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Nissan Pathfinder



  • parman4parman4 Posts: 6
    I am looking at pulling the trigger on a 2001 LE.
    W/ 265 lbs torque, 240 hp, 4 wd lo and plenty
    of clearance, it appears the Pathfinder could handle a small snow plow. You can't put one on until after the powertrain warranty expires, but after that, it would appear OK.
    Does anyone have any experience or input on this

  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    I usually get a number of emails just before the weekend so here is a quick update about going to Canada to buy your Pathfinder. The exchange rate is way back up there again (1.54). So prices are the best in a couple months. Some examples I've seen this week (converted to US dollars, and including duty):

    - Pathfinder SE auto, AWD (yes the All-Mode AWD), sunroof pkg, limited slip, mats. $25,400. (US dealer invoice is $29,359)
    - Pathfinder LE AWD, leather, limited slip, mats. $27,800. (US dealer invoice is $31,453)
    - Infiniti QX4, AWD, premium and sport packages, sunroof. $30,800. (US dealer invoice is $34,919)

    So shop this weekend, send me an email for my "info" sheet and contacts, and call Canada on Monday. It can be big savings for a short trip to Toronto or Vancouver (or others). I had put some of the basic info at post #2 above. Happy buying everyone.

  • draytm01draytm01 Posts: 19
    I asked the engineer if I could post her name and number on this board and she said emphatically NO. Can't say that I blame her though. She did say if people want to send me quesions and comments about Nissan/Infiniti's engineering of the PF via e-amil that would be fine. I would then forward it to her. Here's my e-mail address if anyone wants me to contact her again with issues/questions...

    Parman - I wouldn't attach the plow to your PF. I have several friends that have heavy duty Ford 250s/350s and Dodge Rams and won't plow with them because of how taxing it is to their vehicles. Also to boot the PF's front bumper doesn't appear to be able to attach one to the front. I did see this article in a '98 article of consumer reports....


    PRODUCT TEST (from Consumer Reports 11/98)
    Don't ditch the snow thrower

    It snowed last night, and now you need to get to work. Should you use: A) a shovel; B) a snow thrower; or C) the Driv'nPlow, a $300 plastic snow plow that attaches to your car?

    Answer: Think twice about C, our tests show. Under specific conditions--a light dry snow on a straight, flat driveway--the Driv'nPlow would work well. It also fits all kinds of cars, although an adapter for vehicles with high bumpers, such as sport-utility vehicles, costs $150 extra. But overall, we can't recommend it.

    The Driv'nPlow can't handle a lot of snow, and it shouldn't be used on steep driveways, warns manufacturer Solotec Inc. Because we tested it in late summer, we used dry and wet sawdust. This is an easier challenge than real snow. But when we attached the Driv'nPlow to a car, we couldn't back up, move a pile to one side of the driveway, or turn corners very well. (That's partly because the Driv'nPlow is designed to be pushed, not carried, by your bumper.) In each case, the rubber rings that attach the plow to the car popped free, and off came the plow. When one end of the plow comes loose, the other end may damage the bumper--and depending on the vehicle, you may not be able to see the plow well enough to know it.

    Our advice: If the job is too big for a shovel, consider a snow thrower. These are often more expensive than the Driv'nPlow, but they can handle all kinds of snow and can clear walkways, to boot.
  • pj_999pj_999 Posts: 1
    I just bought a loaded LE, except the Nav System(didn't want it), with 3.9% financing. Paid 31,300. We sat down with our respective invoices while I itemized and matched costs.
    Dealer listed it at 34.5k, I figured invoice to be 32,061 and then took 3% off that because the dealer gets that as a holdback. Great ride, though I am wondering if the mpg will improve once I get well past the few hundred miles I already have on it.
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    Just enjoy your new PF. Your purchase price is something of the past and there is nothing you can do about it. I wouldn't say you got ripped could have done better, but ripped off, no. People will brag about what they paid an so on...good for them. Your happy and don't look back, it won't accomplish anything other than "could of, should of, but you didn't. ENJOY!
  • Looking to buy an LE or SE...I noticed Edmunds says I should be able to pick it up for invoice??

    Are they really selling for invoice right now...I'm in the Bay Area. Does the 3.9% last until the end of March??

