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Isuzu Trooper



  • I just got off the phone with a large and reputable tire store here in the Pittsburgh area. I won't mention their name (E W Flynn Tire), but they (E W Flynn Tire) told me they (E W Flynn Tire) wouldn't sell me a 265-75 series tire for my Trooper because of the rollover history of the Trooper and this tire would raise my center of gravity and cause it to be even more prone to rollover. He was the manager (at E W Flynn Tire) and he (the manager at E W Flynn Tire) even cited the CR report from years ago. I told him that was his decision and that he was losing business and then hung up. I should mention the stores name (E W Flynn Tire), but I do not want to bad mouth (E W Flynn Tire) them for being COMPLETE IDIOTS!!!!!!!!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yeah my Costco guys were tipped $10 in advance (on a $60 bill) for the install so no questions were asked. I've seen others that had to sign waviers for putting on non-std. size tires. His loss IMHO. A little tip goes a long way :)

  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    I also got a mention of the possibility that the trooper suspension may not be optimally set up for the larger tires, but the tire dealer would have made the switch. My main thing was that the speedometer would be slightly off and the spare case would not fit on the larger size tire correctly. I saw a trooper once with the spare case cracked and not fitting right, due to putting it on the larger size tire.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I just run a regular spare tire on my truck. In the event I have to use the spare, I'll need to replace the bad tire anyway so it's only used in a temporary situation.

  • uniconunicon Posts: 18
    I would think that taller tires *might* be a problem if you're overloading your truck. Most people don't so it shouldn't matter.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Actually taller tires would give you more load-ability. It depends if you drive it like a sports car or not. Also it throws off your gearing and speedo. I don't mind the speedo being 4mph less than it actually is.

  • breakorbreakor Posts: 398
    Thanks for the humorous take on your tire dealer problem.

    I wonder if the shop was really that "concerned" or just trying to scare you into purchasing the tire de jour.

    If I got that story I would be tempted to call them back in a month or so and tell them I want a wider tire, like a 265, so my Trooper will stop rolling over. It would interesting to hear their response to that.
  • Hey Paisan..I was looking for your website, its been awhile since I logged in here. I also wanted to know if you have any rides planned in NC again? I've still got my 99 Trooper but I also have a 01 Montero..I'm looking for an opportunity to take they Monty offroad..of course if it would be allowed with all the Troops...
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Cool, my buddy wheels a '94 Monty. he'd love to wheel with another monty and I'd love to see what an 01 can do. We'll probably be down in Uwharrie again in the spring. It's good fun down there.

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    My 684's were wearing high/low on the tread blocks. Primarily on the inside of the fronts. When I brought it in, all they said was that I needed was a tire rotation, no alignment. I am comforted to read others have the same experience.

    I would think wider tires, would create a wider wheel base, and thus provide some decrease in roll-over risks? I recognize they are taller, but there should be some calculation to figure how much wider vs tall is important?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I've noticed with the 275-70s they are as stable or more stable than the truck was before with the 245-70s on it. But the 275-70s are lower than the 265-75s and are 10mm wider. I would personally stick to the 70 series tires (heck if I could get 60s in AT tread I'd get them)

  • breakorbreakor Posts: 398
    It is great but some of the links are no longer active - e.g."timing belt chart" and "oil filters explained" at the bottom of the page.

    There is a mirror site for the minimopar oil filter study -

    In addition another newer site also does a good filter study -

    As to the timing belt chart, I admit I am still somewhat confused on this point. Some sites claim the newer troopers are interference engines and others state just the opposite. Checks with Isuzu have also returned the same conflicting responses. IIRC the best research on ITOG indicated they are interference meaning if the belt fails in service it takes the engine with it and therefore it must be replaced before it fails.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The DOHC engines are generally interference engines IIRC. The belts on Calf. or 50-state emissions cars is 105K miles. So Just get it done at 75-100K and you'll be fine.

