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    Thanks so much for this forum. My wife and I just started my journey to a new SUV, and after much internet browsing and dealer drive-by's while they were closed, a few quick test drives while we were in Florida, we're leaning toward he Veracruz. We stopped at a local dealer, who had exactly what we're looking for, (FWD, Limited, Nav, light color). He was just closing up, but gave me a price of about $1600 under invoice. Being a skeptical NY'er, I figured he was low-balling me. Then I read the forum. Wow! Now I can beat him up for another $500 to $1000. We went to another dealer today, and after wasting about 1 1/2 hours of my time, he came in at about 1500 under MSRP. Is he kidding? I chuckled as I went out the door. Anyone who got a great deal in the NY Metro area, please let me know where. OK, now all of you who already have your Veracruz, how do you like it. I know I'm off topic, but replies can be emailed direct. Thanks. Tom
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    The dealer with 1.5K under MSRP probably was legit. I had several dealers tell me that I was killing them but since they wanted my business they would go "say $100 under invoice"! All dealers have different motives for their pricing, shop the price and you will get around 2.5K under INVOICE not MSRP.
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    Just seems kind of strange that 2 dealers are 2.5 to 3K apart and are both saying it's the best price. A few hundred I could see, but not thousands. Where is the real bottom?? Lets see what tomorrow brings.
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    Hi! - me and my friend shopping for Veracruz and Azera. Talking with 4-different dealers (Naperville, Elgin, Ohare, Pugi..)and finalizing numbers but still not getting close to as Mr. Winedogs got in PA for Veracruz. Once we buy then will update this forum for exact numbers with Tax, title and out the door $$$$$.00 :)

  • ttartttart Member Posts: 7
    Went to City World Imports, Bronx, NY, drove the Veracruz and Sante Fe.........fell in love with and bought the Sante Fe Ltd. See Sante Fe forum for price details. Great dealer so far. :)
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    thanks for responding herb, i will look forward to know the dealer and the final out the door numbers that you achieved.
    i have not yet shopped the new veracruz, but will soon be getting serious.
    just for your information i did buy a new 2006 sonata at rosen hyundai which is in roselle. out of the four dealers i shopped rosen was head and shoulders above the other three in regards pricing.
    good luck in your search.
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    Was shopping for a Santa Fe at Family Hyundai in Tinley Park IL, but consciously allowed myself to fall for a bait and switch when they didn't have what they promised on the lot for a test drive. Left with an 08 Veracruz GLS 2wd for 22500 OTD plus what I consider to be a 3500$ tradein...

    I'd say I paid about 2500$ more than my target of a SF SE FWD with touring. More than I wanted to pay, but not by much - and so far its a very sweet ride for the amenities.
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    OK - Here's what I paid for a 2008 Vericruz Limited. The only options were the Nav ($1750), roof rails ($205) and mat set ($125) + $695 shpping. The total MSRP was $36,825. This was pretty much fully loaded.

    Price I paid was $31,199, including the $1000 rebate. This is $5626 off MSRP, which I think was reasonable. I'm sure other have done better, but this is what I paid in Plano TX. The dealer worked hard to not give me that price, but since I had a printout of another internet offer for the same model from another local dealer, I had some leverage. Everytime they came back with a higher offer, I threatened to leave and held my ground. After about 3-4 "let me talk to my manager" sessions, they agreed to my price. It was nice to have a "guarantee" in your back pocket. I tried to do better than the internet price I had, but eventually decided that I would go for this printout price since they actually had the one I wanted in stock. Dealers are dealers, they will always try to get a higher price out of you one way or the other. I even got the "kids in college" thing, like I was cheating "him" or something. Don't be afraid to get up and leave!

    I hope this helps you all.
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    Congrats on your purchase.

    Good post, no one said that getting a good deal was going to be easy!

    If you had not been armed with the right information and held your ground, the dealer would have happily removed a few thousand dollars from your pocket.

    Enjoy your car!
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    The current leaders are:

    07 GLS - $3700 under invoice

    07 Limited - $3500 under invoice. (There were some reports of better deals, but no one provided the final numbers, so I could update the board)

    07 SE - Over $6000 under invoice. WOW!

    08 SE - $2,000 under invoice.

    08 GLS - $2,021 under invoice.

    08 Limited - $3,161 under invoice. A standard deal should be between $2-2.5K under invoice.

    Prices include rebates.

