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Chevrolet Cavalier anti-theft help

i wanted to swich the instrument cluuster in my car to one with a tach; everything works till the anti theft shuts the car down. does any one know how to bypass or disarm this?
my car is a 2.2 liter 5 speed the base model and i grabbed the cluster from a 2.4 5 speed that was loaded.


  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Try this.

    SECURITY SYSTEM...........
  • Thanks for your advice i appreciate the help. what i did is while the car was running with the stereo on i cut the wires to the anti theft system that come from the ignition. then opened the odometer up and put electricle tape over the light.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Yes, cutting the yellow wire will do it. If you disconnect the battery you need to reset it.
  • bunt21_gbunt21_g Posts: 8
    i also had to cut the black wire the yellow one alone wasn't enough :P
  • sig54sig54 Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my 2001 Chevy Cavalier. I followed all of the steps including the wire cuts with no success. My car is still locked. Can anyone help me?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    The yellow wire is supposed to be cut with the engine running.
  • sig54sig54 Posts: 2
    My problem is I can't start it.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Hook up the yellow wire and try this, not sure it will work.

    Here's my fix, or workaround, turn the key to the point where the dashboard lights up with all the different icons and you can open the automatic windows, but do not start the car. Put the car in Neutral, then turn the key the rest of the way to start the car. This method has worked every single time for me. I was told by the dealship that the ignition block or whatever it's called needs to be replaced, cost somewhere between $450-$500. I'm cheap, so this method will have to do for now. Don't ask me how I figured this out, I was just very frustrated one day and decided to try something different. Like alot of you out there, my car would choose not start at the worst times (when I was running late to be somewhere, at the gas station with other cars waiting behind me, etc.) It has been 6 months since my discovery and I couldn't be happier, just knowing that my car will definitely start everytime out.

    If not try this.

    1. Ensure that the battery is fully charged.
    2.Start engine
    3. The vehicle will start and then stall. Leave the ignition ON until the security tell tale turns OFF in 10 minutes.
    4. Repeat Steps for 2 more times (3 times total)
    30 minutes total
    5. The Passlock™ controller will learn the new data on the next start attempt.

    Then unplug the 3 wire connector at the ignition switch with engine running.
  • Please forgive me I know little about cars but I am relaying what I have been told.... The manufacture installed anti-theft system wont allow my car to start. This doesnt happen all of the time. It starts about 80% of the time, some days worse than others, when it wont start, I wait 10 minutes and it starts right up, never fails! will not start if I dont wait 10 minutes. sometimes happens 4 or 5 times a day sometimes wont happen for two or three days. I also have an aftermarket Viper remote starter. The problem doesnt change if I do not use the remotes and switch to using only the keys. PLEASE HELP!!!
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    The problem could be your aftermarket remote start, it has to bypass the security system to start.
    Other than remove the remote start and see if it still is a problem, don't what else to tell you. The fix at the dealer is expensive.
  • That was our initial thought so we stopped using the aftermarket remote, and it still does it. The aftermarket is relatively new, yr- yr and half and a better brand. Today it wouldnt start even after the 10 minute wait. I referred to some of the messages on here about turning the key back and waiting 11 minutes and repeating 3 times. It seemed to work so far.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Not using it and removing the remote start from the car is not the same. When an aftermarket remote is installed they have to modify the factory security system, that maybe where your problem lies.
  • kaymakayma Posts: 1
    Just wanted to chime in to say how helpful this was. Same thing happened to me just now, and shifting into neutral worked just fine, no wire cutting necessary.Thanks!
  • kkodalkkodal Posts: 34
    when i try to start my cavalier it won't do anything.all the lights go off but it won't even turn over to attempt to start.i am assuming that it has something to do with the anti theft system but i tried to reset it by turning the key on leaving it on for 11 mins and turning it off for three times but nothing.i am lost at this point.when i turn the ignition on the anti theft light goes off though before i try to start it.can anyone help please??
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    With a security problem it will start and in 2 seconds stop. You could have a bad battery, starter, starter relay, ignition switch or poor connection. You need to know how to trouble shoot to narrow it down.
  • kkodalkkodal Posts: 34
    how would i find the starter relay?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Well that’s not easy. The 2001 with a certain S/N’s did not come from the factory with a starter relay. There is a recall on 2001 in the serial range, it will be installed for free and if the ignition switch is bad it will be replaced for free.
    Now was yours done, from the small purple wire from the starter relay there will be a splice and the wire will go up to radiator support to the relay.
    Here is the serial range listed. 17100001 to 17370764 another range 1S100001 to 1S219421
  • kkodalkkodal Posts: 34
    i could not see any relay and i am not sure if that update was done on mine but how would i find the serial number on the vehicle for this recall?thanks
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    2 ways, open driver door, the decal will be right there on end of the door.
    Out side look at the bottom of the windshield driver side, there will be the VIN plate.
  • salsero66salsero66 Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a problem with my 2000 Chevy Cavalier, the anti theft light came on and won't start. What would be the problem and how can I reset the system? Please help me. Thanks
  • ok im not completely car stupid but i have a few questions about my car i got the car about a year ago this is my second one same year and everything i have the 2.2 non eco tech engine and currently i had alot of work done to it but i have now takin it all back out to figure out what my problem is ...anyway all that is done is an aftermarket radio and after market cold air intake now i just had my car to the machanic when this all happened had a new clutch and transmittion put in it ran fine for the first day the second day was my sisters birthday so i woke up about 9 and went to pick her up still ok about maybe and hour and a half worth of drivin that day car ran perfect and wasnt acting bad in any way after i was done with that about 2 hours after sittin with our friends we go to get back in the car and was drivin maybe 20 minutes to a half hour and then stalled i got it started agin and made it to the nearest gas station got to the gas station and once i shut it down it wouldnt start i got it to start off a jump and when i went to drive away it stalled again like i was dumpin the cluth on it with no gas then i have a friend push my car with his truck got it goin about 15 tried to pop start it and it would sound like it was tryin and just shut off on me i replaced my spark plugs and wires battery and altinator what else could it be i have done everything i could think of the coil packs even its a 2.2 manual car that used to do almost 8 seconds flat to nothing at all can you please help or give me some addvice ......i have read some of these and my security light is on and have had my car back to the shop twice since then noone can figure it out please help me i dont get on the computer often cause im tryin to fix my car please if you have any info please post it on here for me or email me its [email protected] it is sent directly to my phone and i will get it faster thanks in advanced :sick: :cry:
  • My daughter's car, a 2005 chevy cavalier just started having issues with the ignition switch. She pulled the key from the ignition and this set off the alarm. While trying to silence the alarm she put the key back into the ignition and was able to silence the alarm. Now the ignition switch won't turn. Thinking it had something to do with her key she had her husband try his key and it will not turn either. They live in a remote area and a tow to a dealership would be very expensive.
    Could this have something to do with the "anti-theft" portion of the vehicle or could she just be having ignition switch issues?
    Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I am from GM Customer Service. I apologize that your daughter is experiencing an issue. Is the steering wheel locked too, or is it just the ignition switch that won't turn? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Steering wheel does turn but the ignition switch will not.

