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Isuzu Rodeo



  • zman92ttzman92tt Posts: 1
    Two weeks ago, I noticed that oil spots were continuously appearing on my rear bumper/back door and all over my spare tire carrier cover. I just had the 60K maintenance done, and they didn't find anything.

    When I get out of the car after driving, I also smell burning oil. Could this be a bad rear seal? If so, would the warranty cover the repair??
  • I bought a remote for my Trooper off of ebay for $14 and it came with the programing instructions. The dealer wanted $75 so ebay is definatley the way to go. Be warned though that the programming is a pain in the butt, You must have patience.
  • Thanks for the advice, I will try to use a better grade of gas in the future, you mentioned you cleaned your fuel system once a month, how do you go about that? And what if anything have you done about the noise from the exhaust? (Did I mention I have only had this car a year?)
    Any input it appreciated.
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Well I changed the timing belt on my 95.5 Rodeo last weekend. Cost was $45 for timing belt and the 3 accessory belts. The job took about 4 hours, with an hour delay fighting the crankshaft bolt to main pulley. Finally had to call my brother and have him bring over his air compressor and impact wrench to break the bolt loose. This also forced me to pull the radiator to create some space.
    All things considered I can't complain, considering I saved around $400.
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Anyone know how to tell if I have a limited slip rear diff on my 95.5 Rodeo. I recently bought this vehicle used, and need to change the fluid. If I put limited slip fluid in a standard diff will it hurt it, I know it will the other way around, so I would tend to err on the side of caution and use LSD fluid if it won't hurt??
    Paisan, any help would be great.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    The 99 Trooper's have a "G80" on the engine option panel in the back of the engine compartment. This signifies LSD. This is listed in my manual. I am not sure if this covers the 95.5 Rodeo, however, I imagine they were consistent with the codes over the years.
  • karman1karman1 Posts: 25
    You welcome, I go to Auto Zone and by those cleaners they seem to do the job, I also try to use Chevron gas, I get a much better gas avg, and its runs smoother, My car seems to hate Texaco. About the noise thing I just turn up my volume :) ( but now that you brought this up I will try to fix it, I will tell what I did ones I will fix it. ) I also had my car for about 1 1/2 years , I bought it used in 2001. My major problem with this truck is that the brakes suck. Now that the recall came out I will take it to the shop.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Chevron bought out Texaco a while back - wonder if they'll get rid of one of the "competing" brands at some point? My van seems to like the Techron pretty well but it'll run ok on the Big Star stuff.

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  • karman1karman1 Posts: 25
    Did not know that, I do wonder if techron actually does something.
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    Well, I use it once in a while in a few engines, seems to work fine. On others I use a squirt of Amsoil PI at every tankful. Oldest on this is 146,000 but never had an injector or fuel system problem in past ten years on any car. Do they work. Not sure, would I have not had problems if I did not use these cleaners, ????
  • Ok, all this advice, I'm loving it. I will try the better gas and the fuel cleaning system,now I have another question. What is a serpantine belt? The dealership says I need it since my engine only runs on one belt?!?! Did they see me coming or what, I really don't trust them and don't really know any other reliable mechanics in the area. Help!
  • ryanendresryanendres Posts: 122

    I'm not sure how to post pics here but the above link is to a pic of your belt. These belts start to show wear (small cracks) at about 25K and should be switched out at about 30-35K. It is about 5 min job and the belt costs about 35.00 or so from (Factory OEM Isuzu belt free shipping). The Stealer will charge you about 80 to replace this.

  • karman1karman1 Posts: 25
    Looks like time for a new belt for me.
  • karman1karman1 Posts: 25
    I own 98 Rodeo, and I'm thinking about putting in a K&N filter... my question to you is, is it worth the money... will I feel the diff?
  • ryanendresryanendres Posts: 122
    Most folks with Rodeo/Amigo's notice a slight decrease in MPG. What you will notice with the filter is the engine will sound a bit louder (a drop in filter or cone) and you will notice a little faster pickup.

    The big thing is that a OEM filter (Fram or the like) cost about 23.00! I long for the days of my 3.00 S10 filter. So if you plan on keeping the truck another 3-5 yrs it will pay off. The only thing oyou will need to do is re-oil your filter once a year (10.00).

