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Nissan Pathfinder



  • serpico1serpico1 Posts: 30
    what a merry go around..can someone give me straight specific answers about buying a pathy in toronto..jon can you email me please..i have emailed you twice to no avail, maybe my email did not make it to you..but anyway if someone else can shed some light, that would be great as well..

    here is where i am right now..

    i have spoken to 2 dealers in toronto and one said an americ acannot buy and bring back to have to have a canadian address..he also said " dont you think i would be in buffalo every weekend selling thse pathys at 4 thousand less if i i am very CONFUSED..can this be done? is it shady? is it 100% legal?

    i am looking for straight talk please...

    kind regards and thanks in advance for any help!!

  • ppnffppnff Posts: 65
    I was just reading on the Infiniti G35 message board here and noticed a slew of messages regarding a letter from Infiniti that went to all the Canadian Infiniti dealers and basically, the jest of the letter is that the Canadian Infiniti dealers can not sell to an American. A similar letter may have gone to the Nissan dealers in Canada.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    I would like to tell everyone that my tranny is finally fixed, but after all the trouble I've gone through the parts were back ordered. Still waiting :-(
  • I'm from Seattle. I went to Vancouver to pickup my PF. Love it, saved some money and had some fun in B.C. Jon, has helped out many here including myself. He gets no personal gain, he just wants to help. He might be on a trip or you have a bad email address. He has great info.

    Americans can buy in Canada and many others have. I have exchanged info with others from WA and CA that have too. Find another dealer in Toronto. Jon will have some names for you.

    You will need to secure financing on your own. Canadian dealers cannot finance residents from US. Dont tell your bank your getting a vehicle from Canada. Just tell 'em you need a cashier's check. Exchange it into CAN funds thru Currency broker.

    Jon can provide latest procedures of dealing with customs from both sides. Beforehand, talk to your state license dealer about their rqmts.

    Most important -- have some fun.
  • What is the expected life of the Duelers? I look forward to replacing them but I will wait until they are shot.
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The last two days have been jam with work and home issues. I spent my "spare" time trying to help a couple people who had planned on getting Infinitis THIS WEEK. I think this is the first time in the last 18 months that I haven't given 48 hr response (even when I was in Istanbul).

    Nissan has not stopped US purchasers like Infiniti did this week. All is still a go for now. You should have no problem with getting a Pathfinder. Full info is in your inbox.

  • normp1normp1 Posts: 25
    I realize that most people don't like to post exact prices that they paid but I,m interested in purchasing an SE 2002, and I'm a Canadian who lives close to Vancouver. Could anyone let me know where you found the best deal in Vancouver and the approximate price you had to pay in Canadian funds. Much appreciated!
  • ccneierccneier Posts: 1
    I am 6'4' and weigh 240..will the Pathfinder have enough space for me??? any advice will help!!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    ...people who had planned on getting Infinitis THIS WEEK

    INFINITIS?? That sounds like a disease!

    Sorry, Jon! I couldn't resist!

  • kmrqkmrq Posts: 50
    To: ccneier, best advice is go to your local nissan dealership and try the Pathfinder yourself. Sure someone who fits your physical measure tells you "yea there's enough room", but that's just their opinions. If you are looking to purchase a car, then take your time and go see if how you like it.
    To: Lycurgus, I guess you are asking if you can put a fake "HID XENON" bulb into for fog light? answer is "YES" but it will dim your lights. It will be worse than your factory bulbs. E-mail me if you want more information on lighting on Pathy. Since I upgraded to the real HID for my low beam headlight. I'm assuming you have 00-02 Pathfinder right? here's my e-mail add :
  • brian60brian60 Posts: 76

    I got a little over 30k with my stock Duelers before they went through the wear markers on the outside edge (typical PF tire wear). Replaced them with Michelin Cross-Terrain SUVs which offer a better ride, greater dry/wet/snow traction, and supposedly greater longevity. They were $$$, but I feel that it is worth it (considering that the tires are the only part of the vehicle actually touching the road). Happy tire hunting when your time comes ...
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Amazing what missing just one little apostrophe can do for a word! And I don't even have the vaccine for it!

    normp1 - write me and I'll give you the name of a manager at a Vancouver dealer that ALL the US people have been using. No one has told me his price has been beaten yet. I don't like to publish names and look like advertising.

  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    I'm only 6', and there is about an inch above my head. You'd get one to two inches extra headroom if you didn't get the sunroof. You can also recline the seat for more. Legroom is no problem. Much roomier than my 4Runner was.
  • Hi ccneier.. My roomie has your dimensions, and he fits well with headroom to spare. And my SE has a sunroof. You should drive it anyhow.

    Have fun!
  • Just got a 02 Bronzegray SE 2WD with pop. pkg. If you look at my messages on these boards, I was looking for a lot of cars and this one was wasn't really on my list. In fact, I wrote one message saying I liked the Highlander over PF.

    The deciding factor was they took my lease car off my hands with 4 mo. to go. I got it at Mossy San Diego and their prices are pretty fixed and they are similar to pricing. It was also one of the easiest car transactions I've ever made.

    The car is absolutely awesome and I think my wife likes it a little too. She really had her heart set on a Highlander. The things I prefer on the PF over the HL are the ride is more firm but not bouncy (better than my ex-99 Accord), quiet ride, more stuff for your money, reliability (key point) just as good as Toyota and Honda, good looking, extremely well made, nice stereo.