    Watch out for the extra fees!

    Getting a good deal is not always easy, but the rewards are worth it!

    Keep posting the good deals.

    Good Luck!
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    08 Limited - $3,161 under invoice. A standard deal should be between $2-2.5K under invoice.

    Now I'm curious if I got a "good deal" or not, so I checked. Checking after the fact may not be such a good thing! But, here is is anyway:
    Item $MSRP $Invoice $Difference

    Limited VC 34050 31577 2473
    Nav 1750 1623 127
    Mat set 125 100 25
    Rack Bars 205 164 41
    Shipping 695 695 0

    Totals 36825 34159 2666 (Invoice markup)

    Invoice - Actual $ paid = 34159 - 31199 = $2960 below invoice.
    OK, now I feel better. :)
  • jbettenjbetten Member Posts: 8
    maybe this is more readable:

    08 Limited - $3,161 under invoice. A standard deal should be between $2-2.5K under invoice.

    Now I'm curious if I got a "good deal" or not, so I checked. Checking after the fact may not be such a good thing! But, here is is anyway:
    Item $MSRP $Invoice $Difference

    Limited VC________34050________ 31577________ 2473
    Mat set_____________125___________100__________25
    Rack Bars___________205___________164__________41

    Totals_____________36825__________34159________2666 (Invoice markup)

    Invoice less Actual $ paid = 34159 less 31199 = $2960 below invoice.
    OK, now I feel better.
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606

    Congrats on your purchase.

    Did you have a trade?


    Extra fees?

  • jbettenjbetten Member Posts: 8
    Did you have a trade?
    No trade in.

    There is a $1000 rebate on all VC.

    Extra fees?
    Just TT&L on top of sale price
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    I sorta feel a little bad for not getting nearly as good a deal as you guys (at least in terms of $$$ off) - I paid 26500 OTD (in Chicago our sales tax is like 9.25) for an 08 GLS FWD. This includes getting 4k for my tradein where others only offerred 3400.

    I figure I got something like 1700$ below invoice after rebate. But I also figure you guys got more discounts because you guys went for the high end trims which cost 6-10k more...
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    Hello sounds to me like you did just fine. Some of us, and I am one, tend to beat ourselves up because we believe that we might not have gotten the best deal possible when buying a new car. I bought a VC ltd Dec 31 2007. It was reduced to 28,995. I believe that it was a fair price...maybe not the lowest....but I also expect good service from the dealer and I want them to give me the best service.. Over the life of the car $1 or $2k won't make that much difference. I just drove mine to Boise Idaho and returned to San Diego. These are beautiful cars and I am sure you will enjoy yours....only problem I found was gas mileage at 22 mpg ( which is what is advertised ) and the headlamps need adjustment...they light up the tops of trees when on bright....enjoy your new car and congratulations!
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    I live in northern NJ and the dealers around here are snobbish prima donnas (I tried them all). I finally decided to contact Alexandria Hyundai. What a difference! !Straight and no BS talk, in 5 minutes (literally) they gave me the price of the VC that I was looking for. The cost included everything I would have to pay them. The rest would have been the NJ sales tax + NJ Title and registration fees that I would have to do myself (thus saving dealer's processing fees). The prices they advertise in the web include the military and recent college graduate rebates, if qualified. However, bear in mind that "everything is negotiable", I just had to ask for a break. So last Sunday I drove down to Alexandria and got my VC. There were no surprises, everything as promised, no hard push from the financial guy to get extended warranty or some of the other products the dealers like to sell you. The seals guy was terrific and made everything so easy to us. I gave them a personnal check and drove back to NJ with the brand new VC.
    OK, now the details.
    I got a 2008 Limited FWD VC.
    Options: floor mats, sunroof deflector and cargo tray. Note: they forgot to install the tray. I notided so when I got home, I called from NJ to let them know, they apologized for the overlook and shipped one to me via UPs.
    Price: Per Edmunds, Invoice+destination charge = $32,520. I drove out of the lot leaving them a check for $29,809 (it obviously includes the MFr. rebate). No trade in, no financing. The VC had 110 miles on it which I assume is because they had it for test drive to potential customers. The sales guy told me of the miles at the time he gave me the price. I did not mind the miles. I'm happy that I drove down there and I believe I got a decent deal.
    I thank you all guys (special mention to seloo and winedogs) for the messages that I've reading fot the last 4 months. Good lock to all future VC buyers.
  • flwonderflwonder Member Posts: 33

