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2007 Elantra Speedometer / Odometer



  • OK, Here is the latest. I had my car in the shop yesterday and they replaced the instrument cluster. I went by the same stationary radar guns and they appear to register the exact same thing as before. On the speedometer it says 40MPH and on the radar sign it says 35MPH.
    I called the service guy back up and he says that Hyundai says that there is a 2-4 MPH tolerance that they have on the speedometer and my car is now at 4MPH. They also said after looking into it closer my car was really 7MPH high (before replacing the instrument cluster), not 5MPH that I thought. He is going to talk to his manager and he is going to talk to the Hyundai rep. I don't think this issue is ging to be resolved, to be honest with you. My main concern was the odometer and that appears to be right on. At least the first 1000 miles I put on the car is now back to 0 since they changed the instrument cluster. So I have an extra 1000 miles on my warranty...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Except now your car's title needs to reflect that the odometer has been reset. :(
  • They finally fixed my speedo correctly. After replacing the cluster, which didn't improve the accuracy, a factory engineer came to my local dealership to fix my car. The service manager said they were pretty "tight lipped" about how they were fixing the problem, he was told they did a "software recalibration" - but they were not shown how to do it. Well, my speedo's accuracy is now acceptable, and I still believe that Hyundai has a much larger problem that they're trying to keep under wraps.
  • ebbutsebbuts Posts: 20
    What is the big hush-hush with Hyundai on this reprogramming thing. Evidently more dealers are doing in and without the help of a "factory engineer". In todays technical world this "fix" should be nothing to fix. Just a mystery to me.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    I just wanted to pop in and thank everyone who has brought this issue up. I'm shopping, and this definitely helps me with the buying decision.

    I don't care if you can find a fully loaded '07 Elantra for $15,000 as some claim, to me, this doesn't sound like it's worth the hassle. I don't want to buy a car just to keep taking it back. It's enough to cross this car off the list until they get things under wraps, or wait and buy it second-hand after someone else has taken care of all the TSBs. Sometimes $15K isn't worth it.

    Maybe by the time the '08s come out, they'll have fixed the problem, and maybe even have replaced the timing belt with a chain.

    This is why I like to lurk the forums here. So much information! Thanks again!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    FWIW the '08 Elantra info has already been published, and the car has the same engine as the '07 Elantra--meaning it has a timing belt. If you're looking for a car with a timing chain, the Elantra isn't it.
  • slf75slf75 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2007 Elantra GLS with preferred package on 6/2/07. My speedometer is also off by 4-7 miles or so, depending on speed. I called the dealer earlier this week and they told me that state law (Oregon) allows for a 3-4% variance, but to bring it in anyway. So it's there today and I just got a call that they tested it against GPS and it showed a 4 mph variance at 60 mph, which is within the manufacturer's specs (4.9 mph variance, apparently). I'm curious how the manufacturer could have an acceptable variance that doesn't match up with this alleged state law. I haven't researched the law yet, but I will do that this weekend before I figure out how to proceed.

    The dealer did, however, replace some rubber part in my glove box that Hyundai had recalled. Gee, thanks.
  • To everyone,

    Hyundai has just released a new TSB that fixes the 2007 Elantra speedometer issue. The procedure re-programs the ECU to fix the error. It addresses only those vehicles with production dates between August 1, 2006 to May 28, 2007. The TSB can be found on for those who have signed up for access. It's a 17 page pdf file which contains the step by step procedure for reprogramming the ECU.

    TSB # 07-90-010 dated 9/6/07

    Finally a fix!!
  • Some additional good news,

    The last page of the TSB states:

    NOTE: All Hyundai warranties of vehicles affected by this TSB will be automatically extended by 3% as shown below:

