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Nissan Pathfinder



  • pondfull5pondfull5 Posts: 53
    jhawkeye, incase you don't know, you do have a right under our laws not to turn to this forum.
    I for one as a silent reader in the past and continue to do so, have enjoyed immensely from this forum from both the pros and the cons. and I will hate to see it stop now.
    I just enjoy coming home from a hard days work to read what these fine people on this forum have to say for the day. Irrespective of the subject. As you should be aware by now, I am a proud owner of a 2001 Pf. SE 5spd. And I owe my thanks to these unselfish people on this forum.
    Folks keep up the great work.
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    For the start of this see my message #2078
    "Cabin air filter & install". Yesterday, I removed the trim piece with the hidden screw behind it. Remove the two screws in the glove-box that are on the black "tabs" (they really are tabs). Then you just have to rotate the trim piece up and it comes right off. I fixed my dash "gap" that was left because the top right screw was not seated into the upper dash piece.

    So, for those wishing to intall or replace the cabin air filters, these are the steps I use to remove the glove box and lower dash assembly:

    1. Remove glove box hinge "pins" and remove glove box.

    2. Remove the two screws holding the "Pathfinder" logo'd trim piece and remove the trim piece.

    3. Remove the three screws holding the dash lower panel (one on bottom left, one on bottom right, one on top right), then with the top left part pulled open/down remove the glove box lamp from its' holder on the dash lower panel (rotate it 90 deg).

    You can now remove the lower dash panel and have at the filter install or replacement.

    It's very easy once you know how to actually do it (new instructions please Nissan).

    Now I just have to figure out how to install antenna fittings for a cell and amateur antenna in the roof (sigh).
  • pondfull5pondfull5 Posts: 53
    "Some 22,000 X5s made in BMW's Greer South Carolina plant may have a bolt on the steering column that wasn't fitted properly.The flaw could cause the connection to the steering transmission to break loose, leaving the DRIVER UNABLE TO STEER THE VEHICLE."
    This is a very fine SUV and I hope BMW solve it quick. We do not want another Explorer sindrom on again.
  • pondfull5pondfull5 Posts: 53
    How long dose it take for the clear coat on the 2001 pf. to cure before waxing?. And where do I find these fine Zaino polish to buy?.
    Thank you all in advance.
  • Does anyone here have strong compassionate feelings about K&N filters for their 01 PF???

    Do you love or hate this product???

    Other than perceived financial advantages of not having to replace the air filter everytime, is there better performance outputs???

    I'm not sure I should pick one up here locally for $60.00 Cdn ???

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Zaino Car Care Experiences - Part 2

    K & N Air Filters - Bolt on Power?

    Vans, SUVs and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • filodfilod Posts: 189
    Visit their web site where you can read more about the product and where you can buy them

    I will also be interested to know when you can start applying polish in a new PF with clear coat

    Thanks Steve. I have already posted before I saw your posting. I will visit the sites you have suggested

  • dannykadannyka Posts: 115
    I have a '99 Pathfinder that was delivered with the tire pressure at about 45psi or so. However, that's not what I'm writing about. It's actually about a Subaru Forester that I just took delivery of. Because I know some dealers adjust the tire pressure and some don't, I went ahead and checked it myself. 46psi on all 4. I adjusted it down to a more comfortable level.

    The reason I'm writing is because I then looked at the Pre-Delivery Inspection sheet that was in the glove box. There in bright red letters was "Check Tire Pressure" and it was checked off! By the way, the recommended pressure is 29psi or so. If I had seen the PDI sheet and just trusted it, I'd think the Forester has a really "lively" ride.

    So what's a guy to do? Here I have a dealer basically telling me that the tire pressure has been checked. I don't think it's fair to assume that a buyer has to do that checking him/herself, especially when a dealer says they have. Now that I know how inconsistent dealers are about this, I'll check them all from now on.

    It's due to boards like this that I now know these types of things. Before I got on Edmunds (way back when :-), I didn't even know cars were shipped with higher tire pressures. Some people may know all about cars and dealers, but the rest of us are here to be helped (and to help out when we can), which makes this a great place to hang out.

    Sorry for the long post...
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    So...I think it's an interesting indication of the high level of civility on this board when such a mildly uncivil comment such as jhawkeye's actually causes a ripple! Of course, anytime time anyone suggests that discussion of a topic should be discouraged it's bound to upset some folks (duh, the ones talking about it!) but it happens all the time on the other forums like this that I'm a part of (don't mean Edmunds'..I'm on one for bikes, one for sailboats)'s amazing that it almost never happens here.

    I'm going to take this opportunity to comment on what I've found when perusing other Edmunds boards (I DO have a life...but sometimes, when I'm on 'free' time, I check them out). Let me tell you...for those of you that haven't 'trolled' (and I think there are good trolls and bad trolls...I'm a 'read/only' troll...that's the good kind in case you didn't know:-) ), there are some boards where half the posts are from folks that don't own and aren't considering the subject car and basically just trash and taunt the ones that do. It can be pretty disruptive and the subject gets lost in the cat fur. I know this is one of the downsides of the anonymity of the internet but some people can get out of hand. I've seen some otherwise respectable list contributers trolling several different boards making questionable comments...we're only human, I guess.

