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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    Yea, I priced it out already... without any incentives, it looks hard to get it down to where the RX300 would be. I gotta deal with the wrath of the wife on this one.

    BTW, I live on Long Island, New York.

    Thanks again.

  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    I'm afraid you're not going to get a "loaded" 2001 ML320 for $36k.

    As you've seen, an ML320 with M1 luxury and M2 convenience packages, the Bose audio system with the CD changer, sunroof, and heated seats MSRP's for $41,985, invoices for $39,092.

    These prices don't include the M7 third-row seat option, or Xenon HID headlamps (you have to buy a very expensive sport package, adding over $4k to the MSRP). Metallic paint is another $485 MSRP.

    Frankly, in absence of any MB discounts, I'd be surprised if you can get anything much lower than $40k for the above, unless you delete some of the options like the Bose. But not $36k.

    It's the monthly/quarterly variations of the market. MB can price the ML320 at a premium and still sell well, and for many people, it's a much different vehicle than the RX. Right now Lexus is overproducing the RX300, cannibalizing itself with Sequoia's on the big, high end, Highlanders on the lower end, and facing increased competition like the MDX.

    A couple of months ago you couldn't buy an RX that was very loaded for below $40k. Now you can get it down much, much lower than that. Lexus dealers can afford to do it because the RX has a ridiculously large spread between invoice and MSRP. Lexus throwing in discounts helps even more. MB dealers only have a $3k spread without factory incentives, and it's not like their holdbacks give them more than Lexus.

    Always fascinating how the market turns. Right now the Lexus is the bargain priced vehicle. If you find that the RX meets your needs fine, you're in a good position. You'll buy a 2001 that has more key features (e.g. stability control, available HID's) than the 2000 model, yet you'll be paying less than end-of-year "discounts" on 2000's a few months ago!
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    Your assesments are dead on. You pretty much confirm what I've researched.

    Both vehicles are great. Both vehicles have done well on crash tests. Both vehicles have good resale.

    But riddle me this Batman: why don't these things have rear glass that opens separate from the hatch!!!!

  • nikorrnikorr Posts: 23
    I did get my with M1,M2,heated seats,Desert silver,Bose,sunroof for $40900 w/o tax.With tax and licen.plate,dest.charge $44060. I live in CHICAGO sub. Marcel
  • nikorrnikorr Posts: 23
    And I had to wait 6 days to get it. Marcel
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    As discussed on the MDX forum, neither the MDX, M-class, or RX300 have it. I still think part of it is structural (improving the solidity of the roof in rollover, though the RX rollover pics recently posted here don't seem to show much of it). The rest of the reasons include cost-cutting, plus the increased propensity for squeaks and rattles of that arrangement.

    The plus side of a lift-up gate is that there's no tailgate that gets in the way of the cargo area. The downside is when you need to carry long materials.
  • sshowittsshowitt Posts: 137
    Last month I traded my 98ML320 on a new leftover OOML430 that listed for $46540. The dealer also activated and installed the aux. inlens driving lights (worth $50/$60). Sold vehicle to me for $41500.00 and gave me NADA trade-in on my 98 w/ 40K needing tires and brakes. I also got an additional $700.00 contribution toward the trade-in from M/B. This was garnered by having my service writer call MB and complain about the various rattles and problems with my 98.
    Thus, I got approx. $5800.00 off. Although I gave up Tele-Aide, (I have it on my other car and have never used it)it cost less than a similiarly equiped 01 ML320 without the added features of the ML430, navagation, 17" tires and of course the V-8. I thought it was too good of a deal to pass up. I am very pleased with all the updates, especially the interior, now more mercedes-like, and of couse the scheduled maintenence. The only downside is the mileage.
    All I can say, if you can find a leftover 00ML320 somewhere, you should be able to get into your price range. Best of Luck.
  • In Maitland FL there are several 2000 ML 320's in the 38K M1, M2 Bose.

    They would work with you.

  • Stop by Silver Star Mercedes in Long Island City.... I got my 01 320 M1 Sunroof Bose with a $2000. off invoice. Roberto Garcia, was my sales rep.

    Danny d:)
  • rich96rich96 Posts: 37
    Here in the Boston area, Clair was willing to take off 2% of the MSRP on 2001 ML320s, and no discounts on ML430s. Foreign Motors West was willing to give a free lo-jack or $595 off any new MLs. This was one month ago.
  • buck45buck45 Posts: 2
    Has anyone had any problems with the front door speakers in their ML? rattling excess vibration etc?
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    I have been hanging out over by the E class site of late, They are alittle slower over there, by that they are not doing 40-50posts per day.

    But I was curious as if you ever resolved your service problem a few weeks back. I believe you have had a noise emmiting from your front end.

    Oh I found your wallet under the seat! Ha ha.
  • dt77,
    I can't find your post on this problem. Can you re-post?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
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  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    It happened to ML320 2K but the dealer fixex it for free. It was happen when I have about 7K miles on it. What years is yours?
  • guy22guy22 Posts: 7
    I have been having problems with the MCS recently and have been getting different answers from the dealer. First he told me the dash unit was the problem and would order a new one. Before it came in he told me there is an electrical problem with all 2kML's with the Nav system and the factory is working on a fix. Doesn't do me any good since I have no idea when it will work again.

    The unit will lose power when the car is shut down and will not come on line again.
    Have you heard anything like this or have you heard anything from your sources?
  • Andrew,

    Thanks for the response re: the power skyview top. I'm definitely looking into adding it (it will just mean custom ordering the car since most dealers don't seem to carry many ml320 w/skyviews on the lot).

    Since you live in Europe you might be the perfect person to ask about the skyview top leaking during the rainy season. Any problems that you know about? Can you also tell me if the windnoise is unbearable on the freeways?

