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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    For those few of you who have had stalling issues not been resolved....Mazda has released revised calibrations for intermittent engine quit conditions....This must be in conjunction with the reflashing the PCM to new levels.

    mazda serv bulletin #01-014/02R

    Hope this helps anyone with this problem.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Why do get so upset if they're are bashers and duplicate phonies making posts? Your trying to defend a product that you and many others have had no problems with. My question to you is why? Why get so upset when someone posts a problem with their Escape? Your in a chat room for this very issue, problems. You say you like to peek every now and then, but you do more than that. You smash anyone that has a remote problem with their Escape, especially over this stalling issue and then respond to others that their phonies, duplicate sign on members, etc. You know when something bothers me and gets me upset I normally don't go back.
  • If you are having problems with your Escape -- do what we did --- HIRE A LAWYER --- funny thing -- all the sudden they are REPLACING our vehicle!!!
    Our 2001 Escape was in the shop far to frequently -- including 3 times for stalling, and having the power steering pump replaced twice. Our dealer finally shrugged said there was nothing more they could do and gave us forms for contacting our state's Attny General, Vehicle Dispute board and the address for Ford's Legal Dept for a lawyer to write to!

    If your dealer can't give you satisfaction -- do what we did ---

    And -- I am not a Ford Basher!!! I have always driven a Ford and this is my first bad experience with one of their vehicles. Our Family has owned Ford Products since the 1940's
  • My Mazda Tribute 2001 stalled 3 times and was in for 6 recalls. It was fixed but then I couldn't
    shift it into reverse sometimes. It also wouldn't
    accelerate right and I thought that it could have
    been bad gas. I didn't have a lemon but I think
    that the 2001 models had a lot of problems with them and they didn't fix them upright. I also traded mine in for a New Ford Explorer and I did
    like my Madza Tribute. But they have stalling problems and others etc. with this car. I met 3 other people the same day in the shop with the
    stalling problems and I do resent it when someone
    tells me I should have no problem with the car.
    You would have been welcome to drive my car. I
    didn't have a lot of faith in it after the warrenty would have expired. I also didn't find this site until my car stalled... Just my 2 cents worth.....
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I don't bash people for their problems?? When did I do this?? It is necessary however to remind people that there are duplicate postings/people. Along with many Ford bashers at Edmunds. Why do you feel threatened by me coming into this room??I have never said the Escape is perfect or totally problem free. There are those who feel every Escape/Tribute ever built is going to "stall" or be a problem child. I can prove them wrong. Get out on the net visit other chat rooms/review sites ect.. I wish I could link these but its against Edmunds policy. I have already been mailed a few times about linking by Tide/Steve and don't want to push my luck.
  • I've been looking in on this board since the summer of 2001. At that time, my wife and I were strongly considering buying a Tribute (the test drive almost sealed the deal for us) until I did some research on the web and found out about the stalling problem. We then decided against purchasing the Tribute because of this issue. I still look in on this board from time to time to see if Ford/Mazda has resolved the problem because I may be in the market for a vehicle again within 1-2 years.

    In 1988, I purchased a car (brand new - not a Ford or Mazda) that had an intermittent problem with stalling and engine idle oscillation. The problem usually occured under cool/damp weather conditions prior to the engine warming up completely. I brought this car back to the dealership several times, and was consistantly told that they could not duplicate the problem, everything checks out okay, they haven't seen this problem before, etc. Each time I would drive home from the dealership, my frustration level would be cranked up yet another notch because I knew there was a problem. Being told that everything checked out okay or that they haven't seen this problem before did not make me feel any better.

    I can understand why someone with an Escape/Tribute that has stalled might feel that they are now being "bashed" in this forum. Each time they are told that the stalling problem has been overblown, or that it only affects a small per-centage of vehicles, or that they are anti-Ford, cranks up their frustration level another notch to the point where they now feel as if they are being attacked. It really doesn't matter to those with vehicles that have stalled whether 1% or 100% of the Escape/Tributes out there have the stalling problem. All they care is that their vehicles have stalled and they have come to this forum to hopefully find solutions.

