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Jeep Wrangler



  • 14er14er Posts: 10
    Took the time to enter some new pictures from last weekend of Randle at Garden of the Gods and on Rampert Range road and Mt Herman road.

    Got to go to bed now, have to get up for the CU game in Boulder tomorrow.

  • Slapping on taller tires will induce more stress on the drive line but there are limits for everything. The tires you can put on is limited by the axle and the height between the tire and fender. I would not recommend slapping on 35" tire on a stock height TJ with a Dana 35 axle. A TJ with a Dana 44 axle with a 3" lift will easily handle a 33" tire without stressing out the drive line. For the owners of a Dana 35 axle, I would stick to a tire no taller then a 31" if you offroad with a heavy right foot but for the smoother drivers you will be able to get by with 33" tires. The big difference is the weight of the tires and the axles. A 33" x 12.5" can weigh up to 80 LBS with a steel rim. The Dana 35 axle is a lighter duty axle and if you abuse the Dana 35 you may wind up snapping an axle and hiking back home without your ride. The Dana 44 is the heavier duty axle and will stand up to more abuse and will allow for a taller tire without problems of failure.

    Adding a lift kit does very little to stress out the drive train. The only item that is a problem after getting a lift is the stock drive shaft. The stock drive shaft is very weak and uses a slip yoke design at the front. For people running taller tires this slip yoke drive shaft can fail and wind up looking like a pretzel but there are quite a few companies that makes a after market kit that will solve this problem by replacing the slip yoke desing to a CV yoke design. Another thing is the stock drive shaft will cause a drive line vibration if you get a lift but most quality kits will include a transfer case lowering kit to correct this problem.

    Geocaching is a growing hobby for a lot of people and what you basically do is get coordinates for web sites and you hunt down treasures using the coordinates (a GPS really helps by some die hards will use the old compass). Before you quit your day job and invest in an exotic GPS the treasure is usually a box that will have a little trinket placed in it by the previous person that found it so your not going to wind up with DB Cooper's loot. The test is to find this "treasure box" and no the cash value. This is a great test of your nagivation abilities and your abilty to find something in the middle of nowhere. The prizes or treasure ranges from key chain fobs to candy bars and is a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

    There is a web site for this and I'll post it if I find it.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Nice shots. Nice Jeep. Nice Jeep country. You are a lucky fella.

    As far as your range bewteen fill-ups of gas, you'll just have to find out what you can count on for gas mileage, pick a safe number for useable gallons of gas in the tank after fill-up, and multiply the two. Reset your trip odometer at the time of fill-up, and then you can watch the trip odometer to know if you are getting close to running out of gas.

    I am one of those nuts that checks gas mileage at every fill-up, so I reset the trip odometer every time I get gas. I figure on 18 gallons as a full tank of gas and multiply that by the lowest MPG that I expect that I should get, and this gives me a range that I can safely count on.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • Thanks for the note on the clutch interlock Twylie. I am planning to order a Sahara with the 5M today. Wife and I drove a 5M sport in Ouray this summer and loved every minute of it. Hope to return with the Sahara next summer for more adventure. Any suggestions on which tow bar works best for pulling the jeep? I will consider a trailer later if all works out.
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619 Check it out. It looks to be a very family oriented activity and another great reason to get outdoors! sfjeeps hit it... it's the hunt, not the treasure. The cache yesterday had less than $20 in stuff in it, but there was something for everyone. The "rule" is take something and leave something to replace it for the next hunters. It's a good website with lots of great info.

    Our GPS is the el-cheapo Garmin eTrex and it works great. You can get one for ~$110 through or

    I'm trying to talk to the geocachers in GA to find and post a list of caches that are located in good offroading spots. One gent that has already replied has a really cool Land Rover that can be seen in many of his pics.

    We had a blast yesterday!


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Thanks to sfjeep and twylie for telling us what it is - and it does sound like fun!

  • bamatazzbamatazz Posts: 311
    I'll take the 5th admenment...
    anything i can say will be used..

    Sorry about not posting as much guys...
    hopfully i will get better

    Roll Tide
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    You ain't very good at answering emails either!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Are you getting my emails? We haven't chatted in ages, cause I never see you on AIM any more. Are you guys ok? Let me hear from you!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • Does anyone else have this problem?

