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Jeep Wrangler



  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hey, Jeffer2!

    Have you decided whether to get a Jeep or not?

    Let us hear how things turn out, or feel free to post more questions. Hope you are getting the info you need from this group.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hey, Ducks!

    We miss you! Where the heck have you been?

    How about letting us hear from you????

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Back in mid to late October last year, when I was struggling so bad in trying to figure out some way to trade for a Jeep, a few people were posting some real nice articles to offer me encouragement and to give me good advice. I haven't seen any posts from these nice folks in quite a while, and I miss you guys.

    Spike66, weatherdog, and kmq102, WHERE HAVE YOU GONE? You were one of these folks too, Goducks1, but I have already posted a request to hear from you.

    I hope I'm not forgetting anyone, because a lot of different people were really sympathetic to my desire for a Wrangler.

    Some of you guys who are still actively posting were very nice to me too, but I'm trying to find out where some of our friends have gone.

    Let's hear from you guys!

  • I'm buying a 2001 Jeep Wrangler SE 5 speed manual shift and need some help picking out the best options. The car will be used for a daily commute of about 30 miles per day. At this time I don't see any off-roading in my future. I might run it on the beach once of twice just to say I did. The only options I have picked so far are Radio - AM/FM Compact Disc(RBR) and Door - Full Metal w/Roll-up Windows(GCF). I also opted for the Highback cloth seats. No Hardtop since I has no place to store it. My questions are
    1) Which tires should I get / what are the advantages of them. choices are 15X7 Grizzly Aluminum Wheels or 15X7 Full Face Steel Wheels, or the standard 15" x 6.0" Styled Steel
    2)Is A/C a valid option with the 4 cyl engine.
    3)Is there something else I should be considering?
    Thanks for your help
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    It's strictly personal preference when it comes to looks, but I like the Grizzlies compared to those other choices you mentioned. I have the "Canyons" on my Sport, and these are my favorite style wheels, but the Grizzlies are my second choice.

    Air conditioning? Coudn't live without it myself, but it depends on your climate. You didn't say where you live, but here in western KY I would not want to be without air conditioning.

    Unless you are going to upgrade your stereo with some after market stuff, I would DEFINITELY get the $200.00 subwoofer option! You ought to try to find a Jeep with it and one without it, and compare the two. If you can't do that, then just take my word for it: there's a world of difference in the sound quality.

    Also, if you ever think you'll be on ice or snow, they say that the trac loc is a real good option. I didn't know the value of it until after I had placed my order, so I didn't get it. Wish I had, though. Unless you are getting the $840.00 canyon wheel/30" tire/Dana 44 option, the trac loc will cost you close to $600.00. I could have had it for less than $300.00, since I was already getting the Dana 44 rear end in the Canyon package!

    What color are you thinking about?


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • jeffer2jeffer2 Posts: 35

    Jeffer2 here. My Wrangler search is on hold for a little bit. I have a few other things going on right now.

    I'm thinking of a new vehicle though because my current ride (a 1995 Grand Prix SE with just over 40,000 miles) has been a little unreliable lately. Last month I had to have a fuel injector replaced. Last week I had to have it towed in because the ignition switch/lock cylinder either wore out or broke. I used to have '91 GP that had over 200,000 mile on it when I got rid of it, but this '95 - I'm a little disappointed in. Too bad because it's a good driver, and comfortable car. Your 2000 was even better.
    Anyway, that's why I asked a few questions here about Jeep relialbilty and dealer service. I'd also like to do some basic maintenance myself. The GPs are impossible to work on (at least for me). You can't even get to the spark plugs.

    My brother used to have a '93 Wrangler he really liked, but he had to sell it for college. Only complaint he had was that the locks froze up a few times, and finally broke, and the tops were hard to install. Someone else I know has a '95, that he is really impressed with. I always loved convertibles.

    Besides a Wrangler, I may look at a Ranger or Escape (I know about the recalls). I'll post here when I decide what to do.