    Enjoy your VC. I've had mine 7 months and it is fabulous. I'm an old guy and
    have been buying cars for years. This is the first car that I"ve had that has been
    absolutely perfect. Not one item for the dealer to fix.

    Sounds like you got a decent price too.

  • busmaster44busmaster44 Member Posts: 20
    Thanks lyle5. I do enjoy it - just put 600 miles on it going west to Rockford and east to Michigan... It's great for cruising - and no real complaints so far besides the annoying lack of roof rails. Averaging a round 20 mpg and 80% highway.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    A reporter is hoping to talk with consumers who bought or are thinking of purchasing a Hyundai. Please respond to [email protected] before Friday, May 16, 2008 with your daytime contact information.
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    Another happy customer from Alexandria Hyundai!
    '08 VC Limited FWD w/ rear entertainment, carpeted mat, and cross rails. Out the door for 31,799. Very painless and easy purchase. Two thumbs up!!
  • jbd115jbd115 Member Posts: 8
    I am looking to buy a 2008 VC limited with the Navigation package. I see many posts about prices paid, but not many about finance rates. It seems like many of the other car companies are offering very attractive financing rates, but Hyundai doesn't appear to be following. Does anyone have some information about financing rates obtained? You would think in this high gas price market all car companies would be offering low financing rates on all of their SUV and Truck fleets. Any help is appreciated.
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    With text to speech GPS for under $200 does it really make sense to purchase the factory NAV package?
  • winedogswinedogs Member Posts: 102
    In April, I was given 4.9% for 60 months. Your not going to get 0% financing or anything near that on a Hyundai Veracruz.
  • jbd115jbd115 Member Posts: 8
    why doesn't Hyundai offer lower financing rates? Right now Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi etc and pretty much all US carmakers are offering special financing rates. Does Hyundai ever offer special financing rates, or is it just not common? Do they wait till the new models are out? Anyone know when the 2009 VC is coming out?h
  • nacenace Member Posts: 45
    Hyundai Veracruz Prices Paid and Buying Experience forum, has not had a new post in the past two weeks. i do have an interest in buying a santa fe or veracruz and hoped this forum would be more active. perhaps larger incentivies by hundai can stimulate more buying.
  • lyle5lyle5 Member Posts: 12
    In the San Diego area, one Hyundai dealer is offering $4500 discount on the Veracruz. $500 of that is for active duty military. This is the 1st time that I have seen the Veracruz discounted that much. I purchased a VC Ltd Dec 31. It is the basic Veracruz Ltd and listed for $ purchase price was $28990 plus tax and registration..........Very nice car at a good price. I recommend you get the unltimate pkg....I wish mine had it.

    Good luck
  • mikeheathmikeheath Member Posts: 2
    I just got one of the last of the '07's. Its an SE with the premium leather/entertainmnet system package. I paid $25,500 plus taxes and fees (after $2500 in rebates). The invoice on the vehicle was 31,489. Also had a deal for the Limited w/Ultimate Package for $29,000 plus taxes and fees, but decided to go with the SE since it had most all the options I needed.
  • lyle5lyle5 Member Posts: 12
    Mike, I believe that you will really like the car. Sounds like you got a good deal too.
  • mikeheathmikeheath Member Posts: 2
    Thanks. I am really happy with the car, and the whole experience went well. The dealer was very motivated but never pushy.
  • johnnycruzjohnnycruz Member Posts: 1
    I took a chance and bought my first Hyundai yesterday after searching for months. I bought a Limited FWD Veracruz for $31,618.00 + TT&L. This vehicle seems awesome, but of course it is still new. I got one in Dark Bronze which I have never seen before, but looks incredible. I bought it from D'arcy Motors in IL. The salesman was great and used no pressure. The sales manager was pretty tight on the trade in but I ended up with the same as shown on Edmunds for it.
  • marcogallo1986marcogallo1986 Member Posts: 1,164
    nice truck that is a verry nice color I no they had it but rair I dont see it mutch I see every other color good luck with it you wil love it grate riding truck whell it is not a truck I just call it that thankyou for reading.
  • bluesilebluesile Member Posts: 4
    This is my first Hyundai. I got it under contract 5/17/08, and took delivery 5/24/08.