  • I own 1998 Isuzu Trooper auto/4wd and here the history of repairs that I have had on it for 3 year and 10760 miles:
    1.CD changer - replaced 2 times, and third keeps skipping sound as the first one did. Never load more then one CD anymore. Second changer ate all 6 CD and I got them back only in 2 months.
    2.Windshild wipers - once snow sliding from the roof broke wiper motor housing; covered by warranty after haggling with Isuzu. Sitting with wiper arms up ever since. Another time frozen wipers snapped a link in the wiper assembly - another trip to the dealer.
    3.Leaked transmission fluid trough un-tight drain plug. Tightened this one myself. Went to the dealer, and asked to check and add fluid. Guess what, they cannot see this small (pint) loss, as damn thing does not have tranny dipstick and plugs system is too imprecise to see if fluid needs to be added. I even afraid to think what happened if one day fluid will start slowly leak, as it does on most cars.
    4.Had a small grease leak from an axel boot. Went to the dealer- they decided to put a new boot on it. Waited a week for part to arrive, and next morning after taking truck from the dealer I was lucky to look at the new boot. Large ring snapped, and grease splashed all over brake parts, wheel well tire, and rim. Went to another dealer, and after like 3 more days (weekend) finally closed the issue.
    5.Had a check engine light come on after two separate car washes. Once I was able to reset it by removing battery terminal, another time had to go to the dealer.
    6.And last but not least - brakes. I do drive it very little - in winter, to carry some household goods, and when other cars in the household need more then one day attention / repairs. After a year, on the second winter of ownership I have noticed that brakes become funny. The reason for this was that rotors become deeply pitted with rust. Went to the dealer, and they resurface rotors at no charge at only 5000 miles.
    Aside from the fact that I had rotors useful life depleted, this fact made me very angry. From this point up I've started to suspect that rotors on this truck are made from substandard material. Now at little over 10000 miles, guess what - it did it again. Only now dealer wants me to pay to replace the rotors, and rear brake pads, that prematurely worn by rusted rotors. I took the truck back, call Isuzu, NHTSA, BBB.
    I do not hope that they will help, unless other people had similar problem, and reported it.
    Please, report to NHTSA if you had similar or other brake problem, or another safety related issue.
    Have a safe winter driving.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Brakes: All rotors will rust if you don't drive your car, no matter what brand it is. Isuzu is actually known for long lasting brakes. My '97 Rodeo went 70K miles on the first set of pads with NYC stop and go cabbie like driving. 120K and the original rotors were still fine. On my 00 Trooper I have 32K of trouble free brakes.

    Check Engine light: This happens on all cars. It's not Isuzu only problem. With the federal regs on emissions even a batch of bad gas can cause the CE light to come on.

    Fluids and Axle boots: Sounds like you had a bad dealer. This happens, live with it, find another dealer to bring it to for repairs.

    Wipers: the linkages on all cars will break if you turn them on while they are frozen to the window, doesn't suprise me at all.

  • So I've had my 2000 S for 30,000 miles now. I gritted my teeth and just scheduled the standard maintenance with the dealer for later this week.

    I've followed the tire discussion with much interest -- and I'm wondering if I should be looking at getting the 684s on my Trooper replaced. I don't think I'm quite as aggressive as Paisan, the tires pass the "quarter test" with ease, and it doesn't look like I have the cracking described by others. So, the question is: can I put this off for a few months (with insurance due and the 30,000 maintenance, I don't really feel like putting more money into the Trooper this month), or is the mileage high enough that I should order myself some Scorpions regardless of how the tires actually look? How long have other people driven the 684s safely?

    Oh, and I've included below a list of the repairs I've had to have done to the Trooper other than the fuel line recall and standard maintenance for the first 30,000:

  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    I agree with Mike, I suspect your problem is you are driving your Troop to LITTLE and the rotors are rusting while it is sitting around.

    I am at 32K miles with a LOT of life left on the pads (and rotors)...

    FWIW my 99 has been in the shop twice, once to replace that lovely CD changer (so far so good on the replacement 9 months later), and once to replace the intake manifold gasket. Other than that, nada.
  • beer47beer47 Posts: 185
    I'm at 50k and my brakes are only half gone, according to recent dealer inspection. I do a lot of interstate and quite a bit of NY/Philly driving. So far so good. I skipped the 30k service but had ATM fluid swapped out along with TOD/Diffy fluid at about 45K. The rest of that dealer 30k service seemed expensive and had too many nancyboy/sissy things in it. Mobile 1 every 10K seems to doing A-OK. Cheers!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    On a counter point, the 684s on my Rodeo lasted me 60K miles when I replaced them. So your 30K miles with less-than-paisan agressive driving should be ok to get you through the winter. Also I let the roation go for 15K miles so I had much more wear on my fronts compared to my rears.

  • Before you "blow the whistle" on inferior Trooper brakes let me weigh in...

    I changed the fronts on my '96 Trooper at about 75k miles and finally did the rears to match at 90k!

    This includes towing a 3500 lb boat, and it is an Automatic.

    I have never seen brakes with this type of durability!

    Trooper brakes are fantastic, in my opinion.

    The car is driven daily. It is a '96 with 98k miles on it, 20k miles a year.

    Great brakes!
  • I haven't had a noticeable problem with my 2000 Troopers rotors rusting. However almost any rotors will rust overnight depending on the moisture in the air. Your situation compounds the problem from your admitted non use of the vehicle. Regular use of a vehicle is much better for it than non use.
  • I am getting the urge to replace the factory radio with a decent brand-name stereo in my 2001 Trooper S. Any suggestions from the gang on some good options for head unit, speakers, subwoofer, etc.? It would be cool to see a Trooper tricked out with a nice stereo to get some ideas, but not much opportunity here is S. Florida to see one. I use the Trooper to carry boxes alot at the moment so I don't want to compromise the cargo space e.g with a large subwoofer enclosure. Also don't want to have to move a sub around every time I want to load something. I found this nice custom sub for a Toyo 4Runner at Crutchfield. No similar version for a trooper though.

