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Suzuki XL-7



  • I think I will go look at a 2002 back seat today for myself and see what there is to see. I will report if I get a chance to look. Of course this is if the dealer has one in.
  • It appears the 0% interest is doing well. There was only one 2001 left at my dealer.
    Anyway, it appears the fix for the flat floor is simply a change to the back of the third row seat. The back of the seat now has a flap on it that when the center row along with the third row are lowered the flap is flipped over to cove the space between the seats and is held in place with velcro. I took a close look at the back of the seat and it appears to be held on with super glue and velcro. It is not sewn on which means, at least to me, it can be ordered as a separate item and attached to the back of 2001 seats. I will have to do some additional research and see if the piece can be ordered as a single item.
  • Still tight. Just passed 8k. MPG is about 21 or 22. Took one of my greyhounds out for a ride yesterday and he has found a new position to stick his out the window. He has found he can lay down and still rest his head on the window sill. Talk about lazy.
  • xl7xl7 Posts: 20
    Happy motoring!

    Greyhound and all other XL-7 owners. My XL-7 touring model has performed exceptional. Not one complaint, its just what the doctor ordered. I have been extremely pleased. In fact, it is running better than ever.

    On a few occasions, I have heard this engine noise during warm up. Nothing extreme! sort of like a binding noise, simular to a bad alternator,when it kicks in and the engine is laboring. That noise went away, and then I noticed that on cold starts the engine rev'd longer during warm up and would not adjust itself down.

    It has been serviced regular. Anyway, on my 34 mile trip, in the rain,the day after thanksgiving,tempature aprox 45-50 at aprox 60 mph, the Service Engine Soon light came on.

    This vehicle runs extremely well, oil level perfect, the hole 9 yards.

    After reading page 4-5 of the owners manuel, it details that the problem may be the emission control system. The indicator light stays on! It does not flash on and off. Once started it remains on.

    Has anyone experienced this warning?

    Tomorrow, I will let you know the results. I'll drop it off for service.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Did you fill up just before your trip? The #1 reason for a CE light on new cars is an untightened gas cap. Try driving the car down to about 1/4 of a tank after tightening the cap and see if it goes off (usually at 1/4 of a tank the ECU resets itself) Also it could be a CE light to bring it in for the 15K service as is required in the manual? I'd bet it's the gas cap thing though.

  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    I am embarrassed to report that my wife forgot the gas cap a few times back when filling up. We were on our way down to Hatteras for the first time with the XL-7 and the check engine light came on! Man, I was mad and thought what a piece of $%#. But when I stopped to fill her up, no gas cap! So I apologized to the truck for saying bad things about it. We found a NAPA auto parts store and they had a replacement.
    Put the new cap on and within a few miles, the light went off. So check that and even take it off and put it back on a few times.
    We now have over 4000 miles and it runs great. Very smooth shifting and the engine is plenty peppy enough for most driving. The ride is a bit harsh on bad roads, certainly truck like. We wish it road a bit softer, but it wouldn't handle as well.
    Not much to talk about, no problems at all. Gotta get a cargo net for the back.
  • I've only had my 2002 XL-7 for 8 days. I have just under 500 miles on it. I've been alternating the speed to break in the engine and took it to the mountains this weekend. Even with this uneven driving on a brand new engine, I got 21 mpg. I've heard one other guy locally claiming a best of 24 mpg.

    Reviews of the xl7 vary widely. True, it didn't do well with the 5 mph bumper test. But overall, the Insurance Institute gave the xl7 the highest overall rating. In fact, my car insurance went up very little from trading in a sedan.

    Also, on the Suzuki site, it shows in the news area that the Insurance institute rates the xl7 better than the other 4 brands, including the top of the line Acura MDX. The xl7 was lower in cost by $1000 to several thousand, for repair costs, maintenance, better gas mileage, etc.

    I think of my xl7 as a four in one vehicle. Nothing else matches it in quality, 3 rows, and price performance, period.