    How's Thelma Jan? Later - Jeffer2
  • I'm getting the jeep in yellow. I live in NY state. So I probably should get ac. I'm worried about the effect of the AC and power of the engine. We have about 1 and 1/2 of snow so I'll look into the trac loc. Thanks for your help
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    If you think you would only need the air conditioning for about a month or so in the middle of the summer, then I wouldn't worry too much about the power issue. Even if it is a little bit of a strain on the engine, you will only be using it a small percentage of the time, like in the hottest part of the day for only a month or month and a half each year. It would help you on resale value, probably, too.

    You are right about the 4 cylinder not being exactly a power house. But, for a lot of people's needs, it does just fine. It won't do a whole lot better on gas than the six, but the inital cost between a Sport and an SE is ridiculous. For all practical purposes, all you are getting with the Sport that you don't get with the SE is the I-6 engine.

    I do a lot of highway driving and have to take business trips, so I wanted the six for the extra power. That's why I got a Sport instead of an SE.

    Yellow sounds good. It is a real popular color these days. It sure does catch your eye! I've seen quite a few, and they do look good.

    Not just any dealer has someone who even knows how to order a Jeep. Be sure and find someone who knows the option packages and let them work up something for you. Even if you buy somewhere else, then you will at least know what you are getting. If you are not going to order from the factory, it is still important to know what equipment is available in what combinations, so you might want to go somewhere pretending that you are going to order from the factory.

    Keep in mind what I said about the subwoofer, if you want a decent sound system without spending money for after market stuff.

    Are you going with 30" tires? Jeeps sure look a LOT better with the bigger tires!

    Catch you later

  • Happy New Year all! Man, go away and everything changes. The forum is new and TSJAY has his Jeep! Way to go! Ok, let me see if I can actually post based on the complaints I've read on this new format. First, my new '01 Sport is now over a month old with 1200 miles. Average MPG has been 16.5. Pretty consistent too, and that has been mostly highway but also some 4wd. Overall, I absolutely love my new Jeep. No complaints yet. We have had a fair amount of snow in December in Southwestern Ohio, so the Jeep got to have some fun. What a great snow car. I opted for the Dana 44 instead of ABS, a tough choice, but let me alleviate some fears of those worried about that choice. I have had to re-learn my winter braking technique without ABS, but from my roots in Western NY, it came back quickly. Also, the Jeep actually brakes well in snow, locking up very little. I think the tread on the 30" tires helps a great deal if there is some snow pack. It is very controllable despite the short wheelbase.

    On the dual top, I still am very glad I paid extra for both, but the hardtop benefits are really for cold climates or extended highway travel. Without those, the new soft top is just fine, especially if you get full doors. The hardtop is considerable warmer and quieter though. My only concern is where to put this thing come spring. I am looking into some hoist options. I have a garage for it, but don't want to take up my baby's parking spot for it either.

    BTW, before I go, got a question. Does anyone use an automatic car wash with their Jeep? I wanted to run my Jeep through a car wash real quick to get the salt off, but was reluctant to try. I have the full doors and the hardtop is on, but wanted some input first. I would prefer to hand wash it, but in a pinch, will an automatic car wash do?

    Well, greetings to all again. Hope to read and post more here in the new year. Could be a resolution of sorts I guess. Take care.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Welcome back! I knew I was forgetting some of my Wrangler IV buddies when I posted the "where are you guys" articles.

    Yep, it really happened! I got my Jeep after that long, long struggle. Had to take out a home equity loan to clear up some of the debt on the Grand Prix. I don't remember what my situation was the last time I heard from you. Had I ordered Thelma Jane yet? Or was I still in a dither trying to figure out a way to get a Jeep?

    Have you checked out my web page for Thelma Jane yet?

    Let me know what you think about her.

    I got Thelma on December 8th. It was only three weeks and two days from the time that my order was placed until I was driving her. She has right at 1600 miles on her and she has had zero problems. My gas mileage is similar to yours. The last tank checked out 17.9, but she hadn't been doing quite that well as a rule. Maybe she's breaking in and the gas mileage is going up.

    Did you post any pics of your Jeep? I don't want to go scrolling back twenty articles at a time to try to find your last post. I wish there was a better way to get around and find articles. I have talked to so many people and read so many posts that I can't remember if you posted any links to pics of your Jeep.

    So glad you're back! Keep that posting resolution and be an active participant in this group again, ok?

