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Ford Expedition



  • wesyangwesyang Posts: 32
    Does new 2002 Expedition have this already?
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    fsmasek & wesyang: Don't hold your breath!

    Given that the Expedition is based on a MUCH heavier, more robust vehicle than the Explorer, I seriously doubt Ford will switch to an independent rear suspension at this time (2002 and the next 5 years). There hasn't been even a hint in the press. Maybe the next generation down the road.

    However, it is a change I would really like to see.
  • etjlaetjla Posts: 3
    I was looking through a magazine that had an article about the 2003 Expedition. The platform will deviate from the F-150 platform it now has with independent rear suspension along with a fold flat 3rd row seat.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Sorry, I was mis-informed.

    I received the September issue of Automobile Magazine yesterday, and found that AM also believes/expects the 2003 Expy will have an independent rear suspension, allowing the 3rd seat to fold flat. They also had a spy photo of the grill/bumper. It looks like a new Explorer on steroids. HUGE headlights, with multiple reflectors (separate high & low beams?). The bumper was painted body color (no chrome).

    The independent rear suspension places the Expy (& Nav) far ahead of the competition. Even Toyota's new Sequoia has a solid rear axle.

    If only Ford can get the product launch correct. The new Explorer was a major embarassment. I may go look after the Expy has 2-3 years on the market to work out the bugs.
  • blv1018blv1018 Posts: 2
    With 63000 miles, I attributed age to the driver's side window motor conking out. Total charge was $100 (my deductible under the extended warranty) - no charge to fix the regulator they screwed up replacing the window motor.
    Although I never had a problem with the '97's front or back washer fluid, it was fixed under a recall sometime in late '97 or early '98.
    I'm betting the '98s should have had a recall also.
    Good luck!
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    Resale is a mostly a function of price for new Expeditions. As the new ones go down, so does the resale for older ones. Justified or not, Ford is taking a hit for the tire business, and next year they have an all new Expedition. It all adds up to lower new-car $ which means lower resale. It's a terrific time to buy one and a terrible time to sell.
  • eran1eran1 Posts: 17
    1998 expy too: with the wipers/washer the entire stalk (turn indicator,high/low beams, wipers, etc.) needs to be replaced. there is a TSB out on this. our problem was even worse...the wipers selectively worked!!! heavy rain or not. we could only get the wipers to function by depressing the mist button. by the way, we've just given up on getting the rear wiper fixed: if something's back there (hope it's never a person) i'll just have to ram in to it. now that my 100k wrrty has expired i'm SURE the dealer can find the problem now.
  • I took our '98 Expy to our local mechanic for service at 48k (trans service, oil change, coolant etc.) and thought that a tune up might be called for. The shop tech said it shouldn't need it and to do it requires pulling off quite a bit off the engine to get to the plugs etc. He said it is more expensive and we left it at that. But it is something I won't be going to FORD for. I'm curious though, what are the tune up rates for the 5.4?
  • ken131ken131 Posts: 20
    I notice that my 2001 EB Expedition makes a "pinging" sound in the engine when I accelerate. (Sort of like a metallic fluttering sound). It's not very loud, and I can only really hear it when the radio is off. I have been using the 87 Octane, per the owner's manual. I was going to try a higher grade, but the manual says that "premium" gas may make the knocking situation worse. Anyone else had this problem? What grade gas would you recommend?

    Also, I get sort of a "rubbing sound" from the steering wheel column when I make sharp turns to the right (backing up, for example). The dealer lubricated the wheel and said that it should disappear, but it has not. Anyone else have a similar issue? It happens ONLY when the steering wheel is turned to the right.

    Finally, I haven't gotten any answers yet from the dealer on the reverse sensing system problem (i.e., going off when nothing is behind the vehicle) yet, but I'll keep you posted. Anyone got any more info on that problem?

    thanks for any input
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    We have used 85 octane in our 2001 EB since new (January) without any pinging. I try to use Conoco if available, but usually go with the cheapest gas I can find, given the poor mileage we get.
  • divergdiverg Posts: 7
    Well, my lease finally ran out on a different suv. Fortunately, my wife said she wants cloth seats so that'll save some cash. I am thinking about the entertainment system, anyone have one? Also, anyone recently lease a 2001 or a 2002 with 0 down? I'd like to get a ballpark lease payment - one that someone else already haggled for ;) Thanks!
  • fordxpyfordxpy Posts: 3
    I am considering buying a 2001 EB Expedition. The one I’m considering has some options that I really don’t need, but the price seems very good. Any idea what the average above invoice is that they are quoting these days?

