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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • agh15agh15 Posts: 90
    Does anyone know when the grand cherokee will be redesigned
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    No styling changes are planned for 2003, which will be a very short model year, ending this December. The 2004 Model will start production this coming January with a redesigned front end and some interior changes, as well as several new options and features, the usual new colors, wheels, etc.
    A complete redesign is slated for the 2005 model year and will probably be out in the Spring of 2003.
  • oxx93oxx93 Posts: 67
    Has anyone seen any pictures of the redesign?
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    Must to be nice to be 16th on that list. Here is the full UNBIASED report from JD Power:

    Notice that Saturn and Infiniti are #1 and #2. Chrysler must have been dead last in 2001.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I deleted your post about the JD Powers CSI report. Please just link to stories and limit your post to a brief blurb or your own comments - otherwise the copyright lawyers get heartburn. Thanks!

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  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    To Steve (Host):
    The text was taken exclusively from, it was their report. And I thought I followed their required protocol by properly crediting them:

    "Any publication that reports on the copyrighted contents of this column without giving proper credit to as its source may be prosecuted for copyright infringement".

    But I see your point, better to just post a few highlights rather than the entire article.
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    BigOrange, note that we are talking about JEEP vehicles, not Chrysler overall. And the point I have been trying to make ALL along is that Jeep has noticeable improved, NOT whether they are "No. xx" or whatever. I have consistantly stated that Jeep was NOT the best in reliability, nor NOT the worst ("worst" being as you would like everyone to believe).

    Note that on the list Chrysler is ABOVE average in reliabilty, AND that there is less than a 5% difference in points between the Infinity ratings and Chrysler. Of course Infinity is high on the list due to the great cars they build, the Nissan Pathfinders/QX4 are a different story as you saw by the number of TSB's issued. By the way, I understand you have recently made your first trip to the Infinity dealer for warranty service, just a couple months old and the door seals are already falling off. Looks like Infinity is heading downward on the list while Jeep is heading upward, it won't be long before they will cross and Jeep will surpass...

    A 31% improvement by the Jeep brand shows a remarkable effort and credit should be given where credit is due. They have totally turned things around the past few years. I rest my case once again.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    That's good to know, Tloke1, always nice to keep the lawyers at bay . I didn't go beyond the first page where it said "UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ALL MATERIAL IN THIS SITE IS THE EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF CAR & TRUCK NEWS".

    I guess we can consider you a "publication", since you're publishing good posts here :-)

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  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    all be it very minor. I don't consider door welts a significant thing. Although, I don't expect to see alot of this type of thing. I am enjoying "the most reliable car on the road" as Consumer Reports called it in April.

    I am interested in how you separated the Jeep score from the Chrysler score in that report. It appeared to me that all of the DC products were lumped together. Don't they all get serviced at the same shops?
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    "I don't consider door welts a significant thing."

    Maybe you don't, and maybe others would? Same could be said about any kind of part failure on any vehicle. Some people will be bothered by them and others won't.

    Seriously, enjoy your "most reliable car on the road." In the meantime, we'll continue to enjoy our so-called "not as reliable" JGC's. ;0)
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    It isn't so much that the door welts are a *major* problem - but that they could turn out to be. Bad door seals =wind noise and water leaks, which can be very annoying and tough to fix perfectly. And who's to say that the new ones Infinity puts on won't be the same ones they used initially, with the same problem reoccuring in the future? My guess is that Big O will be buying plenty of new welts in the years ahead.

    Hmmm, I wonder if Jeep Grand Cherokee door seals would fit on the QX4, might be a better way for BigO to go...

    If they cut corners on the door seals most likely they cut corners elsewhere. Looks like "the most reliable vehicle on the road" isn't so reliable after all. 3 months old and problems already!! Oh yeah, I have never once had my Jeep in the shop for any repairs. Score: BigOrange "1", TLoke1 "0".
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    No car goes forever completely without repairs. Its a matter of frequency and severity of the problems you have that is what's important.

    The obsession with having the last word is interesting tloke and the scorekeeping is childish even if it were true.
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    That's exactly right. That's never been a problem with my JGC's. Even more important to me is the fact that none of them ever broke down and left me stranded. Anything else I can handle just fine.

