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Isuzu Rodeo

meredithmeredith Posts: 578
This topic is a continuation of Topic 2263....

Isuzu Rodeo - II. Please continue these
discussions here. Thanks!

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  • The new shocks fit with no problem as drmperalta assured me they would. As he suggested, I had the mechanic (sorry, I don't have the right tools to do it myself) keep the OEM upper bushings since they are beefier than the Monroes.

    There already is a vast improvement in the ride. So if you're thinking about changing the shocks in your 2000 or 2001, the part numbers from a 98+ WILL fit.

  • Been there, than that. I used Bilstein before I have the Monroes.

    I enjoyed the Bilstein for some time on my '99 Passport. It had excellent lean, bounce, and dive control (good for racing sports) but I didn't like the way it transmitted all the minor road irregularities (asphalt undulations and old concrete road bumps). They were a big turn off to me, and the wife complained on it of being uncomfortable especially on long drives. This is just not our taste for regular trips.

    I am now more comfortable with Monroes. The monroes also gave better control on lean, dive, and bounce compared to the OEM shocks.
  • Since I have been out of pocket for a few days, I just caught up on the latest news of Michael and his "deal" on the Demo. The specifics of my earlier post are correct - I bought a 2000 LS 2WD that listed at $25,936 for $16,936 + TT&L in Arlington, TX. That included a $2,000 dealer incentive and a $2,000 rebate that I took in lieu of .9% financing. The dealer did lose money, but it was an advertising promotion. At that price, it is a great deal on a vehicle that has a great warranty, so even if/when I have problems it is worth messing with.

    I have been trying to help a friend get as close to my deal as possible, but with little luck. There are very few 2000 Rodeos left, so the dealers are not willing to do much. The best deal we can find on a 2000 LS 2WD that lists at $26,700 in this part of the country is $19,999. However, my dealer in Arlington has a 2000 S Trooper that he will sell for $19,999, so my friend is considering that. In my opinion, a scratched 4WD Rodeo demo is not a deal at $25,500!
  • I have owned a 2000 LS 4X4 for about three months now. This is my first new car, and I expected my SUV to be quieter than it is. It seems too noisey . I got a lot of wind noise. I was wondering if any of you have the same problem. I realize I could take it to the dealership, and eventually I will, but that is a real pain. ISUZU says it is normal. I think that is bull.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I had a lot of door seal noise from my '97 Rodeo, as soon as I hit 60mph it was very loud. If it isn't the door seals you could adjust the cross bars on the roof rack, and try removing your antenna (as a test) to see if you can narrow down where the noise is coming from.

  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    I bought my '00 rodeo ls (auto,4wd, 6cd, al wheels) mid october ($23.6) and when I drove it off the lot with 12 miles it still has the same amount of problems at 2k miles. none.
  • dee28dee28 Posts: 1
    I leased a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo LS and from the day I drove it off the lot parts have been failing. I have had problems with the tires being 'out of round', the cd player breaking, the cup holder breaking, the wind shield causing tremendous noise, the interior ceiling covered in some type of glue, a speaker going bad, clips on the rear bumper falling off, 3 recalls and the latest is the leather on the steering wheel wearing out. While most of this was covered under warranty, I am now informed that the steering wheel leather is not covered after 1 year.With only 30k miles on it, I am really worried about the next few years that we are stuck with it. Speaking to Isuzu has not been helpful as they know there is nothing I can do. I am unfortunately 3 months out of being eligible for the lemon law. This is the shoddiest piece of garbage that I have ever owned and I am posting this so that noone goes near this vehicle.If anyone else has had this much trouble and they have had any success with any consumer groups-please advise!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    That was teh 1st year of the new generation Rodeos. 99-01 have had far less problems. Look @ the Escape/Tribute and those are some major teething problems...

