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Jeep Wrangler



  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538

    But, I plan to add a no slip locker soon, and hi lift jack, and eventually a lift.

    These might help.
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    I've heard that the old YJ Wranglers (1987-95) have a notorious reputation for rusting out, especially in the frame. Is this claim true? I do know of people who bought Wranglers new in the late 80s/early 90s, only to have them rust out within eight or nine years. It was pretty sad to watch that happen.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    A question for those who have 30" wheels. Back in '98, after I had signed the papers etc. for my Wrangler, the dealer handed me a piece of paper that said you couldn't use chains on the 30" wheels. Owner manual said that there were clearance problems.

    Last night's trip home convinced me that I should look into other options. Are there any traction devices other than chains (such as spiders or ???) that you can use with the 30" wheels? We spent several hours sitting with hundreds of other cars stopped on the freeway, then getting to the Gorman exit only to find the CHP had the back road closed also, and since CalTrans had concentrated on sanding the interstate, the road into Frazier Park and points beyond had not been touched, so it was like an ice skating rink, when we finally got to it, I think maybe I should check into such things. We did get home safely, but there were a few moments when we didn't have much traction to get up the hills. This isn't common - in fact, this is the first time in 3 years it has been so icy, so I don't really want to start changing tire sizes just for using chains once every couple of years.

    Anyone got any ideas?
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    I was wondering whether or not it was OK to use chains if you have a lift kit.

    I tend to be real careful when it comes to snapping off brake lines is involved.

    What about studded snow tires? Just get some mounted up on a set of $29 rims. Maybe some of the Denman Coyotes, so you still get the height? Or, since you will only use them occasionally, just get some cheapie mud terrain type patterned tires and have them studded and swap on when needed.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I looked under the jeep for what causes the "clearance" problem and don't think a lift would make much difference - there just isn't much room between the tires and the brake line. It doesn't seem like I can predict when I'll get stuck (it didn't seem that bad the day before and it was clear and sunny all day yesterday at work, 75 miles away). I've thought about snow tires or studded tires but would put them on in Dec and leave them on until after Easter. I don't really want to do that, since most of my driving is freeway, and could be as hot as 80 degrees, and I'm not sure its worth the one day a year or so to listen to the sounds of studs or worry about the associated wear/heat buildup problems with real snow tires for the rest of the winter.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    sounds like for the one or two days you talk about, you might be able to call in sick, or stay home and work a Saturday or something...

  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    Where did everybody's JEEP rate???
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Mine rates $539.29 per month! At least that's what the bank says I have to pay them. :)


    Have you hugged your Jeep today? :)
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    ...guess yours didn't rate too high, then.


  • I agree with iruleyou....that rating system is kinda lame. I guess I should add a CB radio and a couple other things to make mine rate over 200! I really would like a CB someday in my Jeep, but not for the silly rating system.

    (mine rated 192)
  • huck6huck6 Posts: 37
    Regarding options, I drove a stock with CJ for years and had a heck-of-a good time with it off road without any of the necessary options available today. Still, I was young and foolish and was not carting kids around.

    The Jeep Bible suggested going with the heavy-duty off-road options if for no other reason than for the extended life of those parts.
  • huck6huck6 Posts: 37
    Me again. Has anyone had any experience ordering their Jeep, or any car, directly online? I have been toying with the idea of using The promise of avoiding the showroom appeals to me since I know what I want and can get a "straight" price quote.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    You can "shop" by phone with as many dealers as you want to in order to get the best price, if you are willing to order from the factory, especially if there will be no trade-in. You just call the various dealers and ask how much they will sell the new Jeep for in relation to invoice.

    Tell them you want their best price assuming no trade-in.

    Even if you are planning on trading-in a vehicle, you want to tell them that you are asking for their best price WITHOUT a trade-in. That way you have them pinned down to a price for the new Jeep, and they can't play games with your trade-in. By asking them their price in relation to invoice, you can order any options you want, and you have them committed to a certain amount over invoice.

    After getting several dealers pinned down to that certain amount over invoice, you can them visit them one by one to see what they will allow you on trade in.

