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Suzuki XL-7



  • xl7xl7 Posts: 20 ITEM !


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  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    Although the Thule racks may be rated for 165 lbs, the factory roof rails are only rated for 100 lbs! Needless to say, the roof rails are what hold the cross bars, so 100 lbs would be the maximum.
    By the way, that was the same website I found that had some Mont Blanc racks, but they were all ski related.
  • Going to Dewey Beach Columbus Day weekend and that is about 160 miles from my house and will be the longest trip yet in the truck. Will have two Greyhounds and they usually lay down after a little while and sleep. Will let everyone know how she did.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Suzuki Offers Best Finance Program in the Automotive Industry

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  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    Our Plus doesn't have the factory fog lights. Has anyone purchased
    them from the dealer? How much were they? Easy to install?
    Does anyone know of a suitable aftermarket model that would fit well
    and be the right type?
    Any info would be appreciated.
  • I am taking my wife to test drive an XL7 tomorrow. I have been trying to catch up since I don't know much about Suzuki's reputation. The 0% financing has just about clinched it for me. Any tips from any of you happy (or unhappy) XL7 owners (or leasers) before we go to take the plunge?
  • P.S. Does anyone have the color-keyed front grille guard that I see in the dealer brochure? How much was it and does it look as good as it does in the brochure?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Check out for australia grille guards. I find them to be much higher quality and more protective than decorative than domestic ones. Not sure if makes em, but they are good too.


  • For what it is worth go with the original equipment. They may cost a little more than after market but they will fit like a glove. The holes for mounting are already there so that will not be a problem. However, you still need the switch gear and that really needs to be original.
  • We could not be happier with our XL-7. It just turned 6.5k and is solid and quiet.
    A few comments however:
    1. If you are going to carry dogs or need a flat floor with no space between the second and third rows you will have to get a 2002. I cut a piece of plywood to cover the space between the seats since this is for the Greyhounds to use as a fun vehicle. However, if it is not a problem then a 2001 will do.
    2. There is an additional 8 or 10 HP for 2002. The 2001 175 horses are really enough. Good pickup and we have the automatic.
    3. Heated mirros for the limited are new for 2002.
    Other than that no real difference. The best value for the money, IMO, is the touring. You get the moon roof, the rear air and fog lights as part of the package. If you want leather and running boards then the limited is the way to go. We have the limited and love it.
    It also received the highest possible rating in the 40 MPH offset crash test but you to watch out for the spare tire when backing up.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    IMHO 99% of stock foglights on vehciles sold in the US, are for cosmetic purposes only. I've test driven a lot of vehicles @ night and the fog lights don't really make any difference at all. A good place for fog lights/driving lights is Ken @ Susquehana Motorsports I have the Hella 4000s on my Trooper and for mountain driving they are excellent. I know several guys who have Hella 500s and 550s that are also excellent fog/driving lights.


