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2007 Elantra Speedometer / Odometer

I have purchased a 2007 Elantra and after a few thousand miles realized my speedometer was reading 6MPH faster than I was actually traveling. I took it in for repair and the service manager states that it is only out 4.9 MPH which is within the specs of the vehicle. Coincidently the upper spec is 4.9 MPH. I informed him I checked the speed with my GPS and when my GPS was reading 60 MPH my car was reading 66MPH after a long argument he finally agreed to look at my car again. Long story short he replaced my speedometer. His quote "good news it is only out 4 MPH now" I explained that this is not satisfactory to me and would like it to read more accuratley than that. He stated this is the best they can do and refuses to look at this issue any further. I have also checked my odometer and it is reading 31 Miles for every 30 I travel. The service manager states that this is acceptable and there is nothing he can do to fix it. Has anyone else had this issue? How do I get this resolved?


  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    Just curious, which model is this--GLS or SE/Limited? (They have different sized weels/tires.)
  • It is the GLS and the tires were the first thing I checked. P195/65R15 Is what's on it.
  • spmrebelspmrebel Posts: 130
    Wheels and tires on SE/Limited has nothing to do with it. If you had SE/Limited wheels along with tires (205/55R16) to put you GLS you would still have the same issues. It may be a speed sensor issue. Anyway, it shouldn't be that far off. Take the car to another dealer.

    Good luck
  • I bought my '07 Elantra 03/16/2007, and I have a similar problem with my speedometer. At 72 mph indicated, I'm actually going 65 mph (by GPS). At 65 mph, I'm actually going 59 mph. At 30 mph indicated, I'm actually travelling 27 mph. I first noticed there might be a problem when the traffic around me was passing me like I was standing still. That's when I dug out my GPS and did a check. You're not alone. And it shouldn't be off even 4 mph. I'm contacting the dealer. Will let you know how they handle me. (This is the 4th Hyundai I've bought from them in the last year; the other 3 are Sonatas, and I have no complaints about the Sonata).
  • Ok, so I contacted the dealer and spoke with the Service Manager. GUESS WHAT??!!? He said, "I'LL PUT YOU ON THE LIST FOR A REPLACEMENT CLUSTER."

    LIST???!!!??? Yep, I heard it right. I'm on The List for a new cluster as it seems virtually EVERY NEW ELANTRA HAS THIS PROBLEM.

    Now, take this li'l tidbit to your dealer and let's see your service department squirm when you tell 'em it's a global problem -- and you want it fixed and done right the first time!

  • kbrandaukbrandau Posts: 1
    I also purchased a 2007 Elantra, on 2/19/2007, and within 2 days I noticed that vehicles, even U-Hauls were passing me, so to stay with traffic, the speedometer was showing 85mph on the Interstate. I purposely drove by a stationary radar unit in a 45mph zone, going with the flow of traffic, the radar indicated 45mph, speedometer indicated 55mph. I contacted the Service Manager at the Dealer, and he said that he is having alot of complaints about this, and that I should bring it in, so he could get the part number off the speedometer, so they could order a new "cluster". After I drove the 50 miles to the dealer, he said he already had it, from all the other 2007 Elantras that had been brought in. And that the part (cluster) was on back order, and he would call when it comes in, 2 weeks later, still no call.

    Honda, and other Automotive Manufacturers have class action law suits against them for knowingly allowing this to happen, because it racks up the mileage faster than it should, voiding the warranty more quickly. It also give a false sense of greater fuel economy.

    My last Elantra (99) is still going strong, with over 140,000 miles, and I had 0 problems with it in the last 8 years, and now I have another new one, and even with all of the great improvements Hyundai has made to the safety features, and roominess, I am greatly disappointed in what they have done to deceive the consumer, with the Mileage, and fuel economy.

