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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • leo948leo948 Posts: 38
    still happy w/my jgcl. haven't experienced any major problems yet. my radio just started clicking one day (about 3-4 months ago) and i received a replacement 3 days later. and just last week i needed to get my brake rotors resurfaced/turned after 13.5k miles when i started noticing a slight pulse. other than that, i'm averaging 17.1 mpg in mixed driving, interior & exterior are still like new although i'll probably need a new driver side mat because of the heel marks, all electronics are fine, no trans problems (clunks, whines, etc) but that may be because i don't have the 4wd, all controls/accessories working as expected. i absolutely love the steering wheel controls and i feel deprived when i'm driving a different car/suv w/o them, and it's still got that amazing v8 power!. all in all, i'm really enjoying my jeep and would buy one again.

  • JGC V8 stalling problem can be fixed by a very recent recall to reprogram the computer. But, the recall doesn't say to fix the stalling problem. Rather it says to fix a problem related to some else I don't remember. Or you can call Art Shannon, Service Director, at 781-581-6000. He knows all the details. He is a great guy. My JGC '99, V8, has RPM about 650 while in DR position. Before the fix, it was below 500. Good Luck
  • Hi,
    Saw your post on looking for the right SUV. After reading posts on this JGC board, I decided the JGC was not for me. Too many problems! I test drove a Nissan Pathfinder and fell in love with it! I've had it since April and haven't had a problem. This is one you should look at.
  • Thanks for the sugestion....The Pathfinder is a great SUV and I should have included on my list along with the Xterra. Might as well give both of them a test drive while there.

    I can't wait to get rid of this over priced nightmare from hell Jeep GC. I really feel sorry for the person that gets stuck with it.

    Thank goodness for leases !!! Yipeeeeee!!!!!!

    Best of luck with your new Pathfinder !!!!!!
  • winbrowinbro Posts: 235
    sorry to hear of your bad experiance w/gc. and hope the next SUV is trouble free. I just bought a liberty (1st time jeep owner) and hope that this new jeep is more reliable. so far I'm impressed. time will tell
  • I hope so too....good luck with your Liberty !!!
  • broesebroese Posts: 2
    Had my evaporator replaced at 50k miles. Shortly after that developed a leaking problem on the front passenger side. Found out the water from the drain hose was blowing back in. They fixed that problem, but now it is wet on the driver's side. Has anyone had similar problems?
  • I just came back from a great time at the Jeep 101 Course. They lent me a JGC (they also had the Wrangler and Liberty to choose from) and with a Jeep representative riding shotgun, let me put it through its paces over an obstacle course. They had positive and reverse tilts, log and rock tracks, and my favorite, the Sky View. It consisted of climbing a steep incline in low gear until only the sky was visible, and then letting the engine hold the vehicle back as it crossed the peak into a valley below. It was a great demonstration of the JGC's capabilities beyond the local malls.

    I asked the technical representative about the transfer case whine that has been reported on this board. He indicated the problem has been solved for the 2001 model year. He also said the rotor and disk problems date back to the elimination of asbestos brake pads.

    Incidentally, with 13k+ miles on my 2001 JGC, it has yet to see the inside of the Jeep shop for any type of service. I put in Mobil 1 10W-30 myself. It's been great.
  • milousmilous Posts: 39
    I've had my '01 JGCL about 5 months now and 4,000 miles. It's early on, but so far absolutely no problems. Fit and finish are perfect from "head-to-toe". Love the ride, the power, the stereo, the comfort and all the other nice features. Truly a fun vehicle to drive. I think Jeep reliability has improved considerably this past year...
  • Has anyone here purchased an extended warranty?

    Thinking of getting a 5 year/100,000 mile warranty on my 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd (now at 43,000 miles).

    Just had the air conditioner replaced ($1,200) and anticipating other things going wrong in the future if I want to keep it.

    All responses and opinions welcome!

  • My wife is a Wrangler driver, but hope some of you can help me out!!

    (Copied from Wrangler Board!)

    Signed my wife and father-in-law up for a Jeep Jamboree in the NC Mountains this fall. It was an anniversary present and I have to say it has been the biggest hit for a present that I have ever given. And they don't go until October!

    Anybody been to one and have advice on how to maximize the experience?

  • I have 34700 miles on my Jeep and I love it.
    It is a 2000 2WD with the V8. The only problem
    I have is an occasional hard start. "Turn the key twice". I live in Houston and I drive 20 miles each direction to work. I absolutely love the power and comfort. I purchased it at River Oaks Jeep on Kirby, but I don't like the staff there too much. Sorry to hear that some of you are having a hard time. Time for me to get the Maximum care extended warranty. Does anyone know how I can get DC to come down on the offering price for the service contract?