  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I just fired an email to my dealership contact. Hopefully, I'll get them for free, even if I instll it myself. BTW, my cargo area carpet does not have the cutouts. The foam backing does form around it and I can easily cut it out myself. I can even install the anchors myself.
  • What is the best protection For the paint. I am really trying to eliminate rock chips on the side of my PF that are slowly accumilating. Also, is there a protective coating for the plastic bumpers, and alloy rims? Comments would be great.
  • I wholeheartedly agree with bimmer4me. I don't think there's much you can do about it at this point. In California (I don't know where you may want to check into local regulations), they are very clear about the "No Cooling off Period". It reads:

    "California law does not provide for a 'cooling-off' or other cancellation period for vehicle lease or purchase contracts."
    "Therefore, you cannot later cancel such a contract simply because you change your mind, decide the vehicle costs too much or wish you had acquired a different vehicle. After you sign a motor vehicle purchase or lease contract, it may only be canceled with the agreement of the seller or lessor or for legal cause, such as fraud."
    "What this is saying is that once you sign you cannot change your mind. You can't later decide you wish you had bought another color, a four door instead of a two door, or that you paid more than a friend who now has a vehicle like yours."

    I do think the sharing of pricing here is helpful to those about to make a purchase. It was some of those postings that helped me do battle with evil (some shady dealers...what?). For that, I thank all that chimed in with "I got mine for..."

    You got a great one here would disagree with that...A lot of the dealers I worked "with" would tell me I was nuts asking for an invoice deal. They would try to bolster their case with stacks of contracts showing customers who paid MSRP for the same vehicle. I was amazed that people paid MSRP. You got a much better deal than they did! Now it's simply time to sit back, relax and Enjoy the Ride!

    This forum is one of the best! I've been on many lists including sailing, manufacturer products, sports cars and motorcycles. I've never seen this quality or decorum elsewhere! Keep up the great postings!

    Captain Ron. . .
  • snicker1snicker1 Posts: 3
    live in tampa,fl bought le with leather package for $200 below invoice and $200 handling fee financing 3.9 till 03/31/01 per local adds i bought mine on last day of prior deal 02/28/01
    good luck go to and see their price I used that as a wedge. they are reputable per my bank rep.
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Guys, I did a terrible thing last night......

    I left my SunRoof/Moonroof open after coming home form a quick grocery store run for some steaks.

    I'm off work today, and so this morning when I went out to my PF to run some errands I noticed my mistake.

    I should mention that here in Biloxi, MS last night, we got rained on pretty good. Probably around an inch or so I'd say.

    I had some water standing on my middle console and inside my leather console storage area (armrest). The 2 back flormats were both soaked pretty good as well, and the carpet underneath the mats were a little damp also.

    My leather seats looked okay, only a few water spots on them really. But just to be on the safe side....I ran to my local Wal Mart and picked up some leather cleaner and conditioning lotion to hopefully prevent any damage form showing up later. I had planned on conditioning the seats sometime this month anyway, with some leather conditioner from Zaino, which I have been meaning to order.

    After I was done cleaning up my PF, it looked noticeable damage of any kind whatsoever.

    Do I have anything to worry about now? Water was probably on the leather for approximately 4-6 hours (just a guess though).

    I still can't believe I left it open...this is my first sunroof in any car I have it has been pretty hard for me to remember to close it each time I'm in for the day/night.

    I don't think I'll forget to close it anymore though.....not after this!

    Do I tell my wife I did this? She may take the truck away from me!

    Remember to close the sunroof.....remember to close the sunroof.....remember to close the sunroof.......
  • xplorer2xplorer2 Posts: 17
    I have had my PF for 8 months now, but my job has since changed, and I think I have to sell Pathy. It's a '01 black LE with everything but NAV system. My question is, would it be smarter to sell it outright to someone local here in MA/NH or trading it. I still owe money, but any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • Thanks for the responses guys, you guys are absolutely right. From now on, I'll just enjoy the ride!!