    I would like to urge Hyundai to do the right thing and stand behind their promise of quality, and issue a recall for all of the 2007 Elantras for this speedometer cluster issue, and get it back to within the 1-2 mph degree of error, not 10 mph off, this is not acceptable in any standard of quality.
  • kpjohnkpjohn Posts: 11
    I have the same problem. I have an appointment with the dealer tomorrow. I was wondering who sets the specs that being out 4.9 is ok? If it is up to Hyundai why not set the tolerance higher and be done with it?
  • I can also confirm this problem.
    It's registering 4 - 5MPH slower than actual speed.

    Tested with a GPS.
  • Add me to the chorus of Speedometer complainers. I found the speedo was showing 66mph @ actual 60mph. Hyundai replaced the Instrument Cluster and declared it within specs. It now shows 65mph @ actual 60mph. Hyundai District Parts/Service Manager(DPSM)states that the specs are 60mph(+4.9). The DPSM will not allow any more work on the vehicle since it is now within specs. I found a Hyundai TSB #05-90-014 for alot of Hyundais having inaccurate speedometers. The TSB calls for a 60mph (+/-1.7mph). I also complained that the odometer was counting up at a higher rate (6%) and the DPSM claims the Speedometer and Odometer are two different systems.
    If Hyundai feels that a 5-8% slop factor in their speedometer and odometers is OK, then I am afraid of what else is just OK...brakes, transmission, engine, safety?
  • kpjohnkpjohn Posts: 11
    Where can I find the TSB 05-90-014 you mentioned?
  • I found TSB 05-90-014 on the site for Hyundai Technical Information. It is under Group: Electrical, Number: 05-90-014, Date: December, 2005, Subject: TESTING SPEEDOMETER OPERATION AND ACCURACY USING HI-SCAN PRO.
  • tmporttmport Posts: 19
    I'm curious to know if this is a problem with all 2007 Elantras, or just some.

    Does anyone here own a 2007 Elantra that does NOT seem to be having this problem? Anyone with one of the newest models (i.e. the ones with XM)?

    I'm seriously considering buying an Elantra, and I'm wondering how likely it is that I'll have to deal with this problem.
  • kpjohnkpjohn Posts: 11
    They changed my instrument cluster and that seems to have fixed the problem. Initially the speedometer was off almost 6 mph. It is only a mile or two off now.
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    i think this tsb is only for 01-06 elantras
  • Has anyone contacted the BBB on this speedometer issue? If so what was the conclusion? When I spoke with Hyundai customer relations about my speedometer and Odometer not being accurate, they told me that there was nothing else they could help me with. They referred me to a page in the owners manual and I should follow the instructions on how to contact the BBB with any further complaints.
  • kpjohnkpjohn Posts: 11
    You are correct regarding the TSB being for 01-06 Elantras. The point is that the tolerances noted in the TSB are around 1-1.7 mph whereas some service advisors are telling people that the tolerance is 4 mph for the 2007. It is suspicious that the tolerances would be increased so much, if in fact they have been.
  • I don't see in previous posts how they determined their speedo was incorrect. I have a 2007 Elantra SE 5spd with XM and just did a test on the freeway. Set cruise at 70 mph - drove for 49 miles in 42 minutes which calculates correctly. Odometer kept in sync with the mile posts also.
    I have had this car for 2 weeks now and after 1200 miles am very happy. 3 tanks of gas - calculated 34 mpg, 29 mpg and 32 mpg (Trip computer says 31.3 average). Various driving - some freeway, some city, some country 2 lane.
  • kpjohnkpjohn Posts: 11
    Hyundai tests the speedo with a computer. That is what the TSB in previous posts refers to. The way we determined our speedo was off was while following my wife, who was driving the Elantra, in another car I noticed that she was driving 5 mph below the speed limit. I called her on her cell and asked her how fast she was going. She was going 5 mph slower than the car I was driving registered (the Elantra registered 55 and the car I was driving registered 50). I knew my car was correct based on the radar displays the police put up that tell you how fast you are going. Hyundai confirmed that our speedo was actually 6 mph off.
  • I took my Elantra to 2 different dealers and they do not test with a computer. They both told me they do not have the eqpuipment to test for this. They also told me that there is no such equipment available in the area Cincinnati, OH and to buy it was out of the question (too expensive). This is when I decided to check with my GPS. When I contacted the dealer with my results that is when they went and got a GPS and found my car was out 6MPH. Not sure what other dealers in other parts of the country our using to verify the speedometer.
  • kpjohnkpjohn Posts: 11
    Based on the service you are getting at your dealership (reagarding speedo issue) I would be skeptical of anything they said.
  • jfarrjfarr Posts: 1
    Does anyone here own a 2007 Elantra that does NOT seem to be having this problem? Anyone with one of the newest models (i.e. the ones with XM)?