    This way you can really see who is giving you the best deal. The best deal will not necessarily be the one where you get the lowest new Jeep price, because they might not allow you as much on trade-in.

    You might be interested in reading about my buying experience in my web page. I saved over $3400 dollars by shopping only the three nearest dealers. They were all approximately the same size dealerships, and I was amazed that there could be so much difference between the best and worst deals!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    It seems to me like there are not nearly as many posts where people have bought new Jeeps or are on the verge of buying a new one as there were when I bought my Thelma Jane a little over a year ago.

    Maybe people are buying and just not posting.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • I am still intending to order a Jeep in April, but other than that I don't have much to post.

    I have checked around about swapping the tires for the BFG AT/KO in a 31 inch, but I can not find a shop willing to go more than 50 bucks a tire for the Goodyears.

    Sears is the cheapest that I have found for the the BFGs at 112 a tire.

    I am trying to talk my vet in to buying a Wrangler for his other half. She wants one, but he doesn't think they need one since their place is not that big. I wish I had a small place like he does, I think he has 1500 acres.

    I have not seen the Amber Fire color on a Jeep yet, but I am starting to think it is UT orange. I might have to change my idea on what color I want.

    I am going to test drive in the next couple of weeks.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Glad to hear you are still planning to get your Jeep! That deal where you can get $50 apiece for your Goodyears is one you ought to jump on. I guess you know the story on mine, but no one will ever get a deal like that again... still think it was a mistake. ($83 apiece for the four with 10.5K miles on them and $95 for the never used spare)

    Hope to see you in gill's tonight! That goes for all of you here. Meet you in the chat room at...


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?

  • davidb72davidb72 Posts: 174
    I have an Amber Fire Wrangler, you can see some pictures here on page 5
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Is that Jeep going to be big enough for you and for hauling your goats around? Know anything about Angora Goats?

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  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    NICE! But only two Jeep pics?? Come on, now! Equal time for the Jeep! :)


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • I like the color, but a friend of mine LOVES it. He tried to get me to go with Amber Fire when I got my Jeep, but I had my heart set on yellow all the way. He's going to be getting a new car in a year or so - so far he's considering a Celica or the new Mini Cooper, but recently he's mentioned from time to time that maybe he'll get a Wrangler. I'll see what I can do to convince him! :-)

  • davidb72davidb72 Posts: 174
    If I could AutoX my Jeep I'd have some good pics! Problem is we haven't even gotten enough snow here this winter for a good Jeep in the snow pic!!!
  • If Amber Fire turns out to be tu orange, you might want to reconsider.

    Gig 'em
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I've never seen it, but I once bought a Mustang (sight unseen - I bought it through the PX in Germany) in Bright Bittersweet. The paint chip looked kind of neat, but then I'm not the imaginative type. My (at the time) boyfriend was in Canada on a course at the time, so didn't have any say in it. My (now) husband STILL teases me about my international orange mustang, and I bought it over 20 years ago! Make sure you see it in person before you buy!
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Does anyone have a cargo cover in the back? My dog can find the only water within a mile of where we are hiking, and especially loves lying down in muddy puddles. My grey carpet in the back is starting to turn muddy brown, so I think something is a good idea. Quadratec has several listed on their web page, but was wondering if there is anything specific I should think about. We almost always have the back seat out.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    How about some remnant indoor-outdoor carpet? You ought to get that for next to nothing!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?

    Oh, the Amber Fire is definitely not a bright orange. It's a pretty cool color. Look at Davidb72's pics he posted a link to above.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    The idea of indoor/outdoor carpet or something like a piece of non-slip rubber was what I was originally thinking about. Just cutting something like that to size and maybe putting some velcro on the back to hold it in place over the current carpet. The dog won't care, and if I got something non-slip he wouldn't leave claw marks on it like he does now with the carpet. But I just had to check out the neat things at Quadratec, since I've never had an excuse to check it out!

    I had only looked at davidb72's front page before, so I didn't go as far as the Jeep pictures. The lighting was different in the two pictures. If the actual color is the one where it looks more bronze then it would be really nice. I'd still want to see it in person.

