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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    That 1.8% ratio is pretty close to the percentage of tranny problems with certain Odysseys, Accords, Preludes and Acuras. Transmissions could slip out of gear, not go into gear, abruptly downshift or refuse to shift. I've read reports that some folks came to screaching halts in the middle of the road when the tranny failed. Fixes were done, but there's no recall.

    Maybe Ford/Mazda will extend the warranty -- that was the carrot Honda threw to their owners.

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  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Thanks for your information. Everything you discribed is exactly what is happening to mine and approximately at the same mileage. Mine just went over 36,000 miles, but I have the extended warranty so it will only cost me $50. I will take your info to my Ford dealership. Thanks again.
  • Bess wrote: "b. When the vehicle stalls, its not like it comes to an abrupt stop. The driver also has steering and braking control and all signal lights are still functional, in addition to the vehicle can be restarted even while it's still moving."

    That is easy to say matter of factly, but when the engine dies you lose the POWER STEERING and POWER BRAKES! My wife is not as big and as strong as I am , so she has/had a hard time doing either when the stalls occured. The last stall happened in 3 lanes of traffic going up a hill at 45mph ---- and she almost got smashed in the rear end --- under those kind of conditions do you think you could have restarted the engine while moving???? Especially when our infant was in the back seat!!!

    The percentage numbers posted here about 98.2% of Escapes not stalling is meaningless to the 1.8% of us who have experienced the problem.

    Again I will say -- DON'T COMPLAIN and live with the problem or trade in the vehicle (taking a bath on lost value) --- do what we did ---- contact your attny general, the dispute board and have an attny write to Ford --- WE DID AND HAVE A 2003 EXPLORER that we only had to pay the diff. between the sticker on our escape and the explorer --

  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    "WE DID AND HAVE A 2003 EXPLORER that we only had to pay the diff. between the sticker on our escape and the explorer --"

    You should have waited a little longer. With all the incentives on the Explorer right now, they should be handing you money!
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    Thou I have not had the stalling hit my 2001 escape xlt yet. I do remember my '86 t-bird having a small stalling problem with it... I would always just pop the car into neutral and restart as I was moving, I never had to pull over or even stop for that matter. Maybe the same thing can be done for the escape...just put it into neutral and restart on the fly. just my $0.02

  • I', reposting this- I posted under the general escape catagory- and hope someone will see it here! I love my 2002 Escape. We've had it for a few months now. I bought it with a moonroof, because I love to drive with the windows open. But- guess what? When I do- the WORST vibration is sent through passenger eardrums. so bad- that one feels as if you need to get to the hospital....unless you close the windows. What is more disturbing- the roof itself (if you're sitting in the back seat) vibrates so vigorously I am afraid of the long term wear and tear on the sunroof, luggage rack and even for the safety of anyone in the back seat below the lights.
    Anyone have similar problems? The noise is the worst when the back windows are down. dealership claims that the 2 other Escapes they drove (1 w/moonroof- the other without) did the same thing. So- they're trying to tell me this is an unfixable manufacturers defect
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    That is what probably should be done, but the debate is whether people know to do it or not. Not many people really think to do that, or they just didn't know that you could.

    Is something in the moonroof vibrating? I have never noticed any vibrations or loud noises coming from our moonroof unless you hold down on the black wind blocker that pops up in the front of the hole when you open the glass (we only did it once to see what would happen). Then you get kind of a deep pitched humming sound from the vacuum.

    Ask the service person to let you drive one of the Escape's that he/she says has the same vibrations so you can judge for yourself. If he/she says no, go to the manager or take it somewhere else for service if you can.
  • Unfortunatly the negotiated deal with Ford to take back our 2001 Escape XLT specifically excludes any rebates or incentives. The good thing is, there was NO milage charge or depreciation --- so it was simple -- our Escape stickered at $25155 and the Explorer XLT at $34200 --- so to move up 2 model years and more expensive vehicle -- we paid $9045 ---- while not great, it was much better than trying to trade in that pc of crap and getting low book/price with incentives!

  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    You do know that I was just joking, right?

    $34,200 for an XLT Explorer? Is it an Eddie Bauer? My father-in-law just leased one of those and loves it.

