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Ford Expedition



  • The situation you mentioned is true. It is true of older Explorers also (not sure about newer ones). The vehicle can be aligned as sanandton mentioned. If the vehicle is chewing up tires, they will often put the kit on - this usually happens during the warranty period so it isn't a big deal. If you haven't been blowing through tires or chewing them up, then you don't need to spend the $290 bucks. The garage is taking you for a ride you don't need to go on. The other place you will find the kit is on vehicles that have been in accidents becuase it is much harder to get them trued up after a front end hit.
  • I have to laugh at the attention and scrutiny the media continues to give Ford SUVs. For example, the same week that CNN made headline news of the investigation into Expedition stabilizer bar links, there were 9 other investigations, including one on Toyota, two on BMW, and one on Mercedes-Benz. All 4 had larger defect rates than the Expedition investigation.

    For a more balanced view on things, check out this story from Automotive News on the BMW X5...and have a look around the Automotive News website...


    BMW sport-ute recalled 3 more times

    September 10, 2001

    By Harry Stoffer


    The Ford Escape took a beating for having five safety recalls in the first few months after its introduction. Now the BMW X5 is up to nine.

    To read more about this topic go to

    For news headlines throughout the business day, go to:


  • jjmd1jjmd1 Posts: 14
    I recently got into an accident. Took the car into the shop. I also needed to have the side view mirror motor replaced, the front passenger side window motor replaced, the check engine light replaced, and the fuel filter replaced. The dealership (different from one in which I bought the car from) todl me that it was th original fuel filter and brake pads still on the car. I purchased the car with 33,000 miles and I now have 48,000 miles. I love the car but cannot keep up with the repairs. In addition, I have alos had the four wheel drive replaced, the alternator replaced, and I cannot get the dealership to replace my tires (it has been over four months). If Ford is going to replace all of these tires, they should have had a much better distribution plan. I have had nothing but headaches with the dealer, they are basically useless. Now, I have seen that the resale value has fallen so quickly. I now realize that I am stuck with this lemon.
  • Today is Sept. 26th, 2001. I am looking at the exp2001 with the 4.6 versus 5.4 engine. I live in a flat area, no snow, and will do some very light towing 1,000 lbs. max only on occassion. Test drove both, I found the large 5.4 to be very nosiy. Also in 2001 on the 5.4 engine the intake manifold is made of plastic. The 4.6 is still metal. Also does tthe 17' tires mad ethe ride more loose versus the 16" ones. I know they add an inch to height? People with the 4.6 are you satsified with the performance and gas mileage?
  • Doies getting the 17" tires made the handling more sloppy?
  • Anyione had any problems with teh air load leveling on the xlt regular 4x2?
  • jjmd - your car is not a lemon becuase you bought it at 33k and it has the original brake pads and fuel filter after 48k. You wouldn't expect to have those replaced at 33k, so if they haven't been in the last 15k miles, that would be your fault, not Ford's. It is also not a lemon because you got into an accident. You are so vague with the details of what you describe as problems it really is hard to address everything you've spoken of. What does "replaced the 4wd mean"?

    lesser - 17" tires raise the height (all other things equal) by 1/2" not 1".
  • Looking to purchase an Expedition in the next few days. Have picked out a 2002 EB with Rear Ent. System, Heated seats, Prem. Package (moon roof +), and skid package. Leather captains chairs in first and second rows. On the invoice MSRP is 44,970 minus various discounts of 2,955 for a revised MSRP of 42,015. The X Plan price is 36,700. I believe there is another $1000 rebate bringing our price to 35,700. With the discounts for some options I believe dealer invoice is approximately 36,500. Can we do better negotiating on our own, or is this a good price? How much will the dealer negotiate on a 2002 when many of the lots here in Minneapolis don't even have the 2002 in yet?
    Thanks in advance for any and all input.
  • eran1eran1 Posts: 17
    no problems here. 98 5.4L w/ towing pkg. when we load it down w/ folks and cargo, however, it rises up too much, imo. what kind of probs are you having?
  • ejzejz Posts: 18
    I bought our 2001 EB 4X4 with the same equipment as yours with heated front seats instead of the skid package. Through the X-Plan after the $1500 rebate which they had at the time final price was around $35,100. The absolutely no hassel aspect of this approach made me not want to buy a car any other way in the future. Down side is they will not give you much for a trade in (wholesale at best). I don't see how you could do better negotiating but I might be wrong. Remember that the advertising fee disappears when you use the X Plan.
  • Have this great 2001 5.4L expo XLT with 6000 miles on it and its beginning to get broken in finally. Last two tanks of gas with in town driving averaged over 13.5 to 13.8 mpg. I don't know if it will ever get any better in town but it ought to average 17 to 18mpg on the road. Always seem to have a car load going somewhere so how does that count on mpg. It will hold 9 people as long as two of them are little ones in the back. Thats a lot of people. Maybe this vehicle was made to be a people hauling machine. Really love the 5.4L engine what a torque r. No problems yet. I really don't hear a lot of complaints about the expedition.
  • smwls8smwls8 Posts: 103
    Anyone have details on 03 Expedition/Navigator?
    Is is going to be a major overhaul or just a minor makeover?