    I wasn't going to tell this, because I was afraid someone would take this the wrong way, but you all seem to understand I have a strange sense of humor. Reality is that when I first went to the sight and saw the Miata pictures I was watching the NHL All Star Game and didn't want to leaf through the pages.

    Later I remembered the last person who I knew who had a Miata (which is actually a nice car) and wondered if that colored my opinion of looking at Miatas. She was someone I knew on a vanpool who left her husband of 25 years, bought a Miata, then met someone on an internet chat sight, married him and moved to Texas. No one has heard from her since...
  • I am hoping that the Wrangler will be stout enough to pull my trailer with maybe 10 goats at a time. My big concern has been about the length of the trailer versus the wheel base of the TJ.

    I use to have a pet goat that rode in my truck like a dog. I got strange looks at stop lights. The horns get pretty rough on the head liner so I don't think I will carry any goats up front with the soft top. Don't need a horn punching through.

    After I had a goat smash out the wind shield on the Mazda MPV I sort of got away from hauling a single goat inside the vehicle. It does prove to be a pain, but I now hook up the trailer for even one goat.

    Don't know a thing about Angoras. I think Angora goats are out of the picture now. From what I understand the government quit giving subsidies to the ranchers and there was not as much a market for the hair.

    In this part of the state it is pretty much Boer goats which are out of Africa. Spanish goats are still around, but don't seem to be as popular. Both types are meat goats. One of the vets that I use has a picture of a Boer goat stud on his wall that a co-op paid 16,000 dollars for when the market was just getting started (I think that beats the price of Angora hair). He also has a picture of a nanny that gave birth to quintuplets and they all survived.

    So much for Goats 101, but feel free to ask any questions.

    As far as hauling, my concern is still jack knifing. I think if I take it slow and easy it will be OK. Weight wise it should not be a problem.

    Besides, next year my room mate is going to buy either a Mazda Tribune or a Jeep Liberty, so I will only have to haul for maybe a year with the Wrangler. I am pushing for the Liberty.

    Any one have any experience with Uniroyal tires?

    I have a friend whose son works at the plant. He had a set of 4 Micheln tires sent UPS to me for 125 dollars a couple of years ago and I thought I might try to go that route to replace the Goodyears that come stock. Figure I could go with the stock tires, buy new wheels, get the Uniroyals and still come out ahead if not a little better on the deal. So far I have not had any of the tire shops willing to go more than 50 bucks for the 30 inch Goodyears if I do a swap. I would like to go to a 31 inch with a little more aggressive tread design.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Thanks for the goat lesson. Horns through the roof wouldn't be much fun. Hair goats sound easier than milk/meat goats for us novices, plus we would take up weaving again. More likely we'll come to our senses :-).

    I had a CJ-5 in the 70's and a modest (6 foot?) utility trailer. It was difficult backing the trailer up, mostly because of the short wheel base of the Jeep. "Easy does it" would work fine for a Wrangler I'd think, and is a good idea for any rig pulling a trailer.

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  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Goats sound like fun - there are people around here who have milk goats, but no angoras. Alpacas are more popular around here - do you think they would be harder to haul than goats if you have a light trailer? Would trailer brakes make a difference, since your problem is the wheelbase, not weight? I've never hauled a trailer without trailer brakes so I don't know. I understand Alpacas are easy and fun to care for, and I wouldn't mind learning how to spin yarn.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    What is UT or tu orange?
  • Texas has two unversities that have a bit of a rivalry. You have Texas A&M and the University of Texas (UT). A true Aggie from A&M does not say UT, but instead says TU. University of Texas sounds like they are the official school of the state and that just isn't so if you went to A&M (as explained to me by a UT/TU graduate). I did not attend either school.

    UT or TU has burnt orange as their color and I am not a UT/TU fan.

    If there is more to this, I can not say.
  • Good job on explaining the UT/tu thing.

    By the way, I have seen a couple of Amber Fire Wranglers, they look pretty good.
  • As a Texan, I can tell you that this rivalvy goes way back. UT is known as the Longhorns (lost to CU Boulder this year in football) and A&M is known as the Aggies (short for Agricultural) and jokes abound about the Aggies being "dumb." But despite the fun stuff, the rivalry is deadly serious.