    A good friend bought a 2002 XLT Explorer (standard XLT package with the V8, pretty well equipped though) a couple of months ago and is paying less per month for it than we are on our Escape because of the 0.0% financing and rebates. I was a little annoyed when I heard that even though I like the Escape better. If only it were a little bigger.
  • We don't really think it's the moonroof necessarily. The wind noise occurs worst when ONLY the rear windows are open. It sends the most irritating pulsating inthe ears through passenger's heads- it's ridiculous! It also happens when the roof is open by itself or w/windows open. Check it out- drive yours and let me know if it happens! Ours is a 2002

    Dealer4 is saying there's nothing they can do. I find it hard to believe- and I smell a huge class action suit if there are many people with this problem. Some say an easy fix is: "keep your windows closed" but- I happen to like the air coming in and that's not a viable solution!
  • parideparide Posts: 52
    Just curious about the deal you made for the Explorer. Did you suggest the deal, was it Ford's idea, or a mutual result of negotiation? Also, did you file through your state's laws, or use a Ford arbitration program? When I filed for Lemon Law arbitration through my state's program a few years ago, the manufacturer (not Ford, btw) made no offers about replacing the vehicle. They just kept calling me to have their "technical service department experts" take a look at the vehicle. Since I did not plan on buying another vehicle from that manufacturer at that point, I ignored their calls and proceeded with the arbitration. The result was a buyback of the vehicle with a minimal charge for mileage exceeding 12000 miles.
  • The deal was from FORD (and it is a deal that my dealer had told me they have made with numerous consumers).

    At the urging of the dealer (who was just as frustrated as we were) we filed with the Dispute Board, our State Attny General, and had our lawyer write a certified letter to Ford threatening legal action. Our state (WV) has a statute that would have been a perfect fit for a lawsuit --- Before the Attny General could file anything and before the Dispute Board could rule, Ford made the offer and we accepted.

  • parideparide Posts: 52
    Your dealership urged you to file a complaint against Ford? I received no help from the dealership prior to or after filing with the New York State Attorney General. With all the problems you experienced with your Escape, at least you avoided the frustration and hassle of an arbitration hearing. Good Luck with your Explorer.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    ...and I smell a huge class action suit if there are many people with this problem...

    You might want to involve nearly every make of car with rear roll down windows. Wind buffeting is common among many cars.
  • I hear you that other cars do it (the loaner Ford focus they gave me is doing the same darn thing!)- but maybe you can help me with the concern. My bigger concern isnt the annoying noise as much as the fact that my roof is vibrating so fast and so much- I have to question the structural integrity of the roof, luggage rack etc over time. How can it vibrate so hard without causing damage- I'm just wondering. Furthermore- couldn't it cause problems with the moonroof/leakage down the road? Why do the cars do this when the rear windows are open? Please- educate me because the dealer sure couldn't!
  • You have to remember --- I am in a smaller area and my salesman is a lifelong family friend. My wife knows the service guys by name. Our whole state only has 1.4 mil residents so our dealers depend upon REPEAT business. My wife is from Buffalo, so it has been a shock to her. There are positives to living is a more rural area, and this is one of them!
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    I often times drive with all the window open too and I have never had a noise or vibration problem. We even drove 3/4th of the way to Richmond Va. from Pittsburgh last month with all of the windows down (moonroof open all the way too).

    Drive a new one from the lot and see if it does the same thing. Even with the moonroof and only rear windows open (do that often at night) I don't have any wind problems. It's quite peaceful that way actually.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    It has to do with the way the the air enters and leaves the vehicle. What ends up happening is that the pressure or vacuum created (by the air flowing past the open window) begins to resonate and if you are normal, your ears feel like they will fall out due to the rapid changes in pressure. The best way to avoid it is to open a front window which almost always forces air into the vehicle making it a constant pressure. If it happens with only the moon roof open, you may want to look into a wind deflector.
  • muckyduckmuckyduck Posts: 219
    is what happens when the rear windows are open and the front/moonroof closed. Open the front window slightly or the moonroof. Yes, it can be a terrible noise. There is no 'fix' as such from a dealer.
    A moonroof deflector may also help.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    sunroof wind deflector... mucky beat me to the punch....
  • caly58caly58 Posts: 2
    Not really an equal comparison, but I am torn between the two and thought I would ask for input from all the knowledgeable folks out here.
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    Got the call from my wife yesterday.
    'I was driving around 40mph, going around a bend, and then it felt like I lost the power steering went out and all the dash lights lit up'.

