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Ford Expedition



  • cappy1cappy1 Posts: 3

    If your message was in reply to me (message #358), I still have the ability to obtain a warranty even though the vehicle has 39,000 miles. The dealer from whom I purchased the vehicle offered a warranty despite the fact that the factory warranty expired. I got a price over the internet for the warranty which was substantially lower. Any issues with using internet warranties?
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    I would never personally buy a salvage vehicle. Sure it looks great, but how will you ever know about the ability of the vehicle to perform in another crash? 48 hours or one of those shows did a piece on slavage cars, and how shoddily the chassis and frame repairs are. It focused on one family that was suing becuase their teenage son was killed because the integrity of the crumple zones on his salvaged car was compromised in the first accident, and never repaired. There is a reason there are salvage titles - it is the reasonable persons way of saying this car cannot be economically fixed properly. I think it is a foolish gamble with little upside.
  • jmincherjmincher Posts: 65
    Sorry cappy but I wasn't commenting on your situation. However I would check with the place that your most likely to have the vehicle serviced and see if they accept the warranty and if they have any comments. If you would rather use their warranty you might try and bring in the Internet quote and see how close they can get to it. Just an thought.

    alwaysford, thanks for you opinion. I never thought about the vehicle in a second crash situation.

    My biggest concern was resell value and how hard it would be to get rid of. As many times as I trade vehicles it might not be worth it.

    Thanks again.
  • sstaylorsstaylor Posts: 35

    With the glut of off-lease Expys on the market, why consider a salvage? Check Auto Trader or some other on-line service, or start with your local paper. My mother in-law has a salvaged Suburban and, while she got a "good" price, she has to deal with rattles, leaks, and other things way beyond what she would have if had she purchased a used but un-wrecked vehicle.

    As for resale, I suspect that you won't have an easy time of it when someone sees that the title is marked "salvaged". Also, are you planning on trying to finance? I'd check with your bank loan officer first to see what they would be willing to loan you for this vehicle. If your paying cash, there are lots of motivated sellers out there.

    Lastly, go to the NADA or Kelly Blue book sites and run the vehicle through their appraisal programs. Note what they knock off for salvage vehicles.

  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    After the vehicle is repaired it is usually retitled. Salvage does not appear on the new title. Some states have laws against this, and the salvage moniker will stay with it, but they are the exceptions. I only know that through the 48 hours report on the subject - it is one of those gray areas that the people who deal in this type of business know where it is easiest to get cars retitled and have the salvage disssappear.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Within the last year or so, Colorado passed a law forbidding the re-titling of salvaged vehicles. Not surprisingly, a lot of ads for badly wrecked vehicles diaappeared shortly thereafter from the "used car picture books" available at 7-11.

    jmincher: If I were you, I would run, don't walk, away from this potential junk pile that you could wind up stuck with. This is surely one case where a low price DOES NOT equal a good deal.
  • jmincherjmincher Posts: 65
    SST, we have two banks in town that will loan full loan value on any of this guy's vehicle. He has an immaculate reputation and is upfront and honest about everything.

    He will provide a before and after picture if you want and will show a person how much he put into it.

    I did check around on some other used Expedition's and his price isn't that great. Good but not great.

    alwaysford, here in Oklahoma the salvage title is actually orange in background color. A non-salvage title is green. I know a person can get a new title with a little work but I wouldn't dream of doing it.

    I think the guy does do good quality work but I think you have convinced me to look elsewhere. If I am willing to drop $20K on a vehicle I might as well spend $5K more and get one with a better history.

    Thanks for comments and advice.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    years ago I bought an Acura that had a salvage was 1yr old Integra that according to the seller took a minor hit that the owner refused anything less than a total on. (Probably true but probably wise on his part) I paid 10k for it (should have been 14k)....while it was a perfectly ok car, I had fairly consistent mechanical problems that resulted from the orginal damage 'til the day I sold it. Considering the money I spent along the way repairing things that were a result of the orginal wreck, the 30% under wholesale I got when I sold it, I doubt I saved a dime buying a salvage vehicle. You have to save a heck of a lot of money to come out ahead on salvage vehicle.
  • jessmakjessmak Posts: 3

    We bought a salvaged Ranger last year... it was one of the best vehicles we have ever had! However, I don't know if I would have trusted it for a family vehicle.

    We also have a 1998 Ford Expedition that we leased. I must say I absolutely love the truck! It is an excellent family vehicle. However, with gasses the price they are, we are trying to break our lease, it is just too expensive to drive anywhere. Anyway, trading it in, you rarely get what you need, especially for a salvaged title. We also have tried selling it outright... bottom line is that no one wants to deal with buying an expensive vehicle from a private party. That is what we found. I also found that here in Minnesota they take I think it is like 25% off blue book value for salvaged vehicles.