    I think of the xl7 as a four in one vehicle.
    1. It's a camper. I can put the second and third row seats down and fold a blanket to fill in the lower part of the flat bed. I can then pull out my sleeping bag and stretch out for a good night sleep. By the way, I'm 6'1" and 195 lbs. The little platform that connects the third and second row seat works well. It cannot handle more than 110 lbs directly on the platform.

    2. It makes a great little minivan. I can readjust the first and second row seats forward slightly. Then I can fit in the first, second, or third rows without banging my knees. Not a lot of room but that's the beauty of a compact vehicle. It's easy to maneuver in tight places.

    3. It makes a great "real" suv. I've already tested the xl7 in 4 wheel drive in high and low. It works fantastic. Feels like I could climb straight up a building wall :)

    4. It serves as a decent family wagan. My wife and daughter like the smooth, quiet ride, as well as all the seat configuration options. And it really looks nice.
  • xl7xl7 Posts: 20
    Thanks all!

    It was the Gas cap...missing! The dealer charged 40$ to reset and 20$ for the cap.
  • Happy you like yours. I also have a limited and it is now just going over 8k. Still tight. We use ours for the dogs--no kids. My wife even likes it but it is more of a toy for weekends and trips. We have not tried the 4WD. However, I am sure with winter around the corner I will have ample opportunity to try it. No problems to speak of and I get about 21-22 MPG.
  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    Wow, $40 to do nothing. The check engine light will turn itself off after a few miles of driving with the cap replaced. I think I'd give them a word or two about charging for nothing!
    And $20 bucks for a gas cap? Is it the locking one? NAPA had a non-locking type (same as orig) for about $8 when we lost ours. Oh well, that's dealers for you.
  • That is how they make their money. If mine keeps up as good as it is the only time they will see it is at major services.
  • xl7xl7 Posts: 20
    It's so true that the dealers take every opportunity to make a buck. The 15000 mile service charge was $99+ tax.

    Mostly simple things that most auto owners keep up thereselves. Inspecting fluid levels,rotating tires,and changing filters if needed. There is an additional charge for the filters.

    My XL-7 is running so good that I hate to let any mechanic touch it. It seems to have reached the break in point, the accelaration and pick up is so amassing. I haven't had the opportunity to try the 4wd.

    The dealer says the 30,000 service is the big boy, with a charge around $300.

    I received a letter from McNeil in reguards to the wind noise that I experienced from the Vent Visors. Actually, they emphasized that I reinstall and try for a better seal. I tried several things, and found it in my best interest to remove them.

    It's a big difference, so quiet.

    I finally got an opportunity to see the 2002's, one with the 3rd row of seats, and one without.

    Changes! with 3rd Row! A flat surface, when folding down the seats. At present they do not have a kit to install in the 2001's to upgrade.

    Changes! No 3rd row!....Personally I would rather have the 3rd row due to the fact that there was not any additional leg room added to the second row after the 3rd row was permanetly removed. The seat track's are the same, and only extend the same length.

    Anyone with 15,000 or more mileage? If so,any things to look out for?
  • I hope my 15k service is a little as 99 plus filters. I do my own oil changes ( I use synthetic) and do most of the little work myself but I have found the 15, 30, 45 etc services by the dealer pay off in the long run. They look for items that need to be replaced (and are still under warranty) that I may look at and think are ok. They also have the TSBs to check out. At least this has proven to be so with my Ford dealer. Mine has not been back since I purchased it and with three cars I expect to put only about 600 a month on it so that means I have about 10 more months to go till I get to 15K.

    Are you going to send the vent visors back? Since you are not happy with them I think they will take them and return your money. I have found mine to make some noise but not even close to being so bad as to take them off. The pair I purchased for my van are really quiet. I think that has to do with how the window is designed where the vent goes all the way to the bottom of the window frame and then goes up in an arch.