    My JGC's haven't been "perfect" yet problems have been infrequent and nothing my dealer can't handle. My 99 went in for brake rotors and a driveshaft in the 3 years I had it. Pretty insignificant, even by your standards, right? Everything I've seen so far on my 02 points to a much better built vehicle than my 99 was. If I have problems, I'll do like everyone else does and take it in for repair. I certainly won't lose any sleep over it.

    But even small problems (like door seals?) that happen frequently can add up to a lot of frustration and the feeling that your vehicle isn't as reliable as you originally thought. Time will tell, as it does for everybody. I hope you can speak this highly of your vehicle after 3 or so years of driving it. Good luck! ;0)
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    and if it does happen frequently, I will not be a happy camper.

    I do consider the brake rotors and the driveshaft major issues. Anything that has to do with the safety or runnability of the vehicle is major.
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    I won't argue with that... those are major components. Brakes have been the biggest issue with the JGC's.

    Even though many people complain out here about these, neither of these problems have led to part failures or accidents. That's the key, and why I don't consider them major problems. They've been noise and vibration annoyances, nothing more. And they're easily corrected.
  • My '99 JGC Laredo V8 Quadra Drive will not start. When the key is inserted and turned, the gauges spin. Sometimes they spin all the way around to the other side of the peg. The dashboard warning lights blink erratically. The dome lights come on. There is some sort of grinding or whirring and clicking noise from behind the instrument panel. When the key is removed, the show continues. The starter does not engage. The battery is not dead yet.

    Do I need an exorcist? In all of the discussions I read, only one person seems to have had the same problem. (kupper25, May 15, 2002) Was your problem fixed? Has anyone else seen the same problem?
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    There are several discussions on this same problem that I've been reading on other boards. From what I gather by those posts, it seems like the JGC's electrical and computer system are very sensitive to proper voltage at startup.

    A low or dead battery seems to be the cause and these people have been saying that you should check the battery for a proper charge and to make sure the battery connections are clean and tight. Failing that, the majority reported that replacing the battery clears the problem up.

    You may want to try this first. At most, you'll be out the cost of a new battery... which is considerably less than the dealer will charge you to find and fix the problem. They'd probably replace the battery themselves anyway.
  • tloke1 you stated July 10. "No styling changes are planned for 2003, which will be a very short model year, ending this December. The 2004 Model will start production this coming January with a redesigned front end and some interior changes, as well as several new options and features, the usual new colors, wheels, etc. A complete redesign is slated for the 2005 model year and will probably be out in the Spring of 2003"

    I dont understand, The 2004 model year will start in January 2003??? And the 2005 will be out in Spring of 2003, do you mean 2004?? I have a 98 JGC and love it but also was expecting a redesign coming up so plan on waiting. Just wanting a little clarification as im looking forward to the redesign...Jeff
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    jefferson1964, that was indeed a typo per the 2005 model year, it should have said "Spring 2004" and not "Spring 2003".

    It is correct that the 2003 model production runs just a few short months, ending December 2002. The 2004 model will be introduced very early, with production starting January 2003, and should start to be available on dealer lots sometime in late January or early February 2003.

    Ford did this with their "all-new" 2002 Explorer, introducing it around February 2001, about 7-8 months ahead of the normal fall release schedules. In fact, Ford started building the 2002 Explorers in December of 2000!

    The current JGC design has been around since 1999, and with the all-new design still a couple years away Jeep needs to have some "refreshing" quickly to stay competitive, hence the early 2004 model release and changes.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Yes, replace the battery!

    I had this happen about a month ago. I was ready to have the computer module replaced, but it was just a battery. I'm glad that was all it was, but I was very upset that something so simple as a dying battery can cause those kinds of freaky things.

    I didn't think it was the battery as the lights all worked brightly, just the dash was spinning, and the doors wouldn't unlock with the key fob.

    Good luck.

  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    FYI... Mastercraft2 reported in another thread that recharging the battery took care of the "spinning gauges, blinking lights" electrical problem he reported here on #1244.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Hey, just came back to this thread to see any of the replies I had gotten! Well, first of all, I'm not saying since one vehicle of a certain brand is a piece of garbage that they all are, just that certain ones tend to be problematic. Oh, and the Grand Cherokee is up and running again, and 2 days later she drove back home in it. I wonder when the flatbed will be back...