    As a parent, I guess I would walk away from the deal.... even though this guy has a wonderful reputation, you are trusting your family with this vehicle, and for the extra few thousand you can get a vehicle that isn't salvaged and maybe safer in a crash.
  • J.D. Power's own quality survey has just named the 2001 Expedition as the highest quality full-size SUV you can buy. Sequoia came in fifth...lots of issues, which is uncharacteristic for Toyota...but perhaps they bit off too much with this launch into a new product segment. Read the Sequoia Town Hall postings to get a feel for the issues Toyota faithful are dealing with...

    Also, the NHTSA website for crash test results (, indicates that Expedition is the only SUV that has ever received double five star crash ratings. The new Tahoe scored only three stars for the driver. The Sequoia hasn't been rated yet by NHTSA, but the Tundra on which it is based also scored only three stars...the Sequoia being heavier but with a common front frame design could be worse. I don't know why Ford hasn't used this in their advertising, but I have seen it on the window stickers of new Expeditions.
  • bear36bear36 Posts: 10
    I was glad to see the cash results you shared. Being the family car it made me feel better, but a little confused. I was watching 60 minutes or 20/20, something like that, and they reported the the Ford F150 recieved the worst crash rating of all large trucks, overall was 2 stars I think. This was the offset head-on at 40mph. I know the Expy is based on the F250 frame not the F150, but does it make sense that there is that much difference between the 150 and 250? I don't know, just asking if someone out there knows?
  • lbrosslbross Posts: 24
    I received my notice from Ford regarding the replacement of my Wilderness tires (255 / 70R16). I am planning on mounting Michelin Cross Terrains in that almost all of our towing and driving is on-road. Has anyone driven them yet? My local Michelin dealers are telling me that there is a 4-6 week national back order on my size. By the way, according to Michelin, you can go directly to a participating dealer and swap tires at no cost to the customer. This is attractive to me since the Ford dealer said that I would have to accept whatever tires they have in stock - probably Generals or maybe Goodyears. They probably won't get Michelins for months.
  • klkrauseklkrause Posts: 96
    Actually, the Expedition is based on the F150 frame, not the F250. The Excursion is based on the F250 frame.

    I have to admit I was a bit shocked by the poor crash test result for the F150 in the offset test. I would guess the Expedition would not do so well, too, though there could be a big difference with the additional strength from the b, c, and d pillars. At the end of the day, though, the Expedition has EXTREMELY low injury and fatality rates. I think the F150 has pretty low injury and fatality rates, too.
  • ejzejz Posts: 18
    Odometer just turned 1000 miles yesterday. Averaged around 12 MPG with mixed driving, hopefully this will improve a little. Had to take it in for the drivers side seat belt releasing at random times. Looks like a bad catch. Also having them change the oil to flush out any junk that may be there. So far we really like it, just wish it didn't consume such great quantities of gasoline (at least it is the least expensive kind). The rear entertainment system works great. Will realy get to test this out on a 2000 mile round trip next month. I do need to get a 12v-120vAC inverter so we can take the Nintendo64. Ours came with the Goodyear Wrangler RT/S tires and they seem to be pretty good. I have not experienced the vibration referred to in many other posts (yet). Don't know about the rear wiper issue since we have not used it yet. Do wish they had put the radio and climate controls on the steering wheel.