    When you say a flat surface with the new third row configuration is it really flat of just with the flap between the seats it seems to be flat. There is a slight incline with the 2001. To get really flat they would have to redesign the second row seat to get it lower than it is now, I think. I am going to get with the parts people and see if the back of the third row seats can be ordered as a separate item. I will let you know.
  • I'm looking to add speakers in the rear cargo area and was wondering if anyone knows what standard size fits? Also, does anyone know if it is pre-wired? The Suzuki parts dept. can only order by part number w/o knowing the size.
    The doors are 6-1/2" rounds.
  • xl7xl7 Posts: 20
    5 greyhounds

    There is a flap between the seats on the 2002. Yes, you are correct. It appears to be flat, but there is a slight incline.

    Also, there appears to be no change in the engineering, to restructure the floor and seat pattern.

    I didn't really check the 2nd row seats on the one without the 3rd row. I'll have to flip the seat down to see if it is totaly flat with the rear cargo space.

    I'll stop back at Woodbridge Suzuki tomorrow and take a thorough examination. If you have any questions that you need answered, I'll be happy to ask for you. I will be there aprox 8:ooam
    Thurs. 11/6..

    Also, on the Vent Visors. I didn't send them back, but they did say that they would take them back. I'll keep them and will probably put them back on when the weather is bad.
  • xl7xl7 Posts: 20
    5 Greyhounds!

    I got a second look at the 2002 XL-7 rear seats.

    Here are the findings:

    There are no changes to the second row of seats, same tracks, seats, etc. It operates the same as the 2001.

    The third row of seats has a minor change. That change being, a flap is added to both sides of the
    split seats. The flap is folded simular to a box top. The flap extends in length when its up. When down, it rests to the back of the seat(3rd row).

    When the 3rd row seats are folded down to make a flat surface, the flaps are used. Each flap has two straps attached, aprox 6 to 12 inches in length. Each strap has O-rings at the end.

    After the seat is in the down position, the two straps are extended to reach the second row of seats, the O-rings fit around the pegs in the head rest on the 2nd row. When in place, the straps and flap create a somewhat flat surface.

    It is not exactly flat, but probably can be adjusted somewhat to make a stable support, also providing a much flatter surface than normal. The flaps do not overlap and leaves a very small split between the seats (the two split - 3rd row)seats.

    The split is about the size of a cd case.

    If a person were to take a piece of carboard and cut a layout of that rear section. They could cut a piece of plywood the exact size of that folded down area. Add two strips of wood underneath the front as supports and a leveling effect; then carpet it or leave it as is. It would make a wonderful storage, or useful section for, groceries,dogs,boxes etc.

    Hopefully I have provided a brief description of what I saw.
  • Has anybody added blue washer fluid (with antifreeze) in spite of the owner's manual stating that you should only use fluid without antifreeze? My XL-7 came with pink fluid.
  • Petej88,

    What did you pay for your XL-7 Limited?
  • I have only a little over 900 miles on my vehicle so far. But I wanted to report on gas mileage.

    17 mpg (straight city stop and go traffic)
    25 mpg (straight highway; cruise control 60 mph)

    Bottom line: This is dang good for a 6 cylinder pushing a 3700 lb vehicle. It rides smooth and is fairly quiet. Has great pick up and feels good to my passengers. And it sure looks good. It beats the pants off the competition in price/performance and interior space usage.

    Other seven seaters in this class costs a heck of a lot more and generally do not get as good gas mileage. By adjusting the front and second row seat, a full sized person like myself, 6.1 and 195 lbs, can sit in the third row with plenty of head room and without banging my knees. Insurance Institute gives the XL-7 it's highest overall rating and therefore insurance cost is a very good value. True, it didn't do well in the 5 mph fender bender test against poles, but 47 other well known modern brands cars also did poorly -- and this is more of a cosmetic issue, not a safety issue. Yes, I would like to see car companies do a better job in this area.

