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BMW X3 hesitation on acceleration



  • akw8akw8 Posts: 3
    I got the computer fix last month and it has been a different car ever since. Get the latest upgrade.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    Well, it drives much better, but is not as smooth shifting as I thing it should be.(compared to my last BMW). At least I don't feel as though it will stall every time I step on the gas.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    OK, I'm sold. It is a hundred times better than before. Not 100%, but I'll take it. Still kinda lurches off the start, but shifts happen when they should, and actually happen!. If you haven't had it done, DO IT!.
  • We've taken our 07 X3 in 5 times to get the dangerous transmission problem fixed. The first 3 times, the service dept said they couldn't duplicate the problem (hesitation, lack of response to increased throttle, jerky downshifting, surges after a decline/incline transition) and did nothing. the 4th time, the software update was installed. The shifting is still erratic and jerky. All should check out thread about this. Many X3 owners are reporting the problems to NHTSA and BBB as their dealerships and BMW-NA are unresponsive and passing the buck. Absolutely incredibly disappointing lack of customer service by BMW and an awful vehicle for $40k. This is our 5th BMW. Unlike the first 4, this is a total :lemon: :lemon:
  • Don't waste your time with the SIB updates. After spending over $40k on this vehicle and having multiple updates done it still is unpredictable in its shifting behavior. Report it to the NHTSA complaints and recalls. Many of the owners are now having their vehicles bought back or traded out to avoid Lemon Law documentation. Dont Let BMWNA stall any longer. This issue has been going on for over a year. Ask BMWNA to take back your vehicle. If they stall or refuse get a Lemon Lawyer. :lemon:
  • edsurf3edsurf3 Posts: 1
    Experienced the same issues with my 2007 X3 and took this back to dealer 4 times....after the fourth time they offered to buy it back...I did not even ask....that tells me this is a major known I am negotiating as they want me to pay $$$ out of pocket.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    Thanks for the info. I have an appointment with the factory rep Friday and hopefully they'll get me a new vehicle. I was hopeful with the last SIB update, but it has gotten almost as bad as the first time I took it in. Wish me luck......
  • gmacpanygmacpany Posts: 3
    I now have a 2008 that replaced the 2007 BMW bought back.

    Now I am writing to NTHSB and going to the local media here in NY area...this car is dangerous, unsafe, horrible, gross and disturbing. The transmission is the worst in any car I have ever had in 30+ years of driving.

    BMW will regret I ever leased one.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    So, I couldn't tell if the 2008 is better than the 2007?
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Nice posts here I've read many of them. i am already nervous with bmw problems you guys just made me a little more. :sick:
  • markdimarkdi Posts: 33
    Well, I had the major update last year, which actually seemed pretty good. Not perfect, but maybe I could live with it-I thought.

    Hesitation was practically all gone. Lately it has gotten worse again.

    Almost got clocked while making left turn into gas station today. I had plenty of room to make left turn, but it lunged forward slightly, then nothing!!!!! Then the oncoming traffic was approaching, and beeping their horn. All of a sudden, I got power, and the tires chirpped!

    it is weird-you push the gas down, and it does not respond.

    Not safe!

    I am not happy. I bought it April of 2007. It has been in for this problem at least 5 times.
    It is going in again-this time for good!

    I want a new vehicle-this is a lemon!
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    I remember reading your posts yesterday.

    You previously mentioned that your jeep was better than the x3 and had starting problems so many times.

    So didn't the dealer take your car back?

    So what car will you be considering I am definitely thinking about lexus now how about you?
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    As far as I can tell, the problem is limited to some 2007(early) X3s. 3 series has the same trans and never had these issues the many times I had one for a loaner.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    Still can't get BMW to admit there is a problem. They've had my vehicle for a week with the factory rep and all they can come up with is to wipe out the memory and reset all the "adaptive learning". My service rep told me to come back in 2 weeks to get a new update. Hope the rep is there when I pick it up today.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    Got my X3 Wed. from the dealer with the first "X3 specific" software change. I had an '08 X3 loaner for 5 days over the 4th weekend and it drove like a totally different car--and the transmission acted much more like I expected. Long story short, SO FAR, the new software rev has made a huge difference, right out of the box. It shifts more like the '08, and at this point, I'm ready to say 80% success. I don't like adaptive trans anyway, because they rarely do what I want......