    So I guess my point is...we're lucky we have such a great group here with mostly great info and folks willing to help those who have questions even when we've heard them a hundred times. On this board, folks feel free to ask even questions they think are dumb (I've asked quite a few myself) 'cause they know no one's going to jump down their throat. Of course, it doesn't hurt that 'our' car is such an excellent example of craftsmanship with too few faults and so many happy owners (BTW, is it my imagination or are there a gazillion 2001 PF's out seems I see them everywhere!).

    Ok...sorry for the long post, had to get that off my chest...besides...I'm waiting for the rain to end so I can go back to work on the boat!

  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    I plan on picking one up this friday, which also happens to be the same day that I am having my (2) front roll-up windows tinted on my Silver 01 LE.

    Is this the correct K & N Filter to buy for the 2001 PF?


    I know that there has been much discussion on this in the past on this board, but after a search for the correct filter # earlier today I didn't come up with anything. Thanks for any help!
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    OK, tomorrow I am ordering the rear air deflector. Washed the pathy this morning and wen tot a few B'day parties and low and behold, the rear is dirty again. One day!
    How much can I expect it to help??????


    Bimmer4ME, watch out for those manufactures suggesting certain settings. Is that not what Ford and Firestone are dealing with right now?
  • bob_pathbob_path Posts: 14
    Danog, the rear air deflector will help. I purchased and installed on Friday. Since the installation I have yet to use the rear wiper even though its been raining for the past three days.
  • pat01pat01 Posts: 23
    Regarding the application of Zaino etc., does anyone know if ALL colors of the 01 PF have clearcoat? I had thought it was standard. I have a Silver PF and can't find mention that it has anything but a metallic coat. Other colors specifically mention the clearcoat (at Edmunds).
  • lrichardslrichards Posts: 18
    I am about to close on a 39 month, 39,000 mile lease on an SE automatic with sunroof, in cabin microfilter, body color side moldings, sunroof deflector, floor mats, and mobile entertainment system. I really didn't want or need the entertainment system but it was already installed on the SE they were trying to sell me. I think they were having a tough time moving it because of the entertainment system. Anyway, they gave me the best deal I've found in 3 months of looking. It is a Chase Manhattan lease with $500 down plus first payment due at signing. Payment is $409/ month. $909 is total due at signing, all taxes, fees included. I think I did OK. Thanks to everyone on this board for all of the valuable information. It really helped me make my decision. I will finalize things tomorrow, so wish me luck! Any thoughts on the deal?
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    Good luck on your purchase! Sounds good too me.

  • I've now put a meager 350 miles on my new PF. It's an excellent truck with an extremely powerful, yet smooth and quiet engine.

    1. My truck came ith the OEM rear air deflector but dirt seems to cover the whole liftgate more than anywhere else. Are you people experiencing the same thing?

    2. K&N filters...are they beneficial or do they actually let more air bypass in the name of performance?

    3. What a gas hog this truck is! So hard to ease up on the gas pedal with such a powerful engine!

    4. The wheels appear to be aligned but the steering wheel is off-center...when truck is going straight, steering wheel is off to right approx 5 to 10 degrees!

    5. Should I start putting 100% synthetic oil in this beast? Would it be beneficial?

    6. I hear you guys talking about Zaino a lot. Have you ever heard of LIQUID GLASS? Is that product any good?

  • jmtreetopjmtreetop Posts: 130
    I wouldn't start using synthetic until after 12000 miles when the engine is broken in and everything is sealed. It would be beneficial though, especially since it has a timing chain instead of a belt. In addition, your gas mileage should slowly increase and I have even heard that you wont get your best gas mileage until after 12000 miles. I am at almost 7000 miles and have installed an amsoil air filter and a performance exhaust. Havent had the chance to fill up with gas yet so dont know the mileage differences or improvements. Has anyone looked under their pfinders?? There is a nice pre-muffler that is quite large and weighs 40-50 lbs. I replaced the 1 3/4 inch piping with 2 1/4 inch exhaust piping with a smaller Iron Tuff muffler and removed the pre muffler...I've noticed quite a jump in power and it sounds awesome now.
  • nismofreaknismofreak Posts: 120
    I too have noticed that the rear gets dirty awfully fast. I am curious what it is like >without< the deflector. Oh well...
  • nismofreaknismofreak Posts: 120
    Did you change the "B" pipe? And it is only 1.75 i.d.??? WOW! No wonder you got power when you put on the 2.25! I would imagine that a good mandrel bent 2.5 i.d. "B" pipe would yield even more due to the amount of exhaust that is being pushed out. Was this a custom job? And without the pre-silencer, do you now get droning on at highway speeds?
  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    I found the same GPS mentioned earlier for $879 for $869 at You do have to sign up for a membership to get the good prices. Even if you don't get the Street Pilot III, Vanns has some really good prices on other GPS once you sign up as a member. I'm not sure how good their accessory prices are, though.
  • When I push in the clutch to change gears there is a 'rrrrrrrrr' crunching sound. And when I put the car in neutral and take my foot off of the clutch, the sounds goes away. Any comments or suggestions? I've burned through a clutch once, and I know that it isn't it. Also, when it makes that noise I notice that it's harder for me to go from 1st to 2nd gear. The stick does not 'smoothly' go from gear to gear. Could it be that the plates are mislined?
  • I just took off my factory rack as you advised, and replaced it with my Yakima. I had a little trouble getting the front clips off, so I just slid everything off the back. Thanks again, the factory rack's now in the closet until the end of the lease...
  • wcrolandwcroland Posts: 26
    From what I have read from Mequiars and talked to the dealer, you can polish and wax your new vehicle right away. This is because the paint is cured at a very high temperature because all of the plastic and all the other stuff is not attached to the vehicle. Now if you got a custom paint job or repainted, it can't cure as high of a temperature and you need to let it cure for 60-90 days.