  • Biker5,
    Mine is 430 00 model , and this noise is intermittent, starting from about 10K. Initially, the dealer thought it was brake-related but the noise came back even after they replaced the pads.
    It is annoying and sounds like fingernail scrarching the chalk board.
  • I took delivery of my ML55 in August and the performance is awesome,
    having owned a RangeRover 4.6 as my prior vehicle there simply is no
    comparison. The only problem I've recently encountered has been with
    the windows jamming and refusing to close. The dealership, after no
    help in the sales dept., referred me to service who said just at my
    dealership only there were another 6 ML55's with the same problem and
    this is a known defect with the switch.

    Given that I live in NJ and the temperature has recently been in the
    single digits I wasn't amused, have driven 10 miles with the window
    jammed down to find that a recall hadn't been issued!

    Any other 55 owners had the same problem?

  • bon2000bon2000 Posts: 26
    okay guys--the front bars and running boards that you guys show do look good but what am I do8ing wrong? What's the I and II difference and looking like the sports package????what does that mean. I still think the art front guard is the absolute sharpest around if it can be had....maybe I would rather have none...but not sure. What's all the hype about the ones looking like the sports package? Why what does that have?
    Remember I am the one who purchased the ml320 and wanted sports package and salesman told me it was not an option GRRRR now I suffer and now I hear 2002's (mine is an oi) will look like sports package on all of them. I am PISSED--AND YES I AM SHOUTING. I wrote Mercedes about this and can't wait to hear their replies. Please post a picture of all brush guars, fender flares, running boards etc on one sits so it is easier to compate without jumping all around. Also any pics of new 2002 yet? Compare on same page with 2001 with sports package as compared to ml55--pPlease.... I am furious my salesman was such a dope and knew nothing....cause neither did I. I bought truck for safety and perfect size for me and wonderful ride (but did inquire as to making it look soupier???) Now I am the one who will probably suffer on resale. GRRRRRR
  • kckwokkckwok Posts: 1
    I am planning to add the external rear tire carrier to my ML320. I have heard that it is only available in selected dealerships in the US or else I would need to get it in Canada. Does anyone know approximately how much it would cost (both in US and CAN?) And if it was brought in the US, where can I get one?

    If possible, please give a breakdown of the involved costs (i.e. wheel, carrier, labor...e.t.c.)

    Thank you!!
  • swimmomswimmom Posts: 23
    I am new to this forum and am about to embark upon a somwhat complex transaction and would appreciate any advice. I plan on trading a loaded 99ML with 19,000 miles and purchasing an 4matic wagon with E2 and leasing a new comparabley equipped ML. To make a very long story short, we need to lease one car for tax reasons. We own the current ML outright and plan on buying the wagon outright.

    I live in Atlanta and purchased our current ML from a local dealer. Not enamoured of them but no serious complaints. Any recommendations on dealers who deal in the Southeast would be great. Should I expect a decent trade for the current ML (its in good shape)? Because we are buying two cars is it better to try and negotiate everything as a package or do it one at a time? Has anyone got any experience with leasing an ML ?
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    I just got a copy of the M-Class Accessories Collection catalog. You can see pics of the Type I and Type II brushguards, and also pics of the side runners that came w/ the M4 pkg (they added steps to these runners compared to the M4 pkg ones). I'm checking into pricing of the Type II brushguard + skidplate; install is supposed to be $$$. :-P
    Go to and fill out a request for it. You'll get it in the mail in a few weeks and it will answer most of your questions on what things look like.
    No info on the 2002 facelift yet.
  • rexconde1rexconde1 Posts: 278
    The rear tire carrier is ONLY avaiable in Canada. It looks a bit goofy as I would prefer the one like on the G-Class.

    You HAVE to go to Canada to get it, and even then I believe it costs around $3500 with the tire, rim, carrier and different rear suspension (to compensate for the added weight. This doesn't include installation. Although if one were to get it I dont believe that installing it would be that difficult (It would be like the trailer hitch); the suspension adjustment is another story.

    One BIG negative is that it makes it even harder to see out of the back of the ML. The middle seat headrest does this to (I removed mine) , but much worse.

    BTW No dealer will install it because it isnt something that is allowed in the US, plus MB wont allow it.

  • I was in a coworkers, jeep 97 and it had two spearkers mounted on the rear interior roof,it sounded good, but unable to hold a conversation from the rear passengers to the front. Was thinking of installing on my ML.

    Any comments
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    got the AMG grill looking for $12.95 =) i did it this morning. took about an hour.

    here are the "transformation" photos...
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Looks good! I did something like that when I first got my ML. However, watch out for the top bar on the grill, and the 2nd (middle) bar to a lesser extent. Both can get pretty hot from the engine, and the problem I had was that the heat was making the adhesive break up. A couple of small sections of the grill started popping up every 2-3 months. After re-doing the stripes twice, I gave up and bought the real grill :-) I think my mistake was that I used aluminum body tape and that adhesive backing didn't work too well (our sorry autoparts place - Canadian Tire - didn't have anything else). Your pinstriping tape may be better.

    P.S. We need a cat as one of the tools? ;-)
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    you are absolutely right. one of the stripes popped up a little bit as soon as i placed the grill back, the section where i had to bend inward. the tapes weren't thick enough. i'll fix that by taping more at the bent area tomorrow morning. will update you guys how it works out.
  • nikorrnikorr Posts: 23
    Do anybody know anything about remote starter for ML class ? Thanx for help. MARCEL
  • dk14dk14 Posts: 1
    98 ML320

    I experience wind noise when my moon roof is closed. The noise is eliminated by applying upward pressure on the glass. Has anyone with a similar problem been able to improve the seal?

    Also, what is the best brand, in terms of quality and price for new all season tires? 255/65/16. I do not take me vehicle off road.
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