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Isuzu Trooper



  • I have noticed that my engine has been pinging a lot lately. I just had the oil changed at the dealer and checked it and it is fine. I wonder if anyone else has had that problem. Also, the heat shield sounds horrible when it is cold, any ideas how to fix that? Let me know, thanks.
  • Can anyone help me? I'm looking at buying a 1995 Isuzu Trooper. I thought it was an LS, but it's not badged at all, and I have no way of knowing otherwise except for maybe the Vin number. The owner doesn't know. According to edmunds there is a difference in price between the S and the LS, and I want to make sure I make an offer that is appropriate for the model. The Vin is JACDJ58V9S7909777.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Go to the Isuzu Trooper Owners Guild, There is a VIN decoder there, possibly under the ITOG University link.

    Also, the Isuzu customer service folks will help you with this information as well. Grab the toll-free number from the Isuzu web site (
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554 It doesn't look like the level of detail you need, though. You might need to call the Isuzu 800#.
  • About the dealership search thing first. Yes a dealer will do a search for you. This is what mine did, but the dealer won't tell you where the truck is, knowing this info you can just go to the other dealer, and say, "Hey I'm looking to buy that truck, here is my quote from dealer X, can you beat it?" And without a doubt the 2nd dealer will. That is why I went to the top first.

    As for PING....

    I have/Had it (and a handfull of others here too) ... a possible fix is to try to run some Concentrated Chevron Techron (NOT the Proguard stuff, the Concentrated stuff) make sure you get the 20oz bottle. And try it with 2 tanks of gas in a row (one bottle of Chervon each time). That seems to work for most folks.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Uwharrie, NC offroading trip with Planet Isuzoo. Had a ball. More to come.

  • I think we need to forget all this TOD talk. I figured if the fronts were on asphalt and the rears on ice, then one could pull the parking brake (making the rears need more torque) which would then give the front more torque at the 50/50 split :)

    FYI: I fully understand part-time systems like TOD in Low. The engine doesn't have to work twice as hard when running in low. A couple basic drive train rules, neglecting drive train loses: Horsepower is constant through a drive train and torque varies with gearing along with rpm.
  • katgrekatgre Posts: 8
    Hey gang, I picked up my New Trooper on Saturday. I'm sooooooo happy. I love it! I thought it was $19,500 ended up being $19,995. It was listed as 22,995. with 7000 miles. I still think I got a deal. I picked the truck up in Dayton,OH, I live in Indianapolis which is 120 miles away. Excellent drive home. Here's a few questions I have.

    1-I put new batteries in my second remote because I didn't realize it didn't work before I left the dealership (purchased from Honda Dealership) New batteries still didn't work. Someone said I need to program the 2nd remote is this true?

    2-What type of oil should I use?
    3-I need a cd-changer any suggestions? Thinking about bidding on a 6 disc changer(Pioneer)@ ebay. Does the factory system support a Pioneer changer?
    4-The power button any suggestion about when to use it? I drove back from Ohio with the button on.

    So far I'm riding high! Everyone agrees that the Trooper rides like a car.

    Also, I had a great experience with very helpful.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Congrats to all the new owners...

  • I took this from the

    Here are the programming instructions for '98-02' Isuzu Rodeo and Troopers...
    Isuzu Rodeo and Trooper (with factory keyless entry)
    Instructions for programming

    1. Get in car and make sure all doors are unlocked.
    2. Open drivers door and leave open.
    3. Put key in ignition.
    4. Turn key to on position(dash lights on, but do not start) and back to off position 3 times in 5 seconds or less. (you must turn the key very fast)
    5. Close and open drivers door 2 times in 5 seconds or less.
    6. Turn key to on position and back to off position 5 times in 5 seconds or less. (turn key very fast)
    7. Close and open drivers door doors should lock and unlock twice after this happens push the lock or unlock button on the remote, doors will lock and unlock. Push the lock or unlock button a second time and doors will lock and unlock again. You are finished!

    The above sequence erases all previous codes and adds the new code as #1. If you are adding a second remote, you should follow the same sequence with the exception of step 6; instead of turning the key to the on position and back to the off position 5 times in 5 seconds or less, do it 3 times in 5 seconds or less and then continue to step 7.

    ***Remember to turn the key to the on and off position very fast.

    As for the cd changer here is a link to the CD interface cable.

    This will work ONLY with Eclipse products, and your current deck needs to have the CD changer controls ... you could buy the factory indash CD for about 100-150 used from and then hook it up into your current deck, again as long as it has the changer controls.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Here is the results of a '92 Trooper getting rear ended...


  • bluedevils: Thanks for the info from you on this subject. The vin didn't have the info I was looking for, but I've compared the features on the vehicle that I may purchase, with that of the standard equipment for the LS and the options. I'm pretty comfortable that it's an LS model. Now the negotiations will begin. I'll keep you all posted.
  • jimmyp1jimmyp1 Posts: 640
    Wow, that's impressive! Not even a broken window or anything. I wonder if our towing setups would have made it worse or even better. Glad to hear you had fun 4 Wheeling, Paisan. Will be watching for updates. Also, Ryanendres, thanks for the remote entry reprogram info. I had it done at the dealer when I bought mine (for free obviously) and I can verify that that's exactly what it looked like they did. So, I have printed your info out for future reference. Also, ToddsWagner, I had a heatshield come loose on my Subaru once, the dealer made it sound like a big pain in the a$$ (probably to make the hour worth of labor, or whatever it was, seem reasonable), but they ended up just having to weld it back in place. No problems since.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'm sure it would have helped the trooper cause. My bar would have pushed even more into the LS400! :) It's nice to use regular cars as your crumple zone.

