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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    I don't doubt your postings that there are 'thousands upon thousands' of happy Escape owners. I think there have been hundreds of thousands of the Escapes/Tributes sold.

    I wonder how many have had the stalling problem.
    Hundreds upon hundreds? More? Less?
    You or I don't have access to the info.
  • muckyduckmuckyduck Posts: 219
    What did you mean by telling a poster to buy a warranty for the Escape/Tribute?

    As for amount of stalling problems - just based on the number of people in this one forum that have reported this AND based on the fact that Ford has issued a TSB indicates to me that the number of stalled Escapes/Tributes is in the hundreds, if not thousands. If this is a rarity like scape wants people to believe, Ford would not have issued a TSB. Lets hope Ford gets this resolved, so new owners will not be stuck with large repair costs after the factory warranty is up. Or just take scape's advice and buy an extended warranty, hoping that will cover this situation.

    Oh my ...
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    It only takes one occurance of a problem for a TSB to be issued. That way if it happens again somewhere else, it can be fixed very easily.

    No this stalling problem probably isn't as widespread as some people may think, but it is a strange one to say the least and I 99.9% believe that the latest TSB fixes it if you do experience it yourself.

    You might notice that muckyduck does not own an Escape/Tribute and that he hails from Texas. It seems that the excessive heat down there makes him want to talk about things he knows nothing about.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    It doesn't take hundreds of problems to get any manufacturer to put out a TSB, they all have engineers that look for recurring issues like this. It can be as few a 10-20 instances to generate one, especially if a potential safety issue is involved. I don't know if that is the case here, and I have no clue how many Escspes or Tributes have this problem, just giving an insider's insight to the process.
  • muckyduckmuckyduck Posts: 219
    I doubt any car company would issue a TSB on just one occurance. Texas heat - well, it is hot here, but 2 years ago, a Ford salesman told me not to consider buying an Escape for at least two years. Gee, the early models even had the steering wheel come off - its not like Ford has never built a car before (a paraphased quote from Edmunds).

    Them lions, tigers and bears are lurking everywhere!
    Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas!
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    It must be really really hot down there today!
  • muckyduckmuckyduck Posts: 219
    Steering wheels a'flying, engines a'stalling,
    whats next, take my escape and give me a brew ...

    Sounds like a C&W song to me!!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Granted, there was a problem with 1500 early production Escapes and Tributes having the steering wheel retaining nut installed incorrectly, but Toyota recalled over 200,000 Camrys with the same problem in 1997 that spanned over 5 model years. Recalls happen to every manufacturer, and none of them started building cars yesterday.
  • muckyduckmuckyduck Posts: 219
    OH NO - you don't mean Toyota has problems. OH NO - whats next?

    The cow and spoon divorced, the three little pigs ate the wolf and the 7 drawfs were found to be cooking the books in their highly successful business of making poison apples.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    Don't waste your finger strength to type explanations for mucky's benefit. All of that has been explained to him several times on other boards but he just keeps finding new places to bash the Escape.

    He is entitled to his opinion, no matter how little value it now holds with a lot of folks around these forums.

    I think he really drives a late 80's Chevy pickup.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    There were never any reports of this occurring. However, the potential was there, thus the recall.
  • muckyduckmuckyduck Posts: 219
    "I think he really drives a late 80's Chevy pickup."

    And I've got the beer cans flying out of the rear all over Texas highways to prove it!! And of course, the gun rack showing very clearly to all them Yankees that invade my soil.

    "He is entitled to his opinion, no matter how little value it now holds with a lot of folks around these forums."

    Now you've done it - you hurt my little 'ol feeeeeeeeeelings.

    BTW, FYI, FWIW and OTOH I could care less about this Mazda Tribute/ Ford Escape problems thread. So, don't fret - I'm sure Ford will not go out of business because of me. You all keep on defending your favoRITE car.

