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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    I'm still not sure about their tour's dress code:-)


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  • lqa1273lqa1273 Posts: 3
    does anyone know of any after market side steps that can be installed on a ML320 equipped with the Sport Package? The MB dealership told me (As well as the MB website) that side steps can not be installed on the M class with sport package
  • dt77dt77 Posts: 232
    they do fit.
    My MB manual as well as the MCS manual fit in the glove just fine.

  • dt77dt77 Posts: 232
    A few weeks back, my rear brake pads were worn ALMOST to the sensor. the light didn't come on, but the ML was in the shop for Service A, and the dealer asked me if I wanted them replaced. I went down to the dealer to see the pads for myself. ML had about 10,000 miles at the time.

  • wjraywjray Posts: 2
    When I bought my 2000 ML320, I paid an extra $200 or so for the in dash cd player option. On a recent trip to Florida, it went crazy, the whole radio unit locked up and would not do a thing. When I took it to the dealer, they said, your navigation unit is screwed up. I said..."hmmmm...I did not know I had one." They told me that the dealer apparently put the wrong unit in!!! So, now all I have to do is pay them $300 for the little GPS antenna and I will have navigation! Thought some of you might have the same deal...
  • jmcdowelljmcdowell Posts: 13
    Weird thing happened this morning. I started the car and right after the engine caught-it shut off and I got a "start Error" message flashing on the dash. I tried several more times-even removing the key to re-initialize the system and on the 10th or so time it started and kept running. No more problems the rest of the day. My key quit transmitting last Friday, even with new batteries, so I'm using the other remote key (my wifes) while I wait for another key from the factory. This car just turned 9000 miles. More of the annoying little glitches we have to learn to live with.---Jeff
  • neilg432neilg432 Posts: 5
    I have the integrated time port, love the features, however I have a question. Is there anyway to program the phone, so the caller id number flashes on the screen, instead of the word CALL, the name and number appear once the call is answered. I know this is trivial, but sometimes you want to talk and other times you don't.
  • birgerbirger Posts: 80

    I am as PO'd as everyone about the current MB nav system (be it Comand or MCS) because of the number of discs needed for long-distance travel and the impossibility to program a long trip end-to-end (I would like to know my ETA at the final destination, not at some state border). While DVD might indeed be a solution, it seems that the two companies that dominate the market (TeleAtlas for Comand and NavTech for MCS) have decided that the price for DVD and a yearly upgrade of that later would be nearly equal to the corresponding number of CD's. This is not really acceptable, and while these companies might in the course of time moderate their prices, a DVD upgrade will always mean a considerable expense.
    Another solution could be to couple the current CD-based software with either a changer or (dreaming here) an onboard harddisc. Coupled with an appropriate "merging" software, you could then build up a customized map of the parts of the continent interesting you, and would be free to update the most relevant parts. While it's very convenient to have a disc covering an unfamiliar holiday destination, it's not very likely that you will go there on a frequent basis - and you might also decide to go at a later time with a slightly out-of-date nav software.
    I'm sure computer-literate people here will be able to tell if this would be feasible.

    Birger in Luxembourg

    (I go 12 miles south, and my ML drops off the face of "it's" Earth = current, everyday driving here involves THREE discs)

    PS: Anyone had any luck making backup copies of the nav discs? I tried (didn't want to keep the originals in the truck) and the Comand system will not recognize the copy.
  • mlevinedcmlevinedc Posts: 45
    300.00 to install a 20 dollar antenna, another first for MBUSA. A GPS antenna is a no big deal install taking less than an hour and that's only if the installer has trouble with the MCS locks! Find a decent stereo installer and tell them what you need; I think you'll be even more pleasantly suprised. BTW the Lexus RX300 doesn't use an exterior antenna for GPS, it's under the dash cover. A GPS antenna can even be installed as a small metallic film circle on your back window or above your rear view mirror.

  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104
    The only nav system I have experienced worth any merit is on the new Lexus LS430.
    Try it and then go back to MB loaded for bear! Their cd's are worse than in the Acura.
  • Driving home last night in my '00 ML430 (9600 miles) and suddenly my MCS went nuts. Made a rapid clacking or tapping sound (relay opening and closing very fast?). Sounded like a woodpecker was trying to get out in a hurry. Went on and on even after the engine was shut down, over an hour and half. This AM woodpecker noise is gone, MCS is dead and I can hear a steady static sound from the unit. Appointment in the morning to resolve the problem. Hope they get the dead bird out.

    WRT DVD type Nav systems. We recently purchased a 2001 Toyota LandCruiser with a DVD Nav system. It is excellent. It has coverage all over the place. I have no local street coverage on the MB CD system where I live, the LC has all our streets. The LC is easy to program and works like a charm. We used it all around San Francisco over Easter and other than not knowing about a blocked parking lot entrance which caused us to go across the Golden Gate bridge, it was great (although in hind sight, we ended up having a great lunch in Sausalito we otherwise would have missed, maybe "Mildred" is pretty smart after all).