  • good news for 2000 isuzu rodeo owners.

    today i had bilstein corp ( Western Office:
    8845 Rehco Road,San Diego, CA 92121
    a nice engineer named lou) install bilstein shocks on my 2000 rodeo 2wd.

    the good news is that the part numbers are going to be the same as the 1999 shocks.

    i drove home to los angeles area from san diego and i was very pleased.

    good luck to other owners and thank you to bilstein for using my vehicle to test the 2000 shocks.
  • Doc, you were so lucky to get this kind of deal. As you've read my story, things didn't go well between me and the dealers that night. And I ended up driving around town plus more than an hour to Lancaster, PA from Baltimore, MD to look for other Isuzu dealers last weekend. However, they all told me the same da*n thing. I can only choose either a $2000 incentive/rebate or a 0.9% financing. What's the deal? If I'm eligable for both incentive and financing, I think I, as a consumer, deserve to get this benefit. Do they really think they can make thousands of dollar from selling me a new, but one-year-old car? Anyway, I'm about to give up on the Rodeo and go find something else with similar quality and reasonable price, maybe a good, used 4Runner, who knows.

  • Don't know if this fits within the scope of the discussion, but I wanted some feedback on this subject.

    Regarding a 2001 Rodeo (automatic, pref pack #2)

    Is ($235/month, 39 month lease, 1,000 miles/month
    $1,500 total out of pocket with the $700 Gateway Comuter voucher)

    Is there a better deal out there than anyone is aware of?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Something doesn't seem right witht that deal. Is it a 4wd or 2wd?

    I got an outstanding deal in '97 which was $285/mo for the Rodeo S w/Performance package (auto, a/c, alumn wheels, LSD, 6 speaker stereo) with $2000 out of pocket for 36months. It had a $18,000 residual value and Isuzu wanted the "old" models off the showroom floor before they put out the '98 models.

    So $235/mo seems like an outstanding deal, IMHO.

  • Recently, I flipped the cost of my 100k maintenance on my 1993 Rodeo (3.2L)including timing belt and other belts, plugs, water pump, etc. Two weeks post repair, my "check engine" light is coming on. The vehicle is hesitating tremendously and my fuel consumption is not what it use to be - I'm getting about 200m/tank. I had an O2 sensor replaced this past summer. The technician reset the diagnostic computer and sent me on my way saying he could not get the car to regenerate the error again. Four miles down the road, I was sure able to make the check engine light come on again. The car never choked off, but it sure hesitates. Any suggestions? Thanks, on
  • bs666bs666 Posts: 1
    I was having a similar problem with my check engine light. Dealer kept telling me they could not duplicate it and that nothing was wrong. Ended up having a leak in my cooling system and had to have the engine replaced. NOT to imply that's your problem, of course, as you'd know because you'd also be overheating (or losing use of the a/c, as in my case). Another problem for me is that my check engine light used to come on whenever it was smoky outside. go figure.
  • deimosdeimos Posts: 57
    Or any good dealer that would ship to Canada? What are the part #s?

    Do they improve cornering and emergency manouvering on highway, please? We don't do much of off-road :)

    BTW: do they make Monroe Reflex shocks for a '99 Rodeo?

  • deimosdeimos Posts: 57

    I had washed my car in a cold evening(two days before) and kept it in the garage(unheated)... I'll go to work, but when starting it after hours it would start with a jolt when releasing the clutch(I've had it last winter as well)...

    But, next morning, it got worse, it wouldn't move at all, even after releasing the clutch almost completely(this time I was afraid to release it completely, considering the high revs, some cluncks, the previous jolts and the fact that I couldn't move the car my hand either)...No hand brake engaged :)
    I'll take it out of 4hi, put it in 4 No, then in 4 hi again, then in 2wd(After starting to two it. I've stopped the towing truck, re started the engine, just to make sure that the 4hi light went off)... But as the towing truck was turning out of my drive, we heard one loud CLANK and I was sure that my dealer would find the truck in perfect shape(which he did) :)

    He even kept the truck outsideover night and re started it, no problems at 8 am next morning(but on milder weather)...
    They say they've "checked everything"...:) Not reproducible...
    It's not only that now I'm afraid to wash the truck when it's cold, but I'm afraid something might be damaged anyhow...

    Even if we're careful not to put in 4hi when there are patches of dry asphalt, etc, etc

    I also kind of thought that the clutch ride was too long(at least compared to my sedan), but then the dealer let me test drive a brand new 2000 and he drove my '99 and the clutches behaved in a very similar manner...

    My '99 has only 22.000 am on it and it is a frustrating issue to have in the back on your mind... E.g. the next day I had to drive 200km one way and we got freezing rain and some snow on the way back and you are afraid that the truck might give up on you (OK it only manifested so far at start-up, but still)...

    Any hints?