    IIRC - I own a 2002 Honda CR-V EX Automatic in silver and

  • fear_hopefear_hope Posts: 90
    Does anyone know if the stalling problem has been resolved for the 2003 model? Is the problem fixed on the Escape/Tributes being built now? Does anyone know where I can find this info?
    Thanks in advance.
  • howards2howards2 Posts: 11
    Im in the same boat. Drove a 2002, loved it, chose not to buy yet. There is too much evidence of potential difficulty. Put aside the message boards and visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration online. They dont post thier consumer complaints frequently - but last I saw there were 116 stalling complaints with 2001s and 68 with 2002s including those built relatively recently. Read each complaint. Not that many compared with total vehicles on the road, but when you consider that less than 1% of folks with problems actually post with NHTSA or even know about NHTSA it becomes far more significant. What is really scarey though is to look through the list of problems people have had with it besides stalling. Its a new vehicle and as others have said, it will be refined. Finally, you can send for and pay for the FULL RESEARCH that NHTSA has done on this problem. That will be the most telling I believe. I decided to spend the bucks and pay for it. Im waiting for it now. If there is interest let me know and when I get a new scanner, I'll try and scan in some relevant material.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    well with all you Escape bashers.. you better read the latest Motor Trend...... The Escape beats up on the CRV and VUE.. UH OH!
    The stalling issue is getting way blown out of porportion. Please do your research and see for yourself
    Proud owner of a Black XLT V6 AWD 12,743 miles. Privacy glass all the way around, running boards, 6CD, rock gaurd, bike racks ontop, splash guards, Euro antenna, the works.. And I love it!
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    ............i'm a proud owner of a 2001 XLT.........How many times are you going to tell us that one? How much do you charge to haunt a house? Please let me know what your next purchase will be so that I won't be on the same links.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I turned 30,000 miles on my 2001 XLT V6 tonight coming to work. Only one stall during this time with the same MO, decellerating 40+ mph going down a hill.....etc. I travel that same road every day and have never had another problem, although I remember each day what happened prior to be prepared. I too am a proud Escape owner. I have had no problems at all with mine and would not hesitate to buy another one. The only other vehicle I drive that I enjoy any better is my 66 Mustang. So it's OK I think to post both problems and enjoyment about the same vehicle.
  • I am very interested in the NHTSA report. Please post relevant info when you obtain it. I too test drove the Tribute more than once and love it. It has all the features I was looking for, but I can't deal with an auto that is unreliable and develops numerous problems over time as a result of poor build quality. Waiting to see if reliability improves. If 20-25% of these cars are coming off the line with problems, chances are I would end up with one and be miserable.
  • Thanks for the e-cable suggestion. Been there. I'm taking it back to the dealer (again) tomorrow. I came back from a long weekend and hopped into it to go home and had to rock it back and forth several times before the wheel released. I am not entertained by having to do that every time I want to go somewhere. If the dealer says he can't find a problem (... if he says it again--like one more time), I'm running up the road and trading it in for something "foreign".
  • howards2howards2 Posts: 11
    I will try and post the relevant materials when I get them. I do believe that your stated level of concern at 20 - 25% is probably considerably higher than what has been reported. But at what percentile do we care to spend tens of thousands of dollars and have an experience similar to those reported? My concern, and I personally believe it is a justified concern, is that there is a design flaw present - that each vehicle has the relevant part that could cause the problem at any time - or never. As the vehicles age there is always the chance that the problem could then 'kick in' - initial stalls have occured anywhere from the test drive at the dealers (one magazine reporter had that happen when they were test driving the vehicle for review) to many thousands of miles. To be balanced, there is NO RECALL on this vehicle. I personally believe that is because there have been few reported actual accidents and no fatalities, at least that I have seen reported. Ford has issued at least two Tech Service Bulletins on this problem but it is not clear that the fix works. eg note that on the NHTSA site, several complaints are as recent as July 2002. Note: I am not an Escape basher. I am a future Escape owner. I LOVE the thing. Ford denies there is any problem whatsoever - my dealer called them when confronted with this information - that is NOT a good sign given all that really is out there and their clear knowledge of the problem given the TSBs. Escape is one of the few really profitable vehicles for Ford right now from what Ive heard - I believe that 1) They are sincerely trying to fix this problem and 2) They cant admit that it is a problem officially for monetary reasons. Not yet a satisfying conclusion.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    Excellent post! I think that sums the whole thing up pretty well. However, I don't think a "part" is involved. I think they were a little too aggressive with the idle program, possibly to increase fuel mileage a little (lower idle = higher fuel mileage). Ford has several other vehicles that use the exact same engine with the exact same parts (hardware if you will), and they do not experience this problem.