    I have polished and waxed my 2001 Pathfinder as well as my last two new cars two weeks after I have bought them and never had a problem. I use Meguiars Gold Class products, but sure the Zaino are the same type.
  • nismofreaknismofreak Posts: 120
    Does the sound go away when you just sink the clutch (without attempting to shift gears)? I will bet it is the throwout bearing. If you can adjust the clutch at all, then it may need adjusting to disengage the clutch better (I don't know what the clutch system on the Pathy is like so this adjustment may not be possible).

    Hope this helps.
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    I'm pretty sure the silver is clearcoated. In fact, all "metallic" or "mica" paints are clearcoated. If you're ever unsure, take some "ordinary" car polish and, in an unconspicuous place, rub vigorously with the polish using a white cloth. If any colour comes off, it's not clearcoated there (guess you'll have to use a black cloth on a white car ;-). Be aware that some cars are not clearcoated everywhere, though this "location specific" clearcoating is rare (due to the extra cost of masking).
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    I know, I know... not again. Well, I hate to beat a dead horse but I just had some comments. I've seen some say that Nissan's recommendation of 26 psi is too low, especially since the tire says 44psi. One problem... that is not the tire manufacturer's recommendation. If you read closely on the tire (I have Bridgestone Dueler H/T) it states MAXIMUM PRESSURE 44 PSI for MAXIMUM LOAD 2094 LBS. This would be the pressure if the PF met this max load. However, the PF most definitely is not max load. On the tire it goes on to say, "Safety Warning - Serious injury may result from: tire failure due to underinflation/overloading - follow owner's manual or tire placard in vehicle..." The recommendation of 26 psi from Nissan is designed to give this vehicle the best handling characteristics it could possibly have. Most SUVs have a lower pressure than cars because this makes them more stable & less likely to roll over (lower pressure - wider footprint). The controversey with Ford/Firestone was because Ford says their recommended pressure was within the approved range of Firestone... Firestone says it was not. Just my two cents. Be safe...
  • jmtreetopjmtreetop Posts: 130
    The pfinder doesnt exactly have a B pipe which are typically found on Hondas but I did replace the equivilant and it was 1.75 inch. I replaced everything from the cats back with 2.25 inch and it was a custom job. It's a lot cleaner now too with less bends in the piping. On the highway, I havent noticed much droning, mostly because the pfinder only does around 2500 rpms at 70mph so its still very quiet. You do hear a little tone from the exhaust though, but it sounds really good (its a clean, quiet, deep tone). The manufacturer states that it is typical to receive a 2-3 mpg increase with their muffler and exhaust. I am going on a 2300 mile trip next week over Easter so i will have to let you know if i see any mileage improvements. Total cost was $278 including stainless steel 4" diameter tip and labor. Definitely do not regret getting rid of the silencer, especially at that weight and reduction of performance.
  • arisaris Posts: 15
    4. The wheels appear to be aligned but the steering wheel is off-center...when truck is going straight, steering wheel is off to right approx 5 to 10 degrees!

    I just test drove a new PF and it seemed as though the steering wheel was off-center... It tends to steer to the right when driving straight.... Anyone know if this is normal? i own a 95 Maxima and do not have the steering problem.

    Thank you in advance,
  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    On a windless day, on a level road (not crowned), my '99.5 will drive straight down the road for about 10 seconds or so, maybe longer. I haven't been able to find a road that is good enough for long enough to test it any farther.
  • After closing my deal on a 01 PF SE AWD at 2.8% financing, Nissan Canada's rate DROPPED TO 1.8% within 2 days!!!

    We called Nissan to cry BUT they couldn't care less. I guess I can agree with them BUT I only took delivery 2 days ago! I guess it's all a gamble and I wouldn't be complaining if their rate increased from the 2.8%. Oh well...on the positive side, the 01 PF is just an awesome truck with a terrific engine.

    BTW...while crying to Nissan, I found out the new 02 Maxima will be equipped with this PF engine but it will be tuned to 268 HP !!! WOW...just awesome stuff...I need to get a Max as a 2nd car!

    I'm gonna get a K&N filter and S.S. exhaust tip for my PF...any thoughts?

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