    My dealer is 417 Saturn-Saab-Isuzu in Ottawa, Canada...
  • Check out this website:
    These are your part numbers:
    Front #32336
    Rear #32337

    Good luck. They really make a difference.
  • deimosdeimos Posts: 57

    We have an '99 Rodeo 4WD V6 with 22.000 am on it...

    I was looking for a way to make highway driving safer, mainly in terms of body lean when cornering or fast lane changing...(We do only limited off-roading...)

    Maybe even less nose dive when braking(shorter braking distances, by any chance?)? We do have long and windy highways over here in Canada :) Even city driving (like Tom in Roswell was mentioning in a post) is a problem when changing lanes with the OEM shocks...

    I knew that an SUV is not supposed to handle like a sedan, but people here have posted that they felt some improvement after upgrading the EM shocks...

    So, I know that MAP had Bilsteins and then since the ride was kind of harsh he went for "Mon roe Reflex Shocks? not yet available for my '99 Passport too, ended up with Monroe Matic "

    I was about to do the same(they are also much cheaper then the Bilsteins or Edelbroks), but then the vendor (a-1shocks) wondered why would I want those since they are kind of light duty for an SUB and not the Sensatracs? I've asked him if they had Rodeo customers for the Manics and his colleague said that they were happy with their purchases...
    Eventually I've ordered the Sensatracs after the guy assured me that not only they will improve handling but they won't give me a much harsher ride then the EM

    BOW: Thank David, I hope your Sensatrac will do the trick :)

    I know that Tom in Roswell has the Sensatracs and he is happy with them!! We'll see for our truck... got them for about $29 each, plus $21 for I&I to Canada... My dealer will charge CAN84 for 1 1/2 hour of labor to replace the EM ones...

    The second part to the story is that Chris Perosi mentioned in an earlier post that one may want to replace the torsion bar as well?
    "CA) Ah, OK... Then you can replace the shocks all around with something better, like the Ranchos, Bilsteins, Edelbrocks, OMEs, whatever, just something better than the stockers. Additionally, you can do heavy-duty torsion bars from Bob Land Racing or Sway-A-Way ( and They'll definitely keep things flatter in the turns. Hmm... What else? Be sure your tire pressure is correct, set to what it says on the door jamb, NOT what it says on the tire... Make sure all your shocks are tight, and make sure your swaybars are tight.
    There's probably a lot more you can do to really fine-tune it if you'd like, but that's a good short list for now... "

    I went to and found:
    Isuzu Rodeo 4WD 27mm 39.313" Part # 1566

    I didn't see anything at, but I'll call/e-mail them...

    I have no idea how much the torsion bar would cost or how much the dealer might charge me for replacing it, do you know?
    First of all, I was curious if it is a worthy investment?(I mean besides the after market shocks)?

  • cyongcyong Posts: 1
    Based on the problems I list below, can you guys tell me if my 98 Rodeo is a lemon? Is it normal to have so many problems? I bought this Rodeo brand new but so far, this has not been a pleasant new car owner experience for me.

    1. Squealing noise when braking. Had brought vehicle back to the Jack Miller Isuzu dealership for at least 3 times. First reported 1/4/99

    2. Steering wheel made rubbing noise when turned - fixed on 1/4/99

    3. Squealing noise from tire(s) when turning. The noise could be heard occasionally regardless of turning radius. First reported on 8/6/99

    4. Large brown stain on headliner - stain was in vehicle on the day it was purchased. The headliner was replaced in 11/17/99

    5. Rear washer won't spray washer fluid - problem reported on 12/30/99 and fixed on the same day.

    6. Squeaky suspension noise - problem reported on 1/10/00 and mechanic at the dealership removed the lower right control arm bushing, lubricated it.

    7. Rattling noise from rear of vehicle - problem first reported on 1/10/00. The right rear axle seal was replaced because it was leaking fluid.

    8. Rattling noise from the right side of hood - problem reported on 1/10/00. The right hood hinge was or dered and installed a few weeks later.

    9. Rattling noise from the tailgate - problem first reported on 1/10/00. The rear window latch was order ed and installed on 1/28/00. The same problem occurred again and was reported to the dealer on 10/18/00. It was replaced a few weeks later.

    10. Rattling noise from winshield - problem first discovered in winter of 98. Rattling occurred again in winter of 99. This rattling noise occurs only on cold days. According to the dealer, this was normal.

