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Nissan Pathfinder



  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    The shop manual shows only a single adjustment screw. But without the Path in front of me (as usual, the wife got it this morning) it's hard to describe the location. The screw appears to be horizontal, not verticle as I would expect. Also the pic only shows ONE screw. There has to be one for up/down and one for side-to-side. Every other car I've had is this way. Email me and I could send you the page with the picture.
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    I haven't lost one yet, but did get one squashed. The key still works and the fob does too, but they will not go back together. Dealer wants $125 to replace. Not going to even bother replacing it!

  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    We are reaching the 30K service. Has anyone reached this with their '01 yet? Should I go with the dealers 30K service? I've never paid for a complete service package because it is always over priced! Some of the items can be done yourself allowing you to save money.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Ask the dealer what they do for the 30K service (besides the customary check this, check that), use the information to service what you want to do yourself, then ask the dealership to do the stuff that you don't want to do (and therefore are willing to pay for), but don't tell them it's for the 30K mile service. They'll probably give you some line about it being a package deal. If you don't want to have them do it, have the same work performed 'a la carte' by your favorite trustworthy mechanic.
  • Just wanted to give a big thanks out to Jon for all of his help in buying my new PF. I bought it from Richmond Nissan in BC and only had 4 KM on it when I picked it up. I cannot believe how easy it was bringing it back into the states. If any of you are considering it, I would definitely do it. Only took 10min at US customs and I was on my way.

    Now for my first question. Does anyone know a way to get the climate controll to show up in Farenheit insteat of Celcius?


  • p_g_00p_g_00 Posts: 34
    Bryan, did you change the speedo/odo yet? could you share your price info if it's okay for you? thanks.
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Glad you had a great experience. What a way to save a few thousand.

    The change on the climate control to degF is to disconnect a single ground wire on the back of the unit. I'll send you the instructions.

  • On my 'o1 there is a button on display that changes reading. Believe it's mentioned in manual. Also be sure to change compass reading as outlined in manual. I didn't bother to change speedo to miles from kilometers. MPH is indicated on speedo; odometer is easily calculated conversion, .621 km=mileage. Why spend the 200 to 300 bucks?
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Nice to hear from you. What we're referring to is the temperature display on the automatic climate control system. Since you and I both have SE's with the manual knobs we don't have any changes to make.
  • pathy57pathy57 Posts: 25
    Someone asked not too long ago about 30,000 mile service. I just had mine done. Grap Hold of your wallet. $370.00 plus charges for fluids of $161.40. Total of $540.00

    They do alot of checking and changing fluids which includes oil, filter, grease whatever you get for regular service and rotate tires. Alot of money which includes transmission fluids antifreeze whole bit. I felt probably for investiment a good deal. Vehicle has been very good to me and I love it. I am not hard on vehicle I feel that if this was scheduled at 50000 miles it would make more sense. If I off roaded maybe 30000 would be o.k. At any rate is is done and over with. Like someone else said may be better to ask questions and pick and choose. Service Manager said they just reduced charge at first of year and dealers in large areas are getting alot more. Maybe if you are in big city check boondocks for cheaper deal.
  • rob0975rob0975 Posts: 17
    I'm considering selling my PF and am wondering what price I should ask..I have an 01 Black SE w/
    tan cloth int,6cd bose,moonroof,in cabin microfilter,auto,etc..Im in NJ..The meilage is around 14,000..I actually bought the PF in Sept
    2000..It is in excellent cond..KBB gives an approx
    for retail & trade in, but was wondering what sounds like a fair price..Thanks
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    WOW, $540 for a 30K service? I guess that is how much it costs. I haven't started checking around yet, but I sure hope I can get that down by at least half. Was there an itemization listing on the receipt? If so, was there anything that comprised a large amount?

    I checked this weekend on our LE with leather packaged similar to your SE and it shows $21,000 with 28K miles. Depending on your payoff I would make sure it was covered. I haven't seen many used newer model Pathy's for sale. Seem most owners like then that much!

  • I would definately say sell it on your own. I know my store, NJ as well, picked up an 01 LE for about 22,000 from auction. An SE would probably be around 21.

    I'd put it in the paper for 24.

    Why do you want to get rid of it?

  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    $540!! Wow! I just looked down the maintenance schedule again and there's really not that much special to do. I plan on replacing just about every fluid there is and I still won't hit more than 2 hours and $80 in materials - and I use all synthetics at $8/qt. And people wonder why my vehicles never see the inside of a dealer service dept unless I'm desperate....
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide estimates what your next maintenance should cost. Funny that it's always lower than what the dealers want to charge.