    Some of us were trying to get a weekly chat session going, but it hasn't gotten off the ground yet. Do you have Instant Message? If you do, holler at me. I'm tjoh298765 on Instant Message, so put me on your buddy list and holler when you see me online, which is about any time from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM CST weekdays and almost any time on weekends.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I forgot to put my two cents worth about automatic car washes into my post. I would never put my Thelma Jane through one of those things.
    I just don't trust them. Even the "touchless" car washes use such high pressure that I would be afraid of damage.

    I know how bad it hurts having a dirty Jeep and the weather being too cold to wash it yourself. I've just been through that myself. Yesterday was our first day with a temperature above freezing in about three and a half weeks. I washed Thelma today, and she is LOOKING GOOD! I just about froze off my fingers (and other appendages), but it was worth it.


  • gcl98gcl98 Posts: 26
    Who's got a 2001 Wrangler Sport (6cyl) with a 5 speed? Any excessive noise from the transmission?

    I test drove one today at the dealer and it made a lot of noise while in neutral, but when I put it gear (or just depressed the clutch pedal) it went away.

    I know the 2000s had lots of complaints regarding this, but do all who have the 2001 model notice this?
  • gcl98gcl98 Posts: 26
    Great TJ web page. It's nice to see action shots of TJs on the trail.

    Spyro -

    How well does that rack work with the dual tops? I imagine it's got to come off to remove the hard top for the summer. Does it interfere with the operation of the fold-down soft top?
  • Yea go for it... as long as you've got the hard top it won't hurt it. I did it several times before I put my rack on and it did fine, no leaks, no scratches... plus paiting a hard top is a piece of cake. I had to do some touch up after I dropped some wrenches on it while putting the Daylighters on. They just don't recomend going through with the soft top one, the brissles can scratch the windows.
  • Actually it's pretty easy... The whole thing does have to come off when you take the hard top off, but it's only like 8 bolts to get it off. It's easier to do than the hard top itself. It take two people but so does the top, so just do it all at once. When the soft top is on, you have to take four bolts out and the whole thing will tilt back at an angle to allow you to put the top up and down... it takes about 5min. extra time to do but it's not that hard. I have quick disconnects on the light wirring so I just pull those off and undo the bolts and tilt the whole thing back. Go this site, It's a Garvin Industry roof rack.
    I like it though... It can hold up to 500lbs. I've had me and two of my friends on top with some luggage and nothing bent, nothing even squeaked. Hope this Helps. Dragonfly and I are gonna try to get some more pics posted soon. Glad you like the site.
  • oops


    I have a 2000 sport with soft top. I live in the Chicago area. We get a lot of gunk and salt in the winter when I just can not hand wash it. I take it to the touchless car wash. I make sure the zippers are closed tight and go trough the "van" bay to keep a little pressure off the top. It is noisy as hell in there. I always do this when the temp is above freezing, even if only a degree or two. If I have done any damage, I have not noticed it. I figure it's better than leaving the salt on it.
  • Here are my potential uses/requirements/wants: Commute around 7 miles to work, back roads, live in Central Mass. (snowy from 1/2 Nov. through 1/2 April), like skiing (drive in blizzards), want to pack a canoe and/or kayaks, the dog, skis, bicycles, camping gear, fishing gear, etc. I want something which will be rugged (heavy duty towing package? winter package? off road package), I also am interested in mounting systems for bikes, skiis, guns, canoes, kayaks. Are back seats removable (for dog space)? Should I go with factory soft top and aftermarket hard top or vice versa? Full hard, half hard, or cloth doors (or aftermarket combo again? Engine 4.0 liter, I guess. What performance mods do people put on these? Dynomax exhaust? Chips? Headers? Cams? Intakes? How about lights? Light guards? I am looking for a decent package, maybe '98 or '99, and would like some advice. Thanks in advance.
  • batlinbatlin Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 TJ with 5 speed, and I have the transmission noise, From what I have heard it is a flaw in the new transmission that was first put in to the 2000 TJ, I believe that the noise is reduced in the 01 though. One way to tell if you get the noise or not it to put the transmission in neutral and let out the clutch, you should hear a slight rattling. if you dont then with the cluch out, and still in neutral turn off the engine. You should hear a rattling noise for a brief moment.

