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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    The truth is that DC floods the market with JGCs by offering all kinds of rebates, etc. This is the only way they can move the vehicles off the lot despite all the documented reliability problems. Guess what happens to the vehicle's depreciation and ability to hold value?

    All because the asking price is high, doesn't mean the dealers are getting that price. Good luck.
  • mrgan78mrgan78 Posts: 4
    I currently own a 98 grand cherokee limited..I am thinking to trade in for rx300 or grand cherokee.. the reason? i had accident and the fuel amount i pay every few days is crazy !! rx300 loaded or cherokee 4.0 limited with select trac so i can switch to 2 wheels.. Is that gonna save me some fuel?? The cost of the car comes pretty much 5k cdn difference. I never do offroad driving. Just city driving.. Which car to get?
  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    Hi all, I have a 1997 Jeep GC. Today I had some repairs done at the local dealership. The Service Manager suggested that it needs a Fuel Injector cleanup and Cooling System flush, each of which would cost me $80. I denied the service saying that I will get it done next time when I get it in for oil change.

    I have always been using premium grade fuel (92/93 octane) but the last time I had the fuel injector cleaned was at 31k when I bought the Jeep (Aug 99) and now it has 48k. From all the discussion here, it looks like I have ignored this matter for a long time. My question was... Is it required to spend $80 for the fuel injector cleanup, or can I do it with regular use of the cans (like Redline SI-1) which will cost me much less. I dont want to ignore or compromise, if it is really required to be cleaned by the dealership. Another question, do any of the repair shops like Firestone or PepBoys do this work; if they do, they might be somewhat cheaper than the dealership.

    Final question, what does cooling system flush involve? If it is just draining the antifreeze/coolant and filling up fresh, I would prefer doing it myself and saving some bucks.

    Any suggestion regarding these would be greatly appreciated.
  • tims63tims63 Posts: 14
    I've seen there have been some problems with the JGC as noted on the board. I was looking at potentially buying a '99 JGC 4WD Limited, which is loaded (sunroof et al.) and has almost 40,000 miles. It's in perfect condition-- an executive lease car--so it's maintained via the lease company. The asking price is $20,000--but sounds like they'd take a little less. Is this a good deal or are there too many problems with these? Any opinions?
  • mrgan78mrgan78 Posts: 4
    Thinking to get 01 grand cherokee limited with 4.0 engine with selec trac ( 2WD or 4WD) Is the 2WD gonna save me some fuel in overall driving? I mean compare it with my 98 JGCL which has 5.2 engine. I will trade in my 98 jeep with the 01 jeep. I use the car for normal city driving and never do off roads. Is 4.0 with selec trac a good choice? or any other SUV that you recommend? I went to lexus today and they gave me a very low price on my jeep so I thought forget about RX300 and do a speical order on the 01 jeeps. Does the 01 jeeps has any problems?
  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    You have yourself been a JGC owner (and I am too). And you know that the reliability factor is far from satisfactory. My jeep has the bad habit of visiting the doctor almost every month, for repeated problems or new (and I take really good care of it and always use premium gas). Sometime soon, when my Jeep goes out of warranty, I'll go for the Nissan Pathfinder. JGC is definitely the best looking of all the SUVs in that size (and that's what caught me), but PF is quite reliable and now comes with a 240hp engine and IMO it's the next best looking SUV in that size. (Infiniti QX4 is the same, just with a higher pricetag). Just see for yourself how many recalls Jeep has performed versus how many Nissan has performed (I think the site is I am very happy with the performance/comfort/style of my 1997 JGC, which now has 49k. But the reliability (and resale value, which I dont care much about) is quite low.

    Okay, regarding the 2wd/4wd... Mine is a 2wd which I bought in Nashville. Soon after buying it, I started feeling that the vehicle skids a little on wet road. I drove slow and safe. Last year I moved up to Minneapolis. It is so important to have a 4wd, I realized. Every SUV here is a 4wd... every JGC has the "4x4" mark. I tried selling/trading mine. Many dealerships simply refused to test drive it, saying that they cannot sell it. I gave ads on the internet and in the local newspaper, mentioning it's 2wd, dint get any response. Now if I have to sell it, I'll have to take it down south where 2wd still sells. But I would sincerely suggest 4wd, select or quad, you can decide that. I realized that an SUV has to be 4wd, there will never be another 2wd SUV in my garage.