    Also, I’m curious to see if anyone has had any issues with the options. The one I’m most curious about is the Four Corner Load Leveling Suspension. I can’t find any information on it anywhere except that it is pneumatic. I tend to drive my vehicles forever and this has the potential to be something that would go out within five years, probably meaning a nice charge from the local Ford dealership.

    I may have the dealer install a moonroof (can’t find one w/ bench seat in the back). Two dealers have told me “we do it all the time and have had no problem”. I’m sure they would not mislead me……Does anyone have any info on aftermarket moonroofs?

    Finally, any quality issues w/ the entertainment center?

    Thanks in advance
  • worldii2worldii2 Posts: 27
    In response to #463, the moonroof is a $800.00 discount option in some regions of the country.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    Let me start by saying I neither like or dislike the Expedition/Navigator. I am also not very knowldegeable on the options offered on these SUV's. I'm writing this post for those who may be curious of what I've seen and learned of for the next model year. You all may know some of this, but let me continue..
    Living in Los Angeles, I often see various camouflaged vehicles being tested either in the 100+ degrees heat of the San Fernando Valley or on the twisted turns of Mulholland and various canyon roads.
    Today I saw one Expedition and one Navigator heavily camouflaged (mostly the front and rear of each SUV was well hidden); the Expedition was painted black and the Navigator was white. From the exterior, I saw 19" wheels, new rims (at least they looked fresh to me) and the fender wells were of a more 'muscular' nature. The Navigator had its headlights on and they were HID (these were not DRL for they were too bright). In addition, the taillights were LED (like the Cadillac DTS) and for the Nav, there were three small round third brake lights atop the rear window.
    From what I could see in the Navigator's interior (I was in a Suburban 2500), there was a navigation system in addition to all the test equipment being used. At the stop light I asked the driver what size engine was under the hood, and he replied "I can't tell you but think Bo Derek". I assume he meant a 10 cylinder (is a 10 currently offered???).
    Sorry ya'll but that's all I was able to find out. As to whether some of these items are newsworthy or not, I don't know. I thought I'd perform my duities as an Edmund's web site reader and let ya'll know what I've found out of these SUVs. For that matter, I don't even know whether these changes will see their way into the showroom (if they haven't already).
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Well, Ford does have a V10 engine, so it's certainly possible :-). Thanks for the spy report!

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  • vendovendo Posts: 4
  • bornzobornzo Posts: 19
    I have a 2001 XLT 4.6 engine w/4300 miles. I also have the low hum sound. A friend of mine who is a mechanic took a look and stated the sound is the trans fluid being pumped into the trans, the hum is not constant it comes and goes. The hum is very faint and other than that my Expy has been wonderful. I hope this helps.
  • vendovendo Posts: 4
    I went and talked to a Ford Certified Master Mechanic he verified the same thing your Mechanic did. Mine also comes and goes and is fairly faint. This makes me feel better.. Thanks
  • bkkatzbkkatz Posts: 18 really should consider buying rather than leasing....(1) its the end of the model year and the residuals are awful on the lease deals...and (2) Ford is running all kind of financing specials...I bought a 2K1 XLT Sport on 8-4-01 and got 1.9 for 60 mo...since then I have seen on TV that Ford is now offering 0% for 60 long as you can use Ford's $$$ for free you might as well buy it...even if you decide to trade in 2 years every payment you've made will have gone to the principal which means you will have some equity in the truck.

    Just a thought....
  • bymkbymk Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Expedition. Since day 1 I have had a bad shimmy. I have had it in for repair enough over the year to qualify for the Lemon Law. I test drove a 2002 Expedition today and it had the shimmy also. Am I the only one or do others feel this??????Please help me!!!!
  • jrmiljrmil Posts: 1
    Excellent vehicle to 50,000 miles. Since then, now at 52,500:
    1. Rear axle seals leaked--replaced.
    2. Soaked brake pads--replaced.
    3. Soaked emergency brake lining--replaced.
    4. Valve cover or oil pan gasket leaking.
    5. Transfer case wont shift into low range--having checked this week.

    On the other hand, my '97 EB Exp. went went nearly 70,000 miles with no major problems.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    It seems like these JD Power studies come out every month....

