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Suzuki XL-7



  • Since we are talking prices I live in Sterling, VA, just 5 miles from Dulles Airport. Prior to any down payment I paid $22,800 for a limited. Sticker was $26,000. They took a few hundred extra off of the $500 transportation charge so I ended up at $23k even including transportation.
  • Went to Richmond for the NASCAR race last night. At 75 MPH I did just a little over 21. I drove slower on the way home since it was dark and did around 65. I did just over 23. That was my best yet but both are all highway.
  • Bought a 2WD XL-7 5-spd with the Plus package for 18.6K. Is it a good price ?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Anyone in the NY/NJ/PA area interested in some very light off-roading check out we are running a trail ride in the pine barrens next weekend.


  • I should also mention that the truck rode very nicely. I have a Windstar that rides nicely and while the truck was just a little more harsh it was for all intents a good overall ride. Also no rattles. What I found interesting was with the sunroof open all the way there was not much noise and we were able to hold a conversation without raising our voices.
    I was also finally able to get the bra put on. It seems the company is having some trouble with the supplier. I found one at another dealer and had it sent to mine. It is a very nice fit. I have the full bra. I made the mistake with the
    Windstar and only went with the hood cover. The front bumper is messed up and if I had the full cover it would not be as it is. It also looks good. I had it on for the trip and with driving at night I collected lots of bugs on the front end. It did good!!!!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Be careful when using bra's in general. If you don't keep your car clean, or don't remove the bra and clean under it on a weekly basis, dirt/sand will build up under it, and act like sand paper against your paint job.

  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    I agree with Paisan, be careful. I had a bra on my Samurai for about two years. It stayed fairly clean underneath, but the paint faded less under the bra and when I removed it, there was a noticeable paint color difference across the hood.
    After having one, I swore I would never put another one on a vehicle, I just use a hood protector.
  • I understand. I have had bras since I have had cars and take the precautions mentioned. Also, this is a toy, more than a daily car. It stays in the garage on weekdays and if it sees the rain it will only be by accident. I also have some mail into the "clearmask" people about their product. I may put it on under the bra as a second layer of protection. With the clearmask I should not have a problem with water or dirt since neither will be able to get under it. Why two items: I just like the look of this bra on the truck. Some look bad but this is a nice fit and actually looks good. I do thank both of you for your notes of concern.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Just hate to see people who think they can put it on and forget it, be dissappointed. On a side note, I have just become the US distributer of ECB bullbar/nudge bar products and figured you guys might be interested in their products. You can check out their products at e-mail me directly for more info.


  • The National Institute for Highway Safety (the testing arm for insurance companies) tested 8 midsize SUVs and found 4 of them to be good (highest rating) in the 40MPH offset crash test. There was the MDX, Highlander, Motero Sport and (drum roll please) our baby the XL-7. This beat the likes of the new trailblazer and Bravada among others. Makes me feel good to know that you can purchase a reasonably priced SUV and still get one that is well made. Good work Suzuki.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    ...for the Grand Vitara XL-7 have been released. The XL-7 received a "good":

    Note that only vehicles within 500 lbs of each others' curb weights should be compared.

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  • You may be right about not comparing trucks that are more than 500 pounds apart but I do not think the tests take that into consideration. Either the passenger compartment is safe or it is not, your head hits the B-pillar or it does not, you have a broken leg or you do not or the air bag works right or it does not.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Yes, you're right the test does not take this into account. I think what they're saying is that a "good" rated Honda Civic will not fair as well as a "good" XL-7 if both are involved against each other in an offset crash, despite both having the same rating; the reason being that the XL-7 is a lot heavier. :-) This is why the IIHS groups the vehicles into different classes, and doesn't for example, lump all the SUVs (both small and midsized) into one class.

    From the IIHS:
    "In the Institute's 40 mph offset test, 40 percent of the total width of each vehicle strikes a barrier on the driver side. The barrier's deformable face is made of aluminum honeycomb, which makes the forces in the test similar to those involved in a frontal offset crash between two vehicles of the same weight, each going just less than 40 mph. Test results can be compared only among vehicles of similar weight. Like full-width crash test results, the results of offset tests cannot be used to compare vehicle performance across weight classes."

    I hope this helps,

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  • I was looking at all the other SUV topics and I was thinking that considering the number of owners of the XL-7 we are a fairly active group. I have not seen that many on the road and the ones I have seen the drivers wave back when I wave to them.
    Has anyone heard that for 2003 the XL-7 is going to a uni-body and all wheel drive like the Escape and the other fake SUVs? If so, anyone who wants a real SUV in this size better get one now.
  • Have just returned from a road trip with the XL-7 from Vancouver, BC to Yellowstone National Park and back. Vehicle now has around 12,500 miles on it and ran the trip beautifully. Had a full contingent (4 adults, 2 dogs and our 14 month-old daughter) towing a 10 ft. tent trailer of approx. 1,800 pounds. Pulled the load comfortably across mountain passes in the BC rockies. Downside was mileage of as low as 15 mpg in the climbs, although average was around 18 mpg - still not bad for towing and a full load. Still, thanks heavens for US gas prices. Noticed some window rattling that the dealer can look at (driver and driver-side rear) and am seeing the same tire wear as others have noticed. Outside edges appear to be wearing faster than expected. With all seats occupied, luggage capacity remains near zero and I found the rear cargo net (installs across the back inside the rear gate) invaluable to make the most of the limited space and prevent things rolling out every time the tail gate was opened. High temperatures all the way and no rise in engine heat during the trip. Still happy with the investment. Model is a Limited - and I noticed the Canadian models do not have the shiny little 4x4 badges the US models do. Saw a couple of plus and standard models on the trip while south of the border.
  • Clay11—happy you had a good trip. Mine is also a limited but with only 5,900 miles and still is tight as a drum. I will keep an eye on the windows. No towing in my future so I do not have to worry about that part. Keep us up to date.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Thanks for the report. Ah, another fellow Vancouverite! :-) Recently, I've been seeing more and more XL-7's on the street. Even more so than the regular Grand Vitaras.

