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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • We had an 88 Mazda 323 AWD with a button that locked the transfer (not to be used on drive pavements). Sometimes unknown to me the kids would activate it and when I drove on dry pavement with it locked - there would be clanking sounds on sharp turns and vibrations at high speeds. My apologies if you have already checked the obvious. I can't imagine driving 5000 mi with that sort of thing being the problem - but it's worth mentioning.
  • Did they check the power steering pump??? Our Escape went through 2 of em -- BTW --- my wife loves her EXPLORER and is so glad that Ford Lemon Lawed her Escape --- just feel sorry for the person that buys that at the buyback auction!!
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    the clicking in the steering is caused by loose lugs...go and have you lug nuts tightend and it should remidy the problem. from what the dealer told me was he prefers to tighten to 105lbs-ft of torque instead of the regular 100lbs-ft of torque. apparently there is a problem with case aluminum wheels that the lugs can loosen over time with higher speed driving. I don't know if that's true or not..but I only had the clicking once and haven't had since finding out about the lbs-ft thing. Hope this helps.

    (proud owner of a 2001 XLT Escape)
  • ke4yydke4yyd Posts: 30
    At mainly speeds of about 45 mph, several times per trip I experience a rumbling noise similar to the sound when rolling over warning strips. The noise lasts approximately 1 second. It appears to come from the right rear wheel.

    Although it may have nothing to do with it I also notice a whining noise that sounds like the old rear end noise in past vehicles with rear wheel drive, also around 45 mph.

    I have a 4x4 and I get the reeling the auto 4x4 somehow engages while on pavement and causes a binding binding.

    Anyone have any info on these problems?
  • This weekend while traveling I noticed something wrong with my stereo/6 CD disc. While playing CDS in Slot 1 and Slot 6, the Bass and Balance menus kept flickering on. Also, the balance went entirely to the right stereo speaker only. I was touching nothing on the stereo while it started doing these things. Seems fine today but am taking it in. ANyone else experience this?

    By the way, my 2002 Escape XLT stalled in June, had the rear wiper replaced last month, creaks like an old lady's rocker and now has a funky stereo. I'm so sad!
  • doseydosey Posts: 1
    I'm test driving a '01 Tribute and I have been looking other SUV's. In reading some of the discussions, I noticed that there are other people noticing problems with a gas smell as well? Can anyone tell me what that is? Should I be concerned about it - enough to take it back to the dealer and keep looking? Is this a sign of things to come?

    Thank you for all of your comments.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Like most other reactive AWD systems, the one used in the Escape and Tribute will engage the rear wheels when there is a difference in speeds between the front and rear axles. When you take a sharp turn, the front tires drive a longer arc than the rear tires. This means that they drive farther over the same amount of time. In short, the front tires go faster. That difference in speed may be enough to activate the AWD system.

    With This type of AWD activated on dry pavement, you get drivetrain "binding". The front and rear axles are locked together and will not allow one to move at a different speed than the other. Either the wheels scrub off the difference, or the drivetrain gets twisted (not likely, but possible).

    I know this is true of the CR-V. Many drivers hear a whining noise during tight turns (steering wheel turned all the way) if the differential fluid needs replacing. I don't know if the Ford system requires similar maintenance. I woud be very surprized if this wsere happening at speeds higher than 20 mph. However, if you are experiencing trouble when taking sharp turns, it might be worth looking into.
  • ke4yydke4yyd Posts: 30
    My 2001 V-6 4x4 scheduled maintenance guide in the glove compartment is generic and applies to all Ford autos in 2001. It says to change transmission fluid at 30,000 miles for vehicles with tranny models AX4S, 4F50N, 4R70W, 4R100 and 4F27E. It makes no recommendations for the CD4E in the Escape. Other sources indicate only to check the fluid every 5,000 miles and service (change fluid) when needed for the CD4E.

    Does anyone know how to determine the minimum service requirements for the Escape CD4E tranny that is required to keep the extended warranty valid. My local dealer is confused and says he doesn't know. I any not looking for personal recomendations on service trannys. I want the official FORD requirements.
  • ke4yyd -
    Please contact the Ford Customer Relationship Center at 1-800-392-FORD or They will help you find your answer. Anyone else who has an unanswered question can also use this contact information.
  • ke4yydke4yyd Posts: 30

    I sent an email as you suggested. Got a reply that they would respond in 3 days. 4th day is over and no response. Don't know why the question is so difficult for them. Every new vehicle I have owned since 1956 had a maintenance schedule in the owners manual for that particular vehicle. Looks like Ford could do the same or at least provide info when requested.
  • c14c14 Posts: 6
    Just bought this SUV in Light Tundra Metallic. Great color not so common in the Tampa Sarasota, FL area. Got ABS, Power Seat and Side Air Bags. Handles great and is a pleasure to drive. The V6 is more than adequate for power. No problems so far. In my opinion, it's body design is nicer than the Ford Escape. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you need AWD the Highlander should not even be on your list. If you don't need AWD and you're SURE you will NEVER need snowchains then the Highlander with VSC/Trac will be a perfect vehicle for you.