    PS: Can somebody suggest me about the Fuel Injector Cleanup question #333? Thanks.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    You may have problems with your '97 but Consumer Reports, despite saying how unreliable JGC's are, reports very good reliability ratings on the latest year (I believe '00). So the real issue is: Have they corrected most of the problems? Is the '01 as reliable as any other brand?
  • bobhex40bobhex40 Posts: 63
    Ive had one problem (AC Thump) other than that I love it. Mine is a steel blue with the 28K package. It is a great kid hauler getting 13-14 MPG around town 20+ on the highway.
  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    zeen, bobhex, i wont say i am totally dissatisfied with my jgc, 'coz i am not. as i said, when i first started shopping for a car, an suv, i saw the jgc and i knew that it was the one i wanted. i dint know what trims are there, what features it has to offer, how powerful it is... all i knew is it looks just too good for me to think of any other vehicle. and till date, i look at and take care of my jeep just i did on the first night :)

    mine is a 1997 model, i bought it in aug 99. had a few months of factory warranty left on it. then it just came to my mind one day and i got the chrysler extended service contract till feb2002 or till 60k. so my jeep is still under warranty, so i dont spend anything on repairs. so i feel that buying the warranty for around $1k, was a very good decision i made.

    but the fact is my jeep, inspite of getting all the attention and care, gave all sorts of problems. started with vibrations at 65mph speed. (this is a pretty common problem with jgc). had the driveshaft changed. works fine till now.

    then i had problems with brakes. squeaking, pulling to either side, front rotors warped. rotors & pads changed twice. now okay.

    AC stopped cooling end of last summer. gas leakage. had to take it to three different dealers to finally get it fixed.

    biggest problem i've had is that the rpm fluctuates while going on an even road at the fixed speed with a fixed throttle or with cruise on. soon after that the transmission started shifting between 3rd and 4th, for no reason at all. believe me, this is extremely irritating. this started last summer. i've had to take this to the dealerships almost 10 times now. for the first few times, they said they could not duplicate the problem. then the next few times, they adjusted all sorts of cables. dint work. sept/oct2000 they adjusted some pressure cable. worked till about a few weeks back.

    the problem reappeared recently. and it became severe than just shifting gears. it started getting disengaged from all gears, as if the clutch has been pressed. the rpm would go way up to 4k and the vehicle wont accelerate. this was quite risky if it happened on the highway. i left it for repairs a couple of days back and picked it today morning. this time they say the speed sensor was faulty. i drove a little in the morning, but still dont know if it's going to stay like that or the problem is going to reappear.

    anyway, my point is... with so many problems, even if i want to, i cant say that it's all good to have a jeep. true, these problems can occur in any vehicle, any make. but what i see from all the postings on townhall, the jgc has far more complaints than other SUVs (compare it with 4runner and PF). jgc is certainly not an SUV one would call "reliable". if jeep has done some drastic improvement in quality of material and workmanship in the 2000 & 2001 models, i dont know. but for sure, when i change my vehicle, i'll get the new 240hp PF. i can compromise a little on the looks to get that extra bit of reliability. (well, that's just my opinion and i'm not generalizing).
  • vic01vic01 Posts: 5
    I too recently sold my 1998 JGC. I had a 5.9 Limited 4WD,slate gray w/ leather, moonroof, heat seats, fully loaded, with only 21,000 miles.I always kept my trucks(this was my 3rd Jeep) in immaculate condition. Well, the Toyota dealer offered me $14,400, so I took it to Carmax and a Jeep dealership,they both wanted it for about $17000, ended up selling to Carmax for 17,200. So I guess the range they are offering you sounds about right. I now drive a Toyota Highlander, which I'm thrilled with, reliable and better gas mileage! Good Luck.
  • yagoyago Posts: 1
    I have a 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 161,000 miles
    on it. It has had some problems none too serious.
    It use to shift hard in the winter when it was cold in reverse and first,its an automatic. Recently it started not wanting to shift from 2nd to 3rd unless I let off the gas a little. My son who know about cars changed the transmission fluid
    and said there was alot of thick goo on the bottom of the transmission. Any way that cured the problem and it run fine now. I hope that helps some of you out there as I know this could have been a serious problem.
  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    Refer to my posting #339.

    Now I am really fed up with this rpm fluctuation and gear shifting problem. After taking it to the dealership last week, my jeep started running fine. But yesterday again, it started the annoying fluctuation of rpm.