    I really believe that Suzuki has a bum rap by having to officially state mpg of 17 - 20. Suzuki must really be hated in the U.S. Well, I know it is by the inaccurate and highly prejudiced statements by Consumer Reports. I stopped buying their magazines in fact. Too many payoffs and not enough fact IMHO. I encougage you to do the same. At the very most, just peruse their magazine on the rack without buying it. They suck and should be taken with a BIG grain of salt.

    I don't work for Suzuki in any way. I'm just a happy customer and getting tired of being bullied around by car politics in the U.S.

    How much did I pay for my XL7 Limited? I took a 5 year lease at $371 per month, with a residual of $9000 unless I trade it in early for another vehicle of course. Although, I moved it up to $381 for an external paint and interior protection package, as well as road side assistance.
  • I forgot to mention that my XL-7 has Bridgestone tires rated at a maximum of 44 lbs. For the above mentioned mpg tests, I inflated the front tires to 36 and the rear tires to 40 lbs. This seems to give a little better roll. I think I'll keep the tire pressures in this category unless I'm towing something, in which case I'd follow the towing instruction suggestions in the manual, including recommended tire pressures.
  • Hi guys thanks for all the nice posts on this forum, now I finalized XL-7 will be my next buy.
    I spot an ad, they are on year end sale for a base model for $16,999 4x4 manual trans. Do you think is a good deal. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    That sounds like a fair price. Be sure you'll be OK with a base model. We have a Plus and even wish we had a few of the limited/touring goodies like the fog lights.
    I think the '02 base does not have the third row, but if it is an '01, it should.
    We paid $20,875 for a Plus 4x4 auto. Coming up on 5,000 miles and everything is tight and proper. Very nice and easy vehicle to drive.
  • XL-7, was not ignoring you but had to go to Tucson ( I am in VA) on an unexpected trip and did not have access to a computer. I understand about the rear seats. thanks for the info. The solution leaves some gaps and with my dogs I can not afford gaps so I came up with my own solution. Take Care
  • clay11clay11 Posts: 17
    Just curious what you came up with as your own solution to the seat gap issue. Anything you wish to share? Thanks.
  • I cut two pieces of plywood and put a hinge on them. Combined they are the length of the 2nd row seat when it is down plus 8 inches to cover the hole between the two rows. The hinge is so the wood will angle down and not create an unbalanced piece. I know if sounds strange but it works. Also it is just right to fit the space behind the second row and the back door when the second row is up. It is just a first option now. I an going to get a piece of plexiglass and cut it to match what I have in wood now. It will be lighter. BTW, I have covered the wood with a thin pad and stapled fabric to it that matches the interior of the truck.
  • I just had a 2" hitch installed on my XL-7. I called a number of hitch installers and none of the manufacturers had the XL-7 listed in their suppliers catalogs. Jiffy Hitch suggested I call my dealer's parts dept. to find out if the Grand Vitara and the XL-7 use the same hitch. The dealer confirmed that they were the same part #. I had Jiffy Hitch install it and I saved at least $100.00 U.S.

    I have had my 2002 Limited for a 1 1/2 weeks find I like it even more than I expected. I had thought I liked a few other SUV's better, but bought the XL-7 because I need the extra seating for occassional family outings and it seemed like a well built vehicle. As I drive it I find there is a great deal to like about this vehicle.

    I ordered the rear cargo cover and It was so pathetically designed I refused to accept it. Unlike my wife's Subaru which has a very easy to use "window shade" design, this is a flimsy piece of vinyl which has to be clipped to the headrest support rods to stay in place. It would be awkward to use. Obviously the people who designed the truck did not design the cargo cover.

    One final comment. Some reviews have said the interior plastic looks cheap. I do not find anything cheap looking about the interior, although I do have the limited which has nice leather seats. Everything fits and seems to be well integrated. I think the design is refreshingly simple and not overdone. I also like the older style pushbutton ventilation selectors. One reviewer criticized the Suzuki because these buttons were reminiscent of older style vehicles. I happen to think they are easier to use then the newer rotating knobs. Although I usually like innovative design, sometimes newer is not always better. Remember, the wheel was invented a long time ago, and nobody has been able to improve on it.