    I didn't mention it in the web page, but I've noticed it lately. When getting out of the Jeep, the seatbelt straps will "hang" in just the right position that the doors slam on them. There hasn't been any damage to the straps, and the doors will not shut completely on them so you can correct it right away. But it is beginning to get annoying, having to move the strap out of the way everytime we get out. Just wanted to let y'all know...

    In other matters, it's funny that twylie mentioned geocaching. My wife and I have been checking it out recently, and as soon as we get a GPS, we'll be hitting the trails. There are so many "caches" around here.

    14er...We are lucky to be living here. Isn't the scenery beautiful? I picked up a book that lists off-road trails in the area. It is "Guide to Colorado Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails," by Charles A. Wells. He also has a second book (similar name) that lists trails in the Denver area. You should check it out. We'll be going up to Denver on Tuesday to visit my sis-in-law, and probably hit some trails while we're there. She has a Jeep too.

    I'll post more pics as I get them. The weather here has been awesome. I had my top down today too, although it did get a little chilly this evening. Take care!


  • 14er14er Posts: 10
    Thanks for the geocaching pointer Twylie. Sounds like fun. I have an older Garmen 45 GPS, sounds like I should put some new batteries in it and head on out.

    Tsjay I would be happy to be able to run my down to where I add 18 Gals. Like I said I like to get as much gas at one time as I can because I hate to stop. So I would be happy if I can run it down low enough to add 18 gals at one time. So far I only ran down to 15.8, so I have some more room to drive before getting gas next time. I write down my mileage and gas info each fill up so I'll do the math next time and see if it is starting to get better MPG since Randle is a little more broken in. So far its been a little over 15 MPG, so that would give me 270 range, That would be OK because that world be over two round trips to work. Also some people have asked in here in the past about driving long commutes, mine is 120 a day and I think the Jeep in fine to commute in, just crank the tunes and hit the hwy.

    Larry18 I'm also looking for a tow bar to tow my Jeep. Haven't looked real hard yet but Camping World carries a bunch of them. There is a guy at work who tows his Jeep behind his Motor home. I'm going to look him up this week and ask him. He also uses some kind of remote manual method that pushes on the breaks, I'll also ask him about that.

    Madman I agree that we are very lucky to live in CO and you are right this is probably the best fall I can remember. I have the book you mention and a whole lot of other ones, both on 4-wheeling and just about anything else in Colorado, Mtn biking trails of CO, hiking trails, show shoeing etc etc. I love books. The next best thing about being outdoors here is reading about it.

    Also Tsjay I did hug the Jeep today. I still love it, my wife came up with an excuse to drive it to work tomorrow so I'll be Jeep less tomorrow.

  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I was out of town this weekend and found lots to read about when I came back. Thanks for all the entertainment, even if I'm using my gym time to read it! Oh well, who needs to get fit anyway...

    As far as my gas gauge - it has always been sort of unreliable. The light goes on when I still have close to 5 gallons left. Once the light came on about a half mile after the Castaic exit on the freeway, with the next gas 30 miles and 3,000 feet higher. I could have gone to the next exit (8 miles) and turned around, but decided to give it a try (and I hated to lose that much time). I did slow down to around 60, but easily made it all the way up past Gorman to Frazier Park. I only put just under 17 gal. as I remember. That convinced me that I could go a long way on a highway after the light goes on.

    As a general rule, I plan on 280 miles per tank, and have gotten over 300 a number of times.

    I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one around with a crazy commute, though I would rather have it in Colorado than here in CA. The house is 76 miles from work, and 5,800 feet above it. So I go from close to 6,000 feet to sea level and back again each day. Most of the commute is highway (work isn't far from the freeway), but going home the first 20 miles or so are rush hour slow/stop. In the winter I will go from 20 degrees (home) to 65 degrees (work) in an hour. We have manual trannys - I got shy of automatics when we went through 2 of them in one year, and all the ads for cars for sale up here either say "new tranny" or "needs tranny work." I wish I could talk a car manufacturer to let me test drive their vehicles for a year or 2. Then you would really know what they can hold up to! By the way, my '98 Wrangler has just over 90,000 miles on it, and it does great as either an occasional/winter car or our only vehicle (it has been both). We get a pretty consistent 18-20 miles per gallon. Unfortunately, with gas prices climbing, we needed something that gets better gas mileage, so we are now commuting in a very uncomfortable Tacoma that gets better gas mileage. I'll be so glad when the Wrangler is paid off so I can get rid of the hated Taco!
  • redkey1redkey1 Posts: 270
    My '02 TJ w/ 650 mi on it has developed a rattle in the dash. The sound, sounds like a piece of plastic hitting against another plastic piece. It is very annoying and seems to be coming from behind where the ashtray is located. I pulled out the glovebox and fished around and couldn't really feel anything loose. I thought i had found the problem in a loose stereo wire, but i held on to that while driving and it still occured.