    I am going to write to DC (I did that once before). And this time, it would be a little towards the harsh. I really lost count of the number of times I have taken my jeep into the dealership for fixing this problem (guessing at least 10; in almost 10 months now). Every time they do something and it runs all right for a few days, and the problem reappears.

    Now the question is... Is it that none of these three dealerships (btw, all 5 star) not competent enough to find the root cause of this problem? Or is it that they do find the cause but dont want to fix it permanently?
  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    Can somebody tell me if adjustments of cables/brakes and diagnostics are covered under Chrysler Service Contract, MaxCare?

    The reason I ask is that I feel that my handbrake/emergency is not holding well. I took it to this dealership in Bloomington, MN. He said that it'll cost me money to adjust that 'coz Chrysler will not pay for adjustments, they only pay for faulty parts. They had once before charged me $60 for adjusting a pressure cable on transmission to fix the rpm fluctuation problem.

    The dealerships I used to go to in Nashville (two of them), they never charged me anything for adjustments and diagnostics or any part replacement, except for brake pads which is understandable.

    Now I wonder why this dealership wouldn't do any adjustments under my Service Contract (MaxCare). Any ideas, guys?

    PS: Sincere advice to those looking forward to buy a Jeep GC ... DON'T !
  • devlopperdevlopper Posts: 44
    Why not call the administrator for the service contract. And welcome to the Twin Cities.
  • sdesortsdesort Posts: 4
    Well, I just scrolled through all 344 messages in this thread. Since I am considering the purchase of a JGC, I have slight waves of nausea.

    BUT - if you read CAREFULLY, the 2001's seem to have fewer problems. At least compared to the 99's and 00's. Perhaps it is too early to tell if the 01's will be plagued with the same problems.

    RE: Consumer Reports. Please don't take their findings as gospel. While they do have a large subscriber base, it is still small compared to the number of JGC's actually sold. Additionally, it is still possible for a number of dissatisfied JGC owners to skew the results of those reliability rankings. As many folks here have pointed out, you have to also factor in the individual year ratings, not just that long-term bar graph, which is averaged over all of the reported years. While it is still disturbing that the JGC did so poorly in the bar graph, it probably does not accurately reflect the reliability of the 2001's and possibly late-year 2000's.

    Don't get me wrong - I am not trying to defend DC or entirely discount Consumer Reports owners surveys.

    I do find it interesting when a previous Jeep owner posts a message stating all of their problems, and then describes their current vehicle (usually an import) as having zero problems. I have owned a variety of vehicles, from Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, and BMW. I can honestly say that they were all relatively trouble-free, but NONE of them had zero problems. Actually, the BMW had the most problems for me. But nothing earth-shattering, and nothing that would prevent me from buying another vehicle from any of these manufacturers. Maybe I have been lucky, I don't know. In the long run, the generally higher reliability of imports is *somewhat* offset by the higher cost for parts and labor on an import. If you plan on keeping your car for 100,000 miles, it WILL require some sort of repair outside of normal maintenance. And the same repair on a domestic is usually less than on an import. It's when the MAGNATUDE of repairs on a "bad" domestic becomes excessive that an import looks very attractive.

    Also remember that there are some people who troll this group, posting fairly believable horror stories about Jeeps. While I'm sure most horror stories are true, not all of them are. There are many JGC owners posting here with legitimate gripes. Unfortunately, trollers pick up on these problems and add fuel to the fire. You can't believe everything you read.

    I do wish all JGC owners who are experiencing problems the best of luck in getting them resolved.

    Oh, and FWIW, I currently have a 98 Dodge Durango SLT Plus with the 5.2 V8 and full-time 4WD (I am pretty sure it is exactly the same components as Select-Trac). And I have the SAME exact clunk that 98 JGC owners get out of their tranny when shifting into reverse. So, it's not a Jeep-specific problem. It appears to be a DC issue with that tranny mated to the now-retired 5.2 V8.

    (and I'm still undecided if I will actually purchase a 01 JGC)

  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    Hi all, the rpm fluctuation problem I had, still exists, but for some reason, I only have it during the day when it's somewhat hot outside. During night or early morning, it seems that my Jeep is running fine. I dont know what the problem really is.