  • Finally took my XL-7 in to the dealer to have them diagnose a very quiet "gear noise" that I've been hearing since new. I had mentioned it to them once before (for my free 3K oil change), but I didn't have enough insight into the problem then, and they suggested that I wait to see if it was something that just went away upon futher breakin.

    Well, in short, it didn't. I tried switching over the tranny and transfer case to a synthentic lube, and that didn't help (but the transmission shifts noticably smoother). By accident, I discovered that the noise could be made to more-or-less come and go by playing with the transfer lever.

    The service manager took it for a ride and came back to tell me that it needed a new transfer case. He seemed pretty sure of the diagnosis too, like he had seen this before. At any rate, I'm waiting for it to arrive so it can be put in, hopefully while I'm still on vacation.

    I still love this truck!!! Overall, this is minor, considering the value you get with this vehicle. I still expect this to last me well over 100K, like my last Suzuki did (and I expect is still doing), with proper maintenance. Besides, it's not going to cost me anything, accept a little inconvenience in waiting for it to be installed.

    Since I've spent a little time in the dealership lately, I thought I'd mention what I've seen on the 2002s. The back (3rd row) seat seems no different than the one in my 2001, save for the flap they added between the 2nd and 3rd rows (same slight incline). The seat fabric is indeed different (I'm pretty sure someone else mentioned that before). Not better or worse IMHO, just different. Haven't noticed anything else visually.

    My mileage has dropped a little lately, probably due to the type of driving I've been doing (less constant highway), and the colder weather (finally got a little snow here yesterday in southern Wisconsin!). I'm averaging around 22.5, from a high of 24 earlier this fall. Coming up on 4K and everything else is just great!

    Hope everyone enjoys (or enjoyed) their holidays!
  • xl7xl7 Posts: 20

    Thanks for the insight on the gear case problem. I'm at 16,300 on my 2001 touring model. Other than the check engine problem (gas cap missing) that I experenced it seems to be an excellent vehicle.

    My vehicle is mostly drivin on smooth surfaces,rarely in cold tempatures, on rough terrain, on mountains, snowy surfaces,mud,rocky surfaces, in fact I have never used my 4 wheel drive.

    Is there any specific gear,4x4 high-low pattern, speed,turn,surface,weather,or movement that I can compare my findings with to provide you with information that may verify that this may not be a factory defect, and only a minor malfunction,etc.

    Once again, thank you for your comments. This town hall has been very knowledgeable and helpful. I wish you the best! Happy holidays and Happy motoring!
  • xl7-

    As you might imagine, describing the sound is a little difficult, but I'll try. First, it's very low volume, perhaps less than the wind noise. It's a high pitched whine, or even a ringing, but if you listen closely, you can certainly tell it's gear related, like a "teeth-on-teeth" thing. It might even sound a little like a hissing sound, if you didn't listen closely enough to hear the "buzzing" part.

    It's most noticeable over 40 mph, in either 2wd or 4hi (can't really tell in 4lo, too much engine noise) and if I pull the transfer lever toward the back of the driver seat, it quiets down, toward the back of the passenger seat, it gets much more noticeable, and even sounds more like a dry bearing. Also, taking a right hand curve (like an off-ramp) seems to make it go away too. Like I said, I think it's been doing it since I took delivery, and I've only got 4K on it now.

    I'm really not concerned that this is indicative of any quality issue for the XL-7s in general. I just figured I'd offer up the news, in case anyone else heard something like this, and like me at first, thought they were being too "picky".

    I'll keep everyone posted on the final outcome, but expect my dealer to take good care of this, as they have done up until now. I guess it really pays to give a dealership repeat business...
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    If you've been using it in 4-hi on dry pavement, then there is a good reason why it would be making horrible noises! You can only use 4-hi on snow covered or slick roads or off-road.

    My guess is that it's something with the T-case and your dealer can probably fix it.

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