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Nissan Pathfinder



  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Hey, thanks to everyone for answering my questions. SIGNALK, I'm in Louisville, KY & bought my PF through Collins Nissan. To anyone in this area, I strongly recommend them. I believe the rebates are in addition to the 3.9% financing, but these were all scheduled to expire April 2. However, as people have mentioned, it's a buyer's market right now & these will probably be extended in their original form if not better.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    1) Hey can someone give me the number & e-mail for Nissan Customer Service? Just have some technical questions.
    2) Does anyone know where I can find colored dome light bulbs? I'm trying to change mine out to red. I found them at Pep Boys but not the right bulbs.
    3) I'm also looking for the 50 watt bright back-up bulbs for my 2001 PF. According to the manual it's bulb 921, but I haven't been able to find this. Thanks...
  • jmtreetopjmtreetop Posts: 130
    Nissan's customer service number is 1-800-NISSAN1. I'm not sure of the email.
  • lspanglerlspangler Posts: 102
    I bought my PF in December and I find I am using more miles than my lease allows for. Is it possible to go in now and bump my lease from 15,000 a year up to 18,000 a year? I have some vacation trips planned and those will really put me over.

    My gas mileage seems to finally be getting better now that I have almost 5,000 miles on it.
  • karlamnkarlamn Posts: 10
    Last Thurs I flew to Thunder Bay and bought my new 2001 SE (in beige with leather and sunroof - I, too, could not resist the look of the SE, despite the similar price once loaded!). I wanted to say what a GREAT experience I had with that dealership and salesman Norm in particular. Although their price was a few hundred dollars above Toronto's quote, the proximity made it worth it. The customer service was great, too - they were going to DRIVE to the border with me (about an hour each direction) so that I could avoid paying Canadian taxes, and apparently customs people have seen them do this before, as they were surprised that my dealer had not come with me! They picked me up at the airport and had flowers for me when I left - maybe not a big deal to some, but for someone who usually hates dealing with car salesmen and the whole proces, I felt GREAT about this purchase! I saved about $4,300 off of US invoice cost after paying the 2.5% tariff. It was a bit of a pain to get my bank to finance it, but it all worked out with just a little additional effort. The all wheel drive and power antennae are a nice plus for my effort, too. I will say that I had a moment of "LE regret" when I realized that some discomfort on my 7 hour drive might have been avoided with the power lumbar support option - DOH!

    Thanks to jlofquist (Jon!) for all his help - both the dealership manager and the guy at US Customs wanted my "Canada Purchase" information, which I promised I would e-mail them! If you have the time and FF miles to get to Canada, I would say it is well worth the trip. If anyone has questions about the process (although the documentation covers it pretty thoroughly!), I would be happy to help out.

    The newest satisfied PF owner,

  • mtt999mtt999 Posts: 15
    Will I have harness or etc... problem if I use overwatt headlight bulbs. I replaced the factory bulbs to Xenon super white bulbs on my 01 PF. I believe the Xenon bulbs rated 80/100w if I am not mistaken. TIA.
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    Beware, the cabin air filter (B7200-0W010) install instructions are not up-to-date for the 2001 model. Below is what I found:

    1. You must remove the glove box/lower dash panel to install the air filter in the heater duct.

    2. I found it best to remove the glove box first by "poping" out the two hinge pieces (use a large flat blade screwdriver and press to the inside (towards the other hinge) with the screwdriver up as close to the pin as possible (the pins are the black "L" shaped devices you can see on the bottom of the glove box door). Once the pins are out you can remove the box and it's contents (without emptying it - which is why I did it this way) by just working it out at an angle (the opening stops on each side can be flexed so you can release the box from the dash).

    3. There are several screws that must be removed to take off the lower dash panel - one on the bottom left corner, one on the bottom right corner, two on the top in the glove box opening, and the two on the latch loop (the latch loop also comes out). There is another screw not mentioned in the instructions - it's under the top right edge of the trim piece with the "Pathfinder" logo on it. To remove this trim piece you "remove the screws holding it in the glove box opening" (from the elecronic service manual - I think those screws have just been removed above, but I'm not sure), and then rotate up on the bottom of it (there are a number of metal clips along the rear center of it that hold it to the dash and you must "pop" these loose). You can then get at the screw at the top right corner. They also want you to pull the door seal from the door opening on the right where the panel goes behind it - this is not really necessary, but you will have an interesting time getting it back under the molding without doing this. Be sure to disconnect the glove box lamp before yanking the lower dash panel away - just lower the left top a bit and you'll see the lamp there - turn the lamp body 90 deg. and it will release from the socket.