    Recently I changed to using 87 octane gas, instead of 92 octane. A friend of mine suggested that it might be helpful, 'coz Jeep recommends 87. I also put in a bottle of Chevron Techron fuel injector cleaner. The bottle had this note saying that due to unclean fuel injector, a vehicle may ask for higher octane gas, or may hesitate to use higher octane. I know, this doesnot make much sense, 'coz I always believed that 92 octane gas would anytime be better than 87, and good for my Jeep.

    Anyway, another thing I found out. After drying out the tank and filling in 87 octane gas, I reset the trip computer. I drove with cruise set at 60mph, without much of accelerations or slowing down cycles. Can u guess how much mileage my Jeep (4.0L) gave? Believe it or not, 27.5 mpg. And no, this is not over a few miles, it's the economy over full 50 miles.

    I just thought I'll share this with you all.
  • blujeepblujeep Posts: 44
    I have a '99 Laredo with the 4.0 & I just now returned from an almost 300 mile trip into the Catskill Mt's of upstate NY & into PA (I live in NJ). With all the (big) hill climbing I did today & staying between 60-65 mph I got 20.7 mpg. Not bad for me cause my normal daily commute gives me only 16.1 mpg.
    My all-time hi was last year on a trip to Boston where I got 22.4 mpg.
  • jonathanr1jonathanr1 Posts: 1
    I have had my JGC since Set 2000 and have 9k miles on it. Since the first month of owning it I have heard a honking/grinding noise when I make slow right hand turns (like into a parking space). It has been in the shop to replace the steering box, then the clockspring, then power steering pump, steering column, and now waiting for new gear box (since November). The warmer it is outside, the worse the noise is, including some slight resistance in the steering and a vibration in the steering wheel. Dealership claims the Dalmer Chrysler has identified the problem in a few other vehicles and is working on a fix, which was supposed to be ready in Dec 2000. Still waiting. Has anyone heard of this problem and does anyone know if this would be considered a lemon?
  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    I'm amazed with the mileage I got. But that's almost test drive condition, no hard acceleration or stop/slowing, continuous highway driving, on a more or less even terrain. You might have got the 20.7 mpg (which in itself is pretty good) because of the hilly area where u were driving. Well, for me, it just means that my Jeep's engine is in really good condition. And I've heard that the JGC engine is quite reliable, or bulletproof as many say. But the JGC has numerous other problems like brakes, transmission, AC, etc. Mine has this rpm fluctuation problem, which I still cant get rid off in the last one year. I'm taking it to the dealership on Tuesday again, and this time, I'm going to sit with them myself and get it fixed for real... hopefully. Wish me luck.
  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    I dont know what the problem could be with your steering. But yes, you can have DC take your Jeep back under the lemon law. But for that you have about 3 months. Most states allow only 1 year from the date of purchase (and only on new vehicles) to file a claim, some allow 2 year. Check the law for yr state. And I think u will qualify to file the case 'coz you have taken your Jeep in for repairs for the same problem quite a few times. Check the lemon law discussion board/s in townhall, u'll get a lot of info there. Good luck.
  • blujeepblujeep Posts: 44
    I hope you get your problem resolved.
    I've also read that the Jeep's 4.0 I-6 is bullet proof, (& I'm glad!) but like you said, it's all of the other problems Jeeps seem to have that makes me nervous. That's why I got an extended warranty on it, good for 7 years/100,000 miles. You know I'll be replacing the transmission, transfer case & God know what else before I run it into the ground! :-)
    I'm also gonna switch to Amsoil synthetic oil, automatic transmission fluid & gear lube (for the axles) - maybe I'll squeeze a little more life & performance out of it.
  • antzantz Posts: 13
    I always wanted to own a JGC and the wait is over. I am planned to buy it this year but debating wether should I go ahead and purchase the 2001JGC with I6 engine while good rebate is offered or should I better wait for the 2002 JGC with V6 engine will be avaible in the fall. Any advise or infos is greatly appreciated.


  • blujeepblujeep Posts: 44
    I know the new Liberty will have it, one reason being that the old I-6 doesn't fit under the short hood.
    But I haven't heard anything yet about the JGC getting it. Where did you hear about this?
  • antzantz Posts: 13

    I attended the Cleveland International Auto Show last March. They shown off the new Liberty, but don't let any one look inside the car!? I found this is odd. I asked the show representative if DC want people to buy it? He said yes, but DC also want people to buy the Cherokees glut the inventory out there. Any way, they also show a cut-away the new 3.7V6 engine. I asked the rep. about the engine and they said it will replace the retired I-6 engine in the fall. I did ask him specifically about the 02JGC whether it will be replaced and he said yes. However, I did notice the new 3.7V-6 engine manifold It is made of some sort of plastic or fiberglass? I don't know if it is good enough to withstand the prolong heat stress?!!! I don't know if any can shred some light to this?