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  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    I'm with you Iofquist. My 2001 LE has never seen the inside of a "service bay" since it was purchased. Same thing for my last vehicle (90 4Runner - traded it in after 11 years, and it was still running strong). Service bay translates to ripoff bay in my books. Years ago, we used to have good Japanese dealerships. Now they're the same as Chev., Ford, and Chrysler dealers.
  • rob0975rob0975 Posts: 17
    I appreciate the info on the PF selling price..I
    would definitely sell it on my own..Dealers are
    offering around 19-20K..I actually have 13,200mi..I thought I was at 14,000 not that it makes a difference..Sid the reason I'm thinking about selling is because I will be needing money for a ring,wedding,honeymoon,house,etc..I bought the PF in cash so I dont owe anything..I would use the cash from the sale for what I need and then look into financing something cheaper over
    the next 5 years..The PF has been a great SUV though..Only big complaint (and its not that big)
    is that I wish that the SE's came with power seats..I really wasnt looking to get leather seats
    but if I were looking now to get a PF, I would get leather b/c of the power & heated seat option
    I'm still contemplating whether to sell or not..Thanks
  • pathy57pathy57 Posts: 25
    I agree with most of your comments. Since this is my first 4WD I wanted to insure that I keep it in perfect shape. If I off roaded alot I would not feel so bad. However to clarify this service consisted of a complete change of fluids, transmission fluid, antifreeze, engine oil, grease, rotation of tires, all filters the whole bit. The basic open the hood charge like the Maytag man entering your house is $340.00. The mechanics don't work for chump change and the dealership has to get his part. Then for all the fluids from front to back, differential and everything, the fluids totaled $161. I talked to a co-worker with a Jeep and he said the Jeep dealer wanted $850. He took to Grease Monkey Deal and had done for around half that but had to detail car out after they got done. Anyway I think before anyone other than a "do it yourselfer" better check prices before they get sticker shock. I trust this dealer, they have been very good and wash vehicle or give rain checks and treat all their customers with alot of respect. They have shuttle service and good coffee too. I don't have the time, place or skill to do it myself anymore.

    I truly love this vehicle and plan to keep for a long time.
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    I certainly don't want anyone to think I might criticize a decision to go to the dealer for service. Certainly not! What I'm upset about are the dealers putting together these "service packages" which end up costing far more than what they would have charged a la carte. My case in point... A few years ago I was at the local Ford dealer and they had flyers all over for their $175 tune-up special (probably twice the price now). It must have listed 30 things they would do. But most every item said "if needed". Like adjust fuel mixture, adjust idle, install and adjust points, etc... All that stuff went out in the late 70's! The balance of the items said "inspect" this-and-that. Basically you got new spark plugs, some window washer fluid, and a quick once-over looking for other ways to make money from you. And even worse was they suggested you come in every 10,000 mi for this no matter what Ford vehicle you owned!

  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Like some of you, I prefer not to pay for "scheduled maintenance" at the dealer. Instead, I do a lot of the work myself. If the different tasks are broken up, then it doesn't take one big long, greasy day of doing the work. The only things I am not interested in doing myself are the diff fluid changes and the coolant flush. The diffs plugs are a pain to remove, and the coolant must be properly disposed of. The rest is quite easy...plugs, oil change, trans oil change, air filter, all these tasks are pretty easy to do, and don't take that much time. Also, if you have installed new tires on your truck (by the tire store), the tire store usually rotates them for free.

    While $540 is quite a large amount of money to pay for "maintenance" in one lump sum, it's worth it for some people to pay because they don't have to get themselves messy, spend time to fuss with it, then figure out what to do with the used fluids. (And if you don't have a good set of tools, it's a lot harder to do!)

    If you aren't comfortable 'doing it yourself' and don't want to spend $540, break up the work a little. Do some of it the previous month (at 29,000K) or the following month (at 31,000K). 1,000 miles isn't going to hurt. Of course, if you do this, you have to consider there's more time without your transportation while the dealer has it.

    A question- those of you whose truck has never seen a service bay, what do you do for non-scheduled maintenance (within the warranty period), such as "check engine soon" light is lit, or temp gauge reads 10 degrees to high, etc? I'm asking because my "check engine soon" light is lit. I'm think it's the oxygen sensors, but since I don't have a diagnostic computer, I can't be sure.

    Do most non-Nissan auto repair shops have the tools to diagnose the cause of the "check engine" light?
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    >> what do you do for non-scheduled maintenance (within the warranty period) <<

    In to the dealer it goes! If something is broke, they get to fix it. I'm cheap. Unless it's something so easy to fix that I can do it myself for less pain than messing with the service.
  • pathy57pathy57 Posts: 25
    All your comments are appreciated and you all have some good points. I agree the package deals are a pain in the behind. I have owned several vehicles and for the most part have always steered away from the package deals. I do believe the "Pay me now or pay me Later" motto and have always had regular service performed or done some of it myself. Everything today is operated as a profit center and rightfully so, but there is an awful lot of stress put on service departments to sell, sell, sell. I remember back in Indiana on the Indiana Toll Road some of the service areas had driveway salesmen cutting fan belts when checking the oil on vehicles or selling items to customers that they did not need. Mostly nickel dime stuff, but today the marketplace is alot greedier.

