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Ford Expedition



  • Well, after owning 5 suburbans, I sprung for a 03 Expedition. I guess I just wanted a change. So far I'm very impressed overall. However, there are a few little things that I suppose I just need to get used to that I find I liked better on the suburban. The tilt wheel opertion on the Expedition takes some getting used to; I still want to pull back on the "high beam" lever to get the "high beam" to stay on (need to push forward). The Expedition seems a little "underpowered" compared to the suburban, but most likely I won't be "drag racing" anyone. I do like the way the Expedition handles and drives. The steering is exactly to my liking and the ride quality and very low noise level is suburb. The brakes have a better "feel" than the suburban. I was looking at an Expedition that had the navigation system installed, but opted not to buy that particular one. The detail on the system just wasn't there, plus, most systems use just one CD whereas the expedition uses several. It seemed pretty user friendly, but will look for an aftermarket system. Over all, I'm so far very impressed. Hope it stays that way. By the way, the dealership had a 03 Excursion that they tried to push on me. The deal was probably the best I've ever seen, and was strongly considering purchasing; until I drove it! Wow! what a TRUCK. The thing had to have constant steering inputs, and was wandering all over the place. Certainly no comparsion to the Expedition, or the suburban! The plus side was that it "stickered" at almost $47M; loaded, including a DVD player. They were knocking off $10M, and almost begged me to take it. No wonder they aren't going to keep manufacturing those things anymore.
  • mardynmardyn Posts: 12
    I completed the purchase of the '03 E/B Expedition this past Saturday and have now driven about 186 miles. Drive is good, power is so-so, quality seems to be excellent so far...and get this... the dealership experience was pretty good too. (Grand Prairie Ford, DFW, TX)

    Here's my one MAJOR [non-permissible content removed], and while this is not Ford related, I just gotta' vent...

    I'm sitting there completing the business transaction on Saturday afternoon, write the check to pay for the thing, they call my bank to verify funds (I'm OK with all of that) and get this... Bank of America will no longer verify a check by phone... only that the account is valid and is active... but absolutely no dollar amount can be verified. I had to stop the transaction, drive over to the branch, and get a cashier's check.

    Bank of America is pitiful when it comes to customer service... and you're right... I'm still pissed.

    but hey, the new vehicle is pretty nice and I think I'll be pleased with everything except for the crummy fuel milage.

    I also heard there is a possibilty of a diesel for the Half/ton Fords (including Expy)in '04. I hope so.

    Thanks for listening (reading)
    David Berry
  • On 11/2/02 I traded in my 01 Escape for a GMC Envoy XL. After driving the Envoy for less than 2300 miles, I got rid of it.(long story see the Envoy messgae board if interested) Yesterday I picked up my new Expedition. We got a hell of a deal and it's pretty much loaded.
    I am happy to be rid of the Envoy and THRILLED to drive the Expedition.
  • Does Ford plan on putting the new 6.0 diesel engine into the Expedition? This would make a great SUV with better MPG and towing. I would like to see this happen since Ford is ending production of the Excursion in 2004. Doug
  • mardynmardyn Posts: 12
    Again, this is nothing more than a rumor... but it seems that I heard (or possibly read) that for '04, Ford would take the new 6.0L diesel, chop off the two back cylinders to make a V6 and put it in their Half ton series vehicles, including the Expedition.

    With a diesel and maybe the new 5 speed auto transmission, it's likely that I'll trade my new '03 Expy for an '04 if it all comes to pass...

    The diesel, coupled with a new transmission should improve fuel economy (my only major [non-permissible content removed]) significantly. I can't believe they have not done it already, but I guess if they can continue selling what's currently available, why change until the current design is outdated...

    Anyway, the new Expy continues to do well, I'm headed to Houston the afternoon for a New Years Eve party and I'll report on milage when I return.