  • blujeepblujeep Posts: 44
    I'm a little surprised at this news. No offense to you, but I'm not sure I believe what that rep told you. I would think we would have read something about it in Motor Trend or Truck Trend or some other auto/truck magazine. This seems like pretty big news for Jeep, ya think they would wanna promote it.
    I noticed the same thing about the Liberty at the NY Auto Show - I couldn't get in it 'cause the doors were locked! Odd...
    Sorry, I don't know the answers to your questions about the plastic parts of the engine, maybe someone else will.
  • I read biky's post #346 and thought I could shed some light.

    An engine will knock or ping when fuel injectors are clogged because the fuel supply is being shut off, sort of like crimping a garden hose.

    Your engine is still running under the assumption that it is getting plenty of fuel. So, the fuel/ air mixture is running heavy towards the air side. Not enough fuel with too much air will make an engine ping. It will also lower your gas mileage because you have to keep your foot to the floor, and keep the transmission in a lower gear, to get power.

    The higher octane in premium fuel will reduce the pinging slightly because, by definition, higher octane resists pre-detonation; pinging.

    I discovered all of this when I drove a '91 Cadillac Seville. The car was great but around 90,000 miles it developed a serious ping. The dealer told me that he could clean the injectors for a couple hundred dollars or I could try Chevron Techron for $6, as you did.

    The Techron cleaned the injectors, restored power, increased my gas mileage, saved money, all the good stuff.

    So now I add Techron to the gas tank of whatever I'm driving every 3000 miles. And no, I don't work for Chevron or even own Chevron stock.

    But I don't understand the part of your posting about an engine hesitating when using higher octane fuel. That shouldn't happen. An engine will usually run better with higher octane or you will notice no difference, depending on the car.
  • a 2001 JGC. But I have serious doubts.

    If these SUVs are so bad why are people still buying them. I see plenty of them on the road, and not at the side of the road but actually being driven to work and to the grocery store and through the Smokey Mountains. They're everywhere. I can't believe that people are still paying $30K+ for JGCs if they are so awful.

    And how did Chrysler go from being the darling of Detroit to being reviled in three years. Who cares if rich Americans or rich Germans own Chrysler, as long as they build good vehicles?

    Back to the subject, would I be better off if I stay with a no-frills Laredo with the standard transfer case and the I6 and skip all of the fancy stuff?

    I admit I only need 4-wheel drive about one week a year, but it sures is handy when you need it.

    Any input, either positive or negative, is helpful.
  • Drove shiny new black Liberty yesterday and it was great!! It felt solid and peppy--engine had a lot of zip. Liked the interior.

    Couple of things though:
    1. The back seats don't fold all the way down!
    2. You feel like you're really close up to the windshield.
    3. Back opens side-to-side (but window opens up). Would rather have the traditional lift up or down.

    Drove a JGC for comparison afterwards. In my mind, no comparison. Felt big and luxurious for in my mind just a little more money. Ride was smoother--engine not as peppy but very powerful. Felt more secure in the JGC than in the Liberty. But Liberty is still in the running, as is the Escape (still like the Escape better than any of them). Will probably buy in fall.
  • blujeepblujeep Posts: 44
    So it was nice, huh? I wanna test drive one soon too, even tho I'm not in the market for one. :lol

    Which engine did the JGC have, sounds like it was the 4.0. I happen to like that engine, very torquey.

    I agree about the swing gate, but then where would the spare go? There isn't that much cargo space as it is if it were put under the load floor like in the JGC...
  • Hi blujeep,

    Yes it was really nice. I'm making a decision grid with all of the attributes I'm looking for down the left-hand rows, and all the models across each column. Surprisingly, the Escape comes out on top for me, and the Cherokee next, then the Liberty. That's how I will make my decision--on the criteria that will result in a purchase/no purchase decision.

    I think it was the 4.0 in the JGC. Quite nice. The seats were so soft--felt like easy chairs.

    But I hear for 2002 that privacy glass will be standard on the Escape :(. Might make me move sooner, as I don't like the dark interior that privacy glass gives.
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