    One thing for sure, for some of you newcommers to this forum, the Pathfinder Folks tell it like it is and get along at the same time. Thanks for all your thoughts and input, enough now for the 30,000 service. I'm 10-7.
  • I used to change my own oil, but no more. It's not worth my time and effort to go under and remove this shield under the engine, secured by 12 bolts, to save $20. Then having to dispose the oil? Unless I can get to the oil filter without having to remove this shield? Watched a mechanic trying to remove shield, and took him 10 minutes, and couldn't get all 12 botls off. He later said that some heads were stripped, and wouldn't come off. Anyway, dealer also performed free 14 point inspection, and recommend the following:
    1) Front brakes, new pads, resurface $265
    2) Replace all 3 belts $125.
    3) Flush coolant $65.
    4) Change main radiator return hose $65.

    I gracefully declined their offer. But the older fella next to me ok'ed their $950 offer to do some major schedule maintenance.

    I have a 98 SE, and have no complaints, except maybe for low MPG at 16-17. Maybe it's time to get my PF serviced, and perhaps in return with a little better MPG.
  • Not for me. My wife bought her 95 Altima new with lifetime oil change. I always did my own oil changes. I enjoyed not having do that on one of our vehicles, until they forgot to replace the filler cap! She waited 45 minutes in an office w/o customers while they had a pizza feed. This was a scheduled appt she made wks ago. She drove maybe qtr mile before the smoke appeared. That's not acceptable for paid service. I like Nissan vehicles, but they will only service them when I'm left w/o a better alternative. Bought 01 PF last June. I'll do my own oil changes from now.

  • I've got one for you. I had my Nissan dealer do an oil change/tire rotation. I usually do my own oil changes but since I had them doing the rotate I figured why not. About a month later I discovered a large oil spot underneath the parking space. Since it's common parking area I didn't initially worry too much. Took a look underneath and sure enough oil traces galore. Checked the dipstick, didn't have a trace on it. When I reached the oil filter I had to tighten it back on a good 3/4 turn with my hands. It was obvious this had been the cause. Took 3.5 quarts to bring it back. Then I remember my wife's been driving it all week so how long has it been like this?
    I doubt I could ever prove it was the dealer's fault since it had been around 2000 miles.
    Needless to say I'll be doing my own oil changes from now on thank you. I'm really scared about a 30K or other service I can't do.
    Love the vehicle (01 LE) but Nissan dealership service scares me.
  • Hi everyone,,I am new to this forum and after reading it for about 20 minutes I realized this is the place to be..Lots of knowledge and kinsmanship/ On to my problem, I have a 94 path with 110,000 miles. This is my second one and as the first, it has been exceptional. Anyway when my auto lock hubs are engaged I get a sound out of the front that sounds like dirt in the brakes..Kind of a mechanical metal to metal..I changed both half shafts and still have the same prob..Appears it is either my hubs of differential..Has anyone had this type of prob and if so what was the verdict. I can change the hubs myself but I'm not to hot on the idea of repairing pinon bearings..All comments would be appreciated. Thanks
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Welcome to the Town Hall! We have a great group of knowledgeable people who post here regularly and I'm certain they'll be more than happy to help you out!

  • rayg3rayg3 Posts: 7
    I bought it in Aug of 2001. I took it to a Nissan dealer about a month later to complain about the noise. A service adviser rode with me and verified the clunk noise. He said the noise is a result of "slack" in the two piece drive shaft. Nissan has been advised of the problem and had no fix. I read the Tech Service Bulletin part of Edmunds and see a Tech Service Bulletin #NTB99074
    NHTSA #SB61237 for Feb 2000. Has any one had any luck getting this fixed?
  • I was driving my 2001 LE last week in somewhat slushy and spotty ice road in AUTO 4WD mode. Vehicle has 2400 miles - no problems at all to date. After about 3 miles the yellow 4WD lamp turned on (not blinking). I had driven the previous day for 25 miles in Auto mode (under 50mph) and no problems...also driven occasionally before in AUTO mode with no problems. I stopped to read manual and it said to switch to 2WD and inform dealer. My dealer said that the yellow 4WD warning indicator may have turned on due to excessive slippage or possibly a vehicle sensor and to see if it reoccurs. In fact, the owner's manual says that the lamp can turn on (not blink) if there is a great difference in wheel speed (apparently if one wheel has a very large speed difference from others). I put the vehicle back in AUTO 4WD later for a few miles - no warning light. Next day drove some miles in Auto 4WD and no warning lamp.
    Has anyone had this happen?
    I'm assuming one wheel may have been slipping but not sure.
    I always maintain a speed below 50-55 mph in Auto 4WD per Nissan advice at toll free assistance number (took me a lot of calls to get a max suggested speed advice in AUTO-4WD from Nissan).
  • I just had mine done on my 2000 LE 4WD and paid $151 for it. I have a mechanic that only works on japanese cars, has been in business for 25+ years and I trust - A LOT :) He's over an hour drive for me, but worth it - especially when I see how much the dealer is charging - yikes!
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