    Enjoy the weekend!
  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    My uncle did this to his '93 Maxima SE with leather and my father did this to his '95 Maxima GLE. After a while, both cars really started to stink. Any chance you get, you need to let that sucker air out...I know...easier said than done. I'd run the A/C compressor all time to try to pull as much moisture as possible out of the air inside the truck. Something else you might look into: someone makes these chemicals in a bucket that pull the moisture out of the air. The bucket is around half a gallon in size or smaller. The chemicals look something like rock salt and sit in a tray on the top of the bucket. I'm not sure exactly how effect they are or how it would work in a vehicle, but every week or so, I found myself pooring out a cup of water or more. Good luck!
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    Yup, you want to head straight to Home Depot and getting something along the lines of "Damp Rid", it's exactly as previously described, a bucket with moisture absorbing chemicals in it.

    I had a '87 NIssan Pulsar and the t-tops had started to leak, moisture was collecting in the car. Used this stuff to help control it.
  • Hi all,

    mbunting's post reminded me of the last new car I bought...a 1986 Suzuki Samurai (and I'm comfortable enough in my own sexuality to admit that). I left the top off one night when I was in about 5am, my roommate was banging on my door saying, "Ron! It's pouring out and your top is off your Suzuki!!!" I half-sleepily asked how long it had been raining. He said that it had been pouring all night! I just said, "It's not going to get any wetter." and went back to sleep. When I woke up and dealt with it, the floor pan was filled to the door sills in water. I rummaged around the floor and found a drain-plug in the middle of each of the foot-wells. I pulled the plugs and the thing drained just like a bathtub. A little towling off and I was back in business!

    For what it's worth: That Samurai would out 4-wheel about anything out there. The full-sized GMC K-series would best me on traction up hills, but I'd loose them on approach and descent angles. I also towed a 3000 lb u-haul trailer behind it from New York to California in 1988. Whodathunk?

    Does anyone do any 4-wheeling with their new Pathfinders?

    Captain Ron. . .
  • I promised I'd keep you all posted on the incentives for March. I just got off the phone with the dealer I bought my LE 4X4 from in Portsmouth, NH and they are continuing the same deals they had in February. That's:

    3.9% financing to qualified buyers and $5,000 off MSRP on any Pathfinder that has an MSRP of $36,000 or more.

    They have the following in stock (from their web-site):
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $37,261 Blue
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $37,261 Red
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $37,241 Bayshore Blue
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $36,872 Black
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $36,872 Gray
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $36,872 White
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $36,852 Black
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $36,852 Black
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $35,262 Black
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $34,873 Gray
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $34,873 Beige
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $32,625 Green
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $32,354 Super Black
    2001 Nissan Pathfinder $30,096 Sahara Beige
    You can kinda figure out how they're equipped by working the MSRP numbers at The 3 on the top for example are everything but the entertainment system on a 4X4 LE. 8 of these qualify for the $5,000 off.

    I bought mine from 3,000 miles away over the phone, fax and FedEx and pick it up in 8 days!!! (yeeha!) Talk to Chris Nash in sales ((603) 431-6500) and tell him you want the 5-thousand off deal and he'll just say, "Okay!" No haggling, no working you on extra fees (there's only the $195 doc fee) and he'll make it easy for you. He also told me that he had a guy from Florida buy one and they were shipping it to him...and it was still less that he found it for locally.

    I have no affiliation with Port City other than being extreemly happy with the way I was treated.

    If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at:

    Captain Ron. . .
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    I'm off to Home Depot or Lowes here in about 15 minutes to pick up some "DAMP RID" to use in my PF.

    I think I'd probably be okay without it, but I don't want to run the risk of stinking up my baby later on down the road!

    Thanks again for the suggestion to purchase this product!

    BTW fellas, my new CD changer is still on backorder from Nissan, it's been a little over a month now also. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever see it!

    hahaha..just found this: to HD or Lowes! I still feel like an idiot......
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I always knew Rush Limbaugh was all wet (check the celebrities link) .

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142
    I read much about the 2001 Pathfinder SE and LE, but don't here much about the XE model. It has the same engine and running gear in the 5 speed version as the SE. It has a cassette and a single CD player, no running boards or step rails, cheaper upholstery, but lists for about $3500 Canadian less than the SE. Anyone have an XE?