    As far as the Avalanche--the problems mentioned were mainly in a few early build models, and everything was mostly straightened out after a couple of months. The new GM triplets do have quite poor quality, but you have to remember, the Av is bascially a Suburban (that's been out since 1999), with the back roof lopped off. Reliability and absence of problems has been extrememly good too. Oh, and about trading in after a few years when problems start. You never do know, but this is the first vehicle I can see us keeping for the full term without many worries.

    Oh well, back to the GC....
  • darionldarionl Posts: 3
    Hey all - I live near San Diego and am looking for a good deal on a JGC Laredo. A place in the area is advertising in the paper for new JGC Laredo's, any 2002, for $6500 off - that's with the $3k rebate of course. I'm willing to drive anywhere in southern california for a good deal, anyone know of a better price?
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Does anyone have a copy of this TSB? Have 2000 Lorado and have had the rotors turned at 18,000 mis. If possible either post or send me a Fax copy @ 336 922 4772. Thanks for any help.
  • ravenscarravenscar Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 Grand Cherokee and have a problem with the factory issued alarm system. A few minutes after I lock the doors (windows closed), the alarm goes off (lights, horn). Has anyone else out there had a similar problem? Can the alarm be deactivated without having to get a mechanic involved? Thanks for any help.
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    There are quite a few things that can trip your alarm system after it's armed. Tracking the problem down isn't going to be easy.

    One of the most common problems is a faulty alarm switch in one of the doors, liftgate or under the hood. The hood switch probably gives the most problems. Especially if you have a bug/air deflector mounted to the hood that required the hood stops to be cranked up a little to allow the deflector to clear the top of the grill.

    This is a plunger switch located on top of the passenger side fender. There's a pad mounted along the edge of the hood that depresses the switch when the hood is closed. This switch has to be fully depressed... if not, it can trigger the alarm. I had this problem on my old 93. The fix is to simply glue a thick piece of plastic or rubber to the switch pad on the hood. This will insure the hood switch is fully depressed.

    That's one thing to look for. Believe it or not, a weak battery or one with a couple of cells going bad can cause this too. The alarm system is very sensitive to having proper voltage. You may want to check this and also your battery terminals.

    You can disrupt the alarm system by simply disconnecting your battery to perform any kind of service work. The alarm needs to be "reset"... check your owner's manual on how to do this. I think it may be nothing more than arming and disarming the alarm with the remote transmitter a few times. It's been so long since I had to do this that I can't remember the exact procedure.

    If all else fails, you can probably disable the system by pulling the fuse for it. Again, this may be something to have your dealer look into because it may require more than just pulling a fuse. One of the features of the alarm system is an ignition system disable feature. If you disable the system in the wrong way, you may not be able to start your vehicle.

    Sorry I couldn't be more specific, but this should give you a couple of things to look at.
  • lynnm1lynnm1 Posts: 5
    I would like some honest opinions on my "deal", just bought a '02 JGC today. I really appreciate your thoughts, and want to know if I "did good".
    Sticker price-$26223
    Came down to-$24500
    Trade-in (on a '91 Honda Accord LX coupe, 169,000 mi., excellent condition)-$2500
    My final cost with 0% down, and tax-$23723.66

    That's going to put my monthly payments with Chrysler at $395 for 60 mo. When I bought my Accord in '91, I financed through my bank and even then payments were $351.

    Help me out, please--what's the consensus?? Thanks so much!
  • shark110shark110 Posts: 7
    What was the invoice on the jeep you bought? I would think that you would have been able to get under invoice. From what I can tell it seems like you did alright. As long as it has all the options you want and you feel happy--you did alright.
  • lynnm1lynnm1 Posts: 5
    Thanks for replying-
    The base (invoice?) price is $25,865. It's a Laredo, V-6, cloth seats, and the customer preferred package 26E ($640) was added in the way of options.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Must be a 2wd with that sticker price. I think you did fine. Decent price on the new one, and $2500 for the Honda is fair. You're only going to save a couple hundred more with serious bargaining and haggling, and frankly my times more valuable than that.
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