    I just bought a 2007 Elantra SE (didn't get the XM radio) and my speedometer was right on the money. Tested against GPS, as well as following my dad in his Toyota Highlander and my brother in a Chrysler minivan while on the cell phones. Results were within 1 mph. I say this in response to the poster who asked if anyone ISN'T having this problem- I am not.
    But that's why I love this forum, I would have never known to check in the first place. I learn a lot in here.
  • tenorlestenorles Posts: 3
    Well, it looks like I may be a little farther along than most who have posted here. I bought my 2007 Elantra GLS on 2/22/07, and also noticed within 24 hours that I was suddenly traveling slower that most of the rest of the traffic. I checked it against my wife's Envoy and found I was going more than 5 mph slower than she at 65. I told my dealer, he told me to bring it in, and confirmed that I had a defective speedometer. A replacement was back ordered, and about two weeks later they called for me to bring it in. At the end of the day they said they replaced the instrument cluster and "everything's OK". It didn't take but a couple days to recognize that the speedometer accuracy was no better than before. (Did they really change it?) I'm more fortunate than many in that I have a local shop that has a certified speedometer tester. (They're used a lot for challenging speeding tickets) I paid the $50 to have my Elantra checked, and it was off by up to 7.4%! I took that report to my Hyundai dealer, and was told they would have to confer with Hyundai on how to resolve. That was on April 13 and I'm still waiting for an answer. The long delay told my this might be bigger than just a couple bad speedometers, and then when I found all these postings I am convinced we have another asian car maker that's putting chronically (or intentionally?) mis-calibrated speedometers in their cars. There is no way I'm going to accept anything less than a properly calibrated speedometer in my Elantra, and although I would rather have something significantly better than the American federal standard of 4.9% maximum error, they will make this right. Problem is, I don't think that's going to be easy for them, because I don't think they (Hyundai Motor Corp) require any better accuracy from their manufacturer than what we're currently getting. It's going to be interesting, and it might get ugly.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi, welcome to CarSpace. You sing, I take it? :)

    Please keep us posted on how things work out. As you can see, a number of members will be interested in what happens.
  • kpjohnkpjohn Posts: 11
    What are our options?
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    I was talking to the service manager at my local dealer because I think I have the same problem on my 07 SE. He told me to wait to bring it in because Hyundai is about to issue a TSB indicating that the sending unit (not the cluster) needs to be changed on "some early production" 07 Elantras.
  • ginns5ginns5 Posts: 16
    I took my 07 Elantra into Callahans in San Antonio this a m to get the speedo checked.I have 16 x 225 x 60 tires on the car.

    At 35, I am going 34
    At 50, I am going 49
    At 70, I am going 68.
  • rv21015rv21015 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem on my 2007 Elantra SE that I purchased 12/21/06. They have already replaced the cluster and I still have the same issue with it being off by about 5 - 7 MPH. The second time I brought it in for service, I brought the postings from this website and they had their top mechanic look at it all. He contacted Hyundai's internal tipline and they concurred on the problem. I am waiting for another cluster to come from Korea to fix the issue now. Supposedly, the 2nd cluster has a new part number associated with it so hopefully it will take care of it all.
    Besides this issue, my experience with car has been positive in the last 5 months.
  • Hyundai is about to issue a TSB indicating that the sending unit (not the cluster) needs to be changed

    How do we find out about TSBs? I want to make sure I keep up with the required services on my new car.

  • kpjohnkpjohn Posts: 11
    Have they "made it right" or has it "gotten ugly."
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