  • Thanks for the complement! The page should be updated Sat. night after I get back from a Jeep meet and eat for NC Jeepers. The pictures should include Sparx's new lights and Spyro's new brushguard(cross your fingers).

    Alee and Sparx
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    I don't own a wrangler, but I'll try to throw in my 2 cents. From all the different activities you mentioned, I'm wondering if maybe a bigger SUV would be better for you than a wrangler. Believe me, I'm not trying to talk you out of getting one, but wranglers aren't the best vehicles out there if your concerns are towing, lugging around canoes and kayaks, etc.
    I know there PLENTY of aftermarket roof racks you could get that I'm sure would accomodate a kayak, or skis, or bikes, etc. But I wouldn't plan on using a wrangler to tow much more than a jetski or two. Not because it doesn't have the power, but because of its short wheelbase.
    One other thing I'll mention: I too have shopped for used wranglers and have found that they hold their resale value very well. you almost might be better off getting a new one unless you find an amazing deal.
  • Sounds like you want to do everything I do minus the dog (cuz i don't have one) and kayaking. I I have a 2000 wrangler and it does just fine for hauling my gear. The back seat comes out or tumbles forward. Tumbled forward there was plenty of room for both my wife's and my backpacking gear for a full week in the bush.

    I just got a canoe for christmas from the in-laws and I am buying the Garvin Expedition Rack. It is mentioned in this group a couple times. You can get it onsale through Performance Products for around $440. Cheapest I've ever seen it. This rack is supposed to accept Thule bike racks. I haven't figured out how to haul my mountain bike yet, but will probably get an over the spare rack for two bikes...just cuz it's easier than climbing up to the roof rack. For guns, well, I hunt a lot, but haven't found a way to rig a gun rack inside yet...I'm sure there is a way to do it.

    As for the hard/soft top...I have the soft top and soft doors...I wanted a convertible. My father-in law has a hardtop. I think my jeep holds the heat just the same in the winter and i know mine cools off well in the summer. The noise level on a windy day doing 75 on the highway can be annoying on a 7 hour drive to the adirondacks, but the hard top is still noisy, just no wind flapping.

    Performance mods...K&N now makes a filtercharger kit for wranglers. I will be buying one, I've had one on my previous two trucks and i thought they made good improvements. I have always used Gibson exausts. Dynomax and walker just don't impress me. When price comparing, they seemed to be almost $100 cheaper than most. I am under the impression that this day and age, you get what you pay for. I could be wrong though. Gibson has good quality thick steel tubing and muffler. Will get knocked around a bit. I'm not sure how loud it will be on my wrangler though. I don't want it too loud. My '94 ranger had a great sound, the 5.4L F150 I couldn't hardly hear the difference between stock and gibson, so now I am wondering how loud a wrangler will be. The stock 4.0L has a nice little rumble to it, which says to me it might be loud with a gibson. I've never messed with performace chips...never trusted them.

    Well, there's my .02 Probably a lot more than that, but hope the info helps you. BTW, as for towing, my father in law tows a 17' fishing boat (aluminum with 40hp engine) and the his 4cyl. does al right with it. Granted, he only drives maximum 10 miles with it because he lives in the finger lakes region on new york and has all the fishing a man can dream of having so close to him...but the jeep handles allright with it. I would be careful with heavy loads though...short wheelbase...

    Good luck...hope the info helps out.

  • jeepcjjeepcj Posts: 1
    I am new here, maybe someone can help. I have had a 1979, CJ7 for about 6 years. It came with a plow, so I used it to do a couple driveways, once in a while, nothing commercial, just fun. The looks I get plowing with the top down is worth it every time. Anyway, I just sold it and plan on getting a 2001 with the Sahara or Sport pkg. Any suggestions on options so I can use it to plow?. I already have a few "wants" like AM/FM/CD/with Subwoofer-30" tires-Dana 44 - tracloc-tow hitch. I can't decide on dual tops or door types yet. From the first nice spring day until the first frost the top is down anyway, so I can't decide. It will be an everyday car, so the hardtop could come in handy as long as I can find summer time storage.
  • I am gearing up to buy a 2001 TJ Sahara. I have owned 2 Wranglers in the past. My plans are for a looker... small lift & 33'' tires. But primarily a daily driver.