    If you do this mod make sure you disconect the battery for 15-30 mins to reset the the ECU, so the truck can relearn the new stuff that you have added.

    Now do I have a filter? Nope I'm happy with the stock power as it is.


  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I have the K&N in my trooper. Only noticeable above 3500rpms. It is great though cause I can wash it out after offroading or dirt roading. The cleaner kit is $10 and usually lasts 2-3 years.

  • karman1karman1 Posts: 25
    paisan: do you have just the filter or their kits
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The panel drop in filter. Any cone filter is going to give you LESS performance or at best on par performance with restricted off-road duty. I don't suggest any cone filters on an SUV unless it's a bling bling one.

  • sib715sib715 Posts: 15
    I have 00 LS and gas gauge just stopped registering and check engine light came on. Dealer says, they need to drop gas tank and replace sensor. I'm at 52200 miles, just over warranty. Any advice, previous users experience same problem
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Isuzu dealers are not the best ones as far as customer satisfaction goes (at least that was my experience). I know that some dealers would give you some slack if you just out of warranty. I'd ask them if they are willing to pay for labor if you pay for parts or something like that. Also, if you plan to keep the car for a while, it might be a good idea to get extended warranty, which will pretty much pay for itself on that single service.
  • i just bought a 2002 has 500km on it.i bought it from a dealer,so this must be the suv everyone test drives.should i be worried about how this suv was driven during these test drives seeing that it should be broken in a certain would be nice to hear from a couple of different people..thanks
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    Not much you can do about it now anyway, except worry about it.

    Most engines today can take a huge amount of abuse. At least you know that the oil was not neglected (only 500 km on it). You should know by 8000 km if it was abused by then if any oil consumption etc. If it runs fine by then forget it. Also, you do have the warranty.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I bought a '97 Rodeo and a '00 Trooper. Both times I drove em like I stole em from day 1.

    So far the '97 wen 120K miles on only gas, oil changes 1 set of tires and 2 sets of brakes.

    The '00 is doing well at 42K miles.

  • I have a 2000 Rodeo with automatic tranmission
    4L30. Has anyone changed their own trans.fluid and filter? how hard is it to get the fluid back in since their is no dipstick? and where do you fill the transmission back up at? The dealer wants $150.00 just to change the fluid, the filter would be extra.
  • bahmedbahmed Posts: 66
    I have a 98, 2W, Auto, 4dr Rodeo, it has 59K miles and from last few weeks, every time I have a cold start, the car jerks at every gear shift (up Shift & down Shift), once the engine warms up after driving 8-10 miles, every thing is normal. The dealership says I will have to change the Transmission Mode Switch, which will cost around $300 incl labor.
    The dealership wants $80 to install the Anchor Bracket for the Child Seat, the part cost $15, I tried to install myself, but the instructions came with the kit is very vague and it seems it requires drilling the holes too, which is not mentioned in the instructions.

    Please let me know of similar experineces, suggested fixes,advice, recommendations etc. Isuzu dealership seems to be expensive. I called the Isuzu owner relations, but they were not of much help.

    Thanks in advance
  • ziemannziemann Posts: 5
    I will apologize right now if these are topics that have been beaten to death. I did not find a response on my searches, so I will ask them now.

    On saturday, my wife and I test drove and subsequently bought a '00 Amigo, V6, 4WD, AT w/26K miles. We took a short trip with it on Sunday, and truely fell in love with this vehicle. This is our first Isuzu, and we had no idea that an SUV could be so much fun to drive. On Monday while finishing the paperwork on the '00 Amigo, the dealer talked us into trading our '98 Cherokee in on a second Isuzu: a new '02 Rodeo S V6, 4wd. So, now in the matter of 4 days, I have two Isuzu's and really don't know much at all about them (was a Jeep man, hehe) :-)

    Ok, now on to my questions:

    1. Where can I get a cheap yet complete service manual that covers these 2 vehicles? Does Chilson offer one? I do most of my own maintenance, and found the owners manual to be grossly inadequate.

