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Isuzu Trooper



  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    Apparently that was a false report.
  • kw9kw9 Posts: 13
    93LS 30k. Thanks for the info marty. Dealer says I sould come back in for a second ground to be attached to the trans and that will solve problem. The first ground they replaced reduced the problem significantly so maybe this will in fact solve it. we'll see. I've got a service warr for another 50k so I'm not on the hook for $$ above $100.
  • My local dealer quoted me $365 I believe for the 15k service which based on memory includes replacing the differential fluids and an oil change? Isn't this a little steep? Anyone else have any thoughts about this?...thanks!
  • cwmosercwmoser Posts: 227
    I paid $212 for the 15K plus 22.5K service.


    which details my expenses with a 1999 Trooper for the first 25,000 miles.

  • It is probably shock time for my 92k mile 1996 Trooper 'S'.

    I have heard good things about the Edelbrock IAS shocks from a source I respect.
    Has anybody installed these in a Trooper and have any comments?

    $69.99 ea is the retail price.

    Thanks for any info
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I strongly reccomend against them on a trooper. 1 person on this board and someone on another board had them break apart on them. Also you can get rancho 9000s for around the same amount and have the adjustability of them. I think Edlebrock is living on it's rep.

  • It is probably shock time for my 92k mile 1996 Trooper 'S'.

    I have heard good things about the Edelbrock IAS shocks from a source I respect.
    Has anybody installed these in a Trooper and have any comments?

    $69.99 ea is the retail price.

    Thanks for any info
  • Paisan,
    Thanks for the quick response.

    Did these shocks allegedly break off road or on road. This car spends 99.5% on road and
    the other .5% in the snow.

    Spends maybe 2% towing a 3000lb boat.

    Do you still recommend against Edelbrock for that type of use?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Both were on-road experiences. With little or no off-roading done on them. Probably flukes, but not something I'd want to happen to me. I have the rancho 9000s and tow a 3000lb boat as well. it's nice to firm up the rear for towing, and the 9000s allow that easily.

  • IMO, cheap gas shocks work OK for the street. I know that some wno know me will think I'v lost my head, but the cheapo $27 (installed) shocks at Sears and NTB are pretty decent for the $$. I'd recommend them over higher priced shocks IF you don't go off road a lot. Off road theses shocks don't have dampening that yiu need over entire range. On road, they'll give you a firm but compliant ride. Just an opinion, mark P
  • Will be using a car cover on our new 2001 Trooper S for a while (until I clean out our garage!). It is a pain with the standard antenna because you have to unscrew it or put a hole in the cover. I want to install a power antenna. Should I order the factory part or is there a good replacement? How hard is the installation? Is there a power wire for the antenna on the factory S radio harness?
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    I could be wrong, but I don't think you will find a factory power antenna wire of any kind, because the higher trim models use the "diversity" antenna, which consists of elements on the inside of both side-rear windows (many people mistake the antenna elements for window defrosters). Thus, none of the models use a power retracting you will probably have to look aftermarket.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    What SDC2 said. In fact in 2002 even the S model will get it. I'd go with unscrewing it.

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I like the OME shocks. $65 each. They are great. I am sure the Ranchos 9000's are good too. I think the OME are way better than stock on the road.
  • Also, you may want to head to Walmart and pick up a shorter rubber mast replacement($5). I have one on my Amigo and the reception is fine, and I would imagine that it would flex enough for you needs.

  • I have two (and a half) GM vehicles - an S-10 pickup (fixed antenna) and a B'ville (power retracting), in addition to the Trooper. We drive to Baltimore fairly often and I've noticed that the Trooper radio consistently gets better reception than either of the other two vehicle radios when listening to the same station in each of the vehicles. Just one more plus for the Trooper!!
    BTW, Paisan, did you have a link to a how-to with pictures for locating and extracting the trailer electrical hookup on your web site or am I dreaming? I looked but can't seem to find it.
    BTW2, Due to recent events (I work about 2 miles from the Pentagon), we put off until next Monday the drive to Richmond to pick up the travel trailer. I'll report back on how the tow goes next week. I'm anxious, as everything I read indicates that the trailer is too big (wide, high, & long) for the Trooper. Weight isn't the issue.
  • Just had the 90k mile service done on the Trooper.

    Performed the recommended items and also needed
    rear brakes (for the first time) pads and rotors
    turned. Did the front brakes for the first time
    at 75k.

    As I stated in my earlier post, I also need shocks
    and tires.

    I tremendously appreciate all input on the shocks,
    I am still leaning towards the Edelbrocks (...get
    it "leaning", that is shock humor -eh!)

    Also thinking of BF Goodrich Long Trails this time. This is a money concession. Currently has
    BF Goodrich AT's and they are $40 more each now
    about $160 ea. Seems the LT's are <$100.

    Anyone run these tires. I was very happy with the
    AT's, and got about 45k out of them, they replaced
    the OE Duelers. I just don't need the offroad
    capabilities (and hence price) of those tires.

    Thanks again all!