    4. You will have to cut out the slot in the heater air box as shown in the instructions. Cut on the inside edge of the rib, and watch out, some of the plastic will break off and want to fall inside. The instructions imply this will be a "bad thing" (I now have a few bits in there).

    5. There are two identical filters. Install the first filter in the bottom and slide it to the top, then install the second filter under it. Be sure the tab on the filter (outside face) is on the bottom. Install the supplied clip on the bottom filter, and "reasemmble everything you took apart in the reverse order".

    This is mainly a warning about the above hidden screw, which -I- succeeded in breaking off (I think it was part of the upper dash, but it's now an inoperable part of the lower dash :-(.
  • cmingcming Posts: 7
    Thanks Pat01,

    The car do have floor mat and wind deflector, it also have paint(pin?) strip with it. Looks like the guy is trying to over charge me $900 dollars (Ad. fee + customer rebate). I better shop around.

  • joe233joe233 Posts: 43
    Does anyone know of any Nissan off road groups with organized off-road training similar to CampJeep101? I found this link for a Canadian club.

    Is there anything like this in the US?
  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167

    Explore this site. I think I remember someone on this site having a Nissan off-road club, but I'm not positive. This site is a Nissan Frontier site that is fairly active. It has a link to a Pathfinder site that is relatively inactive.

    Good luck and let us know if you hear of anything!

  • pondfull5pondfull5 Posts: 53
    For fit and finish, which name brand is best for the 2001 Pathfinder?. And where to order it fast.

    And thank you all in advance for your heart warming help.

  • loachloach Posts: 246
    Jambazi, this is a question you may want to consider adding to your FAQ. I notice the recommended cold tire pressure per the placard in the glove box of my 2001 PF SE 4X4 is 26 PSI. This seems awfully low to me. I remember Ford recommending 26 on their Explorer and know that Firestone believes this was at least partly to blame for some of the tire failures. I'd like to hear others' opinions on this. I would think Nissan would know what they're talking about, but then Ford should have as well. By the way, the pressure in my tires upon delivery was 40 PSI! Perhaps not surprisingly, the truck rode a little stiff until I checked the pressure and lowered it to 30. Should I take it down to 26 as recommended by Nissan?
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    Not to outguess the manufacturer, to find the "correct" tire pressure, take some chalk, put a thick line across the tire, and drive it a few hundred feet. If it's wearing off evenly across the tire, you've got the correct pressure. If it's wearing more in the center, your pressure is too high. If it's wearing more on the sides, your pressure is too low. I've never actually had the patience to to this, but I've read it in several magazines and books over the years.
  • kmrqkmrq Posts: 50
    I've changed all my bulbs in 99.5 PF. Mainly to hyper blue and hyper white. As for the dome lights, I have a hyper white. I don't know if they make a red dome light. And for the back-up light, I've changed mine to hyper white, which is brighter than the stock bulb. I don't think they make 50watts bulb for the size 921. I even changed the license plate bulbs, personal light bulbs, back-turning signal bulbs, and front-turning bulbs(I cleared the front-corner lights myself, and now my PF looks very clean). All the bulbs I used were from Polarg and all the color was hyper white except for the personal lights which is hyper blue.
  • kmrqkmrq Posts: 50
    if you use an over watt bulbs it would burn out your wires on the headlight. I wouldn't recommend that you install the xenon super white bulbs. Does your super white bulbs gives two wattages?
    Usually on the box of the xenon super white bulbs, it shows H4 55/60 watts and it claims to increase the wattage by 50% and shows 100/120 or 110/120 watts. But I think there's only two kinds of H4 bulbs- 55/60 or 80/80. So make sure you do not use 80/80 on the PF.
  • pat01pat01 Posts: 23
    cming: I recall reading somewhere (Edmunds or that pinstriping added by dealers was a common way to pad the vehicle price. "The most expensive piece of tape you will ever buy."
  • jambazijambazi Posts: 51
    That's definitely a good FAQ question. I want to know the answer myself!

