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Nissan Pathfinder



  • I recently bought a '97 SE and love it. I have to thank this board for all the great info I've gotten from about PF's..

    Now I need some specfic advice on replacing the black plastic fascia around the CD/AC vents. The prior owner apparently had rubber cemented some type of holder for their cell phone right above the AC vents and have left a huge ugly scar on the plastic of my otherwise mint interior. I purchased the part but when I went to remove it I found that it comes out of the dash easily but has four wired connections to disconnect and reconnect to the new piece. I sure don't want to break one of these switches so I am asking if anyone has done this and can give some instruction on how to unplug these switches: Rear defroster, emergency flasher, rear-wiper, and lighter. I don't mind having the dealer do it but if its not difficult I'll give it a shot.


  • Future PF buyers who are interested in the Nav system I would suggest waiting. I got a call from Nissan today and they told me they are changing the system for 2002!! It is going to be DVD based instead of CD based. It upsets me a little bit, but I think they are going to purchase some additional coverage disks for me. I am going to try and have them replace the entire system, but I don't think that will happen. Just wanted to let everybody aware...I would wait for the 2002 if you are considering a Nav system in your new PF...
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    I just licensed my new '01 PF SE. Ouch! It always hurts to pay that sales tax! Anyway, when I went to install the rear license plate, I became concerned about the plate being right up against the paint on the rear hatch. My concern grew further when I saw there were only holes for the top bolts of the license plate and nothing to bolt the bottom of the plate to. So I bought a plate holder that fits between the plate and the hatch, but it just clangs against the hatch with nothing bolting it down on the bottom half. Any suggestions? Should I drill holes to install bottom bolts, and if so, should I just use regulart self-tapping screws or buy the little nylon inserts in combination with the screws? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    I put to little thin square adhesive pads behind the lower end corners of the plate to eliminate that clang noise. Any hardware store should have these stick-on pad thingys.
  • brentm1brentm1 Posts: 4
    Did Nissan say that they would be able to put the system into the 2001 PF? I am in a situation where I can't wait to buy the PF but could wait to put the NAV in if it can be put in a 2001.

    How did you find this out? Is there anyone I could talk to at Nissan? My dealer seems to know very little about the current version so he probably won't have any info on the new system.

    Thanks in advance & thanks to everyone's input on the nav system.
  • tofunricetofunrice Posts: 20
    Npath... I live in California... I don't now the number off the top of my head but I believe it is number 1... Which number do you have...

    Has anyone tried to burn copies of the CD? Wondering if we could make copies and swap discs? Oops... guess that wouldn't be legal!
  • HI everyone,
    I need HELP! I went to pick up my new Silver PF today and noticed a few scratches on it. There was one long superficial one on the bumper, one on the windowpane, but the ones that upset me the most, are the three half-inch scratches on the driver's side door, three inches below the body side molding. Also, the rear push bar that I ordered has scratches on one side of it.
    I have no doubt that the car is brand new, but I am really upset by this. I told the salesperson and he tried to compound it out , it didn't help at all.
    I know that the scratches are more than surface deep, because you can see a darker gray color through the scratches and you can feel the grooves with your finger. He suggested that I use touch up paint to cover it, but won't that mess up the finish of the car?
    In any event, I refused to accept the car and told them they had to fix it. The sales manager offered to give me free bumper pads if I took the car to the service area myself, but I said no.
    Anyway, now I am confused about what to do. My questions are: Am I making a big deal out of nothing? Maybe it's normal for new cars to have minor scratches? Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do? Also, If they use touch up paint (like what they suggested me to do) won't the car look messed up? What if they do fix the car and it looks worse than before (this is what worries me the most), can I refuse to accept the car? Can I ask them to order me a new car?
    I really appreciate any input I can get!!!
    Thanks in advance!!! Sorry for rambling on and on!
  • marks1970marks1970 Posts: 25
    I have a 1999.5 Pathfinder, and I want to install a bug deflector on it. However, I don't like the looks of the one Nissan makes, so I'm wondering if anyone can make a recommendation on an aftermarket one.