    As for visiting other sites, I have done that and found that the Consumer Complaint section of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is a good source of information. The 2001 and 2002 Escape/Tribute has amassed quite a record there.

    Please note that I am not a "Ford Basher". I've owned one Ford product over the years (1976 Capri II) which was a great car, but that was 20 years ago, so I consider myself "Ford neutral". I am, however, the original owner of a 1990 Mazda MPV, which has close to 128K miles and is still running great, which is another reason we considered the Tribute.

    Hope this helps.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Some time back, someone mentioned they had just purchased a used Isuzu and casually mentioned it had the "new car smell." I pointed out that the "new car smell" now comes in spray cans.

    I got jumped on by Isuzu loyalists who declared me to be an Isuzu basher! Of course, that's ludicrous.

    The point is that brand loyalties can easily cause people to see innocent comments or sincere discussion as something else entirely. Let's try to take the medium into account and be a bit more tolerant of differing expressions of opinion.

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  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Go to several Mazda dealer repair shops. Ask them whether they have many Tribs come in and for what. Visit other sites around the net. Currently there are no recalls for 2002 Escape/Tribs. I don't doubt anyone has had a "stalling" issue. Bess, has posted TSB information over and over and over again if you scroll back for a fix to this issue. I own an Escape and at first admit I was a bit worried about my Escape "stalling". After I poked around the net and looked at other chats/sites I saw it was a very, very small percentage. I am glad I don't have this problem, and I hope those that do get it fixed to their satisfaction.
  • Scape2 ---

    I wish that stalling was the only problem my wife had with her vehicle. Granted, our was one of the early 2001's (Oct 2000) but besides the recalls that affected the vehicle, it was in the shop twice for having the Power Steering Pump replaced along with other sundry problems.
    We just had a baby earlier this year, and when the Escape stalls, it does it while moving and causes the loss of power steering and power brakes-- needless to say, they almost got CREAMED from behind when they stalled.
    This made the 3rd time, qualifying for LEMON LAW -- we went tonite and picked out a new 2003 EXPLORER (we only have to pay the difference between MSRP's ---- My wife refused to get another Escape due to her past problems!
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    I don't think I've ever posted stalling TSB information.. If so, I doubt it was more than once..
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Mazda has a fix for computer problem that solves the stalling problem in Tributes, and it has been around almost a month now. New ones being sold now should have no problems from the get-go. Did Tributes have this power steering problem too? I know they have a different steering set-up than Escapes.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • Does anyone know if I can replace gear stick on my 02 Trib with something more convenient. I've seen new Escapes with different kind of the gear stick and wondering if I can install that one. (so it will not block the radio knob)
  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    Saw on Bloomberg there's another recall issued yesterday on Tribute electrical problem. Anyone got info ?
  • Unfortunately, you have completely missed the point of my post, so let me try one last time to make it clear. It is extremely frustrating for someone to have purchased a new vehicle, only to find that your brand new vehicle (specifically - the vehicle you drove off the dealers lot - not the vehicle model in general) needs warranty repair for multiple problems, or makes several trips back to the dealer service department for the same unresolved complaint. For this person, the per-centage of reliable or unreliable vehicles for the model they purchased is no longer an issue because the vehicle they own has problems. Constantly making statements on purported vehicle reliability a) does nothing to help the person with the vehicle they are having problems with, and b) only serves to futher upset and possibly infuriate the person with the problem vehicle. I think you really need to go back and read the last paragraph of Tidester's post #1687. His point is very important.

