then the clear coat should have stopped the gas. Gasoline can remove waxes, but if you cleaned it up promptly, it should not have gotten through all of the layers of wax.
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    Some of the gas may have dripped and run underneath the fender or body. Maybe that's what you're still smelling.
  • mark189mark189 Posts: 107
    I'm considering purchasing a 1996 4runner for my 16 year old daughter. I am leaning that way due to good reliability, good crash test results from the IIHS, and heavy weight.

    However, I'm concerned about the higher than average rating for death rates. That's a measure of the likelihood of a driver being killed or seriously injured once a crash has occurred, and is derived from actual on the road data.

    This is odd, given the high IIHS front offset crash results.

    I'd appreciate any input on these results.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Duplicate posts usually result from refreshing the page - try going elsewhere in Town Hall first.

    You can always go back and delete your posts at any time too with the Delete Button.

    And please lose the signature on your messages - it's bad enough that us hosts are required to stick our tag line at the end of our messages. Your sig file looks like spam, and soliciting is a no-no here. Thanks!

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  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Moving seats around is risky business, especially if you ever sell it. If the person you sell it to has an accident and the seat attachment fails, you will be liable. I hate to say that because I know you want this thing. If you plan on keeping it long term, you may want to start by talking to a conversion van shop. Many of them will take on projects like this, but just beware of the liability issues.

    The other thing I can suggest isn't so much of a fix but rather a way to get around it. I have had many tall customers looking at Runners. About the only way they can fit is to recline farther back. To ensure that your arms still reach, this will mean moving the seat forward a bit which means bent knees. See if you can take an extended test drive like this and see if you can be comfortable in this position.
  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152

    As I mentioned in my reply to your off-list message, my signature is normally part of all my e-mail messages and postings and isn't intended as spam. In fact, I participate in several motorcycle lists as well as a Land Cruiser list and my sig has never even been mentioned. But I will make sure it isn't used here.

    Back to the topic.

    Steve/cliffy1, thanks very much for the reply. You're quite right about the liability issues. I do realize the risks of modifying a seat bracket and also your position (as a Toyota dealer employee) which would wisely point you towards discouraging such a modification.

    Within the BMW motorcycle community, virtual and otherwise, modifications like this (and far more drastic) are done routinely. In my mind it's a matter of how well thought out and executed the modification is. We'd like to think that the manufacturer's designs for seat positioning with respect to steering wheels, airbags, etc. is precise and intentional. To be sure, Toyota is no doubt always looking for the design compromise that benefits the greatest number of potential drivers. Naturally, test dummies have to be standardized, etc. and as a result very tall or very short drivers can inavoidably be left with less than ideal designs.

    I feel fairly sure that a competent machinist can create new rear brackets for the drivers seat which match or exceed the strength of the OEM versions. If I sell the truck, I'll make sure the OEM brackets are reinstalled. Or...maybe this can all be done with seat foam mods.

    Since I really like this vehicle, my only other options are to buy a 2001/2002 SR5 and have a top-slider sunroof installed or wait for the 2003 model (which creates some logistical challenges). Given the choice between altered seat brackets/seat foam and an aftermarket sunroof I'd rather look at the less drastic option first. Thanks for the van-conversion shop tip; I hadn't thought of that.

    Thanks also for the suggestion about the driving position change. I drive long distances often and can only recline so far while still staying alert and comfortable. I appreciate the idea though.

    Any other tall or tall-trunked 4runner owners out there? This board seems mighty quiet right now.


    just plain Sean, headed out soon for a ride in the evening sun
  • Does anyone know where I can get a "Fan bracket sub assembly" ???? Its a bracket that is located on top of the water pump and just spends the fan. The dealers are trying to sell the part at $575 with extra parts that I dont need. If anyone has an blown 6cyl engine name your price for the bracket. Read the title for the truck specs.
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