    The only kind of bad thing is the gas mileage but my commute to work is about 8 mile round trip and half the time I carpool in my wife's car. I probably put less than 12K a year. So I'm happy to splurge a little and get the awesome 240 HP engine--boy is it smooth!!

    Anyway I don't want to blab on forever. I want to keep my next car for quite awhile so I did put a lot of thought in this and I know I made a great choice.

    Well I hope to be on the board a lot to give my impressions and experiences and I will definitely be asking tons of questions. For example:

    1.gas mileage? does it run on reg. gas?

    3.I got 2WD 'cause in San Diego we get very little rain. In fact this season we got less than 2 inches. So with RWD is the handling tricky in the rain?

  • pitrottpitrott Posts: 37
    First Congrats on your New P-Finder... aren't they SweeeeeeeT !,
    Now as for some of your ?'s

    1. Gas Mileage... well 12-18 mpg's
    2. Reg Gas... Runs fine ..But.. I am sure over the long haul it will effect your VQ engine... not worth saving Cent's on the gal...go premium!
    3. RWD well the P-Finder is a heavy SUV so it should not be a problem.
    4. ENJOY IT!

    5. For the rest of the gang here, Does any one have the nav sys? i have a few ?'s for ya!

  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139
    Tires-I got 32.5k out of ours before they were done.

    Size-I'm also 6', and I fit fine in our SE w/sunroof. I will have problems though if big hair for guys becomes the rage again! ; )

    Gas-use prem! It gets 2-3 mpg better than reg. (which makes up the cost savings), will give you more power, and since you dropped 30+k on a vehicle. what's $4/week?

  • jints2282jints2282 Posts: 33
    49 months and 49K miles later, I am still driving my factory installed tires. I rotate them religiously, and always checked pressure. I think I can squeeze another 5-10K miles until next winter. Did get a price for Generals/ Continentals for $400, which included lifetime free rotation.
  • austin_paustin_p Posts: 27
    Does anyone know if Nissan is in the process of following suit with Infinity and stopping the cross border purchass?

    Also, has anyone heard anything else on that Canadian orginazation that is trying to get both Governments involved to open up the other auto manufacturers to allow cross border purchases?

  • amark2amark2 Posts: 10
    Can anyone help me out here? I want a ball park figure of what to pay on a lease in the New York area on an Se with everything but leather. How bout an Le? No money down just first payment and MV fees. Anyone got info?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    You might try Car_man Host over in the Finance/Warranty/Insurance Board.

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • Loaded SE's go for about 370-375 a month plus tax on typical leases. The most popular lease right now is 39 months, 12,000 miles, 1000 at inception for mv fees, first payment, etc.

    Hope that helps.
  • marks1970marks1970 Posts: 25
    My Pathfinder has a couple pen marks on the inside door panels (on the vinyl/plastic) that I cannot seem to remove. I've tried using Goo-gone, some other cleaning stuff that got ink out of carpeting, and I went as nuts as trying to use nail polish remover with no luck!

    Any suggestions?
  • porknbeansporknbeans Posts: 464
    As silly as this may sound, try hairspray. Any old kind will do. I used my wifes (really) Paul Mitchell on pen marks and it removed them.

    If that doesn't work try a product from Carbona called "Stain Devels 3 - Ink and Crayon". It's a little yellow bottle with a white cap. My wife tells me it has worked when hair spray hasn't. But, be careful with this stuff it will fade some materials.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck.

    Grand High Poobah
    The Fraternal Order of Procrastinators
  • omega11omega11 Posts: 36
    My 01 SE pathy is making a clicking sound when the fan is on. It is most noticable when it is set to the lowest setting. I would like to get it fixed as it is really really annoying, but am afriad that the work done will upset the fit of the interior components and result in rattles. Can anyone with a shop manual tell me if this fear is warrented?
  • Hi Pit,
    As I followed the stereotypical male rule of not reading the nav sys manual, I'm not sure if I'll be able to help- but fire away and I'll see what I can do.
    On a side note- took the LE in the other week for the 8K service and it was the first one the dealer had seen with the nav system. Kinda funny to see the service and sales guys crowding around it :)
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    I went to my dealer about this last year and they told me to basically leave them alone that "they all do that". Well guess what? I found last week that there is a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) on this. Number NTB99-017b. Nissan has a noise insulating cover to muffle the noise. Call them and tell them to fix it. Use the exact words you just did - clicking on low speed. My cover is on order.
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    And if you have manual seats (not power like on the LE) and you feel a slight side-to-side movement when rounding corners there is a TSB for that also. Number NTB01-070a. Basically they add another spring washer to take up any slack. My dealer said I was nuts on this one too when I mentioned it before. It's just too bad that *I* have to be the one to find the information for them on how to fix things.

    The Pathfinder is a fabulous vehicle with great reliability, but it's disappointing to see in Consumer Reports this month that as a whole Nissan dealer service ranks second from last of all brands sold in the US. Would have been dead last in Canada since Mitsubishi was at the bottom and they don't have Mitsus there yet.

  • pitrottpitrott Posts: 37
    ?'s as follows
    I have read the hole book on the navi and i can't seem to fig out the following and either can nissan,
    1. In 2d mode what are the black dot marks on some street's or roads?
    2. What are the differant colors for land(dark grey on one side of the road for land the other side is white for land? even yellow for land..

    hope ya can help me.... tks
    For the rest of the gang ... has any one had problems with the sunroof on the le? mine need's replaced ... never used it! yikes!!!!
    Thanks All
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