    Good Luck in the New Year to Everyone!
    David Berry
  • Read it on Had trouble meeting emissions regulations that are coming. Too bad. If my 2003 Expy would only get 30 MPG it would be about perfect!! Does anyone else have a rattle comming from the side airbag above the passenger front door? That besides the stupid tilt wheel is all I have an issue with.
  • califjohncalifjohn Posts: 101
    just delayed for two or three years until the new low sulfer diesel fuel is available. Mercedes is bringing back a diesel in the new 300 series (and SUV?) and GM is supposed to be testing Suburbans (probably 3/4 tonners) with their new Duramax diesel. Can Ford afford to ignore this market? I think not, and would suspect that the new Expy XL will have a diesel option to compete with GM. According to Blue Oval News there may be some trouble with the injectors on the new 6.0 Ford diesel and that may delay further introductions as well.
  • I'm disappointed with Ford. I've tried calling their technical information line and even talked to their factory reps at the auto show this week to no avail. So if anyone can help, all I want to know is what is the overall width measured from outside mirror to outside mirror on the EB Expedition? Ford only quotes the body width which isn't helpful when determining if it will fit in the garage.

    2 other points if you are listening Ford:

    power retract mirrors would be great

    put an armrest in the middle center seat


  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    This is not a hard thing to do. If you already know the overall body width, jusy add about 6" to each side for an approximate width, give or take 1-2" inches. If that's not precise enough, just go look at one and measure how far the mirrors stick out, and add that. Not a hard thing to do!

    I realize it would be easier if they just gave this measurement already, but it's really not something that would keep me from purchase.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Do any Expedition owners have comments on the Navigation system? I know it is CD-ROM based with multi-cd's. However, how good it is in respects to map clarity, speed of calculating routes and, does it recalculate your route "on the fly" if you make a wrong turn? Also, without a touchscreen, how the heck do you input an address? I use the Lexus system in my wife's car and it is very easy to use. Any others with enough knowledge to compare the two systems? I know, lots of questions at once, but any insight into these systems will be appreciated.
  • Dave: As much as I would like to have you hate B of A, since I compete with them in my market, it isn't their fault that they won't clear checks over the phone anymore. Write your Congressman, who probably voted for the bill known in the industry as Regulation P (P for Privacy). It has stopped virtually all banks from clearing checks anymore from fear of litigation over this new Reg. You wouldn't believe the extent it goes to to "protect the public". So, before you change banks, ask your prospective new bank what they do. You may find the same situation, and likely will.
  • gteach26,
    I have the nav system. Map clarity is very good, it does recalculate on the fly if you make a wrong turn. It also gives you several options when programming a route such as, shortest distance, quickest route, avoid toll roads, detour, plus a few others. As far as programming an address, it has a small joystick that controls a keyboard on the display, very easy to use. It will even try to autocomplete the address for you.

    It also has many features loaded by name such as gas stations, hotels, food, shopping, entertainment, parks, points of interest, and others too numerous to mention.

    The only drawback to the system is that there are many small towns in rural areas, it doesn't map, just the major roads going through them. In larger cities it is extremely useful!

    Nav Tech is the company that makes the software for the navigation system. They have updates yearly, but I'm not sure on the $$$ of the updated disks.

    I have played with the Lexus nav system and it seems to be a step above the Expedition system.

    Hope this helps!
  • mardynmardyn Posts: 12
    I drove my brand new Expedition to Houston (from Dallas) to attend a New years Party. The vehicle had only about 200 miles when I left DFW.

    Because of my previous doubts about the fuel milage issues, and the fact that I didn't want to know how bad it really was...

    Anyway, to make a long story short...

    Lightly loaded, two people & clothes, 75 mph for approximately 250 miles, fuel milage was a pleasant 16.6 (according to the trip/milage computer) on the trip down. Needless to say, I was very happy as I was expecting about 14.5 mpg...

    On the way back yesterday, set the cruise at 72 mph and (again, according the trip/milage computer) it achieved 18.1 mpg... better than I ever would expect. Again, I'm pretty happy at this point and will actually check the accuracy by the old fashion gallons/miles/division method next time I fill up.

