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Isuzu Trooper



  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    22.5k is a decent price on a new trooper S 4x4. Hopefully, you can get low financing as well.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    What size is the socket you need for the trooper plugs?
  • My 1995 3.2L SOHC Trooper-S uses a 5/8 inch spark plug socket. The rubber insert is vital since the plugs are down a deep well. A tight fit to your socket extention is also needed. You will need a long extension on your socket wrench to reach down the well and high enough to give room to turn the rachet handle. On the passenger side it is very easy access. On the drivers side the air intake and power brake actualtor are in the way. On the driver side a socket flex adapter will be helpfull.
  • No, no special financing. There are a lot of 2001 Troopers on the lots, may wait a week or two and see if situation improves. I would rather have a Tacoma 4 dr, but my wife has her heart set on the Trooper. It's an ok vehicle and a good value.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Just got back from towing a ~3500lb boat at 75-80mph on the interstate with considerable hills. Towed it nearly effortlessly, although it did drop to 3rd more often than usual, but didn't have a problem doin 75-80 though. Obtained 11mpg on this trip, compared to my usual 17mpg for the same trip, not bad considering it had almost 2x the normal weight. Also had heavy cross-winds as well.

  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    You may do better on financing outside the dealer with the way interest rates are dropping. It is more of a hassle than going through the dealer though.
  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    would be a BIG mistake in my opinion. No way would I wait that long to replace them. There might not be any electrode left, the way it was eaten away. I went back with Bosch Platinum, but they were the single, not the 4X's. I've also heard on this board that the 4X's don't work correctly with the ISUZU computer. I don't know the details. Someone else on here had a good explaination for it several months ago.

    Now about that mileage I mentioned last week that surprised me. I have around 1100 miles on the new 01' and I'm not babying the engine. I understand babying it can lead to oil consumption down the road. Anyway, I'm seeing 20mpg on the road and about 16/17 in town right now. I'm pleased with it. Happy Trooping !! ;->
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I have "100k" plugs in my minivan. I am going to have them inspected at 60,000 (soon to come). Good point about the electrodes, but I'm also concerned about them "freezing" in place. Pulling them will at least insure that they'll come out, even if they turn out to be in good shape.

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  • I recently changed the Plugs and noted the eroding electrodes.

    I assume I changed the plugs back at 60k miles when I did the timig belt, etc. So that would mean these plugs were withering away at 32k miles?

    Prior to changing the plugs I was getting just over 14 mpg. After changing - back up to
    16.1 mpg on my last fill up.

    The attitude of the driver is good for AT LEAST 1.5 mpg (which in 10%!). My wife (the lead foot) who fears-not the gas pump, gest >15 mpg. I was babying the car and got 16.1 in a mix
    of street and highway driving.

    Edelbrock shocks still good! New tires coming....
  • breakorbreakor Posts: 398
    Too hot a plug will cause the electrodes to prematurely wear away. Is it possible this is a problem with Troopers such that we should consider using cooler plugs? Or, is the problem simply that the 100k mi. factory figure is way too optimistic and/or the original Denso plugs aren't up to the job?

    For those of you who already did a plug change, was the rest of the plug condition consistent with overheating (for a plug condition chart see -

  • grucelagrucela Posts: 19
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
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  • radman6radman6 Posts: 81
    For those thinking of switching to Bosch platinums, I've had problems with them before. Check out the size of the electrodes. The contact point where it emerges from the ceramic is tiny. With minimal surface area they foul very quickly in vehicles that have higher mileage and burn a little oil. I had to toss a set at less than 3000 miles when they fouled and my engine developed a combination miss / hesitation when accelerating. Took a while to troubleshoot it to the plugs. I replaced with Autolite platinums and have had no problems since. The mechanic that helped me troubleshoot the miss had a bucket full of Bosch platinums he had pulled out of other rigs after they failed prematurely.
  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    Just got a call from my dealer service department. My 97' Trooper is in for a couple things. Engine has developed a lifter tapping noise, approaching a knocking noise. Also still having some vibration out of that rebuilt rear end. And I asked them to price me a timing belt change if they opened up the engine. Also the issue I've had with the voltage dipping from about 14 v to 12 v under quick acceleration, I asked them to investigate as well.