  • Thanks for the prompt info and advice. I do not have dogs so I guess I'm not concerned about the space between the seats. I don't think I'll need the heated mirrors or the extra ten horsepower based on what I've read so far. I'll probably take the 0% financing and buy; however, just in case I decide to lease so I don't take the depreciation hit, what is this $249 lease about? What are the terms? Besides the floor mats, are there any other add-ons I should bargain for?
  • The lease is for the Plus model only. I think it has rear a/c and automatic but it is one step up from the base. However, after you add the AC and automatic the rest is window dressing since it comes pretty well equipped to start with. If you paid 19k (after taxes) for 60 months it would be about $316 vs the $249 lease and you would own it. They are all basically the same engine, automatic, PS/PW/PB, stereo, etc. Good Hunting.
  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    My wife and I bought our Plus 4x4 Auto with the lease deal. Basically it is a very low money factor (equal to .9% apr) that allows them to get the payments so low.
    A few tips and cautions. The lease deal is only available on an '01 Plus 4x4 Auto, ONLY. That might limit your selection, ours was the only one they had that was a 4x4.
    Sale price was $20,870. The term is for 48 months (not 36). The $1995 down does not include taxes, title and tags. On ours that added up to over $800 additional. It also did not include our dealers "processing fee" of $399. We ended up putting $2800 down ($1995+$800) and rolled the $399 proc fee into the loan. Our payments are actually $258 a month. If you rolled the taxes in there, it would easily be $280 +/-. After we signed the deal, they called back to say they had forgotten to add in the property tax! Here in VA we pay a pretty steep annual property tax, although it's being phased out. On our previous Toyota leases, they paid it every year and just sent us a bill. Apparently Primus (who handles the Suzuki leases) does it differently where you pay a bit of it every month and never see a total bill. Not sure how that might work in your area. It added $3 to the monthly payment, to come out at $258.
    Only 12k miles allowed each year (this is standard). Payoff at the end of the lease is only $9,995.
    We figured that we could lease for four years and just walk away at the end, or if we really love the vehicle, we can buy it for $9,995 and finance that for three more years and come out not paying a whole lot more in interest than purchasing from the beginning.
    The only thing I don't like about this deal is that lease term is longer than the warranty. That means if anything breaks during that fourth year, we have to fix it out of our pocket. I might consider buying the extended warranty right at the end of the factory one if I feel it might not make that fourth year trouble free.
    Sorry for the ramble, just wanted you to know some of the things to look out for.
    We love our Suzuki (my wife especially) and we hope to have four enjoyable years with it.
  • Just finished packing for the trip to the beach and the spaces between the seats after you put them down really makes for a lot of extra storage. I put all kinds of things down there. however, they have to be soft, like dog coats and vests.
  • My wife and I signed went to the Suzuki dealer yesterday to consummate the purchase. Six hours of waiting and signing and we finally headed home with two toddlers in our brand new Suzuki XL7 Touring. We were two third of the way on the 34 mile trip home when I noticed tapping sounds from the engine compartment. (I had mentioned to the dealer that I thought I heard slight intermittent tapping when we started the vehicle at the dealership. The dealer had brought out his service technician and the technician said this was normal for the first 500 miles of vehicle operation.) Wwll, after a few miles further, the tapping became loud and the engine coughed several times and shut off. I managed to coast the vehicle partially off the road. It would not restart. My wife and I sat in stunned silence for what seemed like ten minutes or so. I then called the dealer and reported what happened. The dealer took my cell number and said he would call back. I called my own AAA road service and was told it would take an hour to come. It was beginning to get dark and my toddlers were getting cranky. I decided to leave my wife and kids with the car and start off on the three mile trek home on foot (no taxis in this area) to pick up our other vehicle and return for my wife and children. By the time I got home, it was dark. Furstrated and tired, I got in my other vehicle and went back for my wife and children. By the time I got back to them, my wife told me a police cruiser and stopped and pushed them further off the road. The dealer had phoned on the cell and told her to have the vehicle towed back to them. I sent my wife and children home in our other car and I sat in the disabled Suzuki and waited for the tow vehicle. I had to call road service twice more and it took about one and a half hours for the truck to arrive. I called the dealer back because the road service would not tow the vehicle all the way to the selling dealer (35 miles). I arranged for it to be towed to a nearby dealership (name supplied by the selling dealer) and the dealer would send another tow vehicle to bring the Suzuki back to the seling dealer the next day. My wife came to pick me up later at the nearby dealer and I transferred all of my childrens belongings and all of our other papers, etc from the Suzuki to our car. The next morning I took off another day from work and tried to arrange to pick up our trade vehicle from the dealership. I got the selling dealer to agree to bring my trade back to my area on the same flatbed truck that they were sending to pick up the Suzuki. Needless to say, my wife won't even dream about getting into another Suzuki. We thank God that she was not alone with the children or in the middle of a high speed lane change when the vehicle stalled. The dealer salesperson and the new car sales manager were quite apologetic. I told them not to sweat it because they only sell the cars, they do not manufacture them. As I write this update, I am waiting for my trade vehicle to arrive locally so that I can look for another car for my wife and children. I pray that no one else has to experience what we went through and I pray for your continued success and safety with your vehicles, whatever make and model. God bless.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well there are problems sometimes in manufacturing. I wouldn't write off suzuki and I wouldn't let the dealership off the customer service hook so easily. (they should have ran out there and tried to help you on the spot!) Anyway you might want to look at the Isuzu Trooper S. Currently selling for around $20-$21K with 10/120 warranty and 3/50K bumper to bumper.