    It also plays DVD movies while the parking brake is on, so whenever I feel like watching a 6 inch screen I sneak out to the gargage...
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    Just wanted to get an opinion on what you guys are using to clean splattered bugs on your windshield and front hood?
  • rjlimrjlim Posts: 30
    I just normally wait on Saturday's free carwash. Other than that, I use windex on my windshield.
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    I used just plain wet rug then windex on mirror/windshield....for the hood i wait till weekend. coz if you clean your hood just for that you are ruining your clear coat IMO..BTW where is everybody????? just the HOMIE are on board.
    Jim SOCAL
  • cjgordoncjgordon Posts: 32
    Last week I purchased a flawless '99 ML320 with 14,000 miles. The previous owner stated that the brake pads would have to be replaced at it's service "B" ~20,000 miles. How can this be considered routine? I've heard nightmares of people having to change pads on their ML every 10,000 miles. This can get quite expensive. I'm mechanically inclined and wouldn't mind changing the pads myself. Is it any more complex that changing the pads on any other vehicle?
  • cjgordoncjgordon Posts: 32
    My 99 ML320 did not come with the Bose system, nor did it have a CD or CD Changer. I just bought the peripheral (adapter) cable and the matching Panasonic 8-CD changer. I didn't have the MB bracket to mount above jack storage, thus I mounted under rear seat on right hand side. (Adapter cable is short). Will mount factory style (above jack) once I locate a bracket. The output and/or speakers are inadequate though. Any suggestions? What type of amplifier drives the factory speakers now? Should I bypass it and add my own amp? Or are the speakers the weakest link in the audio chain?
  • tracy_lebtracy_leb Posts: 39
    The ML’s brakes can be worked on by any competent DIYer. Parts are generally available, though I recommend looking at the FastLane or PartsShop at because that site is an extraordinary resource. There is a reference at this site for changing brakes on an E class. The ML is similar.

    It is somewhat of a shame that the brake life is so short. Fortunately, at least the ML stops extremely well! It's somewhat of a trade....

    Good luck and use jack stands!

  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    Thanks rjlim and biker5. The windshield is not so hard to clean but the hood, sometimes it's hard to clear those bugs out. I don't want to rub really hard for fear of scratches. I'll probably clean and wax the car this weekend, hopefully, that will ease the removal of bugs next time.
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    20K replacement schedule is not really that bad, the average vehicle will have a pad life between 20 and 30k. When asbestos was banned domestic brands went with metallic pads, one could feel the abrasive grinding when braking plus the rotor life is shortened considerably, also the metallic pads will fade with high heat like when stoping repeatedly at high speeds, Mercedes went with high carbon soft pads, the wear on the rotor is minimal and the breaking is smooth and efective.

    The thing to do is learn how to change the pads or find a shop that will do the replacement at a lower price than the dealer, it should not cost that much because they do not need to turn the rotors. If the price of turning the rotors and shorter rotor life is considered, the ML brakes cost is not higher, plus one gets the smooth and sure brakes, on the down side , black rims.

    Given the choice of dirty rims or good brakes, hmmm.
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    Thanks, Ken for the helpful site.
  • Inspection by dealer revealed no woodpecker, just a locked up NV DC drive. Apparently, this is becoming somewhat common so watch for it. You will enjoy the incessant clacking noise that doesn't even stop when you shut the engine off. Just hope it doesn't happen during a long trip.

    Right now the fix is to replace the NV DC drive module (about a two week part wait) in the meantime, no NEVI.
  • NV = NAV
    DC = CD

    That is all.
  • bilalbilal Posts: 5
    Hi guys planning to get a car/suv this weekend still no idea what to get...the choice is between the ML 320, C320, and the Pathfinder...Price will play a little factor but I heard from the board ML320 will have BIG dicounts soon, any idea when or where? did any one buy one recently.Any help would be greatly aprreciated...I like C320, but a little scared about it being the 1st yr. model.problems!! I heard these Japanese autos are problem free. I drive a C280..31000 NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!!
  • sshowittsshowitt Posts: 137
    cj gorden, I have a swing bracket available. It is not the std full bracket but a hinged bracket to attach to one side of the cd player. E-mail me and we can discuss it
  • sydney6sydney6 Posts: 64
    Almost 20K miles and still 1K to go before service B. Can anyone beat that?
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    Just a little over 10k miles and still have 1400 before service A.
  • sydney6sydney6 Posts: 64
    I should have written, "almost 21K" in my post above. Sorry!
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Good god this place is busy! Hey drew, long time.

    21,800miles on 2000 ml320. Can't stop my wife from driving!

    No need to bring this vehicle in other than routine service. Bubble on armrest is only outstanding need. Next service.

    Loaner, fresh e320's. Friend of mine bought in 99 c280, got a loaner, bought an E320.

    Love my M so much, got a e-430, a 2001 to round out garage. It gets slightly better gas milliage than the ML. Glad we don't own a Suburban!. Got a Thule Long box for up top when we take lots of kids and stuff. Lot cheaper than gas!
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