    The news I have so far is....the voltage dip is normal by design on this year model. It's there for maximum acceleration purposes. There's a slip clutch or something in the alternator that unloads it under acceleration unless you have your lights on. Sounds wild to me, but they were adamant about it. I know this was the case on my 1988 model, so I guess its true.
    As far as the rear end goes, they admitted it needed more LSD additive, which they installed and its working fine!
    The theory on the lifter tapping is excessive varnish on the valve lash adjusters. They quoted a service bulletin on this one. We'll see. The fix is run the vehicle at 2000 rpm with Mobil 1 0W-30 weight oil for 30 minutes. The oil costs $54 for 6 quarts!!
    On the timing belt replacement, the price quoted was $459.69 which includes the tensioner pulley. This price can be adjusted if they have to open the engine to do something to the lifters.

    On the Bosch Platinum plugs, radman6 is correct about the center electrode size. It is tiny. But, I've had a set of them in my 1988 Trooper for years now and they have performed just fine. That is what I put in my 97' as well earlier this year and they have been working great. So I don't know that I would panic if you have them in your engines and they perform correctly. If you have symptoms like he mentioned, it would be worth investigating. Happy Trooping !! ;=>
  • Please post the service bulletin info. My 95 has had an on and off tap,tap,tap,tap from the
    valves for (god knows how) many miles now!

    Please share the info.

  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    You can get 0W-30 Mobil One at Wal Mart and the like for less than half of that price!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Styling: Does function trump style?

  • The most beautiful style is also the most functional. To me they are the same since looking good is a function also.

    Unless to you style is glamour as in women's high pointy heel shoes which are stylish to some peoples eye but universally painfully disfuctional.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Spikey heels rule! :)

  • radman6radman6 Posts: 81
    I second bsmart1s comments. If you already have Bosch Platinum plugs and they're working fine - I wouldn't change them before the normal maintenance interval.

    If you're having problems with miss / hesitation and you're running these plugs - you might check them for fouling and try a different brand of platinum plug.

    If you're looking for new plugs for a higer mileage engine that burns a little oil - there are probably better choices out there for the same money.
  • beer47beer47 Posts: 185
    Central NJ to Tuscaloosa, AL. About 1020 miles each way. Averaged about 18 MPG in varying conditions. Only problem was an annoying slight valve tap going up hills. This is a recent development. I have 46K on a 16 month old 2000 "S" Trooper. Never had a tap before. I tried Techron and STP every other tank and tried 6 different 87 octane brands to no avail. I am still under the B to B warranty. Would this be a valve adjustment? or computer chip adjustment? How would a carbon build-up be handled under warranty? Food for thought. I too, would like to track down that Tech Bulletin mentioned above. Cheers to all!
  • Just picked up the 2001 Trooper S 4WD last evening. I drove it back from the dealer to make sure there was not a repeat of the disaster we had with the Suzuki XL7. The vehicle is for my wife. She likes it so far. I'm preparing to order the littlepassenger 3rd row seat. We got a pretty good deal at $18,298. I am amazed at the power of the V6. I had to be careful how I stepped on the accelerator because of the pep. In a couple of days I may be taking my Excursion limited to trade in on something else. Not sure what. I love my Excursion Powerstroke diesel, but the kids don't want to ride with me anymore. They want to ride in the Trooper. I don't need all that room anymore so I'll get something smaller and less expensive. I'm just not sure what. On the drive home in the Trooper, I did notice some wind noise and slight rattle from the area of the rear door near the roof. Anyone have an idea what this might be? It only occurs at 70+ mph. It seems that the rear doors could be made to latch tighter when closed. Any adjustment available for this? My wife chose the light silver two-tone color (looks more like Champagne to me). I didn't like the color at first but it looks great all shined up, especially at night. I'm thinking about getting my own 2001 Trooper while the prices are great. But I'm also thinking about waiting to see what the redesign looks like if any. I really like the feel of the TOD and the power. I'm looking forward to the reliability everyone raves about. Oh well. At least we made it home... God bless all and Happy Trooping!
  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    Need a little help here deciding on whether to purchase a CD unit to go in my 01' Trooper. The seller says this CD player came out of a 1998 Trooper. Will this match up with the 01' wiring harness? Anyone with a sure fire answer, I would appreciate a quick response. Happy Trooping !!
  • oziroooziroo Posts: 2
    After about 47000KM (30000M) I'm just about to replace the original tyres on my 3.5 V6 Jackaroo (Trooper). I saw some discussion on the board previously about sizes other than 245 which can fit onto the standard rims but haven't been able to relocate it. Can anyone offer some advice or experience with sizes and tyres. Most of my driving is blacktop with some dirt and 4WD - but rarely hard core, mud etc. Currently thinking about an all terrain tyre such as the Michelin LX AT or the Bridgestone A/T D693, possibly Cooper Discoverer A/T. Thanks
  • breakorbreakor Posts: 398
    I just replaced the plugs on a 1999 Trooper. What I removed were Champion Double Platinum plugs as also specified in the owner's manual (RC10PYP4) that looked GREAT. Based upon an earlier comment that the factory installed Denso plugs, I am assuming the prior owner previously had the Denso plugs replaced. That being the case these replacement plugs had anywhere from 10K to 40K miles on them depending on when the prior owner actually made the switch.