    Also, OAN (on another note) I have 8000 miles on the Troop now and no signs of trouble of any kind with the brakes. My Bridgestone tires were starting to make lots of noise, probably from being out of alignment for a few thousand miles when new, but I increased the air pressure during my last oil change and most of the buzz went away. I hope to rotate the tires this weekend.

  • By the way out of 5 Isuzu dealers that, I know in my area, one - Fort Washington Isuzu - went out of business, and two others - Northeast Isuzu and Glanzmann Isuzu - Subaru are stop being Isuzu dealers. I now go to the Davis Pontiac Isuzu, and one more somewhere in Allentown, PA.
    So it is not much choice in the matter.
    And about brake rotors. I have 90 Chevy Corsica, also mostly sitting next to trooper. It's brakes getting clear from any SURFACE rust after I drive it around the block every other month. Rotors on trooper, on contrary, have deeply pitted rust that no driving, nor machining cannot remove.
    And if Isuzu wants me to drive it any particular number of miles per month, why don't they put it in the owner's manual? For the same reason that they did not put there cost of 30000 miles service? Davis Isuzu booklet that I picked up at the dealership list price of this service at 579.95, and this is before tax. I've driven cars that cost less then this.
    And, I forgot in my list one more thing - on hot days twitters from the front doors tend to fall off. Extra care has to be taken not to jam it in the door when it is hanging on wires. Also it pops right back ok. Dealers cannot do much - it's design. And I did have one of the front speakers replaced by warranty - sound was badly distorted.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well your car is an exception. As for the cost of the 30K service, have you checked other cars for their 30K service? All of them are in the same ball-park figure. Welcome to the year 2002. 2nd the 30k service is totally up to the dealer how much it costs, naturally the manufacturer wouldn't put that in the manual, not to mention you don't need to go to the dealer to have it done. With 90% of the troopers going well over 150K, and most over 200K miles w/o any major repairs, I feel yours is an exception. If you don't like it I'm sure that you can sell it w/o too much problems as they are the #2 rated in reliability of all mid-sized SUVs, with only the smaller 4-runner coming in #1.

  • I had two other cars - 90 Chevy Corsica and 92 Chevy caprice sitting trough the same snowstorm as Trooper. Neither of them had any problems with wipers after storm. See, car manufacturers invented wiper stoppers like 30 something years ago. Snow sliding from the car roof will move wipers only up to those cheap plastic bumps under the windshield. Only some full size vans, as I know, don't have wiper stoppers, as it is difficult to incorporate into looks of those vans. The do have a similar problem, but they commercial vehicles, and cared about as such.
    Having bought trooper for such occasions, I had to make it through the 2-foot snow in Chevy caprice because of trooper vipers.
    Another useful invention went unnoticed by Isuzu in the wiper area - it is a self-resetting fuse that will turn wipers off, if motor load becoming too large - like frozen vipers, vipers on dry windshield, or wipers obstructed by something - like lots of snow. This fuse is suppose to turn wipers off in those cases, and attempts to turn them back on in 5 min or so. Without this fuse power windows, for example, would need replacement every time you try to lower window that frozen shut.
    Maybe problem with wiper assembly that it is borrowed from 94 or so Honda accord, together with instrument cluster, and not really adequate for Trooper
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I guess you are to blame. Since you are so knowledgeable about cars and the reliable american ones at that, you obviously didn't research your purchase very well before buying it. Had you done this you wouldn't have been stuck with such a crappy vehicle as the trooper. Good day sir.

  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Mike! So sensitive! :-)
  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    Interesting about the fuse situation. I always have immediately turned off wipers in cars when I've noticed they were stuck and did not realize some were relay fused. WHere are these wiper stops?--I've not seen them on other vehicles.
  • tr0sstr0ss Posts: 14
    Does anyone know where is the best place to buy touch-up paint for my 99 Trooper (I have the dark green color)?

  • gtroopgtroop Posts: 85
    What is the wiper stop do?

    Funny he is dogging the Troopers wipers, I have not yet experienced a winter with the Trooper but look forward to it (if it would ever snow here). Mine has been trouble free with the exception of the CE light and occasional engine ping.

    My father had a Chevy Celebrity that experienced the entire wiper arm just falling off for no reason on a regular basis. I can't wait till GM makes as big a mess of the Trooper - sorry, I mean the Ascender!!!

    As for the auto stop on the wipers, that is a good one. Never heard of that, but I might of had I bought a highly optioned Caprice, the Cadilac of Chevys. I wonder if cars in Russia and Poland have this feature...

    Touch up paint - St Charles - Isuzu. You can find the link at
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