    Repair sheet says "software update to DME with V30", so if you still have your X3, call your service guy and press to get this update.
  • emf17emf17 Posts: 1
    I leased a new X3 in January of 2007. I have experienced the acceleration hesitation on many occasions, and even mentioned it to the dealer. My husband drives the car as well and has never been able to duplicate my problem. So I believed the dealer (and my husband) when they said it must be peculiar to my driving style (although I've been driving for decades without issue).

    It happens to me about once every week or two. I'll be waiting to make a left turn without a light (i have a few of these turns on my commute) and when it's my turn I inch up, and, if I have the opening, I hit the gas. The car will go forward, but then give up; hitting the gas does nothing. This leaves me in the middle of the road unable to accelerate, cars coming at me in both directions. After a few seconds of flooring it, the transmission engages again and I lurch forward, out of harm's way, shaking a little.

    A new car (regardless of brand) should be responsive, no matter what your driving style, and under no circumstance leave you without power. I used to think I was the only one, but thanks to this forum, I feel a little less crazy. My lease is up at the end of the year, so it's not worth trying to get anything more than the software patch out of my dealer. I certainly won't be getting another X3, and I will add my voice to the NTHSB complaints list.
  • I just bought a CPO '07 with 8k miles on it.

    My wife and I have driven it about 1000 miles and it has shifted perfectly and predictably every time so far.

    I drive it with a very light foot and get good mileage and have found that heavy foot pressure is not required to make the 260 hp rocket take off.

    My wife drives with a heavier foot and has reported no issues to me.

    Just another data point.
  • Thanks for the information. I am having the same issue. Update after update. Helpful for a week or two but then back to herky jerky.

    How did the buy back with BMW go? My service director at the dealership made the comment "you really don't want to go that route".
  • My 2008 which I got after the buyout of the 2007 is even worse.

    BMW are a bunch of morons who refuse to admit there is a problem with the cars and their software fixes do [non-permissible content removed].
  • Did they give you the option of another model? I dont want another X3!
  • daddymandaddyman Posts: 14
    Ask for a manual transmission. There are a number of BMW websites that have AT x3 drivers reporting favorable comments after getting rid of their AT for MT's.
    BMWNA knows there is a problem and puts up barriers in hopes you will give up. If all else fails get a Lemon Lawyer. They are free for the consumer. Document everything down to the times you have called. Persistance is the key to resolution.
  • I am leasing bmw x3 2007; transmission problems, one accident: I was making right turn on red light, car started to move and then hesitated, car behind me hit me, his fault but .... , same problem almost every week, the car is currently in dealership they can not duplicate the problem so bmwna said there is nothing wrong.... i don't know what to do next, scared to drive it (I used to drive toyota 4runner, lost control of the car on the freeway and that was the reason i have x3 now, first one 2004 - problems, now 2007 - different problems .....
    funny part is, i have x3 2008 rental, drives great without any problem for two weeks now .....
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    There is an X3 specific software update that cures the hesitation problem you have. It is still not perfect and I don't think BMW will ever get it right. The first updates were for the transmission and/or engine management software, which were the same, evidently, for the 3 series and the X3, which made absolutely no sense to me. They are two different vehicles and why would you program the transmissions the same? I never had the problem in a 3 series loaner(and I've had quite a few). I finally asked the service manager, after he gave me the same runaround as you got, who did he think was liable if I got hurt due to the hesitation I'd reported multiple times? They kept it for a while and gave it back without fixing it, but I wasn't surprised. The latest V30 software update is for the X3 only. I had it done and it does not hesitate like it did before. I've noticed my gas mileage has dropped about 1.5mpg, so I wonder if not changing it was more about preserving gas mileage or even emissions-related rather than improving driveablilty. We will never know.....Get nasty with them and they will finally do something. My dealership keeps saying they have to get permission from BMW to do anything; I don't know if it's true, but I am starting to believe it. Good luck.
  • jimc16jimc16 Posts: 21
    I am going to down size my SUV, but I still want performance and luxury. I was seriously considering a X3, especially if they put the turbo engine in it. But after reading these posts, I have reconsidered. Any car can have problems, but it is sad to hear that the factory is so non responsive, and the problem still exists after several years.
  • You know... I've read a lot about this and I think I know what people are talking about. However, I am wondering if this is something they have improved over the years. I have an X5, and it is true that if you don't really put your foot on the gas it hesitates and then when you correct, it jumps. But as long as I am steadily applying my foot to the gas when I am taking off, the car responds perfectly and quickly. I just have to pay attention a bit or it is jumpy and/or it feels like hesitation. I absolutely love my X5 (it's the 4.8). It gets just under 18 mpg in mixed use conditions, and it is truly the fastest SUV I've ever driven. It's roomy while also small and it is a blast to drive. It makes me feel like I'm driving a stick. Anyway, I just had to weigh in because I do have the 2008 and have never noticed any hesitation unless I'm wearing shoes I'm not used to and don't press the gas consistently. If I press the gas, it responds. Period. Must be something they've fixed so I would hate for you to miss out if you plan to buy new and it wouldn't have that problem anyway.