    Any ideas?
  • bamatazzbamatazz Posts: 311
    hey tom.
    I here...been having puter problems lately..
    Sorry guys I havent been in chat lately..
    been busy around here
    hey, A new Best Buy opened here in Birmingham..
    can I use your CC?...
    Take care guys..

    Keep Jeepin
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    This past weekend we got the first rain in San Diego since I moved here in July , and of course I had the left the top down. Everything is soaked; I drove to work this morning with a doubled-up beach towel on top of the driver's seat. It's been a while since I have had to do that. I parked it in a sunny spot outside the office, guess we'll see how quickly those fabric seats can dry out...
  • 14er14er Posts: 10
    Mtngal I guess I won't complain about my commute compared to yours. For the most part I am going against traffic. I drive 60 miles but it almost always only takes 55 min. I can either go Interstate or I can go back road. Usually I take the back road in the morning and the interstate home, breaks things up. If it snows I work from home (or go skiing).

    Thanks for the info on your gas expierence. Sounds like I can at least make 2 trips with out worrying about running out of gas.

    Took the soft top off (came with dual tops) and found the only problem with the Jeep so far. It says in the manual not to tighten the screws too much when you put it back on. In my case the two screws on the passenger side were already stripped. Had to take the set screw out and just leave the plastic insert in. Have to take it back to get new ones. I was kind of sorry I didn't have any time to just run around with the soft top, but it is starting to get cold (we have been real lucky so far that it has stayed so warm).

    I get the Jeep back from my wife tomorrow.
  • Hey there

    I haven't experienced what you're describing, but I do notice a squeeking sound every now and then when I go over bumps in the road. It bugged me at first, but then I remembered that I had to be ready for a noisy, bumpy ride when I got my Jeep and the sounds have actually been far less than I originally expected so far. The squeeking is sort of intermittent, and I haven't figured out what it is yet, but I think it might have something to do with the sun visors.

    Incidentally, with the recent Southern California rains, my Jeep is dirtier than it's EVER been! I can't wait to get a full wash and hand wax in the next day or two!

  • Something that's worked well for me in storing my zip out windows in my Jeep since my rear seat is seldom installed. Get a large beach towel and lay it out flat. Lay one window on it across the bottom and fold the towel over it. Then lay the other window on top of the folded over towel so there is a layer of towel between them. I just roll up the layers and nothing but towel touches either window. Easily fits in my "hide-a-trunk" to prevent theft or vandalism.
    In south Florida, we can have sudden weather changes and this way my windows are handy at any time. Main thing is after 2 years of using this method, my windows are as scratch-free as new. Occasional cleaning with water and soft cloths, then light application of Pledge to both sides helps to keep them clean and flexible.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I can tell you haven't had much free time if your jeep is dirtier now with that little bit of rain we had over the weekend. You need to take some time and explore some dirt roads. There's still time to explore some of the higher roads before they close them for the winter, and then there's the ones that are lower and stay open all year. There's a really nice road that goes from Little Tujunga Road over to the Angeles Forest Road. You can do it in a couple of hours and still enjoy the views. Don't even need 4WD unless its wet (one place can be slippery when wet). Take an afternoon or morning off and enjoy it! Get it REALLY dirty before you wash it!
  • mjartmjart Posts: 2
    Yes! I own a 99 Sahara, and there have been many times when the driver's side seat belt did not fully retract and I wound up accidentally slamming the door against the strap! Fortunately, it hasn't happened in a while, and that's the only problem I've had with the Jeep so far (almost 80,000 miles on it now). Just wanted to let you know that you're not the only one having that problem.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    and there have been many times when the driver's side seat belt did not fully retract and I wound up accidentally slamming the door against the strap!