    Thank you for your time on this matter.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Heathersdad,
    Did you get the ignition to unlock? If not, have you tired to turn the steering wheel and turn the ignition at the same time? Sometimes this can take up to about 5 minutes. This may/may not work If you cannot get it to unlock, you are probably going to have to tow it into the dealership. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • plug1plug1 Posts: 1
    Im having problems with my cavalier it turns but it wont start the theft light is on at all times i need to know how to make it flash so im able to program it
  • My 'Theft Lock' system started disabling my '97 Malibu more and more frequently and waiting the 10 minutes was quite frustrating. Then it started doing it back to back... wait 20 minutes (and sometimes more). Then I found gonogo's post. I have started my car in Neutral for years (since '07) without failing once (the 'Theft Lock' light was on, but I didn't care)... until yesterday. It wouldn't start at all. So I did the reset... trying to start the car and leaving the ignition on after each time for 3 times and it started. I drove it around, came home turned it off and started it again (in Neutral) and it's fine. I was curious so, for the heck of it, I just went out and started it in Neutral and the 'Theft Lock' light was not on. I turned it off and started it in Park (without any problem) and the 'Theft Lock' light was not on. I think I will continue to start it in Neutral and hope that I don't have any other problems. It's a habit of starting in Neutral... when I drive other cars, I am tempted to put them in Neutral.
  • Where is the anti-theft relay located? I think it may be defective. Is this a manufacturer design defect? My car sometimes won't start. When it doesn't, there is a humming sound and the anti-theft and engine light stay on while the switch is turned to the start position. Sometimes when this happens, I can't move the gear shift lever; so, it won't go into nuetral. After a while it will start. Sound's like others have had the same problems. Is there a recall for this problem? Could it be the switch for the linkage that prevents starting if the car isn't in Park or nuetral? Will the anti-theft system lock up the gear shift lever so the car won't go out of 'Park'? My car just past Calif. Smog; so, I don't think anything is wrong with the engine. It doesn't seem to be an issue with the starter. I don't think it's the crank relay. I removed it and it makes the car not start at all; if removed. How do I reset the anti-theft system on my car? I noticed some people had been told to unplug a three wire plug to their ignition switch. Does this apply to my car?

    Any information will help. My son was late for work today. Now the car starts again like nothing is wrong with it. I need a 57 chevy .....
  • i have a 98 chevy cavalier 5 speed and i was driving it down the highway and i noticed my gas light came on but i had a full tank of gas then my temp gauge went to hot then dropped down to cold in seconds. Then shortly after that every single light came on in my dashboard and then i lost acceleration and my car died when i pulled over i noticed my hood was smoking and i popped the hood and the engine and the water coolant was smoking... I towed my car home and i look at my oil and when i tried taking the oil filter off there was a yellow substance where the oil should be but no oil and i looked at the dip stick and it said it was full.. The car turns over but will not start i really need any ideas you could give me.
  • My Theft System light stays on; never happened before. I tried disconnecting battery and removing fuses both under the dash and on the engine (Fuel Pump, etc)
    I have tried doing the three ten minute sessions of leaving the key in ACC, etc.
    Any suggestions?

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