    In fact, at one recent football game, the Aggies were throwing fireworks at the Longhorns. It escalated. The Longhorns lit them and threw them back! :)

  • I was thinking University of Tennessee oranage.....I guess it is a brighter orange color though.
  • Tomster,

    Just to satisfy your overwhelming urge for posts of new or potential Jeep owners, I thought I'd post this one for you. :) I still haven't decided whether or not to go for the White Sahara, I need to try and find out who the original owner and find out if there is anything wrong with it if they traded it in. I also saw a Black Sahara at another dealership but it isn't an's a stick and I'm not sure I want that. It's been at least 12 years since I snuck my brother's 68 Camaro out for a joy ride. I didn't grind the gears, but I didn't find them all either ;) Oh well, if I must wait a while longer to find my baby :).

    Nice color. I like the Sienna color the most, but I also favor the Dark Blue, the Green, the Black and believe it or not I actually like the White now.

    Well it's late so I'd better go.

    Hug your Jeeps for me ;-)

  • huck7huck7 Posts: 16
    I finally saw a "live" amber fire and agree that it is a more bronze than orange tint. In-fact, it fits in real nicely here in Norther AZ, reminding me of the red hues of Sadona. It is pretty mellow and not likely to draw a lot of attention, but then again, it may hide our dust well yet still show off mud.

    Thanks for all of the responses and pics.
  • huck7huck7 Posts: 16
    Thanks tsjay, I am going to give our one local dealer a shot before actually checking the out-of-towners. The bad news is that I have to go @ 140 miles for the nearest dealers out-of-town. But the good news, there are several to choose from once I make the drive, so I may try the fax-attack and see how that goes. Still, I am curious to the carsDirect option and may pursue that one first and see how it goes.
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    I saw quite a bit of that color a year ago at the Fiesta Bowl, when the Ducks beat Texas...of course, my Jeep is "Oregon green."

    Go Ducks!
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    Don't forget Syracuse Orangemen!!

    I would think rust color would be more popular for its ability to hide .... rust!
  • Thanks to all for the input on the color. I have yet to see a Jeep in that color, but I keep hoping. A dealer has one that is about 40 miles away so one day soon I will drive out that way.

    Amber Fire it is.
  • I looked into alpacas a while back, but they are a bit pricey for me. I would really want to take a good look at the market before I put any money into them.

    I would not think you would have a problem pulling alpacas since they do not weigh that much. I would think that you could pull a couple of them with your Jeep and a light trailer since you have a 2000 pound towing capacity.

    Before I would invest in alpacas I would have to do some serious dog and coyote proofing. They seem pretty helpless and they are to expensive to be coyote bait. Decent fencing, a sturdy building, good lighting and a couple of LSG dogs would be a must for where we have our property in Oklahoma. It would not be a bad idea for where we are in Texas also.

    A couple of different subjects now.

    What did you decide on doing for your icey road problem?

    When I had my CJ I did not have a back seat. I cut several thick cushions to cover the entire back area and then covered it with a large piece of astro turf. I also found astro turf door mats that I used in the front along with carpet remnants. When things got really nasty, I tossed out the remants and hosed off the astro turf. I'm sure the catalogs carry something better than that set up now days, but back then who knows.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I like your idea of the astro turf. I'll look into it - I wonder if it comes in anything but green - I have a black Wrangler (not one of my better ideas for the heat, but it really looks good!).

    I haven't done anything about the icy roads - they happen so rarely, I guess I'll just be careful. They don't stop 4x4s from driving on snowy roads when they require 2 wheel drives to chain up around here, so unless anyone has a different solution, I'll pray a bunch when it gets that bad, and hope that someone comes up with a better idea. At least the CHP was so busy trying to get the freeway open and control the speed of the traffic, and keeping the back road closed, so they didn't put up a chain point on the road into Frazier Park. I really don't want to change tire sizes just so that I can put chains on once every 3 years...