  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    When the lease was up I decided to try a top of the line Toyota Sienna (their minivan for those of you who don't keep up). I don't tow or drive off road and basically need the space for my work. On paper it seemed like a good idea. While I hated the gas milage in the EXP(I consistently got 12-13mpg city), I loved the vehicle. The Sienna certainly gets better mpg. I get mid 17 city.....but, I have to use premium fuel, 10-15% more $ dollar for dollar it's more like mid 15mpg. I drive something under 800 to 1000 miles a month. Do the math. I'm saving $18 to $22 a month.
    My 98 Ford listed for $33.5k. My 01 Sienna listed for $33.7k (yes, Toyota is proud of their vehicles). I've had no problems with the Toyota in the year I've owned it. I had no problems with the EXP (other than an goofy rear wiper)in the 2 years I drove it. My Ford was bigger, stronger, more luxurious, and well worth an extra 20 bucks a month.
  • woohahwoohah Posts: 14
    I am looking at used Expedition and I am wondering if there are any reoccuring problems with them at all.
  • jim250jim250 Posts: 23
    We recently turned in our leased '98 Eddie Bauer Expedition 5.7 liter with 45K miles on it. The only problem we had was the front brake rotors had to be replaced due to uneven braking just before coming to a stop. Apparently they couldn't just machine the rotors smooth, but had to replace them. This was done under warranty. I did notice a similar problem beginning to creep up again just before turning in the car. Also, it was starting to get a few rattles. But overall, we both loved the car and thought it drove quite easily. We loved the feeling of security its bulk provided. The steering was light, so it was easy to maneuver in parking lots, etc. despite the car's size. It felt quite capable and comfortable. The air suspension smoothed out the bumps very well, and the spacious interior was great for hauling a crowd. In snowy weather we could leave it set to "Auto 4x4" so that the 4x4 would kick in just as needed. It did great on slippery roads.
    When we returned the car to the original Ford dealer where we got it, they told us we were fortunate to have leased it rather than to have bought it as we saved about $11K that way. Apparently that model depreciated at a much faster rate than even the lease company had figured on at the start of the lease. Rather than us, the lease company got stuck holding the bag for the excess depreciation.
    Friends had a '97 Expedition XLT with the smaller V8 engine, and reported multiple annoying problems with it. They were glad to get rid of that car. Our experience was just the opposite, and we will miss that '98 EB we had (since replaced with a purchased '01 AWD Lexus RX300 -- smaller, but with better mpg).
  • You mean the 5.4. The Expedition did not come with a 5.7.

    Anyways, I have been a proud owner of a 1997 Ford Expedition for the last few years. I love this truck and have never had any problems. It has 92K miles and runs like new. If you are looking for a truck the Expedition is a womderful choice. I have had many vehicles before, but I find that the Expedition has been my favorite. I love the fact that the Expedition has a huge aftermarket and is very easy to mod. I have the one with the 4.6 and find that it does make enough power. I got mine in Black with every possible option. When you go to make a purchase take a look through several of the Expeditions. If you want a great ride then make sure that you have the one with the air suspension. Also it is great for towing. Make sure you get a dual AC because if you ever have passengers in the back you will need it. Also, if you need more power make sure you get the K&N air intake because it really helps. Trust me if you get this truck you will love it.