    2. I have lived several frigid places the past few years. I have converted all of my vehicles to synthetic fluids (Amsoil/ Mobil 1)in the AT, engine, diffs, transfer cases, etc. Are there any known issues with synthetics in these vehicles- especially the AT?

    3. The seat material on both of my Isuzu's seems to be pretty light duty. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a "stock looking" seat cover for these vehicles??

    4. I tow snowmobiles all winter. Usually no more than 3000 pounds. Can anyone make a recommendation for a good hitch (non OEM) that I can use with my Rodeo? My Rodeo has the spare under the rear end of the vehicle (which concerns me)...

    5. My Rodeo S came with a stereo AM/FM cassette which seems to work ok...sounds ok....not great but not bad. I have seen that there is a Isuzu CD player that can be installed in the spot below this stereo...Is there a cheap place to get one for my '02 Rodeo? Is it worth it since I am on a budget? Or should I just scrap the whole OEM stereo concept for something different? Remember, I am on a budget!!

    Any help from you "experts" is invaluable!!!

  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    I use the Amsoil ATF in Rodeo, no problems

    Now, as to changing the ATF fluid, a bear on the Rodeos with no dipstick. You have a drain plug and fill plug. First, test that you can remove the fill plug just in case. Drain fluid via drain plug and then (get a new rubber gasket becasue if the old one leaks you have wasted all of the fluid) replace the drain plug.

    Remove filler plug and with a fluid pump (available at most auto stores or equip stores) form a hook with plastic tubing that will hook into the filler plug hole (my filler hole is straight up, no angle on it so only a hook type of tubing would stay in) pump in new fluid until it runs out. Replace plug with old gasket. Drive for 10 miles and park, leave engine running and again remove filler plug,(yes, instructions require that engine remain running) no ATF will drainout. Pump in more fluid until it again runs out and replace the filler plug with one with new gasket., You are now finished.

    Not as bad as it appears, forming the hook out of plastic tubing may be the worse part of it. I have not replaced the filter as yet as there is a cross beamn in the way which has to possibly be removed first. I checked on the filter and pan gasket, this is about $100 by itselt. I may wait until 100,000 to replace filter, until then a drain and fill only.
  • ziemannziemann Posts: 5
    Thx for the info Armtdm.

    Ok, so my next question is:

    1. What percent of the fluid are you able to drain just by opening the drain plug? I know in some AT's, you only get 75% of the fluid out (because of remaining fluid in valves, lines, coolers, etc). If I am not able to get almost all of the fluid out in this manner, is it worth trying to convert to synthetic ATF?

    2. I see the drain plug on the bottom of the AT pan, as well as the drain plug for the transfer case. Hehe- Where in the hell is the fill plug??? I looked at the diagram in the owners manual....and it really isn't very helpful....

    3. Oh yeah, where can I get a service manual?

    As always, thank you to you all for your help! Sorry for the noob questions.....

    (recovering Cheesehead- going to relapse in Dec.)
  • kobokokoboko Posts: 34
    Hello everyone,
    Does anyone know how much the 4x4 Rodeo LS is going for nowadays? I'm interested in the 0% financing, hopefully with additional rebates. The TMV on Edmunds seems to be pretty high, especially compared to what I've seen on & other advertisements. Can anybody tell me how much they've payed for their 2002 4x4 LS or 4x4 S with performance package (and whether u got 0% financing)? I live in the Chicago area and it would be extremely useful to get estimates for this area. I plan on going shopping this weekend, so any tips would be helpful!! I currently own a 2001 Trooper (love it!) and the Rodeo will be for my sister. Gotta get the family hooked on Isuzus! Really appreciate the help, thanks a lot.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    I usually go through I take their price (print it out with all the options) and take it to dealer. These guys take all the rebates into consideration when setting up their prices.
    In the past, when I was shopping for new cars I took these print-outs to dealer and told them that that's the price I can get it for and they can either beat it or I'll go to either different dealer or buy it from carsdirect. After that if they refuse to beat it, I'd settle for the same price. Make sure that you show them this print-out after you spend at least an hour - hour and a half driving the car around and negotiation. Otherwise, they will not be too interested :-)
    Good Luck!
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