    I was interested in getting a console to go in between the rear bucket seats, anyone had any luck finding a good one for that? I did get a chance to look at the Steel Horse consoles at K-Mart and for $50 they seem really poor quality. Many of the van consoles will probably not work since they are made for a long flat surface, and the area in between the buckets is not exactly flat. Any help would be appreciated.
  • woodfauxwoodfaux Posts: 2
    I read w/interest writer's complaints about gas mileage. Late last year after I had just bought a oo expy someone posted to wait until the engine was broke in around 14,000mi. and keep the speed under 65 and 20mpg could be obtained. Thought this was bs. Last month my expy rolled 14k and on a trip N up I35 to visit our son in wisconsin my wife and I, not being in a hurry, decided to drive 63mph until we got to "Cabelas" in Minn. To my surprise I could only squeese 9.9 gals. Got slightly over 20mph. On a recent fishing trip to Canada we got 21 twice. 65 seems to be the cutoff point. Beginning at 65 gas mileage begins dropping like a stone. My expy is a 4x4 w/5.4eng. Previously, travelling the same route about 12 diff. trips during the winter, we ave. between 12&16mpg. going 70.
    On the topic of tires. My dealer only has Goodyears in stock. Are the Michelins worth waiting for? Seems like those are the ones everyone is asking for.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I've driven both...when I drove the smaller V8 it seemed perfectly fine and quick enough... the larger V8 was certainly stronger, but not so much so the decision is a no-brainer. I understand the 5.4 is 260hp. Depending on where I look the 4.6 is something between 215hp and 240hp (anybody know for sure?) Considering I do not tow, rarely haul more than 4 passengers, and only need the space for work stuff on a once-in-a-while basis, is the larger V8 worth the 2-3mpg difference. I had an early Expedition that had the 5.4. Loved everything about it but the 11-12mpg city milage. That 16/21mpg sticker on the 4.6 is very, very tempting. Will I be sorry?
  • lbrosslbross Posts: 24
    The answer to your question depends on what you will be doing with the truck. I needed to tow a 5000 lb travel trailer along with our gear. The 4.6 wasn't enough engine for my task. The 5.4 has been fantastic for our purposes. I'm seeing between 14.5 and 15.5 mpg in mixed driving. If you won't be pulling anything, then the 4.6 will be fine. Still, an Expy with either engine is no mileage champ. If you need the room and utility of a full-size SUV, then you can't go wrong with the Expy.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    We just completed a round-trip from Denver to Vail last weekend (316 miles), and averaged over 17 mpg (one tank of gas). That's with four major climbs (2x Vail Pass and 2x Eisenhower tunnel) and running at 65+ mph. Our 2001 EB Expy only has 6500 miles on it, but I just switched to synthetic oil (0-30w) in the 5.4L engine. Needless to say, I'm pretty pleased with 17!
  • pwaspwas Posts: 34
    I got a letter for my expedition about replacing the tires (17 inch tires) At first they had the michelins on the list now they don't. They have goodyear wranglers & Bf Goodrich Radial Long Trail T/A on the list. The dealer called and said they have the wranglers in stock and I can come get them installed. I hear that the michelin rides the best. Now which tire ride the best between the goodyear and BF Goodrich. And if i want the michelin what procedure do i have to go thru to get them? I will not be doing any off road driving. Just onroad driving.
  • bornzobornzo Posts: 19
    I replaced my 17 inch AT tires in April 2001, and I bought the Michelins LTX M/S and they are the best. I talked to my local dealer where I purchased my Expy and they stated the Michelins are on their list of replacement tires. I still need to replace my spare that is why I inquired. Maybe check with your local dealer about their list.
  • sjeskesjeske Posts: 1
    Started my vehicle yesterday and heard a whistling sound. The sound continued as I drove the vehicle. I took it by the Ford dealer and they think it maybe the transmission. They checked for service bulletins on this problem and found none. Has anyone else experienced this problem? The vehicle is 15 months old and has only 16,000 miles.
  • brock55brock55 Posts: 2
    I'm looking at purchasing a new expedition. Was looking at the XLT's but the dealer showed a 01 Eddie Bauer that had 6600 miles put own by the dealer. It is a still considered a new car. They would sell it to mefor 34400. Is that sound like a good deal?
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    We paid only about $2K more than that for a loaded 2001 EB back in January. Seems to me that they could do a bit better, like $33K or so. A friend just bought a nicely loaded 2001 XLT with 13K miles on it for $28K.

    BTW- What state do you live in? Hard to believe that 6600 miles still constitutes a "new" truck. Here in Colorado, state law says that once a venicle has over 2000 miles on it, its USED, even if it has never been sold to a consumer.
  • ejzejz Posts: 18
    Just completed a round trip to Texas. Traveled 70 - 75 most of the way and got about 15 MPG for the trip. I have an EB 4X4 with the 5.4 V8. Car now has 1800 miles and seems to be doing fine. Have a small issue with an air leak at high speed in the area of the driver side rear door/window.

    Brock55, About the semi-used Expy; We test drove one similar to what you are describing before buying new. I would be cautious because you don't know how it was broken in. As for the price, seems a little high depending on the options. The 34400 sounds like around dealer (after rebate) cost for a new one but with 6600 miles you should be able to get them a little lower.
  • sstaylorsstaylor Posts: 35

    I am in my second week of my new Expy EB. I got a good deal on a lease, and I am happy :^)

    ...except that Ford went and changed the dipstick on me. My previous Expy, a '98 with the 5.4L, had a cable-type dip stick that was much easier to use. The new truck has a traditional "strap-type" stick. Anyone out there hear anything about why they may have switched?

  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    If you have enough free time to ponder the dipstick, I've got lots of stuff around my house you can come do.
  • klkrauseklkrause Posts: 96
    Without knowing the actual cost differences the only reason I can guess Ford made the change was a cost save.
  • brock55brock55 Posts: 2
    The truck is a 2001 Expy EB 4x4. Options include: 2nd row captains chairs, heated seats,moonroof,side airbags,reverse sensing, and dealer installed remote start.

    Does 34400 still sound good? Just want to see what anyone else has saw.

    Thanks for the help.
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    Hey guys (or gals)
    I'm using a cargo roof carrier for the first time this week. I Have the Expy EB with LLS. I think it raises the car about 1" while in transit. Is there a better position on the roof for mileage or noise. In other words should I put it as far forward as possible, as far back as possible, or somewhere in the middle? Any ideas.
  • tigerstutigerstu Posts: 4
    Is it possible to turn off all interior lights & running board lights when a door is open? This would come in handy when vacuuming or cleaning interior and need doors open. I feel it runs down the battery to have all the interior lights on. Any way this is possible or is it a minimal drain on the battery?
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