    I visited two dealer. The first one is not good. Low inventory and only interested to sell me what is on the lot. The second one has slightly more inventory (though not exactly what I want), but in the end I have a deal with them since they are willing to go out and locate a VC I want at a acceptable price. Otherwise, I would call and probably drive 120 miles to the Maryland dealer others has mentioned in this forum.

    ----------------- MSRP Invoice
    Standard GLS AWD- 28600 27134
    Premium Package-- 1950 1775
    Carpeted floor mat 125 100
    First Aid Kit----- 20 16

    Vehicle Price----- 30695 29025
    Advertising------- 0 150
    Desitnation charge 695 695
    Total------------- 31390 29870

    Hyundai insentive- -1000
    Discount (off invoice) -1270
    Net Saleing Price 27600

    tax 6% 1656
    Document 125
    Out of door payment 29381

    Pacifico Hyundai (Pacifico Auto Group), Philadelphia, PA
    It is good to find out a reasonable dealer in town instead of driving to Maryland.

    I want a deep blue GLS AWD with Premium package (since my wife want moon roof but Not leather seat). They found one (claimed to be the only one in entire east coast). This blue exterior comes with gray interior cloth, althought the premium package does add some leather and wood here and here, in a pleasant way.

    So far I have 1000 mile on it, mostly highway.
    The interior layout is clean. The ride and accelaration is okay (it does not compare to my VW Passat 1.8T sedan though).
    Altough the gas milage is a pain comparing to sedan, as a family of four, we do need a vehicle to accomadate more than 5 people from time to time. At other time, VC's luggage space is useful. I just went a trip to JFK and get 4 passengers, 6 checking-in luggages. Costco shopping trip is very easy.

    Now considering add bluetooth to it.
    Possibly a GPS w/ backup camera.
  • rabachrabach Member Posts: 2
    Bought our Veracruz today after emailing with local dealers for 5 days or so. Here's the deal as listed on the Buyers Order:

    VC LTD AWD: $31215.51 price (includes destination charge)
    plus 3%tax/tags/title/processing fee = $32666.92
    minus $1000 mfg rebate.
    Total OTD price was $31666.92

    If you apply the rebate to the top line, it's 30215.51 before tag/tax/title/fees. No trade-in, no financing.

    No additional options on the car- that's one of the reasons we liked it!
  • marcogallo1986marcogallo1986 Member Posts: 1,164
    you did real whelll I no you will love it I have a frend that just got one and loves it good luck with it thankyou for reading
  • lyle5lyle5 Member Posts: 12
    Sounds like you got a great deal....Bought ours Dec 31st and we got the Ltd 2WD for 28995, but that was a 2007 model. That price did not include Cal tax and registration...We love our car and think you will see value in the one that you bought. Happy motoring.
  • jbd115jbd115 Member Posts: 8
    I just picked up a 2008 VC Limited AWD with Rear Entertainment system for 32,000. The MSRP was 38,150. The invoice price was 35300. It was a hassle negotiating as always, but if you do enough research you can pay the appropriate price. I love the VC it is fantastic. The gas mileage so far has been bad, but only driven the car 200 miles and much of it was in the city.
  • 106294106294 Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased a veracruz limited, loaded w/entertainment system, no GPS, but everything else, prox key etc etc. Dark Bronze w/blacksaddle leather. I have had BMW,Lexus before, which are very nice auto's...I am absolutely amazed at the quality of this vehicle, yes its a Hyundai and I never ever thought I would be seen dead in one of these. Try one first, what you get for the price is amazing, it drives like a dream, it handles great, it has plenty of power and pick up, just took it to North Carolina and it was loaded down, the first 1000 miles I didnt let it labor, shifted down to keep the RPM up and took it easy, kept the speed between 75 and 85, I have a lead foot (sorry officers) I got 20.4 mpg on the trip.I paid $32500 which included a $1500 rebate,then add tax,tag, etc I thought I got an OK deal, after driving it I Know I got a super deal, we both love this vehicle...
  • davlee88davlee88 Member Posts: 4
    can you please share which dealership you purchased your VC from? thanks a bunch
  • jbd115jbd115 Member Posts: 8
    mcgrath hyundai, chicago
  • davlee88davlee88 Member Posts: 4
    thanks JBD115 but Chicago is a bit far for me.