    One would think that after 35 years of seatbelt experience, manufacturers would know how to get it right by now! :-)

  • 14er14er Posts: 10
    I went back to the dealer today. When I bought my Jeep I didn't know they had a $500 rebate for veterans. I didn't fill in any paper work when I bought the Jeep, but DC sent me a mailing from when I went to the Jeep WEB site. In the mailing they had a blip about the rebate. Even though I had closed on the deal two weeks ago they said they could still submit the paper work. So I was very happy with the dealership.

    Also had them look at the place where the soft top connects. They had stripped the two screw on the passenger side. They again said no problem and ordered the parts. They didn't have them in stock or they would have fixed it while I waited. So both issues were taken care of without any hassle.

    No real rattles, yet, but I did hear a noise from the back. Then I figured out it was my bowling ball. Can't blame that on DC. With the stereo on playing CDs I don't really notice the noise. I think it is quiter than I expected after reading some of the post here. I have only driven with the hardtop though.
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    I thought my Jeep had dried out pretty well from this weekend's downpours; I had pulled up the carpet in the back and let everything dry out pretty well. Still, it had that peculiar "Jeep funk" when I got in it this morning (I'll never forget one of my buddies hopping in my YJ once after it hadn't-quite-dried-out and telling me "yep, starting to get that Jeep smell"). I found out why this afternoon--I guess the water ran up under the Husky floor liners up front too. I just got done mopping up some more semi-fetid water that was still in there from this weekend.

    Still learning my lesson--it is NOT a good idea to let it rain in your car, even if it is a Jeep, at least if you have carpet in there.
  • Went in today and ordered a 5M, trac-lok, dual top sienna Sahara. Now comes the long wait. Already planning a vacation to Ouray, CO next summer.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Congrats! How long for delivery?

    Mind telling what you paid in relation to invoice (would help others that are in the market for a Jeep)?

    Black tops?

    Happy for you, my man!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • Paid invoice for it. Tan tops. Oklahoma summers are a bit too hot for black. Another dealer found one almost identical to the one I ordered but he wanted full msrp for it. I figure for a couple of grand I can wait a little while and get exactly what I want.
  • I have to agree, you should buy what you want. The dealers would love to sell you a jeep off the lot, but if they don't have want, then order. The going rate for a Wrangler seems to be somewhere between invoice and about 300 under invoice. That includes all fees but not TT&L. It doesn't include any rebates. $500 or 0% and $500 military (plus 7 year or 100K powertrain) can knock another $1000 off the final price. When do they think the jeep will arrive?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Invoice, WOW! That's a good deal! Plus, you got the $500 rebate. Did you have to haggle much to get that deal?

    I ordered my Thelma Jane almost exactly one year ago (11/16/00). I had to pay $200 over invoice, and the $500 rebate had not been initiated yet.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • Hey all

    Well, just got oil change #3 at 10,200 miles and this time went with tsjay's favorite, Mobil 1. I forgot how much he pays, but I went to Costco and bought 6 quarts for $21.50, so about $3.60 per quart. I was going to try doing the change myself, but I decided to go with my mechanic this time and do it myself next time. I haven't measured a full tank's mileage yet, but I'll post that info when I have it, should be sometime in the middle of next week.

    As for oil filters, anyone have a preference? I used a Pennzoil one last time (about $2) and an STP one this time (about $3), but I noticed Mobil 1 has a REALLY pricey version, something like $12 at Autozone. Can the oil filter really make that much difference? Maybe the higher-end ones are for those who deal with a lot of dirt and grime getting into the engine.

    While I was at Autozone I bought a plastic oil pan for $2 for my planned self-change in 3,000 miles. I figure if nothing else, I'll at least get to know my Jeep a little better.

    Also, I had my mechanic rotate the tires for me, I figured 10,000 miles was about a good time to do that. Anyone have any suggestions in that regard?


    p.s. - mtngal, yes I definitely need to look into some dirty activities before I get the thing washed - so far I've had to survive on driving through parking lot construction at my local post office for off-road fun!
  • Yellowman, I know what you mean about dirty activities...I have had the chance to play around a lot off road, but not much recently. I moved in July to where I live now, which is about an hour from where the rest of my family lives. I used to be able to go out in my brother's woods (has about 50 acres that used to be a campground, which was perfect for playing around in), but now it is too far to drive for casual offroading. Plus, when I am back there visiting, he has put a stop on 4-wheeling there for the time being, since it is deer hunting season. I miss getting dirty, playing around. I am ready for about 2 feet of snow so I can at least play around in that! Oh well, it will snow soon enough.
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