    'dang, sounds like it stalled'

    'No, I don't think so, I had to turn it off after I pulled over, I think the engine was still running when I did that'


    'Where are you now'

    'On the side of the road still'

    'Did you try starting it back up?'

    'Ok, yep, it runs fine now, make the call to service though'

    Anyway, it started back up and she drove the rest of the day with no problems..
    Interesting parts:
    She really didn't think the vehicle stalled, her main concern was all of the dash lights and loss of power steering. When this occured she immediately started the process of pulling over. (she mentioned that the power braking was also not working). This is why she was in no hurry to try to restart the vehicle, because she didn't realize that the cause for all of her symptoms was a stall in the first place.

    She said she had no problems pulling over or controlling the vehicle, she said without the power steering, the wheel fights back a little, but not even close to losing control.

    I asked if she was going downhill, she said it was a very very slight downhill.

    Appointment is scheduled today to have it looked at.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    That's pretty much how my wife felt about it too. I was the passenger at the time of our stall so I knew exactly what it was and was able to tell her what to do right away. We were on a really steep winding side street hill at the time and she had no problem pulling over and stopping.

    My wife was confused for a second too because everything was still on (radio, HVAC fan, etc.). If it wasn't for the dash lights, and the fact that she was braking, we never would have known the engine wasn't running. Maybe that explains some of your wife's confusion.
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    (My summary)
    Checked a bunch of sensors, refered to TSB for stalling, replaced IAC, MAF, Throttle bdy assy, EVAP valve and reprogrammed PCM.

    My check engine light also stayed on so for that they:
    Replaced DPF EGR sensor.

    In at 8:00am out at 2:30pm.

    Yeah, thats what I metioned to my wife (about all interior fans/radio/road noise still on) and thats when she said, well maybe it did stall..

    In her previous experiences with vehicles stalling many many years ago (Olds cutlass and caprice classic's), you tend to notice when a 350cc V8 stops running.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    "you tend to notice when a 350cc V8 stops running."

    Yes, I would think so!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    These are really two different vehicles. I'm just curious how you can be torn between these two? Highlander is about $5-$8,000 dollars more than an Escape, depending on level of trim of course.. Not to even include space..
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    We have a 2001 Trib LX V6. My wife experienced a typical stall at 12,000 miles. Took it in, they "reprogramed it" & we have had no reoccurances.

    Is this stalling a gender thing? Seems like the vast majority who experience are female. Do more females drive tribscapes or do the males not complain or what???

    Other problems have included some leakage from the brake cylinder reservoir cap, brake warning light stayed on, and the tailgate creak. All fixed occured within the 1st 12 months & were easily fixed Current mileage is 23,000. The reports of tranny failures does worry me a bit
  • If I read everything that was to be read on here concerning wind noise, am I correct in assuming the mirrors were redesigned on Jan. 02' Escape models and later, and if you have an '02 model pre-January, you are stuck with the old style and excessive wind noise? Mind seems to start whistling around 40 mph, and by 80 mph, is quite substantial. It makes the tire roar seem minor. Is this common with all '01 and early '02 models?
    Has anyone looked into getting them replaced or cost involved?
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    I never felt that the wind noise on the 01 Escape was that excessive. Is it possible that your roof rack is backwards? I've heard of others where this is the case. (I believe the roof rack cross slats are installed after delivery by the dealer).

    Might be an easy thing to check (just as easy to remove the cross slats all together).
  • I have a 2001 Tribute that just turned 25,000 miles. Around 20,000 miles, I developed a vibration in the front end, along with a clunk sound when turning. Took it to the dealer and they checked the balance of the tires and repaired a leak in the steering. The vibration is still there. The vibration is most prominent at about 70 mph (more so on smooth pavement), and worsens while driving uphill at 70 mph. I also get a clank sound in the front when making sharp turns in parking lots. Anyone else with this problem and, if so, was your dealer able to diagnose and fix it?
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