    1. Basic: 5 years / 61,800 miles
    2. Powertrain: 10 years / 103,000 miles
    3. Towing: 5 years / 61,800 miles
    4. Paint: Depending upon the defect code, up to 3 years / 37,080 miles at maximum.
    5. Service Parts: 1 year / 12,360 miles (Applicable only to the service parts installed on
    the affected vehicle prior to launching the CSA).
    6. Accessory: 1 year / 12,360 miles (Applicable only to the accessory parts installed on
    the affected vehicle prior to launching the CSA).
  • I am assuming all you people out there know when you talk by phone to a customer assistance manager after emailing or whatever that these people in Salt Lake are nothing more than phone answering people. They DO NOT work for the Hyundai Corporation. I found this out the first time I wrote my complaint about the speedometer. And just a couple weeks ago I wrote another email telling about what people on this site are doing to fix their problem by even buying new tires etc.... I got an answer to my email telling me that so many things affect the speedometer from wear like tires and just went on and on. I called her up and asked her if she knows anything about cars to which the answer was no. I also said, Do you understand we are talking about new cars that don't yet have all the problems you listed on the email and again the answer no. She had absolutely no knowledge of what has been done so far including the reprograming as my car had in about July/Aug timeframe. Just took another short trip and still clocks out at about 1 mph off and just a slight difference in the odometer. Maybe the new TSB will bring it closer yet. If not, they won't touch my car.
  • I plan to take my car in for the update soon. I've had this problem for 6 months now waiting for a good fix. It sure took them long enough!

    For those who have already had the unofficial reprogramming done (like ebbuts), I would recommend to have the update done again with the new TSB. It's possible the latest patch is a better calibration and to make sure your car's warranty is officially extended by 3%. I'm also going to make sure that I retain a copy of the TSB and all service documents for warranty purposes...
  • The TSB:

    Technical Service Bulletin
    Number: 07-90-010
    Date: SEPTEMBER, 2007
    Model: 2007 ELANTRA

    Some 2007 Elantra vehicles equipped with automatic transaxles may display inaccurate speedometer readings. This bulletin provides the procedure to reprogram the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to resolve this condition.

    This TSB provides reprogramming instructions for GDS only. You may have to perform an initial internet update of GDS to receive the necessary data items #90 and #91. If a vehicle has not been driven for several days, first start and run the engine for several minutes to ensure it has a reasonably charged battery before conducting the reprogramming. A low vehicle battery charge can prevent reprogramming.

    Model: 2007 Elantra vehicles with automatic transaxles. Applicable vehicle production date range: From August 1, 2006 through May 28, 2007.