    One of the bigger Alpaca farms here has Llamas as guard animals. I wasn't thinking of the Alpaca particularly as a commercial project, but rather as a fun pet that could provide me a source of yarn for my own use. While it probably sounds out of character, this outdoorsy gal likes to knit.
  • davidb72davidb72 Posts: 174
    Good choice on the color, I rarely see another Jeep the same color as mine... (Amber Fire)
  • Does anyone use one of those portable pressure washers on wheels and underside for cleaning mud and debris?

    I'm debating on getting one from Walmart. They have several differnet kinds. I'd like an electric one because of cost, noise, and convinence. But the psi numbers are only 950. The gasoline ones range from 1100 to 1600 and cost a whole lot more.

    Does anyone have experience with this? I hear highpressure can cut lines and cause paint or undercoat to be removed.

    thanks, five'er
  • As a UT graduate I have never purchased a burnt orange vehicle. We just buy what we think will look the best for the longest (which is hardly ever burnt orange). When getting the Jeep I was set on red from the beginning.

    I must admit that the aggies have a good school (almost as hard to get in as UT), but they are very easy to make fun of. They show an unbearable amount of school spirit and say "howdy" to each other on campus. I recently had to get the Wrangler worked on because somebody hit it from behind. When I got it back I joked that an aggie must have fixed it because the UT lic plate frame was thrown out and the tail light was installed upside down.
  • bamatazzbamatazz Posts: 311
    Anyone heard of a Special Edition
    2002 1/2 wrangler sport called the AMEX?
    its the X model with Chrome wheels & new interior.. With graphics on the hood..
    looks pretty good.. but has the SE tires..
    Dealers are taking orders for it now.
    They will be taking orders for the rubicon in July. My local dealer said PROBABLY the rubicon will start off at 28,500

    Keep Jeepin
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    That might be the Apex. Details from elsewhere on the net below.

    "February 6, 2002

    Jeep® Wrangler Goes to New Heights with 'Apex' Special Edition

    Auburn Hills, Mich. -- The Jeep® brand goes to new heights to create a limited edition Jeep Wrangler package, catching the eye of those who seek to be different. A new "Apex Special Edition" of the original Jeep that delivers unmatched open-air fun and freedom with the ability to go anywhere, do anything will be available in dealerships later this month and on display at the Chicago Auto Show opening this week.

    "The Jeep Wrangler offers a lot of fun to a very diverse group of customers," said Tom Marinelli, Vice President, Chrysler/Jeep Global Brand Center, DaimlerChrysler Corporation. "The Apex Special Edition adds a fresh new look to the successful Jeep Wrangler X model with an eye catching exterior and unique features that will set it apart and capture the intrigue of those who seek to be a bit different."

    A unique strobe hood graphic and chromed steel wheels set off the limited edition Jeep Wrangler Apex. Offered in new Bright Silver Metallic, as well as Patriot Blue and Black, this new model features Cognac Ultra-Hide seats and a free stereo/CD combination with seven speakers. The seven speaker system includes two instrument panel tweeters, two dashboard speakers, two overhead Sport Bar speakers and a center console subwoofer.

    Starting at just $20,285 including destination, the Jeep Wrangler Apex is based on the successful Wrangler X model. New for the 2002 model year, Jeep Wrangler X model expanded the scope of Wrangler, attracting a younger buyer in search of affordability as well as power in the 4.0-liter engine. Jeep Wrangler Apex, like the Wrangler X model, features the powerful 4.0-liter engine with 190 horsepower and 235 lb.-ft. of torque with a standard manual transmission."
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    Where did you see this information?

    I don't see it anywhere on Jeep's web site. Any pictures or cites to back up these claims?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910 you think I made it up?

    I don't seem to remember saying it came from Jeep's website; and yes, I can quote the origination. I was forwarding information from elsewhere as I clearly stated, not making claims that need backing up.

    If you are unable to locate a two day old press release using the internet, then I would suggest that your net-skills could do with some improvement (along with your manners).

    To anyone else who cares where the PR came from, just ask....... but with a little more tact than Mr/Ms anonymous02 if possible...... and I will be happy to quote the URL.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    What is this, some sort of net snobbery?
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