    P.S. I am very sad that this is likely my first and last Isuzu. Just won't buy a rebadged GM!!! Hear that that ISUZU. I LOVE THIS THING, BUT GIVE
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    Look at post #277 and #333 in Isuzu Modifications/Aftermarket/Accessories, this is the guy who had problems with the shocks. Also, scroll down a couple, another guy replaced his too, Hope it helps.
  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    made by visiting my ISUZU dealer recently and making a statement I didn't expect the dealer to respond to. How's that you ask? I took my 97' Trooper in to have the Service Department do the work on the rear diffy "whine". I made 2 mistakes actually, now that I think about it. I took my wife with me, and I sashaayed over to the new car lot and started gandering at the new Troopers they had on the lot. They only had 4 available; 1 S, 1 LS, 1 LTD, and 1 Anniversary Special. While looking at all of them, I decided I'd see if I could get the salesmans attention on the S model. I said, "I bet you can't get me out the door in this one for $19,000" can you? BIG mistake on my part. I had challenged him, and he took the challenge. He said, "I don't know about that, let me see what I can do". In the meantime, I asked to test drive it and we took it out for a spin. My wife was fidgiting around like a new setting hen. I talked her into getting behind the wheel and driving a while, and she started beaming like krypton blue headlights. Man was she pleased with how this rig handled and responded to the press of the accelerator. She kept saying, "this feels real good, handles great", "man, those brakes are smooth acting". "There's no way we can get this car for that price". I had my doubts as well, but told her that if we could, I would be willing to commit to buying it. The sales guy started his spill about what all the Trooper has on it and all, but I cut him off at the pass. I told him I currently have a 97' model and a 1988 model, and was well familiar with all their features except the "drive by wire" system. He tried to explain that to me, and that was it! Then we went into the price fixing process. It was a hoot! I named my price, which he had acknowledged as a cash, out the door price. Then he later asked about any trade-in. That's where I goofed. I admitted I did have a car I wouldn't need anymore if I bought the Trooper, and he latched on to that. He then wanted all the details about this unneeded car, and what MY bottom dollar "difference" price would be to close that deal. I did some quick figuring in my head and shot him a number based on what I've seen on this board, on Edmonds, and Auto I shot him a number I thought would be a very good deal for me and one he likely wouldn't take. I was right. He didn't flinch but his "manager" wouldn't bite. He came back with a counter offer, and I said NO. He asked me for some flexibility, "be realistic" he said. I gave another $500 and he went back to his sales manager. He returned shaking his head. My wife was starting to get squirmish, fidgiting around. He wanted me to give another $500. I said NO and headed for the EXIT. As I opened the door to leave, with my upset wife in tow, the manager calls out to me to STOP! He reviews the numbers with me in his office and says "we're only a couple thousand $$ apart, work with me here". PLEASE buy my car! I'll get on my knees and beg if I have to! It was totally embarassing to me! I have never seen a "professional" act like that before. I told him I thought my offer was fair and reasonable, hehe, but I understood that he had to make a living as well. But, I would not pay that price, and I headed for the door again. By this time I'm really tired of this game they're playing and I'm going home. As I got to the door, the managers boss asked what was wrong. I told him, and he asked if I would split the difference with them on the amount we were still arguing over. Before I thought about, I said yes....OOPs, I'd committed to buy a 01' Trooper S when all I really intended to do was take my 97' in for maintenance. But you should see my wife! Man is she beaming!! Happy Trooping!! Now I've got 3! ;->
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    When you pick it up shoot me a pic of all 3 for my website! :)

  • maccmacc Posts: 11
    I have a 1999 black trooper and about 4 months ago the paint start chipping all over the hood. These are very small chips, but alot of them. Has anybody else had this problem?? Also does anyone know of a cheaper(poss online) place to get trooper parts and accessories? My friend has an xterra and told me about a place where they can get cheaper parts - - do we have an equivalent?? Thanks
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    St. Charles Auto Group (800.727.8066, IIRC) sells genuine Isuzu parts at 15% off manufacturer list. That's about as cheap as it gets on Isuzu-brand parts (from oil filters to running boards), as far as I know.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Matt from is working on selling OEM parts contact him to see if he hooked up with the supplier yet.


  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    I have a 99 black Trooper, have not noticed any paint chipping...I DO have some scratches along the sides from brush along the trails, but that is a different issue...
  • cwmosercwmoser Posts: 227
    Your purchase writeup was both entertaining and informative. Reminds me of the times when I purchased vehicles. Sounds like you "stole" the new Trooper to me. What are you going to do with the other 2 Troopers?
  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    So when the dust settled, what did you actually pay for the Trooper? I assume it is an S Auto 4x4?
  • I have been in carwash/detail for several years as well as do many dealer refurbishments. If your paint is chiping, then the hood has been repainted either from a preveous wreck, hail dammage,or shipping from overseas. Dealers on many occasions have completely repainted vehicles that have been dammaged without telling the customer, only for the customer to find they are having paint problems after about 2 years which is the typical amount of time it takes for a cheap quicki paint job to deteriorate from the environment. Although the Japanese painted trooper is not the thickest or as good as many of the other Japanes vehicles, it should not chip. Fords are usually the ones with chiping paint up front.
  • My 99 Black Tropper has little divots in the hood but it looks like they were caused by small rocks or gravel on the highway. I also have a 92 240 Volvo and there is no comparison in the quality of paint. The Volvo paint is hard and thick with an additional thick primer. Also, the black chips show up more against a light colored primer than most lighter color vehicles. If we had chosen the silver instead of the black, we would not have as noticeable problem.
  • I also have a black '99 Trooper. The paint on newer cars is extremely fragile since manufacturer's switched to spraying extremely thin coats of water based paints. This is done for both environmental and economic reasons. The paint on my 1997 BMW is just as susceptible to chips. The days of 25-30 coats of hand-rubbed deep finish paint are long gone (except maybe Rolls Royce). If you do any amount of highway driving, get a hood protector to save the front edge of the hood and maybe your windshield. I got a factory piece and think it looks sharp. Go through the post archives and you'll see mention of other sources and possible wind slapping sounds from these things.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I bought the lund hood protector from JC Whitney after I broke my Isuzu one. The lund looks and feels similar to the Isuzu one, but I think the plastic is slightly thicker and less susceptible to wind vibrations. Also was 1/2 the price of an isuzu one.

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