  • tofunricetofunrice Posts: 20

    I would refuse to accept the car! Your car should be flawless when you receive it. I remember there was a contract I had to sign that said that "I accept the car as is"... make sure you don't sign this contract until they either have a body shop repair the fixes or get you a new one. That's my thought!
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    You did the right thing by not accepting it. There are things one can do to remove the scratches, from light professional polishing for the shallow ones, to repainting the door for the deep ones (the minimum I would accept)...but why bother. Just refuse the vehicle and get a new one. They will "fix" the scratches and sell it to some other sucker who is blissfully unaware of them.
  • arisaris Posts: 15
    I have the MCA #8 disk, and i am in a situation where i'm right between the MCA #6 disk, only about 8 or so miles away :( I didn't try to burn a copy yet, but if anyone would want to swap disks, that would be cool, because i think it's ridiculous for me to buy a disk thats $150.00 more for driving thats just about 8 miles from my home.... Anyway, Swapping would be cool if the burned cd's worked... Someone help : )
  • pathy57pathy57 Posts: 25
    You did the right thing, don't accept that vehicle without feeling good about it. They will bust their bottoms to fix it to sell it. Make sure it is right or tell them you want another vehicle. I posted earlier I got two small scratches at a car wash and it cost $268 to fix. Car wash paid for it and I took it to the best body shop in town. They did an excellent job. The dealer, sales people will make you think you are too materialistic, but it is your hard earned dollars. Don't let them shame you. If they repaint make sure it matches and you are happy. Later when you go to sell if paint doesent match they will tell you it looks like it has been wrecked. It is your money spend it wisely. I know you will be pleased with the choice of a Pathfinder, I love mine. I only have one regret and that is I didn't buy it sooner. Congradulations.
  • dell26dell26 Posts: 9
    I have the nav system, and I am really excited about it. The hardest thing is putting in your addresses for easy reference. You now can take a short cut without it taking you longer to get to your destination.
  • alkcalkc Posts: 9
    I find the responses to your "octane" thread interesting, because I have spoken with several Nissan mechanics who have told me that burning 89 octane in a 2001 PF will not harm the engine.

    When I picked up my new LE last week, I was offered Perma Plate as an outside/inside protectant for $675. Unfortunately, I am only interested in outside protection and I was told I had to purchase all three services or none. Conversely, I spoke with a friend today who is a service mgr. at a local Honda dealership. They offer Touch of Class to their customers for $150 for outside protection only. My question: does anyone know anything about Touch of Class? I am tempted to go with that product rather than spending much more for both interior/exterior protection which I don't want.

    Thanks to all respondents.

  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 137
    Anyone out there know how to reset the engine service on a 2001 Pathfinder?


  • pondfull5pondfull5 Posts: 53
    Do you have to pay those taxes even though you are not registering the pf. in Canada? What happens if you don't pay it and then you get to the boarder? Or should I say to customs
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    I think that adding the Nav later would be almost impossible. It changes the temp controls completely. All new parts at Nissan prices plus installation would probably be into the thousands.
  • pat01pat01 Posts: 23
    Of course you did the right thing, Arianna. I believe the appropriate question for your dealer would be "Why would you purchase a new Pathfinder with obvious cosmetic defects without a price adjustment?" I believe you have the right to cancel the sale as long as you do not accept delivery of the vehicle. This probably varies from state to state as does the lemon law.

    If you are uncertain about your rights, I would recommend checking with your state's designated automobile consumer protection agency. I believe that if you follow the following lemon law link from cartalk, it will guide you to your state's specific agency for assistance.

  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    You will always have to pay the Canadian national GST when you pickup the vehicle from the dealer. But you get it refunded by mail later as long as you brought it to the US within 30 days.

    How provincial sales taxes are handled depends on the province. Ontario sends you a refund. Quebec won't. BC, Alberta, and Manitoba won't charge you as long as you are from the US.

    Canadian Customs at the border doesn't care what you paid in sales taxes - they just wave you through. US customs charges you 2.5% duty. Your state charges you normal sales tax when you register.

    After you net this all out, you should still end up thousands better off pricewise than buying in the US. Using a price I heard today and the current exchange rate (sky high!), an LE AWD with leather went for $27,300 at one of the favorite dealers.

  • filodfilod Posts: 189
    If you have not signed any papers, I will advise not to get the car at all. Ask for a new one.

    If you have signed the purchase and just getting it back because of some items that you asked installed, ask someone in your State of your legal rights. Scratch is a scratch. If someone scratches my new car, I will be very upset. I am one of those who will probably have the scratch be repaired right away.

    Again, if you can walk away legally, get a new one. Do not settle for anything less.
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    I would not accept the car unless COMPLETELY satisfied!!! When we picked our '01 up it had a door ding on the rear passenger door. The paint wasn't chipped, just a golf ball size dent that was very visible. Told then that they either fix it or the deal was off even after the papers were signed. I have heard before that you have a few business days to cancel the deal. Never have I read anything official though. However, they used a paintless dent removal and I could not tell it was ever there. You will not be able to keep little door dings and scratches away from any vehicle, but when it is brand spanking new you should not have anything wrong.
    Good luck!
  • kbehnkekbehnke Posts: 60
    Has anyone tried changing the oil on the '01 yet? How 'user-friendly' is it? I made one attempt to do it myself on my '98, but getting at the oil filter was rather difficult.

  • jambazijambazi Posts: 51
    This is such an obvious FAQ question, I don't know why I didn't include it earlier. The FAQ has now been updated with this new information which I've also included below for your convenience.