  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    I have a 1999.5 Pathfinder XE 4x4 (looks just like an '01). I went in looking for an Xterra because I didn't think I could afford a Pathfinder. I came out with the Pathy for $24,000 in early September '99 while they wouldn't go below $28,500 for the Xterra. I love the vehicle. The suspension is the same, the engine is the same, the transmission is the same... The options available are not the same, however. I have been happy with the stereo. Even with the "base" model, all of my friends (who drive American cars) always comment about how nice the Pathfinder is when I give them a ride to and from their mechanic. If you're looking for a reliable, good-looking, nice-driving vehicle, but don't want to spend the money for the higher levels of trim, get the XE. While compared to the SE or LE, it may not be quite as nice, it's still one of the best "bang-for-the-buck" trucks out there and nobody is going to accuse you of driving a cheap vehicle since the guts are identical to the high-dollar versions.
  • bob_pathbob_path Posts: 14
    Does anyone have any information on the 2002 Pathfinder. says that the 2002 pathfinder will be redesigned. I am curious to find out how drastic the changes will be?
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    bob_path: Nissan has a sight on thier new auto. Nissan matrix... The 2003 is
    going to alittle larger. It didn't say how much ar how drastic the changes will be.
  • qx4qx4 Posts: 99
    i believe that site is
    go to model matrix
  • joeliarjoeliar Posts: 3
    I've just given a $1000 CDN deposit for a QX4 sight unseen (its still on the boat). I'm in the Seattle area, but travel to Vancouver on a weekly basis. My lease on my 4Runner came up when I discovered it's blue book was less than its residual. Was going to re-lease but got some fancy ideas about modifying the car and decided to buy instead. Did the autobytel route and sent emails to all the dealers in the Seattle area. Best deal was a LE for 31,667 at 3.9% financing. Got turned down for the
    financing because I have no debt (;-[

    Work was shut down because of the quake, so I decided to go shopping in Van. Got a good price ($42,000 CDN or $27,000 USD). The dealer (Nissan/Infiniti Richmond) had a tricked out QX4 on the floor so while he was dealing with details and some phone calls, I took some deciding-do-i-really-want-to-do-this time and checked it out. Went back, settled the price for the LE, said 'Now sell me a QX4'. Really, people, I was putty in his hands. For $46,800 CDN ($30,275 USD) (thats right folks, LESS than the LE in the States). Titanium with bug, sunroof, and rear deflectors. Nothing else was optional. Plus lifetime oilchange with loaner. Now, every three months when I go to Vancouver, I can be driving a Q45 :-). Theres a brokerage service provided 3rd party that will walk it across customs and deliver it to my door in Seattle(The BCM Auto Group 604-525-1744. Tell 'em Joe sent ya). Cost of the service is $280 USD. No GST (like a VAT. Its a national sales tax) or PST (Provincial Sales Tax). Customs will cost $842 USD. Registration and sales tax in Washington will be about $3,000 USD. Grand total (30,275 + 280 + 842 + 3000) = $34,997 USD. In comparison the LE in the States would have totaled about the same. I'll buy a certified check in Canadian funds at my bank and will courier it up to the dealer. Altho I might go up myself. Next week I'm drivin' in style.

    Finally, the Canadian cars have more standard whatsies and fewer options. Power antenna and block heater are standard for example.
  • specfourspecfour Posts: 3
    Im looking at this deal 01 SE just auto and floor mats its a demo with 8500 miles. The list is 30948 they ll sell it to me for 26999 give me 12000 for my 97 Blazer LT i just paid off.The balance of 14999 at 3.9 for 60 months is 279 a month. gona sleep on it tonight
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    Congrats on your QX4 deal. I did the same thing back in November with my Pathfinder. Great time to buy especially with the exchange rate. I've read in earlier postings that others have better rate wiring the money to a Canadian bank and withdrawing the money up there instead of exchanging it down here. The last time I did it (I'm also from the Seattle area), the banks are charging 2-3 cents per dollar lower. Thats almost $1000 for a $30,000 check. Best of luck.
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Thanks to the advice above, I purchased the Damp Rid and left it in my PF last night and most of today. Seems to have worked pretty well.

    It's been pouring here for the last day or so....but no worries now, my sunroof is CLOSED!!!!!
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    Glad it worked out Mike... now can you use some of those weather forecasting skills to tell me how much snow I'm gonna get in NY come Monday ;-)
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    By the looks of things here (alot of rain!!!) I can pretty much guarantee that you'll get to see quite a bit (6-8") of the white stuff by Monday or Tuesday. Don't hold me to that guarantee though, I'm still very much in training, still have about 6 more months of school to go before I'm certified!
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