    Good luck to you.
  • sorry, this is much more serious than the way you push the gas pedal ...... or shoes you are wearing......
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    This is about the X3 which has a different transmission than the X5 V8. Unless you have driven the X3 and experienced the thrill of another vehicle flying at you at high speed while you hear the Jeopardy music in the background(the theme of the ECM thinking about what to do next) and no matter what you do, sit still, press harder, change shoes, you really haven't experienced an X3 in all it's glory.

    I had an '04 325i and kick myself every time I get into my X3(not an easy task). I loved that car. It was everything I expected a BMW to be. Handled like a race car, not blindingly fast, but I couldn't keep it under 80, 25 mpg,,,ahhh The X3 is not. It handles like a car, rides like a truck and thumps across smooth pavement. I won't miss it when my lease is up. Thank God it's only a lease.

    I have had the latest software update, but it still does not shift like it should. BMW screwed this one up. I can't help but be a little suspicious of your comments about the shoes and pressing the pedal, since they were the first things my dealership accused me of....I've been driving too long to fall for such nonsense from someone like a service writer.
  • BaitBait Posts: 12
    RE: Daddyman

    Any resolution to your x3 problem?? I'm having the same exact problem with mine. This would be a fantastic vehicle if the tranny worked correctly. I've been in numerous times to have it "reprogrammed". I've have numerous 'near misses' with other cars and I've almost ended up on someones trunk when the car surged while stopped at a red light. The only reason I didn't get tossed into the side of a building one night is because my foot was firmly on the brake. How long have I been complaining? A year and a half! When it is "fixed" the "fix" will last for anywhere from 3 days to a month before it reverts back to it's old ways. I've spent two thirds of my lease driving the Ultimate Driving Machine with a transmission problem! BMWNA finallyyyyyyyyy got the district guy into evaluate the car. Good news is, they sent him in right after it was "fixed", so, " faults were found. The vehicle is operating as designed". Well dahhhhh. Of course, the dealer(s) are saying they're independent so this is BMWNAs issue. I went through an issue such as this 20+yrs ago. Here's my bottom line. NEVER DEAL WITH A CAR ISSUE WITHOUT A LAWYER! I've been stupid enough to think I would be delt with as a valued "customer with a real mechanical problem". Car companies do not deal with people that way, they wear them down through attrition until they give up. Then again, that's what I get for buying a "cheap" car, right?
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    try to get them to do the V30 update, unless there is a newer one--which I would like to know about if there is-mine no longer hesitates, but surges and jumps, slushy shifts, but when you step on the gas, it goes.
  • What is the latest software update from BMW for the X3 transmission and acceleration issue? It amazes me that you cannot smoothly accelerate from a stopped position with the thudding kick of the transmission upshifting.
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