    1. Remove the splash guard. This is a piece of plastic that sits right below your engine (a little forward). It is held in place by 8 bolts and one plastic connector. Remove the bolts in the usual way (make sure you get all 8, there are two of them high up on either side, where they are easy to miss). Use a flat-headed screwdriver to remove the plastic connector, which is in front-center of the splash guard. Pry up the center part of the connector, then you can just remove it with your fingers. If you break it, don't worry. The guys at the Nissan dealership throw these things away and don't replace them when they change the oil. It's really not necessary, since you've already got 8 bolts!

    2. With the splash guard removed, you'll see that this is the easiest oil change you've probably ever done. Filter is right there, very easy to remove. There's even a little drip spout below it to prevent oil from getting on the rest of your car (although it does drip a little on the power steering line, which is no big deal).

    3. Oil drain plug in obvious location too. You can see this without removing the splash guard. I'd recommend going to your Nissan parts department and picking up one of the fancy copper gaskets they have before starting, though. The drain plug doesn't use a standard washer, but a weird rolled copper thing that compresses when you tighten the plug. Hard to describe. Just get one and you'll see what I mean.

    Have fun!

  • jlairjlair Posts: 3
    You don't have to pay GST or PST if you take delivery at the border. If the dealership is close enough to the border, they might deliver it to you there. Or you can use a broker who will deliver it to your door or somewhere between.
  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    Your dealer doesn't know what he's talking about on the NAV system. All nav systems are GPS based. That is how they work. Here is a link with a review of the Infiniti QX4 NAV system (same as Pathy) and it has some links to other sites within the review:

    I found the link at this website with tons of info on GPS:

    Good luck! I hate uninformed sales people that act like they know it all.

  • jci109jci109 Posts: 9
    Wow, what a great deal on Perma Plate!!! I am not familiar with Touch of Class. I guess we had "sucker" written across our forehead. That was one thing that we were not prepaired to purchase so never researched and we paid about $1500 for inside and outside application. However, we are so far very pleased with it. We have a 5 year old son and we love to go skiing. After a weekend of getting in and out of the car with muddy feet EVERY stain came right out without a problem. The pen mark made next to my son's seat came right out, too. So far I am very happy with it. Has anyone else had any experience with Perma Plate? Is it necessary to use only the cleaning product that Perma Plate suggests?---of course, their product.

    We also purchased the entertainment system. does anyone know how easy it is to run a DVD player through the VCR? We have also found that the cordless headphones are difficult to use especially for our son. There needs to be enough pressure applied against the earphone to click the headset on and with such a small head (he's only 5) it doesn't click on. Does anyone know if there is another headset that would be compatible with the system that would be more user friendly?

    Bummer about the SCRATCH on the PF. I agree with everyone....DO NOT ACCEPT IT THAT WAY. You will be paying good money and you should receive it in the best condition possible. You should be the one to put the first scratches on it:-) The day after we got the car home, we realized that there was a huge pen mark on the drivers seat(before the Perma Plate had been applied). I believe that one of the service people had a pen in there back pocket and when they sat down...OOPS. They agreed to get the mark out and they did a pretty good job doing so. To date, the pen mark is completely gone. Have fun with your new car!!

  • tofunricetofunrice Posts: 20
    NPath... Thanks for the info on viewing the longitude/latitude on the NAV system! I think that feature is so cool... the graphics when you're on that screen is pretty nifty. I like how you can see which satellites you have line of sight with and what elevation your at!

    For those of you are interested in seeing how the NAV system looks and works like.... go to and go to the QX4's page.... they have a pretty nice FLASH demo of the NAV system (which is identical to the one in the Pathfinder). It's a short intereactive demo (using Macromedia's FLASH), but gives you a gist on the usability of the unit.
  • ac6000cwac6000cw Posts: 18
    You will need a filter wrench. The only kind that is usable is the kind that fits over the end of the filter and you turn with a wrench or socket. It is a very small filter. Suggest you take a new filter to the auto parts store and try them on for size.

    You might be able to get by without a wrench after the first change if you only go hand tight but the factory puts those filters on TIGHT!. It will be impossible to get the factory filter off without a wrench.
  • tofunricetofunrice Posts: 20
    Hi jci109...

    I don't have the ent.system... but i do own wireless infrared headphones from Sony that have the band across the ear piece that switches the unit on and off as you put them on. I am aware that almost all wireless INFRARED headphone units work interchangably... therefore... you can run to your local electronic store and pick up some cheap $30 infrared headphone unit and just use the headphones (granted that they fit your son properly). I like the one's that have the on/off "head band" for pure convenience, but I also know of some cheapies that have regular on/off switches on the side. The only thing is... you'll have to remember to turn the headphones off after use or else you'll drain the batteries down. So... find some infrared headphones that fit your son and you're set!
  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    I haven't changed my own oil on my Pathfinder because I don't have any place to do it right now, so I don't really know what it looks like in there. But, on my old 300ZX, I once had trouble getting the filter off. I only managed to crush the filter with a filter wrench. So, I jammed a screw driver through the filter and used that to loosen it enough to be able to unscrew it by hand. A little "unprofessional," maybe, but it worked.
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