    David Berry
  • mardynmardyn Posts: 12
    I was indeed pretty pissed off that they wouldn't verify the check on my business account that I've had with them for the past 15 years... I did have my briefcase with my other personal checking account on another bank, The dealer called the other bank (while I was sitting there) and they verified funds with no hassle or problems, and I easily could have written a check on that account to pay for the truck. But... the whole purpose for me getting a new vehicle was to take advantage of the depreciation write off for my business for the 2002 year.. so the funds really needed to come from the business account.

    I guess the real reason for my anger was that it really embarrassed me more than anything else. I ended up driving to the BofA branch and having a Cashier's Check drawn on my business account to complete the transaction... more inconvienece than real problem, but none the less, I was very agitated when it happened.

    No doubt that they have their reasons, but what about me... what if I want to buy something else that is expensive, what if I needed to verify one of my customer's check for my business, why didn't someone notify me (or did they and I didn't pay attention?) and let me know so I could have had the c/c ready when I went to pick up the new ride.

    Anyway, I still contend that BofA is pretty pitiful when it comes to customer service and I still do intend on changing banks... Any suggestions?

    David Berry
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    So far you've been the best real-world Ford navigation user I've heard from. It seems like the system is pretty decent. Can I ask one more thing? Does the system give you several blocks notice when you need to make a turn or take an exit off an expressway? For example, the Lexus system gives you an arrow pointing in the direction you need to turn with a ".5 miles ahead" warning to give you a heads up that a turn is coming. I find this feature very useful so that I can be in the correct lane (and helps me avoid last second lane changes)to make a turn when I'm in an unknown location. Again, thanks!
  • I also have the nav. Been using for 5 months. If the city is listed in the book as being mapped, it is pretty good. Here are some other items of interest.
    1. It does give warnings. When in NAV mode it tells you how far to the next change. It also announces via voice with plenty of warning.
    2. The joystick is kind of a pain to enter destinations, but it does keep the last 50 and you can program "home".
    3. You get all the CDs from FORD (Navtech makes it). Then you can order (149 dollars) an updated cd for any region (there are 9 regions).

    Overall, it is behind the others. Interestingly enough when at Ford dealer for oil change, was reading the Lincoln Aviator book and it has a dvd based nav system so I wonder when they will change the expedition.
    Another thing is that the interstates are on all the CDS so you dont have to change for IS driving unless you want to map a city. If you go to Navtech web site you can see what cities are mapped.

    In summary: I am glad I got it and would recommend it. However, if you could find information about a change-over to DVD it would probably be worth it to wait.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Thanks for you input. It seems like the ford navtech system is pretty much as good as whatever else is out there except for the touchscreen input method and having several cd's instead of one DVD. From what I am hearing the system seems to operate with the same functionality as the Lexus system I am familiar with. One more thing, how quick is it to calculate a route initially and then recalculate it when you make a wrong turn? I don't care if it is lightning fast, just so long as it doesn't keep you waiting forever to get a route or a recalculation. The Lexus system takes MAX 5-10 seconds to do this.
  • It is faster than I was in responding. Normally less than 10 secs to calculate, about 3-7 for recalc when you miss a turn.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294

    Responding from post 993 all they way down to here:

    No Expie diesel next year but there will be a 3v (24V total) engine as early as '04. It's just rumor but I heard Ford is making a diesel V-12 with a 10 speed transmission and cutting it in half, LOL. No matter how hard you try the dang things are too noisy & smelly and there's no place to put a spark plug. Want to be innovative? Make diesels quiet & clean, that would be magical.

    Power retract mirrors are on the Navigator this year, I'm hoping they move to Ford soon also, at least until Drive-up window & ATM designers realize not everyone considers the Camry a big vehicle.

    The center second row armrest would conflict with Ford's 'baby friendly' sliding center seat concept but it does make good sense.

    Nav systems are great, Fords is so-so. Consider spending half as much on an after market suction cup mounted model. Don't forget to look out the window and read signs, call ahead for directions, etc. Most of Americas' roads were built before the advent of GPS and have nifty green signs, what a concept. Not being a smart-a**, just don't want you to wreck following the LCD bread crumbs to grandma's house.