    I really do believe that the latest TSB does fix the problem along with some other minor things like fuel mileage, tranny performance, etc.. I would like to think that Ford is going to use the PCM routine from the TSB in the 2003's, but only they know that for sure.
  • howards2howards2 Posts: 11
    And I sincerely hope that your are! We should actually know shortly. Once the 03's are out, if this problem is no longer routinely reported with those vehicles, it is likely that 1)Ford built the fix into Prodution instead of the aftermarket and 2) that the fix does in fact "work"! This would also demonstrate responsibility and foresight on Ford's part. And it would be time for me to visit my local Ford Dealer once again!!
  • Hello,

    I'm glad I came across these postings about the stalling problem with the Escape.

    We own a great 2002 escape. We've drove from Chicago to Atlanta without any problems, but in the past week our car started to stall when driving off from a parking space or after stopping at a red light.

    We took it in to our ford dealer and since they couldn't reproduce the problem they didn't fix anything and now we would have to take it again since the stalls are increasing. I've had 2 stalls today, and the day before 3.

    Extremely upset about this. We bought the car in march 2002 and had never had a problem until this week.
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 135
    I bought the Tribute, even after reading all the stalling messages posted here. I figured it was only a small percentage. Tonight, after 4 weeks and 1100 miles, I experienced a stall. Same as the others, coasting downhill at 35-40 mph. My car was built in May, 2002.

    I'm not running to the dealer yet, but I will be very conscious of it in the future.

    Monicaf1, if you're stalling at red lights and on takeoff, it sounds like a different problem that what most are having.
  • Hello,

    I bought a new 2002 Tribute ES a while back and bought the 'special' pollen air filter. It's called a "cabin air filter" (part number 0000-8M-G01).

    Anyway, I finally got around to installing it. When I popped open the "filter box cover," I was expecting to have to have to remove the old one; however, there was nothing there, just an empty space!

    My friend beleives that my Tribute was supposed to ship with a preinstalled cabin air filter, but my wife suspects that they all ship this way (without); then they sell you on the filter to pop in there.

    So I'm asking you guys out there: Do the Mazda Tribute ES's ship with a cabin air filter preinstalled or not?

    Thanks in advance!
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 135
    Since it is sold as an accessory, not a replacement part, I would imagine it does not come as standard equipment.

    From what you're describing, it sounds easy to install. Is it? Might be worth getting. How long is it supposed to last?
  • It's easy to install, but getting to it isn't so easy.

    You get a set of instructions, which is nice. You gotta remove the cowling. Once you do that, there's a box cover that pulls out. You'll see a slot to put the filter in; it just drops in.

    I'm just disgusted that the air drawn in from the outside was never filtered in the first place. Shame on me for thinking that it was being filtered...
  • Well, I just called Mazda.

    They DO NOT include any air filter in this spot. You have to buy the accessory and put it in; it's kinda like having a slot for a stereo, if you choose to add one.

    I think that's pretty lame. Anyway, just so you others are informed.

  • jwbetjwbet Posts: 7
    My Tribute is 2002, new to us this summer. When we first took ownership of the vehicle, I noticed a slight mildew when initially starting the AC, which disappeared once it was running. It's been getting worse during the past few weeks, and it is particularly bad if just the vents are used rather than AC. Is there a repair for this? Dealer suggested spraying Lysol or Windex directly into vents on dash...I am not a fan of breathing either chemicals or mildew. I thank you for any help from other Tribute owners.
  • You can take the car in and have them spray something called Frigi-Fresh in the blower motor.

    It works wonders.
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