    A couple of other points. First, I believe I stated twice in my post that I used the internet to research the Tribute and continue to look in at this site. So, I don't understand your comment on visiting websites. Second, you state how Bess has several times posted a TSB for stalling, but Bess contradicts you with post #1690. Seems to me that your statement is very much like the misinformation you complain of in post #1680.
  • I am new to this board. I have been reading through the postings. I purchased my 2002 Tribute on 12/1/01. (Manufactured in 11/01) On 5/3/02, my battery died. My Tribute has stalled out on me 3 times. Each time I have taken the car in. The first time they updated the computer software (6/21/02). The second time they replaced 3 sensors (8/14/02). Took the car back to the dealer on 8/20/02 for yet another stalling problem. As of today, the car is still at the dealer. The first two times were going down a hill at 30 mph. The last time was on a straight stretch of road at about 35 mph. So that blows the theory of only being on flat roads as someone suggested in a previous post. All the times have been around the same time, 5pm after sitting all day. Probably one reason why Mazda/Ford has not recalled the car is because it does not happen in every car. Also, they don't have a good fix yet that fits each car that has been stalling. I don't think this issue should be taken lightly. I have either gotten off the road or restarted the engine while coasting. One problem lays with the people behind you. Some people like to follow to closely. I cannot control that. So yes, it can be scary when someone behind you is not paying attention. I am too busy trying to restart the car to turn on the flashers while I am coasting. I think the people who say it is no big deal must have not had it happen to them.
    Well tomorrow will be a total of thirty days in the shop. So that qualifies my car as lemon in my state. I am sending my letter to Mazda requesting a refund which is a shame because I really like the Tribute.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    maybe it wasn't bess, maybe it was baggs?? who posted TSB information on this stalling issue..
    I did not miss you point paride. I will say this again. I never said the Escape/Tribute were perfect. Its known from here to eternity that there were some initial recalls. What I am saying is people need to actually read the recalls. Some Ford bashers love to make it look like every single Escape/Trib made in 01 had these recalls, not true if people would actually read the recalls. I have never put anyone down for their problems. Where are you getting this from? What I am saying is there are Ford bashers out in these forums, you can login under multiple names and make it look like the Escape/Trib are very problematic. I have run into 11 people now that own both Tribs and Escapes. 1 person had minor issues, all the others were fine. I am making it a point to actually talk to people I see that own these vehicles and approach them, if they look approachable that is.
    My wifes 00 Accord has been back to the dealer 3x! everytime I bring this up in the Accord or pro-Honda group I get slammed.
    As I have said, I hope these folks that actually do have problems get them fixed.
  • Scape2-

    It seems that you missed the point again. I give up. Maybe someone else in this forum can explain to you that the reliability of the Escape/Tribute had absolutely nothing to do with my comments. Rather, the interpretation of the same posted comments and perception of their meaning(s) may be different for anyone going through a bad situation vs. someone in a good situation.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    The stalling occurs during engine deceleration (when the rpms are diving after letting off of the gas). It does not matter whether you are going up a hill, down a hill, or along a level grade.

    If you own an 01 there's a good chance that the PCM (computer software) needs to be replaced and re-programmed. If they just re-programmed, which is impossible with the older PCM's, nothing will be different. The latest TSB's are very clear on this. Also, I've read elsewhere (might have been here) that Mazda has just released a new TSB that mirrors the one Ford released back in June for the Escape. I have absolutely no doubts that the June TSB fixed our Escape so you may want to check into that if you so desire. Of course, all of this hinges upon your service dept. being competent enough to do it right.

    It was me that posted the TSB, not bess. It actually came from a website run by a bunch of Ford techs from around the country (if not the world).
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I really don't think there's all that many members here with multiple login names. It's pretty easy to track from our logs and other clues, like IP addresses. If you have specific suspicions, blast a host an email and we'll look into it, since it's a violation of our Member Agreement to have more than one member id.