    Maybe someone can do the chalk test and post their results here. We'll see if we can come to a consensus on tire pressures for the Pathys.

    For now, I'm keeping mine at 26 (actually 27-28), because I haven't had any problems with that, and it's what the manufacturer recommends. Thank goodness that PF's don't seem to be rolling over, etc. You know we would have heard about it in the wake of the Explorer/Firestone fiasco if it did happen.

  • wcrolandwcroland Posts: 26
    I got my hood deflector for my 2001 LE at I like it a lot, didn't buy a rear deflector. Hood is 58.
  • oakley5oakley5 Posts: 8
    Pathstar: Do you have to go thru the same process every time you replace the in-cabin filter every 6 months?
    I'm currently suffering from allergies, would this filter help?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    I know most people know this but for those who don't... Keep in mind the recommended 26 psi for PF tires is a "cold" pressure. When your PF is driven more than a couple of miles your tires heat up & the pressure increases. Therefore if you check it then, you will be getting a false high pressure & could bring the pressure down to a dangerously low psi. Only check your tires' pressure after your PF has been sitting for a few hours.
  • pbk77pbk77 Posts: 23
    Can someone tell me when the Low Fuel Indicator lights up? My current fuel level is a little above "E"...does the warning appear when the needle hits empty? Any help would be greatful.
  • Hello,

    Any advice on how I can recoup my "stolen" rebate,
    just bought my nissan PF LE on 4/2 and the manufac
    was offering a $500 cash rebate to buyers My
    salesman did not confirm my rebate when I asked, and I did not sign anything that said "nothing owed" I am going tomorrow to get my truck detailed, can I still claim the rebate even thoughI've signed the purchase agreement? How does one get a rebate? Can I only get it if it is subtracted from my total cost? Any help would be appreciated

    Thank You, Andrea
  • jmtreetopjmtreetop Posts: 130
    The fuel light comes on when the needle is right on or really close to E. You will still have approx. 4 gallons left.
  • We finally got our new pathfinder. The most expensive and quickest car purchase ever. I saw the financing and cashback add for the first time on Mar 22nd and on the 30th we walked off with a $31000 Pathfinder LE. Everyone here helped make the decision so easy. We love Nissan products, but the love you all have for the Pathfinder made the price easier to swallow. After a weekend of driving all I can say is I can't imagine a better vehicle. Driving up hill in the mountains of Colorado at High Elevations was effortless. The fit and finish and ride are unbeleivable. Worth every cent. I have only one deep regret. I DIDN'T GET THE NAV SYSTEM!!.

    Anyone considering the LE with leather should get the nav system if you are planning on using the PF for anything other than a commute to work. Over the weekend there were so many times we could have used it. For basically $30/month getting the Nav system is a no brainer. I'm definitely a little bitter that the sales guy told me the Nav system was not GPS based!! How pathetic. That is no fault of the pathfinder, to me it is almost the perfect car. A Little more headroom in the sunroof models would be nice and bigger back seats, but otherwise I would say it's the closest car to perfection I have driven, which is why I am so pissed I didn't get the nav system, as this is a car we are going to keep a LONG TIME.
    Anyone with advice on aftermarket Nav systems please feel free to share. I have looked at the new Street Pilot III garmin system on the internet. It now has upcoming turns and voice prompts too. If anyone has experience with that model I would appreciate what your opinion is compared to the indash nissan system. The Alpine Indash would cost about $4000!!! Suddenly the $1700 for Nissans seems like a steal.

    Anyway I suppose we are too spoiled in america when someone like me can have any gripe, when I am driving a beautiful Nissan PF LE with leather, just not a NAV. Please take my advice. If you can spend $610/month on an LE another $30/month for the convenience and peace of mind is worth it. Just think no more wondering how far that next exit is, or thinking you might have missed it! And since SUV's are for exploring no more taking a hundred turns through the mountains and now having no clue how to get back!