    Since we're talking after your money on DVD and buy a portable player and strap it to the console. One Audiovox model has a solid non-skid base, offers the same size screen as factory, doesn't block the rear view or sacrifice the sunglass holder (as a DVD with moonroof does) and is about $800 less.

    If you're measuring, add almost a foot for each mirror as that's how far they stick out from where they mount. They actually protrude 8-1/2 inches from the step-up side rails using a rudimentary plumb bob. It might be easier to grab a tape measure and head for the dealer if you want to be exact. I'm sure they'll be glad to assist since you could put food on their table.

    The Expie Message Center MPG computer lies bigtime! Subtract 1-1.5 MPG. I found this to be consistent and used the same pumps and top off methods over 3 of our 5K miles, you'll see. There's a chat on this and most I've blabbed about at blueovalnews forums too. We have a 2WD EB, 5.4 and loaded with X-mas goodies and two adults got 15.5 at 75-80 over practically level 1K miles. Dropping to 70 saved nada according to the Message Center gods.

    The quality issues on our Eddie Bauer Expie are that the right mirror has A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder). Sometimes it forgets to look down when backing up or to look up afterwards. Drugs, therapy, discipline, and encouragement haven't helped thus far. I saw elsewhere there's a software fix for mirrors coming out Q1 of this year.

    This is a damn fine vehicle folks, I scrutinize like he** and can't find a flaw otherwise.
  • jjmd1jjmd1 Posts: 14
    I have two questions:
    1.) I went to have the car aligned at 75,000 miles and they said that I needed 2 tie (spelling?) rods to be preplaced. Should they wear out that quickly?

    2.) I have general tires. What should the pressure be in the winter in those tires?
  • mardynmardyn Posts: 12
    Well, i for one, hate to hear that... I was very excited to think that my new Expy might actually get close to the advertised MPG (18.0 hwy).

    I haven't checked the milage since my recent trip to Houston, but will do so next time I fill up on the road.

    Other wise the new Expy is doing very well, good quality, good drive out, goo fit & finish....

    Overall, pretty decent value for me so far.

    It also appears that the new F150 shares many of the design cues/features of the '03 Expy, plus a smattering of stuff from the Super Duty series vehicles.... Anyone have any thoughts on the new F series? I like 'em...

    David Berry
  • Did anyone get pi$$?? off about the group of tree huggers on TV now accusing SUV owners of now supporting terrorism because they own an SUV?

    How dare some idiot accuse me and my family of supporting terrorism because we own an Expedition.

    My father and his brothers fought in the WWII war to keep our freedom, my uncle fought in Korea, my two brothers fought in Vietnam to keep us at a point where we remain free and get what we want and keep. Thats the idea of freedom to do what you want and what you can afford.

    If these people don't want this country to have individual freedoms then they need to get the hell out and go someplace where someone gives a damm what they want.

    My family has paid the price for freedom and so ????? them. Just stay away from me and my family because we deserve better than these crazy people.

    Sorry about the lecture.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Hi Frankno1, we were just talking about that in I don't like SUVs, why do you? Feel free to join us!

    Steve, Host

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I agree with Steve - the forum he linked to is a good place to carry on the discussion. I'll just note here that the woman who put up those ads was, until just a few months ago, driving a Lincoln Navigator and until about 2 years ago was as right wing as anyone can be.

    tidester, host
  • I have the Nav system in my 03 EB, however, it does have a few quirks. On occassion it will give false directions, ie turn right, you turn right then it tell you to make a "legal u turn" do that and tells you to make a right turn ahead. This puts you right back on the same road. My wife has the 03 Infiniti G35 with nav and I hate to say it but her system is FAR superior to Fords. BTW, hers is also DVD based.

    If I had to do it over again, I would have waited until they get the bugs out of the system. Oh, also the time required to bring up the system can be from 1-5 minutes depending if you are stopped or moving.

