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Dodge Dakota Warning Lights and Trouble Codes



  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Chrysler electronic systems store Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) by priority based on type of failure. There is a DTC Self Erasure feature built in to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). DTCs can be erased anytime with the scan tool (DRB2 or DRB3).

    Self erasure feature is rather complicated, but in the case of emissions related DTCs they should erase with three "Good Trips" if the fault has been repaired.

    The definition of a Good Trip has different definitions depending on type of fault, but basically once the vehicle completes three cold start to full warm up and drive cycles, the fault will clear on its own. Some faults only clear after 40 restarts.

  • looking for easy check for problem; both the abs and brake light in dask are on. Is there anything simple to look at first.
  • There is a speed sensor over the differential that is most likely the problem. Not expensive and easy to replace.
  • Thank you; jr is going to learn how to work on brake this weekend
  • etomorietomori Posts: 11
    Got back a 2002 Dakota 2W/D from the shop for other work. Shop said the ABS light flashes and chimes and the test for codes has 82 for ABS and 83 for Tire Speed Mismatch. Is this the speed sensor over the differential problem?

    Would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
  • What is the trick to receiving codes by using the ignition key? :shades:
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    With the key in the Off position, cycle it as follows On (not Start)-Off-On-Off-On. The codes will appear in the digital odometer on newer trucks, or the Check Engine light will flash a pattern in older trucks (example: flash pause flash-flash-flash means code 13).

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • 10folds510folds5 Posts: 1
    My '92 Dakota V-6 starts, but barely idles. DTC's are: memory standby power lost and MAP sensor electrical circuit. What can I do to fix this? Any help is appreciated.Thanks
  • 10961096 Posts: 1
    Do you need a code reader to figure out the MIL problem and code #'s. I have a 03 Dakota 4WD 4.7L w/ 26,000 miles. I tried the on-off-on-off-on method but no code # shows up on the odometer.
  • jlabadiejlabadie Posts: 1
    I install a new set of brake pads on the front of my 2002 dodge dakota and
    now the brake light stay on and when I put it in drive it blinks. How do I
    reset the light.
  • echidsechids Posts: 2
    It sounds to me like your parking brake is hung up!!
  • echidsechids Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Dakota with 3.9l engine and a 5-speed. The check engine light is on when I plug it in it says" manufactured controlled emissions control" What does this mean and where do I start?
  • cindy215cindy215 Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Dakota Quad cab with the codes PO432, and PO455. I just purchased Friday the air intake system has been redone to a performance intake system and the exhaust could this explain either of these codes and what will it take to fix? Also the light didnt come on until I filled up with gas
  • jwyattjwyatt Posts: 10
    2000 Dakota, 4.7 L, Auto
    Today I started my truck and had brake light and ABS light come on. Speedometer did not register speed at first. Later at 60 MPH, the speedo would flop about anywhere from 5 to 10 MPH to 70 MPH. Gas consumption on the computer would register anywhere from 0 mpg to 40 mpg. Finally the check wallet light came on (CEL).

    When I got home, I checked obd codes by switching off and on three times and got a P0500. Search here did not get a hit. I checked Yahoo and found speed sensor bad is what 500 means.

    Is this a DIY replacement for an old fart? Cost?

  • ronslakie1ronslakie1 Posts: 57
    I have not had this problem but have seen it discussed several times in various Dakota forums. It is a speed sensor mounted above the differential and is supposed to be an easy fix and as I remember the part is not very expensive.
  • i need help trying to figure out what wrong with my truck. the ABS and Parking brake lights are on and im trying to figure out what wrong with my truck. i have tryed to turn on my key( not running) and pushing the brake pedal slowly to get it to aline and it didnt work. if anyone has any suggestions ill take them. if anything ill weight till school starts and take my truck to my teacher at votech.
  • i need help trying to figure out what wrong with my truck. the ABS and Parking brake lights are on and im trying to figure out what wrong with my truck. i have tryed to turn on my key( not running) and pushing the brake pedal slowly to get it to aline and it didnt work. if anyone has any suggestions ill take them. if anything ill weight till school starts and take my truck to my teacher at votech.
  • gjblegjble Posts: 23
    Trouble code P0406 reads: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor A circuit High. Is this a sensor I can change or is this a message there is something wrong in the exhaust system ? And what might that be ?

    In Atlanta
  • My air bag light stays on '97 3.9 ext cab,it hasn't been wrecked.This really bugs me to have a warning light on all the time.
  • I have a 2001 dakota also and I've the very same problems. I would like to know if you got your's fixed and if so what was the cause of this.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Could just be the clockspring in the steering column failing. Not serious but can cause the light... best way to check is to see if your cruise control (if equipped) is working properly. If not, it's likely the clockspring.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • jwyattjwyatt Posts: 10
    I got mine repaired. It was the speed sensor. I had it done along with a bunch of other stuff. Part was $53 from an indie garage. I try to stay away from the Stealer for work that can be done elsewhere. My brakes had been squealing despite new pads, rotors, and shoes. I had new pads put on front, rotors cleaned up (lightly turned), new rear drums, plus the speed sensor. Full bill was $414.
  • well i finally figured it out. both of my abs and parking brakes was on and i finally fixed it. at first i looked at all my fuses and they all looked good. till the other day my brake lights started not to come on. i got the idea to check my brake petal switch and i checked it. was good i put it back in. after i did that both of the lights went off. i remembered that that switch was kinda crooked so i think that might of been the problem. well it worked for me so try to check yr brake petal switch.

  • 99 Dakota transmission (auto) does not seem to shift into lower gears from a standing start. Seems to be in drive at all times. The check engine light is on and I have been attempting to find a way to read the trouble codes for this vehicle.
    Once I find a way to display these codes, is there a list available on the internet of all the codes and their explanation?
    I don't have any history on this vehicle as it was recently purchased for my grandson who will qualify for his dirvers license soon.
    Are the Chilton type repair manuals worth purchasing or would it be a wiser decision to buy a shop manual for this specific year truck?
  • Hi folkes, need help here, I had my 05 dakota couple month ago, 4.7 V8 auto,qcab,186K, run great, today first time took it to wash, only body and under body, no engine wash. Went home park it, couple hours later start the truck the engine lite on, but the truck run normal, no funny thing happened, try to get the code with on-off-on-off-on, no code shown up, but the engine still on, any idea.
  • Before doing anything else I would try to reset the computer by disconnecting the battery and see if that shuts off the engine light.
  • Thanks, I will do that. Just other question, am I doing the right way to get the code from the 05 model, on-off-on-off-on, if it is, why no code show up, and should I beware some thing when I wash the truck next time to avoid the engine lite come on again. Thanks.
  • Hi there, just a general question, I just brought a OBD II-CAN scanner for my 05 dakota, I just wonder can I hook up the scanner while I am driving, so I can monitor the truck, or if I do that, I will fired all the computer board in the truck. Thanks.
  • I have a 2005 Dodge Dakota with a 3.7 6cylinder engine with 38,000 miles on it.

    About 14 months ago I got the same code p0302 saying miss fire on cylinder #2 the dealer inspected and found nothing and cleared the code. This Sunday the check egine light came on again and I had the codes scanned again I got P0302 code,so with 38,000 mile I decided to change the spark plugs with the original type,after I was finished the codes went away and the next day the check engine light came back on with the same P0302 cose miss fire on # 2 cyclinder. The performance is fine,but I am at my witts end on what the problem might be.

    I would appreciate any insight on this question.

    Dave M.
  • I wonder if your problem might not be with the Coil on plug (COP) for cylinder # 2. Might be worthwhile to switch the COP with another one and see if that makes a difference.
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