    11. Keyless remote won't unlock tailgate - problem reported on 3/16/00, but this problem existed on the day the vehicle was purchased. This was fixed on the same day it was reported.

    12. Strange mild dew like odor when A/C is on - problem reported on 3/16/00 but mechanic at dealership said it was normal.

    13. Paint peeled off from front grill - problem first reported on 5/23/00 and was repainted a few weeks later.

    14. High-pitch squealing noise from engine when starting vehicle on very cold days - brought vehicle to dealer in winter of 99 but was not able to duplicate problem because of warm weather.

    15. Rattling noise from steering wheel when driving over bumps - problem reported on 11/9/00 but mechanic said this was normal. This is not normal since it had not occurred until recently.

    16. Engine light on due to broken engine intake manifold - problem reported on 11/1/00 and the intake manifold gaskets were replaced.

    17. Hissing noise from the engine - reported on 11/9/00 but mechanic said it was mostly because of the related problem with the intake manifold. However, even after the intake manifold gaskets were replaced, I can still hear the hissing noise.

    18. Squeaky noise from the hood - first reported the problem on 10/18/00. The first time I brought my vehicle to the dealership to resolve, part that was totally unrelated to this problem was orderd. I found out the source of the problem a few days later, and the mechanic added grease to the hood hinge. The squeaky noise stopped for a day. The third time i brought my vehicle in, the hood was raised and the squeaky noise stopped. But now I could hardly shut the hood after opening it.

    Thanks guys,
    Changren Yong
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Hey all,
    I wanted to let you know we have finally gotten the Isuzu Owner's club going on Town Hall! Thanks to Karen S. who is the moderator in the Owner's club area we are finally up and running. We would like to welcome all prospective Isuzu Owners, Current Owners, Former Owners, and Owners of the sister vehciles from Honda and Acura as well as the Holden and Vauxhaul equvilents to participate. Check out the link below and let's start populating those areas...


  • FYI - I recently bought a 2000 Rodeo LS. Felt the ride was a little harsh, with a noticeable vibration in the steering wheel and seats. Mentioned it at purchase, was told by salesperson that they balanced the tires and aligned the front end as part of my make-ready. Took it in after 1000 miles to another dealer for a rack and pinion assembly replacement (original was defective) and again mentioned the harsh ride. They also claimed they balanced the tires and aligned the front end, said it was now ok. I finally took the vehicle to a tire shop that I trust, and they showed me that 2 of the 4 OEM tires (Wrangler AP) were out of round, and the third had a "heavy" spot, although they were able to get it to true with about 4.5 oz. of weight (a little excessive). It was also out of alignment (toe was set correctly, but camber needed shimming and adjustment. Bottom line, I am getting new tires from local Goodyear dealer (adjusting out the old, only cost is mounting the new), and I will take future assurances from the dealer with a grain of salt! Hopefully that will smooth out the ride.
  • mrjaymrjay Posts: 2
    My wife has a 97 RODEO s with about 42k on it. For approx. the last month, she's complained of the lights dimming at times, the heater fan slowing down, and all of the idiot lights illuminating on the dash (ABS, battery, etc.). She had it in to a mechanic and all he could find was a loose alt. belt which he tightened. A few weeks later at the oil change place, the mechanic told her the battery should be replaced before winter. Today, coming home from shopping, the same thing occurred and the car would not restart. I put in a new battery, but the ammeter showed no charge with the engine running(read a constant 12v) and the heater fan failed to operate. I have it in the Honda Dealer right now to be checked (Have moved recently and no Isuzu dealer here). My question is has anyone else experienced any of this situation or is it just a bizzare unrelated series of events?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Seems like a bad alternator. It could also be something wrong with the electrical system. Do the power windows work when this happens? I had some 100w fog lights on my '97 and I would notice that things would dim if I were idling the car and flipped them on. If you hit the gas, though it should increase the alternator output, thereby increasing the output of the alternator. My '97 also usually ran @ 14-15volts on the guage.

  • mrjaymrjay Posts: 2
    Thanks for input. This thing didn't show any charge at all with the engine running today. Before today, it would show about 13-15 on the gauge, but drop below 12 with the hvac on. The fact that the heater motor is not working now has me concerned that this is harness or other wiring glitch.
  • I have: 1998 Rodeo S V6 2WD, black w/gray, auto, air, CD, cruise, tilt, PW, PL, driving lights, painted bumpers and trim, roof rack, 15" steel wheels, remote entry/alarm. Leased new 8/98 now 36,000 mi.

    cyong: Man, you've got one bad truck there. Unfortunately you can't take advantage of the lemon laws because they've managed to fix the major problems within 3 tries. The nagging squeaks and rattles won't count as lemon problems anyway.