  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    I would like to hear what you come up on the resolution to the PING you mentioned. Is it a PING, as in pre-ignition valve noise, or is it a light knock as in valve lifter noise? You mentioned it started after changing oil and I'm not sure how the two could be related. I have started experiencing a little PING and valve lifter noise as well. The PING has been related to BAD gas, low octane. The valve lifter noise just started and I'm going to take it to the dealer for investigation. It's still under 60,000 miles, so it's warranty work.

    On that heat shield rattle, I've been plagued with that as well. I've found that metal hose clamps do a pretty good job of stopping that awful buzzing noise they make. Happy Trooping !!!

    OH congrats to all you NEW Trooper owners! Aren't these just the GREATEST vehicles!
  • I am in the market for a used SUV to be used off-road in Colorado during the Spring/Summer months. I have been told that the Trooper is one of the best off road performers. I was curious what the folks on this board think, why and whether you would recommend a used Trooper. I was also interested in any tips you can offer in selecting a used Trooper (e.g., problems to look for). I'm guessing I'm looking for something with high mileage to fit my budget ( $10K max) so longevity and reliability are also concerns.

    Thanks in advance.

    Elight 50
  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    You're talking to the right folks about a used vehicle to go offroad with. As you can see from this board, there aren't any GENERIC problems with Troopers. They are rugged, roomy, and durable. You can get a lot of Trooper for $10K. The best availability as far as variety is probably Ebay. Check em' out. Theres all kinds on there from new to mid eighty's models. Good Luck with your search. If you spend a little time reading messages on this board, you'll get a good feel for Trooper reliability and know quirks.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    I'm not an expert on old Troopers, but in general they are very durable and capable, though not an abundance of power.

    I have heard that, for off-road use, the most desirable version of the old boxy ("first generation") Trooper came with 4.77 gears and limited slip rear diff.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    You can get a 2nd gen trooper probably around '96> If you could find one with TOD even better. I just took my stock trooper offroad in NC. I put at least 2-3 Jeep Wranglers that were Modded to shame. Took me 1.5 attempts, took them 5-7 attempts over the same obstacle (Proving Grounds Obstacle on the Rocky Mount Trail @ Uwharrie)

  • It looks like good things happened to the Trooper in 1998 - more HP, more torque, less weight. You guys know all this. I'm just showing off so I can ask a few dumb questions.

    My first is whether offroad is better/easier etc with a manual or an auto. As you can tell, I'm not into this sport yet, but my cabin is at 9,000 ft and the trout are at 12,000 ft +. I'm going to learn, one way or the other. So, a little friendly advice to a rookie would be appreciated.

    Since I want to stay around $10K, and assuming I want the goodies the '98 model brought to the Trooper, I'm going to have to go for high mileage (100k +). Any reservations out there about a high mileage vehicle? Are there maintenance items that I should insist on (timing belts etc).

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Belts should have been done at least 1x.
    Autos are good for off-road, but manuals are also. Manuals allow more engine braking. The TOD on the '98> Autos is also very very nice. Especially in mud and slippery conditions.

  • In anticipation of a purchase soon, I am looking for people who have experience with the third seat in the Trooper. My dealer's part manager said they have only ordered two seats in over two years. They said it takes about six weeks to get it through their parts department. I don't believe it should take that long. Has anyone out there ordered the 3rd seat from If so, how long did it take? Has anyone tried the do-it-yourself installation? Thanks for any info.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    At least your dealer will do it. Every dealer I've dealt with has said they refuse to buy them because they aren't DOT inspected for the US and don't want the responsibility of re-selling them. An active guy on here has the little passenger seats.

  • Paisan,

    Do you happen to remember what the correct spec is for the front alignment (which: cast or camber...?) when using the taller springs? I have the OME springs as you know, and need to re-align the tires to correct the extra wear on the outside of the tire.

    I'm preparing to put some new 265/75r16 Pro Comp AT on my '99 Trooper. Have you heard any good or bad about this tire? It is rated for severe weather (snow and ice) and has a 50,000 mile warranty. Suppose to be quiet also.

    BTW: my '99 now has 44,000 miles on it with absolutely nothing wrong/no problems. Still no significant oil usage at all using the Mobil 1 Full Synthetic (10w-30) and the Pur One filter. I run the oil about 7500 miles with a filter change at the halfway point. Still love the OME springs/shocks and Sway-A-Way bar combo.

    Thanks for your help!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Mine didn't need any re-alignment after the OME lift. It wasn't signficant enough to throw off the alignment at all.

    The Pro-comps are ok. A good friend used the Yokohama Geolander AT+IIs this weekend at uwharrie in thik caky mud w/o a problem. I'm going for either the Scorpions in 275-70-16 or the Yokos in 265-70-16.

  • At their website, says that their seats meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards established by the Department of Transportation. What do you mean when you say they aren't DOT inspected? How can the manufacturer insist they meet these standards if they are not DOT inspected? Does this mean the manufacturer tested them but DOT does not?
  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    I believe the owners manual indicates the timing belt should be changed at 100k. So if you go with a trooper approaching 100k, check whether it was done and the cost of that replacement.
  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    I noticed on the one pic that the door got bent. The rear bumper bar (see Matt's indepent4x web site) may have saved that from happening. I have a rear bumper bar on the hitch. When I take it off when using my receiver for towing and don't put the bar back on the same day, I feel a little unprotected.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well I was referring to the OEM Isuzu 3rd row. It is available outside the NA market and isn't available here because it hasn't been tested for DOT use. I'm not sure if or how the have been tested for the DOT. I would feel perfectly comfortable using either the OEM ones or the ones. My point was that most dealers won't import OEM ones if they aren't available as an option on NA Market due to the liability involved in selling a part that could come back to bite them.

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