    If you have any questions about tires, check out the Tires, tires, tires discussion topic in the Aftemarket & Accessories message board. From my expeirence, raising the tires pressure a couple of psi may help to decrease the cupping.

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  • I can understand why the number of XL-7s is increasing and the number of GVs is going down. The price is about the same, maybe 1K less for the GV but the XL-7 has so much more for the money that unless you really want a small SUV the XL-7 is the way to go.
    As to PSI in the the tires you are 100% correct. Not only will they last longer but turning is easier.
  • Has anyone seen a 2002? I read that the 2002 has a flat floor and a cover over the space between the sets when the 2nd and 3rd rows are put down. I want to see if how they did it can be retro-fitted to my 2001. Right now I have a piece of plywood that covers the entire floor so the dogs can use it and not break a leg. However, it is very cumbersome to put in the truck.
    My wife and I will be taking it to the Greyhounds Reach the Beach at Dewey Beach over Columbus Day weekend. I will have two of the dogs and a carrier on the roof. Just hope for good weather. I will report on how it does.
  • xl7xl7 Posts: 20

    Thanks for sharing! I must say that you have been so resourceful;a big inspiration to my knowledge reguarding the XL-7. Latest: I just received my vent visors from McNeil...Thanks!
    Reguarding space between seats,uneven surface,
    more hp. Woodbridge Suzuki,Woodbridge,Va. should have available a 2002 model very soon. Last week
    during my oil change I reviewed the 2002 specs, only the added hp was mentioned. The salesman was unaware of the changes in the space between seats. However, he did mention that there would be two models of the 2002. One being the (seat 7} model,and one being without the (3rd row)of seats... offering more cargo space.

    I have the touring at 12500! No problems. Just make sure when you have an oil change the oil is cleaned from the undercarriage.
    During my 4 changes, each time I've had oil stains in my garage. I physically checked, the filter on my recent change and found it in a difficult location. When its removed,it usually drains to the cross frame.

    Happy motoring!
  • I know what you mean about the oil filter. It is a real pain. I have used Mobil 1 for years and put it in mine the first weekend I had it. What a mess but then I change the oil and filter at every 5k instead of every 3k since it is synthetic. This way it is not as often and makes for less mess.
    I had to get a replacement for the drivers window vent as mine split in half when I went to install it. It was replaced at no cost.
    Do you have the cross bars for the roof rack? My dealer wants something like $160 for a pair and I think I will see what MacNiel wants for theirs, if it will fit.
    On the back seat space: I wish I could remember the name of the magazine I looked at that had the update on the 2002. It also said heated mirrors on the limited.
  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    Here is a post I copied form Yahoo groups XL-7 forum (I hope I'm not violating any copy laws)
    "Hi Guys,
    Just got back from the dealer, I noticed the new 2002s were in
    and wanted to compare them...not much difference, new seat fabric
    design, kind of plain grey and heated mirrors. no hard shell cover,
    its now an option as are the mats,The interior, controls, dash, door
    trim are all the same.
    My dealer did say that the base model will have seating for 5 no
    third seat and its gonna kill the GV sales big time.He also said that
    the xl7 line was setting record sales in Canada and the US. My dealer
    still has the 0.01% interest no money down lease rate. I'm not sure on
    the total prices. Still a great deal!!
    So not much change in the Plus and Touring only the Base model.
    as for my engine so far so good, to date I have had 4 calls from
    Suzuki Canada asking about my satisfaction, Not bad......"

    Apparently he has seen the 2002 in person, I believe he is Canadian.
    Ours is about due for it's first oil change and I was thinking about doing it myself, but you guys confirmed my concerns that the filter is in a place that will create a big mess when changed, I think I'll let the dealer do it.
    I have cross bars for the roof racks, but got the dealer to throw them in as part of the deal, don't know how much they cost, but would guess it's bucks. FYI, the Mont Blanc racks are a "universal" clamp type that can clamp onto almost any roof rack. They do have a custom "Suzuki" label on them that is cool. But, my point is that I'm sure Thule or Yakima sell a similiar type of clamping, fits many type, kind of cross bars. Maybe they would be cheaper? Also, it looks like any Thule components that fit the square tube racks would fit on the Mont Blanc racks, so I'm going to check that out.
    I have searched high and low for a USA Mont Blanc distributor, but no luck. I even wrote to Mont Blanc and they gave me the name of a distributor here in the US, but they only seem to carry the ski racks.
    Has anyone ever seen them here?
  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    Who is MacNeil? Do they have a website? I am interested in the window visors but haven't seen them for the XL-7 yet. How much was the set? Is there any added wind noise? Would you recommend them? I have them on my Taco and like them.
  • The bars are available from the dealer here in Vancouver for $175 CDN. Based on the exchange rate, those of you living closer to the Canadian border should consider heading north. Sounds like a better deal up here...which makes a welcome change from our perspective, let me tell you! :-)
  • the web site this is a major after market company and is good to do business with. enjoy.
  • Could this flap system be retro fitted to a 2001?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    You can go to Macneil Automotive's website here:

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  • for starters it is POTIAC, just kidding. The flat floor cannot be retrofitted to the 2001. I am standing right next to one and the flap is part of the seat backing. Short of ripping the seat back off i don't think it can be done. Even if it could I think to order the part it would be very expensive.
  • I want to know from someone how the front seats of the 2001 xl7 adjust.
  • It is a manuaul seat adjusrment with forward and backward and the seatback does recline.
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