    106294. I was wondering if you can tell me where you buy yours? Thanks in advance.
  • rabachrabach Member Posts: 2
    Our VC came from Alexandria Hyundai in Virginia. We got another very competitive offer from Brown's in Manassas- it included a couple of perks like "Tires For Life', which we did not fully investigate. Might have been worth it for someone with time to schlep to Manassas.
    I also could have gotten more $$$ off by playing them against each other (they both said they would beat the others best offer). Impatience probably cost me $500... still a good deal and we are very happy with the car.
  • jllevanjllevan Member Posts: 2
    I was able to purchase a 2008 Dark Bronze Veracruz AWD Limited (w/cross rails, carpeted floor mats, and trunk tray) in NE PA a month ago. At that time there were only 2 Dark Bronze on the entire East Coast - don't know where the other one was, or if more have become available. Love the vehicle. Although I got a good price on the actual vehicle, I am not happy with the dealership as it outright lied to us about our trade-in and refused to do anything about it after they were caught in their lie. I will be using a diff. dealership for my service.
  • jllevanjllevan Member Posts: 2
    There won't be a 2009 - the next will be 2010 (probably bec. 2007 came out in June 2007, & 2008 came out around Jan.)
  • davlee88davlee88 Member Posts: 4
    Just want to thank everyone on this board. I purchased this from Keffer Hyundai in Charlotte, NC a few days ago.

    '08 VC Limited AWD w/ rear entertainment, carpeted mat, and Trunk Tray. Color Beige/Beige Out the Door for $32,999. Very painless and easy purchase. Two thumbs up!!

    No trade-in. Paid full 3% tax
  • skwilsonskwilson Member Posts: 5
    Just purchased my 2WD Veracruz from at a dealer in Countryside (just outside Chicago). I went through the Costco automobile purchase program and have nothing but good things to say about it!!! The Costco auto purchase program provides a set "non-haggle" price for each car model at participating dealers. Note that the set prices vary from dealership to dealership. At this particular dealer the Veracruz price is set as $1,200 less than invoice price. Add in the current rebate for $1,500 and I was able to purchase the vehicle for $2,700 under invoice!!! I used the savings to purchase the optional $1,500 additional 5 years of bumper-to-bumper warranty. That gives me 10 years and 100,000 miles of protection. The best warranty of any car manufacturer! Oh, and so far LOVE the car (even though we just got it one day ago).

    My ONLY complaint so far is the lack of an ipod input. I've checked the forums and learned that the FM modulator seems to be the only way to go to provide this. Anybody know of someone who does good work in the Chicago area to install something like this?
  • skwilsonskwilson Member Posts: 5
    jbd115, I see you purchased your '08 VC in Chicago as I did. I wondered if you had an ipod jack installed. If so, do you have a recommendation of who installed yours?

  • jbd115jbd115 Member Posts: 8
    I haven't had an ipod jack installed. i'd like to though so please let me know if you find a place that will do the installation.

  • fpostadanfpostadan Member Posts: 22

    The Hyundai dealer installed mine. Go to an official Hyundai dealer's parts department and inquire first before going to a third party installer.

    I know this because when I got my car I had a DVD player iand Bluetooth nstalled by the dealer's recommended installer which didn't have anything to do with Hyundai's in house installers. I asked the third party are you going to be installing the Ipod Jack too and they said no the dealer is going to do that.
  • skwilsonskwilson Member Posts: 5
    Ok. Thanks for the tip.

    How did they install the jack? Is it using the XM connection? Or did they wire an FM modulator? How is it working???

    Thanks in advance.
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