  • arefeenarefeen Posts: 4
    I highly recommend an extended warranty for any GC. I have a 96 JGC Laredo. I had a 5yrs/100000 extended warranty. I had the following items fixed under that warranty within first 4yrs of ownership - main belt, complete AC system, transmission, door panel peeling off etc. Just read the fine lines of the warranty contract to make sure you understand the items covered. There are lot of "not so good" extended warranty available. Hope this helps.
  • jeffc1jeffc1 Posts: 29
    I just had to pay to have my rotors turned. I am saving the receipts in case there is a recall on this problem. I can't wait until this POS is off lease ~~ 2 months and counting. The dealer is replacing the headliner under warranty because it is seperating from the roof. Just a couple of more problems.
  • oxx93oxx93 Posts: 67
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Besides the missing roof rack cross bars, it appears the 5-speed multi-speed automatic is now a $75.00 option on the 4.7L V8. I guess the V8 now comes with the (old?) 4-speed multi-speed automatic as standard.

  • The 5-speed transmission was also an option in 2001, the year it was introduced.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I thought it came standard with the 4.7L V8 last year?

    Still, a $2K base price reduction is much welcomed.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    the 5-speed auto was indeed an option for '01. Maybe it was standard in '00?

  • I took my 2001 JGC in to a 5-Star dealer for its annual inspection. While there, I told them the brakes were pulsing. When I picked it up, they indicated the front brake rotors and pads were replaced under warranty, even though the vehicle has 14,000 miles on it, and the brakes are only covered for 12 mo./12k mi. Anyway, I left a happy camper.

    Regarding the 5-speed tranny, it was introduced for the 2001 model year as a $75 option. I just verified it against my invoice. It was not available for the 2000 model year.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    the 5-speed auto has always been an option on the V8. Interesting...

    Speaking of the 5-speed multi-speed auto: the only difference between it and the 4-speed multi-speed auto, is that the 5-speed version has an additional overdrive on top of the other gears. All the other gear ratios are the same in both units. Not sure about the final drive ratio though.

  • cms4cms4 Posts: 2
    We just purchased a Patriot Blue 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, Agate Leather interior, with the K Package from Quinn Motors in Gloucester, VA. We got a great deal (at least we think we did). It was sold at Invoice, the dealership gave up their $500 dealer cash, we took advantage of the $2500 customer rebate and got an additional $500 -Incentive certificate off of the internet.(There was also no processing fee charged). The dealership also beat PeopleFirst Interest Rate. We did have a 13 year old trade-in, which we were told by the salesman that since we got such a great deal on jgcl that we probably would not get top dollar for the car. we were even happy with the trade in amount. If we ever purchase another chrysler product we would definitely return to this dealership. The management and salesman were really great. It was truly a no hassle car buying experience. (We had gone to three other jeep dealership during our jgcl search, wich was really frustrating).
  • Arefeen,

    Thanks for responding. Can you tell who your extended warranty is through?

    The dealer is asking $1,500 for a 5yr/100,000 mile warranty thru Warrantech.

    Any info about your warranty would be appreciated.
    We have a 1998 with 43,000 miles on it.

  • arefeenarefeen Posts: 4
    The extended warranty was through GE. The total I paid was $800 for 6Yrs/100000miles with$50 deductable for each claim (I bought the wwarranty in Nov. 1995). However, the dealer paid that $50 deductable whenever I utilized their shop for warranty repairs. Again, you could be lucky and may not need warranty service but I highly recommend an extended warranty for all JGCs. Just make sure you pick a good extended warranty. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks Arefeen.

    Do you have a number or website for GE?

    What is the coverage called, ex: Platium, Gold etc.

    Thanks again.
  • Arefeen, Found the GE website for extended warranty. Looks like they'll only cover 3years/36,000 miles.

    Think I'll stick with Warrantech which covers just about everything (exclusionary policy), except the usual fluids, brakes, rotors, etc.

    Thanks so much for the info.
  • Happy to hear that yo are not having as many problems with your jgc as I have had. I also have an 00 with the V8. I have recently purchased an 01 Wrangler, I looked at River Oaks and was not happy with their treatment. Went back to Ron Carter and purchased. Talk to Pam Gillam at Ron Carter, with the past Jeep problems that I had we were able to get an extended warranty through Chrysler and she took care of everything. Hope all works out well...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Chrysler to reduce pricing for Grand Cherokee 2002

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  • 5000 miles on my grand cherokee. but this high output 2002 sounds like fun. can anyone tell me how i trade in a car that is not paid off. i want this high output motor. input will be greatly apreciated. this new high output has more power than the old 5.0. hope i can get it.
  • 99gc99gc Posts: 2
    Has anyone purchased a 2002 JGC Limited.....
    It appears as though Chrysler has dropped the sticker $2K - $3K on the vehicle....
    I am curious if that price reduction is seen on a new lease.
    I am estimating the cost of a 2001 JGC Limited 28K Lease with a Sticker of $38K - $39K to fall between $480 - $530 with minimal downpayment....
    Would anyone care to share lease numbers..?

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