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  • This is my first post, but we have had almost all of the problems posted here, including stalling, surging, poor gas mileage, etc. Our latest problem was the check engine light came on solid and would not go off. Then it became hard and sometimes impossible to start. We already had an appointment for the 30,000 mile service, so it was good timing. They found two problems that they said were covered by service bulletins. They replaced some relays and a computer module related to the emission system. When we got our car back it was like a totally different car. It ran smoother, shifts better, and no more surging at low speed. We haven't had it back long enough to determine if the gas mileage is better, but so far we love it. Prior to this we were just waiting until our lease was over to get rid of it, and now we are considering keeping it.
  • What year is your Escape and what engine does it have?
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    .. was at the supermarket today and stopped to read consumer reports on 2002 cars.Tribute/Escape was given "best buy" status in spite of some of a couple af minor issues that needed to be taken care of under warantee.average score for the category was like 45... tribute got 56...crv got around 65 and also received a best buy label.
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    id like to echo tidesters comments.... i come here expecting to have people talking about the issues in a dispassionate way... satisfied or not... aftermarket products.. prices..and deals.. instead.. it becomes an EGO driven defense of one brand or another... as if its a sports bar.. and were arguing over which team is better! we know the issues pro and con we know the prices... go drive the cars/ pick the one that you like... and let us all enjoy our purchase(or not)... which EVER car... without the need to defend that decision!!!
  • Baggs32,
    I have a 2002 manufactured in 11/01. They reprogrammed the software on 6/21/02. They have had my car for going on 4 weeks now. I have not heard a word from the dealer since 8/28/02 saying they were going to download new software once Mazda put it up on the webpage.
  • In response to post 1704 I must respectfully but strenuously disagree. In Consumer Reports, for reliability, out of the five rating categories, the 2002 Escape receives the worst possible and for consumer satisfaction, it is average. For reliability the 2002 Mazda Tribute also receives the worst reliability rating and Satisfaction of Below Average. Neither vehicle is recommended by Consumer reports.
    (the Auto Issue "The 2002 Cars" June 19, 2002)
    Perhaps you were refering to a different magazine?
  • Our 2002 Tribute stalled once at 7000 miles, going at about 35mph, it just quit. We treated this as a fluke, but it just happened again today (at almost 14000mi). From previous posts, it sounds as if this problem is well documented, and I will take this into the dealer ASAP with the hope that they can do something with the vehicle to fix it. Hopefully the software update thing will work on our vehicle. If not, I don't know what to do. My wife is afraid to drive the car now. We bought a Hyundai Elantra to be my commuter car, and we bought the Tribute to be the "family car" and right now I feel that, compared to the Elantra, the Mazda Tribute is "half the car, twice the price, and ten times the headaches."
  • I had previously posted my stalling issue with my 2002 Ford Escape, and like Baggs32, had the dealer perform TSB (02-11-06) in July, and hoped that the stalling issue had resolved. Well, to my dismay, my ford lemon stalled again this week on the way to work. One of my friends at work said there was a recall out on the Ford Escape that she heard on the local news, so I called my dealer and my dealer has received many calls from owners, but the Dealer claims they have heard nothing from Ford yet on this issue. So, here I sit once again seeking some insight from my fellow Ford Escape owners. Does anyone have any new news or heard of this recall? Any help would be appreciated.
  • Our 2002 Tribute stalled at 1010 miles while sitting in traffic. The service dept at our dealership acknowledged that he's seen this a few times (funny, the salesman said he never heard of any stalling problems when I asked before buying...) They planned on having to do the PCM thing, but he said that wasn't the problem and that we had to replace the Throttle Body. A week later we had our new throttle body...and so far so good...hopefully it never happens again.

    Another question: A few times I have turned the key and the car wouldn't wife says I do it wrong (how do you turn the key wrong?)...anyway, has anyone else ever have any trouble starting their Tribute?
  • My 2002 XLT had its original transmission replaced at 4600mi. At 7600, the transmission was leaking (again) and the same dealer replaced half of the casing on the new transmission. The dealer said that they had never had to replace a trans on an Escape. Any comments on this one?
  • I own a 2002 Tribute. What should the RPMs be while idling? Also at 30mph and 55 mph? I think mine are running alittle low.
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