    Both the HL and the Rx300 use a VC for torque distribution in low traction conditions. In both cases an almost totally non-functional VC, regretably.
  • ke4yyd-
    Sorry for the problems. Please contact me offline if possible at and I will try to be of more assistance. Thanks.
  • your problem actually sounds like the cv joint is going out. 20k is pretty early for this to happen but you never know.
  • I was driving my daughter's 2001 Escape and when I tried to stop going slowly down an exit ramp there was very little brake pressure. I've driven her car many times and I knew something was not right. I pressed my foot further to the floor until it seemed to be as far as it would go and it still wasn't stopping. Finally it seemed as though the ABS system kicked in and we stopped. Still having my foot as on the brake as far down as possible, I put the car in park and pulled up the emergency brake. At that point the engine started racing at very high RPM's. I thought that the carpet was pushing down the accelerator or that my foot slipped on it, so I took my foot away to look, but it just kept racing. (My daughter who was in the car saw the tach go way up). I quickly turned the car off. Luckily I was going slowly and the light turned green so the car in front of me moved out of the way by the time I finally stopped. I then restarted the car and it seemed fine. Ironically, there was a Ford dealer right down the street from where this all happened so we drove the car there for them to check out. They have the car for 2 days and so far they can't seem to find anything wrong and have told us that Ford has not had any similiar complaints.

    Needless to say, I am very concerned about letting my 20 year old daughter drive her car until we find out what could have caused this and how to prevent this from happening again.

    Does anyone have a similiar experience or answer?
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    Been here and on other Escape related boards for a while and have not heard of that.. To me it sounds less of a brake failure and more of a hung throttle case..
  • Read your post "Rumbling in right rear wheel" and have not seen a response. I have a 2001 Escape with 36K (fresh out of warranty) and have been experiencing the same problem. Is this a problem others are having and does anyone know what is the cause?
  • ke4yydke4yyd Posts: 30
    I have done some research and it appears to be a transmission problem. I flushed the tranny fluid last week and the symptoms have gone.

    Go to the following and read all about it.

  • I have owned my 02 Tribute for 2 months/2 batteries and 3 jump starts. 1st jump needed on 3rd day, next jump needed at 5 weeks and 1600 miles. Drove in to Dealer who replaced battery. 13 days later, DOA in my driveway. Mazda is now towing it to the dealer as is.

    Anyone have similar experience, advice and/or guess on probable cause?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    it has a short!! ;-)

    Unless you are leaving the lightson all the time or something...

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • This is a true story, it wasn't much fun,
    about my former Mazda Tribute, Year 2001.
    It rattled, it squeeked, it stalled once or twice
    and Mazda's district service manager, was anything but nice.
    "We're sorry your Tribute isn't just right, but with 3 years of warranty, hopefully you'll see the light"
    13 times to the dealer, the light never came, so when the opportunity to trade arose, it took little brain to dump my "dream car" and move on.
    So no more will I hear "Rattle, rattle thunder clatter Zoom Zoom Zoom"
    Because in my garage for Mazda or Ford, there will never ever be room.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Great post - better luck with your next ride!

    Steve, Host
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    i have a little over 7,000 rattles no squeaks,no rumble,no stalls,no racing accelerator.Just pleasent secure driving.Hope those with problems get them resolved!(2002 ES,lux pkge,tow pkge)
  • well obviously, the dealer does not agree it was a short. They again replaced the battery saying it had 2 dead cells - they say they tested it before installing it and it was OK at installation, 400 miles earlier. Only a sad coincidence, they claim, that this is the second bad battery that was put in my car. I have no choice but to wait and see how long this one lasts - they told me that is why Mazda offers roadside assistance - to help when I get stuck!! That is suppose to make me feel better about a new car that doesn't always start.....
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Its a short. Batteries, especially new ones just don't die in 1 month. Make them find the short. Start keeping all records. When it does it again, (It will) don't take it back until they fix the problem. make them give you a loaner car.
    zmeenow, I too am a satisfied 01 Escape owner with ove 18,000 trouble free miles...
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    even want to find a better mazda dealership for service - some of them are really bad, like the one near me, where the service techs are incompetent, and the service writers are impatient.

    You need someone to find that short, and if it is warranty work, they will not be too happy, because it can take a while to dig around to find a short.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • I have a 2001 V6 Trib with the same symptom. Shudders, vibrates at around 45 mph and then around 55. Like you said, especially at a slow acceleration. Did your Ford dealer solve it? Anyone else with tranny problems?
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    Just turned 24,000 on my '01 XLT Escape with no problems at all.
    I have not had the Escape stall once.
    I have not had the Gas smell (except type caused by Bush's Baked Beans)
    I have not had any rattle or squeak from the rear hatch or any door for that matter.
    I have not had any wind noise to complain of (and I've been as high as 95mph)

    So in all my wife and I are both happy with the Escape. In fact we have had more problems with her '00 Civic EX.

  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    My 2001 Escape seems to do it at roughly 45 mph, but while I'm accelerating up, going up a hill, passing, etc. At first I thought it was the tires or road. Mine now has over 38,000 miles, but I have the 100,000 mile power train warranty. Question for Odie where do you find Bush's baked beans? I've searched everywhere. Both you and Scape2 are so lucky to have one of the few Escapes not to have a problem at all. Which dealership did you buy yours from?
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    I'm in the Hershey / Lebanon Area of Central Pennsylvania. The baked Beans are at all the local supermarkets. As for where I bought my '01 Escape... I ordered it at a local dealer here in Hershey,PA and got 1 of the very last to come off the 2001 assemebly line.

    My current Escape might be getting a nice christmas present for in the way of a Full front end Grille Guard (with brush bars) and Rear Tail light Guards and Rear Bumper Guard. Just have to talk the Wife into allowing me to Purchase them. Because now that we have a baby comming, we gots to save our money. I'm probally going to be getting a Rear Seat DVD system (from circuit city)mounted on the ceiling, and even with the Sunroof it still fits.


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