    1. I obviously should get 3.73 axle ratio?
    2. Explain the Dana 44. It's a beefier axle right? Any drawbacks?
    3. Trac-Lok? What are the pros and cons?
    4. I want to have both tops complete. Full doors, half/soft doors, hard and soft top. What is the best way to do this? I was going to get a sahara w/ soft top then add VK0 ( hardtop). But Edmunds says this requires option GAD. GCD isn't listed????
  • I know this may seem like a newbie question but what exactly do you get by upgrading to the Sahara and is it worth getting it?

    I'm looking for a Wrangler with:
    1. A/C
    2. Full doors (wish I could have both full and half)
    3. Add a trunk
    4. Subwoofer
    5. 30 inch Canyon with Dana (I'm not sure about the Dana as I wont offroad a lot)
    6. Sentry Key
    7. Fog Lights
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    1. Yes 3.73 gearing is good for 33's
    2. Yes get the D44. The only drawback is the minimal cost for a great axle
    3. The trac-lok is limited slip which is good for off-roading and ice/snow. Get it, it is worth it
    4. Get the dual top package with full doors and later on get the aftermarket full soft doors.

    Did that anwswer everything?
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    Upgrading to the Sahara gets you the name for a few hundred more dollars. You can get the Sport and whatever upgrades you want. I think all 30 inch wheel packages come with the Dana 44 axle. The trak-lok is a seperate option, but it is worth getting. You can get full soft doors for $300 dollars
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    Not many factory options to help you for setting up for plowing. I would get the Dana 44 and trac-lok. Soft top is nice if you want to be able to put your top up and down when you are out of town or across town. If you take it off for the summer and put a top on for the winter you may want the hard top only. Half doors are good for the same reason as the soft top. Being able to throw the top half in the back when your are out of town or across town and weather gets good or to put the doors on when the weather is bad(starts raining, gets cold). Full metal doors are good for less wind noise and easier to get window down for ATM and fast food.
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    As already stated the Jeep does not have much cargo space. You will have to look at getting a trailor or several different racks and mounts that will add up. The back seats are removable. If you want both tops I would order the dual top option. I would consider buying a new Jeep since they hold their so well. There are plenty of lights and lights guards to choose from. You can order the full metal doors and then get aftermarket full soft doors for $300.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hi everybody! I would like to hear from some of you about breaking in a new Jeep and the oil change interval.

    My plans are to have the oil changed for the first time at 2000 miles and then again at 5000 miles, at which time I will switch to Mobil 1 full synthetic oil. I like to break in a new engine on regular oil and then go to Mobil 1.

    I will change oil on 5000 miles intervals with the Mobil 1. This is what I have done with my last two new vehicles, a '99 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4 X 4, and a 2000 Grand Prix GT. The trouble is that I haven't kept a vehicle long enough to know whether this maintenance schedule is good for the engine for the long haul.

    I drive almost exclusively on the highway, and do almost zero in-town driving. My commute to work is 27 miles one way, almost all of it four lane divided highway. Now, if I ever start playing around off road, I will probably change oil more often.

    What do you ladies and gentlemen think of this strategy? Anyone else in here a fan of synthetic oil in general and Mobil 1 in particular? I KNOW for a fact that the Mobil 1 increased my gas mileage and gave me quieter cold starts on a 1994 Z28 Camaro that I once owned.

    Would like some opinions. I know there is a whole discussion group for breaking in a vehicle and others for oil types, but I want to hear from JEEP PEOPLE.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • I've owned a 91 and 95 Wrangler and now my wife wants one for herself. She'd like one with leather seats and a few other "princess" features but I've explained that even the Sahara does not have a leather option (I think). Anyway, she happened to park next to a Jeep Wrangler OUTBACK at the mall a couple of days ago and swears it had leather seats. She claims it was a 1997 or newer model (round lights). I know Jeep has produced a wide variety of speciality models but I can't find a darned thing on the Internet about an "Outback" model. Maybe this was from an aftermarket customizer.... any info or ideas about the Outback? Also, any suggestions on how or who could upgrade the interior of a Sahara in the greater Atlanta area? After all, any woman who wants to own a Wrangler is worth it! Thanks for the help.
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