    -1998 F150 FLARESIDE-BLACK
  • jim250jim250 Posts: 23
    gasguzzler007, Yes, now that you mentioned it I think you are right, our Expedition had a 5.4 liter engine, not 5.7. It said that on top of an air duct at the top of the engine. Thanks.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    ....between an Expedition and a Tahoe. I had a 96 Tahoe and a 98 Expedition. A year ago I traded out of the EXP into a Toyota minivan. Seemed like a good idea at the time....but, I'm now sorry I didn't do another SUV. Ready, soon, to bite the bullet and lose the Toyota. I had very little trouble with either SUV. The Tahoe developed a drive-train quirk Chevy finally said I'd just have to live with (nothing too serious but it drove me crazy). I loved everything about the EXP except the terrible MPG. I had the 5.4 and got on occasion under 10 city but mostly 11-12 and 15-16 highway. The Chevy always got 14+ city and 18-20 on the road....and that with a more horsepower. I suppose it's just an intellectual exercise. I'm probably talking 15 bucks a month difference; but, my head tells me 11mpg is unacceptable and 13-14 is poor but passing.
    Best I can tell, the Tahoe has better gas milage with added HP, a better ride (and I prefer a softer ride), and more compact dimensions (suits me fine). The Expedition has a superior interior, better fit and finish, and good reliability (according to Consumer Reports). What I'd really like is an EXP with the 5.4 that could do better than a sorry 11mpg around I'm dreaming.
  • ejzejz Posts: 18
    I know what you mean. We love our Expedition, but something just eats at you on the inside to get such poor fuel economy. I am seeing exactly the numbers you referred to on our 2001. This is the first vehicle I have had that did not beat the EPA mileage numbers on the sticker. However it is my wifes car and she drove me to work the other day. I now understand a little of the poor mileage. She is used to driving higher performance sedans and has a little bit of a heavy foot. We now have 7500 miles on ours and we are taking it on a 700 mile trip this weekend when we should be able to run without the A/C on. Will see how well we can do for fuel economy and will report next week.
  • I wish the Expedition did come with a 5.7. Like the wise man said there is no replacement for displacement.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I got summer/winter/spring/fall the same sorry milage..... with/without the air, conservative or lead-foot driving....same, same. I never found it short on power (as many reviewers claim) and prefered the OHV engine to Chevy's high-holy-of-all-engines everyone loves to love. The Chevy always felt out of breath at highway speeds and that darn Ford 5.4 seemed to get better the faster it I loved that big old giant vehicle, gas milage not considered.
  • jim250jim250 Posts: 23
    I agree with #533 about the Expedition engine... one could drive it fast and it always seemed like it could easily go even faster. The RPM's were relatively low for any given MPH, lower than for most other cars I have driven. The 5.4 engine usually seemed to be loafing along easily.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I deleted my ad for tonight's chat (hi again,gaz), and messed up the message count. But it's ok to agree with yourself :-)

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  • So hows life? Thanks for messing up the post count. I knew we could count on you.LOL Now I know why you guys say not to refer to other posts by numbers.(read that somewhere)LOL

    Anyways,I think that my next Expedition is going to be a 5.4 with a nice kenny bell blower. That would put me into the 300HP range.
  • ejzejz Posts: 18
    Just returned from a 700 mile trip. On the way to our destination got about 15.5 MPG at 70-75 miles per hour going into about a 20 mile per hour head wind with the A/C on. On the return trip got 16 MPG at the same speeds with no wind and A/C off most of the trip. Power, handling and engine response were very good while driving around in Dallas traffic.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Just returned from a 1400 mile trip (four day) in a friend's 2001 Tahoe and wanted to offer some comparisons with our 2001 Expedition.

    1) As most of you know, the Tahoe is six inches shorter than the Expy. It seems this six inches was removed from the interior legroom. The Expy has significantly more legroom, both front and back. The Tahoe was REALLY uncomfortable for me, and I'm only six feet tall!

    2) The Tahoe has a slightly smoother ride around town. On the highway, they're about equal.

    3) The Tahoe has a lower step-in height, but also smaller approach and departure angles.

    4) The Tahoe is noisier on the highway. Wind, road and engine noise were all louder than the Expy.

    5) The Tahoe's seat belts are anchored on the outboard sides of the front seats, rather than on the "B" pillar. Sorry, this is REALLY uncomfortable. Maybe its better if you're short.

    6) Gas mileage was about equal, 16-17 mpg on the highway with four people on board, and cruising above 70 mph the whole trip.

    7) Although almost as well-equipped as our Expy, the tahoe does not have a "memory" that remembers the seat and mirror settings for two different. Each driver has to manually adjust all settings when drivers were switched.

    8) The Tahoe's seats have better lateral support, but the lower cushion seemed shorter than the Expy's, and therefore didn't seem as comfortable on the long trip.

    All in all, I prefer the Expy. Duh, maybe that's why I bought it in the first place. BTW- I test drove a Tahoe before buying the Expy and didn't notice some of these shortcomings. These are things you only notice after living with the two vehicles for some time.
  • gjp1gjp1 Posts: 2
    I have a 1998 EB 4x4 with the 5.4 liter and am in need of new shocks. Can anyone reccomend new shocks that will maintain the great ride by elliminate most of the bouncing and side to side motions when you go over bumps. I would also like to firm the ride up a little. Thanks for the help.
  • Edlebrock IAS shocks are awesome for just what you describe. I haven't put them on my Expedition yet, but had them on an Explorer and a Wrangler. They run around 70 bucks each, so they are not cheap, but well worth it.
  • I have been reading this board for over a year since I am interested in replacing a 1989 ACURA with a new Ford Expedition. I put off purchasing the 2001 Expedition model hoping the 2003 model would be released this year. Blue Oval News listed some post/articles saying the 2003 introduction has been delayed from August to November of 2001 and then delayed to 2002. Does anyone know when in 2002 the 2003 Expedition model will be release?
  • dgraves1dgraves1 Posts: 414
    Is there an Expedition club with an online message board? There seems to be one for every other car I have researched but I haven't been able to find one for the Expedition.
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