    (The rest is the detailed procedure which only makes sense to a technician I suppose.)
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    I called my dealer to set up a time to bring in my Elantra for the TSB and they told me that they would only flash the ECU if the speedometer was more than 5 MPH over the actual speed. If it's within 5 MPH then it's in spec.
  • As someone said in one of the last replies, I definitely will check with my dealer to make sure my car's re-programming is at least the same as the one specified. My car was built 12-18-2006 so it would be what they call the #91 setup. If my dealer told me that if my car was 5 mph or less in error and that it was within spec., I would tell him I am going directly to Hyundai again because there is nothing in the TSB that says that. The way I read it all cars are to be re-programmed. Why else would Hyundai come out with the TSB. To be selective? I hope not.
  • Talked to the dealer on 7/13/07 and asked about the TSB. After they told me they looked it up they could not find any such TSB with that number I went to the website listed in an earlier posting and found it. Will update after a conversation with the service manager.
  • I have reported the same problem to the dealer in January, but the service manager simply kicked me out. I went to the dealer service 3 more times after that and always be kicked out and be humilated by the service manager. He simply say it is my driving habbit problem. I am so angry about this. I am wondering if anyone considers the Lemon Law process or start a class-action lawsuit against Hyundai? I like Hyundai before, but now, I have to say I hate them because of their ignorance and arrogance on this issue. I am contacting lawyers to start the class-action lawsuit right now.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    You should also report the dealer's behavior to HMA, and th the local BBB if they are a member (most dealers are). There is no way a dealer should kick someone out and humiliate them simply because they come in and politely talk with them about an issue with their car.
  • Why waste your time with the BBB and HMA? What is wrong with going directly to the dealership owner? When I go down to the dealer about the TSB 07-90-010 I will have a copy of it in hand. I have emailed HMA, which I have said before is not part of Hyundai, about who exactly is covered by this TSB. By reading it it is everyone within the build dates of the Elantras. But according to one reply on this site the owner was told by the service people his/her car wasn't included because 5 MPH is within spec. I am betting Hyundai isn't looking at it that way or why have the TSB. Will post after I talk with the people. Just got an email asking me to call by phone.
  • I have contacted HMA after I was rejected by the dealer service manager the second time. But HMA was arrogant too. The consumer affair manager says "Hyundai stands by its quality; all meters on our vehicles are certified with government standards". I really hate their attitude.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    I talked to my friend, who is an attorney, about the speedometer issue and he told me that he did not think I would have a case because Hyundai has issued a TSB and extended the warranty by 3%. He said I could talk to a Lemon Law attorney but felt that most courts allow manufactures wide latitude to fix non safety or drivability issues. Also, I don’t think any court would hold Hyundai liable for a dealer’s bad behavior.
  • I do not know if you recall the Honda case for the odometer problem. For the Honda case, there is only odometer problem, and the speedometer does not have problem. In this case, the speedometer probably can be argued as a safety issue according to one of the lawyers I am contacting, since the driver does not know the right speed and could cause stress on driving, and when changing vehicles with normal speedometer. Anyway, does Hyundai provide the quantitative results about how much their meters off? For me, the speedometer is 10% and odometer is 5%. The industry standard as I found from the Honda case is 4%. In the Honda case, the claimed error is about 2-3% which is below the standard, but Honda still settled to avoid additional publicity.
  • After printing out the TSB and taking it to another Hyundai dealer they fixed my car within 2 days. My speedometer is still off by 2MPH but much better than the 5-6 MPH it was off.
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    i got a letter from hyundai yesterday in the mail about this TSB, so hopefully everyone else will which should make it easier to get it fixed at a local hyundai dealer.
  • Hate to see this thread change from speedometer problem to lawsuit which it is not. I did call HMA people and talked to some guy for at least 1/2 hour or more. He put me on hold several times cause he didn't know the answers to my questions. In fact at one point he told me he put my VIN into the system and it came back that my car wasn't included. I said he was nuts so he asked someone and came back saying everyone with cars built in the time frame will be getting a letter and that Hyundai will take care of every car. Of course mine was done under the secret re-programming but I still want to be sure it is within the #91 re-programming on the TSB. I have not gotten a letter yet but he assured me I will and if I don't have one in 2 weeks to call him back as he gave me that info also. I think it is so dumb to have these go-between people not even employed by Hyundai answering our complaints. Probably saving some money.
  • caazcaaz Posts: 209
    Still enjoying my Elantra...MPH (speedo) is perfect...didnt go through the frustrations you all are passing through... Should have taken my advice as i mentioned 2 months ago....Changed my tire size for 80.00...problem
  • caaz - If you will go back thru these replies, you will find that I said you wasted money on your tires when all you had to do was get a reprogram job. I didn't go thru any frustrations. After I called the dealer questioning him about the speed problem he said he would get back to me which in 2 weeks he did and THEN I went to the dealer, 10 minutes to reprogram and check out. Mine cost me nothing. LOL Maybe you are Mr. Moneybags while the rest of us aren't. I wouldn't spend any money when it is Hyundai's problem. When your tires wear down, then what? Speedometer error is back. Good luck.
  • So I took my 2007 Elantra in and they adjusted my speedometer but when I asked about the Odometer they said there weren't enough miles on the car to cause a problem. My problem with that is if my car has been reading 4-7 miles per hour off wouldn't this affect how many miles the car reads when it actually has less? Would love a knowledgable second opinion. Thanks :)
  • natty,

    From what I know, the problem affects both the odometer and speedometer even though the new TSB only mentions the speedometer. On my car, the error is about 10% high on both meters. The TSB reprogram will correct the calibration on both meters since they are both controlled by the ECU. The TSB does not address adjusting the odometer back to some arbitrary setting. There would be legal reporting issues involved when changing the odometer. So Hyundai has instead chosen to extend the warranty by 3% and avoid any reporting issues at all. In my opinion, I think it's better this way. Look at my case, the odometer reads 10K, but I know it should read only 9K. At this point, I'm not overly concerned with only a 1K error because the warranty extension gives me more than 1K over the long run. The longer you wait to get it fixed however, the mileage difference would become an issue. I suppose you could complain loud enough and get them to set the odometer back, but are you really concerned about it reading only 1 or 2K high at this point?
  • Thank you,
    You have a very valid point and have fixed my confusion on the matter.
    Thank you again,
  • caazcaaz Posts: 209
    but ebbuts...look at all these hundreds of postings.......right here.....that Can't resolve the i'm still happy with my resolution. I've read too many postings here stating how their Dealer never heard of the problem...never heard of TSB...etc... too much headache for me..i did it the easy way
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