    Once again one fantastic vehicle!
  • karlamnkarlamn Posts: 10
    Not one week into my new SE and I already lost a key! Apparently the key chain that came from the dealer had a weak link, and although I found the remote entry, I didn't find the key. Can anyone tell me what it costs to order extra keys? I figure that with my luck, I may need a COUPLE extra ones!


  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    A couple of months ago, I replaced a lost key (dropped the key and fob in the parking lot at work during a 10" snow the time I realized it, the plows had run 2 or 3 times in the parking lot). The key was about $40 and the dealer wanted another $30 to program the truck to accept the new key. I got them to do it for $12 for a total of $52. I didn't bother getting a new remote for $85 or whatever they wanted. Keep in mind that when you buy a new key, you have to give the dealer all of the keys to the truck when they reprogram it, otherwise the keys you don't give them won't work anymore (same with the key fobs). I know this because 2 days ago, one of my co-workers found my lost key and fob. They had been hidden under one of the 12-foot piles of snow. They were a little muddy and the rubber buttons on the fob looked like they had been in a deep freeze (I live in Wisconsin). The fob still works (I opened it up anyway and the insides are pristine), but the old key doesn't work. Sure, the key will unlock the doors and turn the starter, but the truck doesn't recognize the key. I'll take all 3 keys back to the dealer and let them reprogram the truck to accept all three.
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    Unfortunatly, yes, you have to go through the complete lower dash removal every time you change the filter elements (great design, Nissan!). It's not that hard once you've done it. As for your allergies, if you are allergic to dust and pollen, the filter should help. It's supposed to stop that. I have the same problem, and I'm also hoping the filter will keep the interiour a bit more dust free.
  • mazadimazadi Posts: 26
    This is a great board. Lots of very knowledgeable owners. And now, I can say I am one of you. I picked up a new LE with Leather about 2 weeks ago. My dealer was definitely having a fire sale. I picked it up for $30,700. This seems like a very good deal. So far I love the car, although I am a little dissapointed in the back seat. I kept reading the reviews that said the back seat was too small, and it really is pretty small. We have a hard time getting our baby seat in and out. Other than that this is a fantastic piece of machinery.
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    Yeah, the PF's rear legroom is about the worst in its class, but...remember - it does help make the cargo area (85 sq ft) as big as it is! If only the rear seats could move fore/aft...then, at least, we could get the legroom when we didn't need the cargo space. Of course, it would raise the $ a bit...

    This is one of the items on my short 'unhappy' list, along with:

    - no fog light indicator
    - 'challenging' gas mileage
    - rear seat belt holders (do these EVER work?)
    - tonneau/rear seat gap (don't want to have to recline the seats)

    Of course, the happy list is WAY too long to list here! All in all, after 2 months, I'm very sure my choice of the PF was a good one.

  • pondfull5pondfull5 Posts: 53
    Just this past wed. I took the midnight bus to Ottawa,Canada to pick up my new 2001 SE 5spd Black on Black.
    The sales Manager and the people at the dealer were great. To spend so much money on the spot and have some one treat you like a king while doing, it is a feel good inside and outside of you.
    The price was great (in and around as per Jon's).
    The driving was great. It started heavy wind, then snow, then rain. So I used the 4W in most part of the trip which was about five hundred miles to my house.
    The US Customs was a breeze But I was forced to pay 4% ON the first $1000.00 SD. And 2.5% on the rest.
    The NYC DMV was another story. The first location demanded the MCO the one used in the States to register your car. But the Canadian cars uses NVIS instead. So I went to another location and the Supv. looked it up in Ref. book called ( P O L K ), Aug 2000 editon Vol III and there it was in black and white.
    So before you go to NYC DMV, make sure you have:
    4- YOUR TAX OF 8.25% IS PROPERLY CALCULATED IN USD. ( the first location had wanted to tax me in Canadian Dollas.).
    I am happy and content with my 2nd Nissan. the first was back in -84.

    My thanks to all of you. For it has been great silently reading about your unfiltered opinion on this Pathfinder. But of cause to Jon Lofquist without him even knowing that he was forming and shaping my decisions all along as to which to get, LE or SE . And finally the SE won.

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