    My '98 just went in for it's second warranty service last week. Here's the scoop:

    A) Right front window tint (aftermarket - top grade) scratched by something inside door: loose electrical connector reattached. Dealer claims Isuzu not responsible for window film, but I haven't played my last card here.

    B) Right rear window squeaks when operated: tracks greased

    C) Rattle in front while driving: bumber bolts tightened. (rattle back again this week.)

    D) Recall - axle bolt problem: bolts replaced.

    E) Seat belts (the 4 w/shoulder harnesses) dont retract properly: dealer said normal. Well, I guess if you don't mind an empty seatbelt sparking down the road, it's normal. Not the end of this.

    F) Gas gauge failed intermittently: replaced sender and recalibrated.

    G) Passenger recline handle pops loose easily.: Part ordered.

    My first warranty service fixed a broken vent selector knob on the climate system (fixed), a recalled accelerator pin problem (fixed) and air in the brake lines(not fixed). Actually, the service advisor argues as to how I knew that there was air in the brake lines so I explained the symptoms and that's what he wrote down. The service mgr couldn't see the problem (must have been a moron) so I insisted that the brakes be bled and the problem was somewhat better but not perfect. I've learned to live with it for now. I inquired about the vibration problems that plague many Rodeo owners and myself and the dealer insists there is no problem.

    What this boils down to is that the Rodeo is not a top-quality vehicle. There are many items that leave something to be desired. Most of the troubles that remain I blame on the poor dealerships that service Isuzu. I will never buy one again. I had just as many (but different) problems with my Jeep Grand Cherokee and also swear I will never buy another Chrysler product. My next purchase will most likely be a used MB ML320 or something similar. My keen interest now is safety. Since the crash tests have come out, I am very unconfident in my vehicle to protect my family and myself.

    Anybody know a cheap way out of my Isuzu lease? I've got 20 months left.

    Good Luck all.
  • the owner's club

  • gls2gls2 Posts: 10
    I leave my windows down in the garage all the time, and in the morning when I go to leave I roll them up and they are making a thudding sound. Is this normal for a 3year old car?

  • I also leave my windows slightly down when parked but I don't hear a thud hen closed all the way up except for the sound when the glass hits the top. On the other hand, I sometimes feel a loud thud when I roll the window all the way own when it hits the bottom. Now I am care ful stop it before it hits the bottom.
  • tfragstfrags Posts: 1
    I am leasing a 98 Rodeo S 4X4 and have had nothing but problems from day one. The day I drove off the lot I smelled gasoline. I pulled into my garage and noticed that there was fuel on the garage floor. It turned out to be a bad fuel injector. The front hood has now hazed at 28,000 miles. I've had to return the truck 3 times for safety recalls. Also, the air conditioning condensor went bad and was replaced, but the system still sucks(no cold air, makes hissing noises). The highway noise and loud "almost honking noises from wind" are unbearable but you can't drown them out by turning up the radio, b/c that system sucks too(especially the rear roof bar speakers). The anti lock brakes give out when you brake over unsteady groud. The tires squeal even at 2mph turns. Rattles and shakes are too numerous to mention, and bolts and hinges have fallen off left and right(I just lost a mud guard)
    Finally, last Thursday I noticed that the antifreeze bottle was empty and then checked the radiator, which was bone dry as well. When I checked the hoses and groud for stains and found none, I became really worried and my concern was justified, as I was told by the dealer that it is a blown head gasket and cylinder heads. The truck has been sitting there for a week and Isuzu still has not sent the parts to fix the piece of @#$%^. This truck only has 28,000 miles and it feels like it's been in the shop more than my driveway. Please do not buy one!!!!!!!!!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Whenever there is a re-design, you have first year growing pains. Look at the Escape/Tribute or just about any other early model car. The 99, 2000, and 2001 are much improved. Wheel squeel is probably related to the fact that there is low tire pressure. Any RWD car is going to have wheel squeel if you are turning and hitting the gas, especially if the TP is low.

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