    Good Luck.
  • jjbinejjbine Posts: 1
    Looking to buy a 2000 or 1999 Exp. Anyone use this to tow a 24 DA Sea Ray boat?

    Is this a good vehile?
  • Hi to all, I haven't posted for a while and I don't know if anyone has brought up this subject.
    I have filed a Lemon Law claim against Ford for
    the failure of my driver's power seats. This seat motor has broken/replaced five times in 3 months! The dealer can't fix it, they just order another seat.
    They say production problems, but Ford says not.
    It started at 50 miles, and I took my Expedition
    to North Carolina in December and it broke again.
    I had 4800 miles on it. My concern this time was it would stop in a position I couldn't put up with for 500 miles! I bought the 2003 because of the heated seats, BAD BACK! Well my daughter and I noticed the heated seat part stopped, then the back up & down action stopped. It just growls if you adjust the lever. I've sold my 1997 Expedition
    with over 99,000 miles. Wish I had never bought this one. I am so unhappy with this problem. I also have the passenger-side mirror not moving down in reverse, plus a head rest that won't go down. Don't think I'm a whiner, just can't stand paying this kind of $$$ and having to see the dealer every couple of weeks. I should have taken the thing back the first day! And, don't even think I got more than 16.5mpg on the highway. What can I do? Help. Thanks, Caroline
  • davantdavant Posts: 294

    Sounds like you're doing the right thing protecting your rights under the limelight of the lemon law, LOL. Even if you get a new seat or the dealer does something to fix it you won't get much better than 16.5 MPG. I sense your unhappiness with gas consumption further heightens your frustration with the seat, could I be right? It's a great vehicle and once you get the minor bugs out I hope you learn to love it for what it is, the best on the market. Recognize your experiences are the exception, not the rule. If you hate the fuel economy trade it, but not because you can force it on the dealer/Ford due to seat troubles. As you know each vehicle carries a window sticker listing expected MPG so you were warned, right? Our 2WD 5.4L said 13/18. A C/H mix is figured 13+18=31 divided by two = 15.5 so 16.5 isn't that bad. We have 6K miles on ours and at best got 17 MPG...ever.

    We have the same trouble with the mirrors, I believe we're the rule here, not the exception, crappy software, stay tuned for a fix the first quarter of this year. This and/or a headrest still wouldn't make me unhappy and you're not a whiner, you want what you paid for, a reliable, working vehicle, bells, whistles, the works.

    I don't work for Ford, I'm just a cheery 2003 EB Expie owner responding to your frustration that reads between lines a little. Give them all the chances they need to make it right. Think of it like this almost famous quote, "Aggravation haveth no couth or limits, it seizeth a man like tight boxers" (Genesis: 12-1982). OK, I confess, it's my quote not the musical group Genesis and certainly not from the Bible. If you're female forgive me and just imagine. Keep smiling!
  • Thanks for the response Davant, I too am a fan of
    the Expeditions. Remember, I owned a 97 till I bought this one. I had to use the Lemon Law, even the dealership suggested this. It's not so much the mileage, I did do better with the last one. Of
    course that does cause me to be more unhappy. The
    worse part of this is I waited and researched and after all my time and energy I feel I never had that thrill of a new car owner! In just hours after buying this one I was back in service. Also the false hope that each repair would be the last.
    I'm over 50 now and on my own, I want to feel safe
    when I travel alone up and down I95 and I just have a gut feeling this would go on. Remember they have put three new seats in this in three months! The dealer also found four other EBers with the same problem on his lot. Wonder what those owners are going thru? I think this is my only solution. I am glad you are having a good
    time with your's, may you enjoy it for a very long time. Caroline
  • expy02expy02 Posts: 23

    I tow a Monterey 262 cruiser with my '02 Expy, 5.4 4WD, 3.73 rear. The boat is 28.5' & weighs around 6500# with full fuel & water, around 7700# with the trailer. The Expy handles it with no problem but don't look for great mileage, I get around 10 MPG maybe 12-14 at highway speeds.
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