  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    Does anyone know what the rear leg room is listed at for the 5 passenger version of the 2002 XL-7? I was pretty disappointed with the space in the 7 passenger version. Is the legroom the same and they have just fixed the seats in place (instead of having them on fore & aft sliders)? Or did they move them back a bit since the 3rd row of seats isn't installed? Just curious. I had a '93 Sidekick for 7 years and loved it. Needed to move up to a vehicle with seat belts for at least 5 passengers plus more cargo room. (The Sidekick only had belts for 4 passengers.) I test drove the XL-7 when it came out and I liked it but the leg room in the rear seats was not very good. I may be in the market for another vehicle in the next year or so and the XL-7 could be on my list . . . unless the legroom stays the same, then it is a no go.
  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    What a dissapointing story, I'm sorry you had such a difficult time. I am most curious to hear what the problem was, although it sounds like you won't be dealing with that vehicle any more.
    Was it a total engine failure? Maybe they didn't have the fluids topped off properly? Maybe it was something simple, like a loose rotor cap (if they even have those) or some other minor "whoops"?
    We would like to hear if you know what went wrong.
  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    Our XL-7 generates a lot of brake dust. I was wondering if others do they same. Within a few days of washing it, the front wheels quickly develop a coating of brake dust, after two weeks they look awful!
    Has anyone else considered those plastic dust shields? Anyone have any experience with them?
  • We just returned from the local dealer. We had to meet the flatbed truck driver who returned our trade. After waiting two hours, we finally met the driver from the selling dealership. The driver briefly tried to start the Suzuki but, with no success, he loaded it up on the flatbed and pulled away. I put the plates back on our trade and drove home. I did not see a puddle of oil or any indication of fluid leaks in the spot where the Suzuki sat and the driver did not venture a guess as to what could have gone wrong. I suppose I will hear from the dealer when they get the vehicle back and check it out. I had to call my insurance agent and reverse the auto insurance change over. What a hassle undoing these purchase deals! Fortunately they had not sold my trade, but it did already have the dealer buyer notice in the window and it had been placed on the lot of available used cars. I'll post info if and when I hear from the selling dealer about what went wrong. It is a shame we had this experience because, for the limited time I drove it, the Suzuki felt and drove like a tight, well-made vehicle. I think my family would have enjoyed it had it held up. Oh well, now we may never know. PAISAN, thanks for the tip on the Trooper. I think we'll go drive one and see what happens. God bless all.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'm a fan of the Zukis but I understand the turnoff of a bad deal. I drive an 00 Trooper so I'm pretty knowledgeable of them.

    As for brake dust, the subaru guys wax their wheels, and this significantly reduces the brake dust. You don't want to use those sheilds cause they interfere with the ventilation of the rotors and can cause them to overheat.

  • I leased a 2001 xl7 Plus back in June,
    Mine is the Burgendy Pearl, I was wondering if anyone had any off road experiences with the xl7 yet?? I also have a CRV and notice that the xl7 is very noisy (squeak and rattle) on dirt roads.
    Would this be due to the full frame vs the unibody and the suspension setup being different?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The CRV is a jacked up Civic, the XL7 is a small Trooper. Basically you are correct that the body on frame will cause more noise. But the XL7 will bring you places the CRV wouldn't even think of going.

  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    the 2002 shares nothing with the Civic. Engine, transmission and everything else. I considered the XL7 (the extra seats) but don't like the location of the gas tank , interior is cramped in any seat. New CRV 2.4 L probably accelerate faster than XL7 gets better gas milage. Resale vaule will probably double the Suzuki.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    FWD based car based. Might as well get an AWD mini-van instead. Also didn't realize that the CRV was going to the drag strip for 1/4 mile times. :)

    Gas tank placement? What is bad about it?

  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    its sandwiched right between the rear bumper and axle. No room to spare. Likely to get crushed in a rear ender.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Same on my trooper. Except it's probably like my trooper in that it is between the frame rails, which unlike a unibody car do not give when hit. I think there are stats on rear mounted tanks, and they are no more likely to catch on fire after a hit (heck gas tanks in general are not likely to catch on fire in a hit)

    Key is that the rear end isn't a crumple zone (the front of the other guy's car is your crumple zone) :)

  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    Thanks for the follow up, again, so sorry to hear about your troubles, buying a new car should be fun!
    I second Paisans suggestion about the Trooper, for about the same price as the Suzuki, you can look at an S Auto 4x4. Many dealers still have '01s on the lot. It was our first choice, but we just couldn't get the payments anywhere near the Suzuki lease. The gas mileage was the only turn off, otherwise an awesome vehicle (especially for the price).
    Paisan, I too thought maybe those dust shields may cause excessive heat build up. I'll try waxing them, but what a mess.
    CRV? I can't wait to meet one at a stop light, even the new '02. In an informal stop light drag race the other day, the XL-7 blew away a Ford F-150 (I know, so what) and a Honda Accord (4 cyl) that was squealing his wheels all the way across the intersection. As I watched them fade away in the rear view mirror, I thought, wow, this little buggy moves when you need it to.
    We considered the CRV until we drove one. It was Honda tight, but slow, whiney, and buzzy at highway speeds. The XL-7 is a whole different class of vehicle.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    Anyone care to share their experience with the leather? Is it holding up well?

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