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  • We're thinking of buying our first expedition this week or so. The .9 is tempting and I'm a broker and can buy the car at cost.
    However, I'm worried after reading all of these negative posts! Should we get the Honda Odyssey we originally thought of buying? It's really the extra room we're looking for.
    And we also have a question as to whether we need the 5.4 or not. We got the bigger 3.8 on our Windstar and were always glad we did. Even though we're not going to tow anything more then an ocassional rented tent trailer, and then just to the beach and back, is the 5.4 a better engine? Is bigger better as far as the 4.6 taxing the engine and having to work too hard? Please folks, I buy cars for my clients all the time, but this one is for me! Write quick!
  • For anyone's interest.

    We have reached a deal on a 3yr 45K lease of
    an 2001 Expedition. (519+/mo)
    List was 37000, XLT 4x4, 5.4L, comfort, tow, LSD
    Selling price 32461 (X plan)
    330 to extend 3yr warranty with rental to full 45K
    total 32791.
    Residual 43% (15910)
    Rate 5.5%
    2500 lease cash
    500 lease to lease
    3000 total cap reduction
    out of pocket
    180 mich tax on cap reduction
    19 transfer fee
    519 first payment
    total out of pocket 718
    less 450 security deposit from prior lease
    cash paid 268
    35 monthly payments of 519.

    previous lease was only 425/mo
    but then the residual on a new 1999
    was ~65% at that time.
    buyout was a ridiculous 23K
  • ejzejz Posts: 18
    This is a hard question. I will tell you how we feel about ours. We have had our 2001 EB 4X4 for 3 1/2 months and 6000 miles. So far we could not be happier. Had a couple small items taken care of, and had the seat belt recall (actually before it was a recall). This is my wife's car and she absolutely loves it. The 5.4 is standard in the EB 4X4, haven't driven one with the 4.6. It certainly has plenty of power and performs very well. On the down side it consumes considerable quantities of gasoline (10 - 12 MPG around town). Not really that big a deal at 1.10 /gal. but at 1.70 Ouch! I do know if someone runs a red light and hits my wife and son in the Expedition, they are quite likely to walk away even if the other person is driving a Suburban.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Don't forget the Expedition is a truck. The Odyssey is a car-based minivan. Two totally different vehicles. If you don't intend to ever use the Expy's truck-based capabilities, why would you want to suffer with the truck-like ride and the poor gas mileage?

    We have owner our 2001 EB for eight months and have about 8000 miles on it. Not a single problem so far. We live in Colorado, where the 4x4 system is needed in the winter, and we go 4-wheeling in the summer. Other than those two items, we could have been happy with a minivan. We have owned a minivan before and found it adequate for most of the year, except those freak blizzards. There is something to say for the safety of the Expy due to its size and weight.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    the 4.6 has an EPA 16/21 (very respectable for such a big vehicle)compared to 13/18 for the 5.4. That is quit a bit of difference for the extra 28HP. I had a '98 Expedition with the 5.4 which I think at the time was 240hp. Seemed perfectly fine to me and the new 4.6 has 232HP. Now I'm thinking 8HP difference. I really loved the '98 and the only thing I hated about it was the 11.5 mpg around town. I know it's all in my head and it's probably just 20 bucks a month difference, but I guess I want my cake and eat it too. If I don't tow and rarely haul many passengers, will I be sorry if I opt for the smaller V8? On paper it seems like a perfectly intelligent decision, but all I read is "get the big motor!"
  • I am a fairly throttle happy driver, and ask a lot of my vehicles. The 4.6 is way to anemic for my tastes. I would like a little shot of extra power in the 5.4, but then again, it's how I drive. Nothing wrong with a 5000# truck taking someone at a stop light in my opinion. If you are content to wait for a vehicle to get up to speed, and feel like it is struggling occasionally, then by all means get the 4.6. I do not know what most people on the resale side look for, but I would guess the 5.4 is on a lot of lists. You can always drive a stronger vehicle modestly, but it very hard to drive a modest vehicle strongly.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    thank you for the quick response and I know you are right..............I hate a car that won't get outta the
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    especially his comment on resale value. You may take a bigger depreciation hit in a few years with the 4.6 if used buyers want the 5.4 for the same capabilities you aren't particularly interested in (hauling, towing, etc.).

    There may also be an engine preference depending on where you live. For example, here in Colorado, where EVERYTHING is at a high-altitude, very few people opt for smaller engines in their vehicles. No one wants a car (or truck) that can't get out of its own way, especially when climbing the rockies.
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