    I guess my bottom line is that if the plugs had only 10k miles on them then Champions aren't bad plugs it is just too soon to tell if they are great plugs. On the other hand if they had 40k miles on them I would conclude that the Champions are really good plugs. In any event they could easily go at least another 20k miles.

    Before someone gives me too much grief for changing out good plugs I agree that had I know their condition beforehand I would not have changed them. Instead, I had already bought the replacement plugs, psyched myself for the job, rounded up the tools and set aside the maintenance time. When removing that first plug I noticed it was in a little too tight. That convinced me I had to check all the plugs to see if they were also in tight (they were). Being that I was already doing that much work it only seemed natural to install the new plugs. The old "in for a dime in for a dollar" approach. At least now all the plugs are new, properly torqued, have anti-sieze on the threads and dielectric grease on the top. In addition, I have a good set of spare plugs should the need arise.
  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    WOW, that sounds like an awsome price on the new 01' Trooper. Was there a trade-in of some sort? Every time we hear of a new purchase lately, the price is lower than the one before it. Congratulations!!

    On the rear door and vibration etc.. I believe this is quite common with Troopers at the higher speeds. I have experienced it on my 97' and 01' models as well. I think it might have something to do with the integral wind deflector that blows dust off the back window. Don't know of anything you can do about it. About adjusting the back door...there is an adjustment on the lower door opening plate where the two doors meet. That latch ring is adjustable. BUT, I thought it would be a good idea to make mine tighter back in the summer due to a little "non-tight" small creeking sound coming from that area. I adjusted it to close tighter, but only increased my problem. After a few days I compared it to another new Trooper for closing action and flex, as the door is shut. I adjusted mine looser to match the new one and the sound improved greatly. Soooo tighter isn't necessairly better. As you shut the door, it should flex about 1/4" or so. You got the same color as my wife. She is very proud of her's. It does look sharp when all cleaned up!! Happy Trooping !!;->
  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    you make a great point about relocating items you've seen on this board before. We need a search tool to be able to do that. I too have looked for past articles and never found them, even though I know they are on here. This board is so valuable and well used its difficult to find a subject from a couple months back. HEY BOARD OWNER, can we get a search tool ???
  • I appreciate the info regarding the rear door and the noise I hear at speed. There was a trade involved but the $18,298 was the negotiated price of the vehicle not counting the trade. The trade was basically a wash. I do have the 1/4 inch or so of flex in the rear door. I thought that was on the loose side, but after reading your post, I think I'll leave it alone. Thanks again.
  • I have read on two or three discussion groups that 275/75/16 is the largest tire that will fit the rims and not rub the wheel well. Also many have gone with the 275/70/16 for better handling. I use my 1995 mostly on paved and gravel roads. Sometimes on loose sand. I have been very happy with the Bridgestone Dueler H/Ls for quiet ride and good ratings for traction. As the tread wears down softer rubber is exposed which helps traction.


    I have on order the OME (Old Man Emu) Australian performance suspension upgrade kit (kit includes rear coil springs and all four shocks and poly bushings). This ugrade is rated to give 25mm lift. The front torsion bars can be cranked up to raise the front 25mm also. I don't plan to get huge tires, but I want the better controlled ride. It is on sale at
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Glad to see that it got you home at least :)

    As for the door rattle, there is an adjustment, and the dealer can check it out for you. Wind noise will generally be minimal, but you will hear it since its got the aerodynamics of a brick wall.

    As for the search it sux on here. I have been lax in going through here and sumarizing up the posts for the FAQ page on

    The champagne color ROCKS. That's what I have (see pics on You don't need to wash it for like 6 months at a time and it still looks clean!

    Tires: Most people go with 265-75-16s. I'm considering going with 275-70-16s. I'm pretty sure with just an OME rear springs and cranking the T-bars you can get 285-75-16s on there as well but not positive.


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