Hyundai Veracruz Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ted29ted29 Member Posts: 2
    Two of the Northern VA dealerships were offereing that price, I chose the one more convenient to home. Fairfax and Alexandria.
  • player4player4 Member Posts: 362
    Thx for the input. I shouldve realized that earlier.

    To seloo...
    DO you have this info but on Santa Fe's?
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    Sorry, I am not tracking that vehicle.

    Ask around on that board.

    Good Luck.
  • elvisluvselvisluvs Member Posts: 29
    I'm not sure what we are buying (in the hyundai lineup)- but I'm waiting for a decent bump in incentives to jump too.
  • vcgirlvcgirl Member Posts: 6
    I'm about to buy a 2008 Hyundai Veracruz Limited AWD. I'm paying $33,999 which included destination and $99 doumentation fee. I didn't get any extra packages - no trade in, no warrantee. I thought the price was ok after my research, Another dealer was going to charge $34,750 plus $350 doc fee! Edmunds quoted target at $34,586. KBB said $36,181 was what most were paying. In Massachusetts, I didn't have much luck with going below invoice of $33,131. Any thoughts on if I did ok?
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    Based on the posts of this board, I think you can do a lot better!

    Time is on your side.

    Good Luck!
  • asxasx Member Posts: 10
    A good starting point is to go to and see what they sell the same car for. I think they have your configuration at $32,381 + $99. Look at stock# H038876 for example. Then - negotiate with other dealers and see if they can beat FitzMall prices.
  • peteyboy30peteyboy30 Member Posts: 34
    I think that's a terrible price. My local dealer here on Long Island (Atlantic Hyundai) is offering $29,995 for the same car. If anyone is in the NY/NJ/CT area, contact me and I'll send you to my salesman. By far this was the most pleasurable experience I've EVER had with a salesman. I was blown away by him. From start to finish he knew his stuff, walked us through every detail of the car, and gave us a lot of information I did not know about the car.

    He also mentioned that Hyundai's deals are changing at Noon on this Saturday (3/1), so I'm waiting on then to pull the trigger. Test drove the GLS, and I'd like to get the limited, but since it's $5K more than the price I'll pay for the GLS, I'll be going for it.
  • vcgirlvcgirl Member Posts: 6
    Oops, I didn't sign a P&S yet, it was a "Retail Order for a Motor Vehicle" that allowed it to be picked up from NY.

    I also just checked out FitzMall. What a price difference so I'm researching them.
  • winedogswinedogs Member Posts: 102
    Deals are changing at noon on Saturday? Any inside information or an educated guess?
  • vcgirlvcgirl Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info. It does sound like I'm way over pricewise but I don't get it because Edmund's and Kelley's said $34,500 was a target price! Guess I'll have to look into this more. I've signed a P&S and the car is coming in from NY today. I'm not sure if I can back out.

    I haven't heard of any incentives or deals starting 3/1 but I sure will ask about it.
  • winedogswinedogs Member Posts: 102
    No disrespect to Edmund's, but I have no idea were they come up with their target price. Go with what other's are reporting on this blog. To me, that is the going rate!
  • toby_the_wolftoby_the_wolf Member Posts: 1
    Try to talk to multiple dealers in SoCal area, esp. LA area, none of them gives me a nice deal of 2008 FWD limited without ultimate package. Not even 1k below invoice! Anybody here recommend a good dealer/salesman in SoCal area? Thanks!
  • vcgirlvcgirl Member Posts: 6
    Toby the Wolf, I'm glad to hear your comment. Over here in Massachusetts, I've walked out of two dealers after haggling below invoice and neither has called me back! If I go by Edmund's I've done well. It also seems to me you have to be careful what you hear HERE! Case in point - the kind person who shared with me I could get a deal of $29,999 in NY - the internet sales manager emailed me an explaination saying the 2008 AWD Limited Veracruz was now offered at $33,750 delivered! Quite a difference. was much better at $32,381 delivered.

    People researching here have to make sure they are getting opinions on the same make, model and package they are actually looking for. I think a lot of the pricing depends on your area too?
  • winedogswinedogs Member Posts: 102
    Don't you think someone saying that they purchased an AWD Veracruz Limited for under $30K is not even worth believing, let alone calling about?

    I know for a fact that I can get a much better deal then Edmunds is reporting we should be paying. I am waiting to see if the interest rates get better in March or April.
  • vcgirlvcgirl Member Posts: 6
    Peteyboy said the quote was $29,999. I certainly believe that, but when I went through one of the car purchasing internet sites and made an offer of $29,999 the Atlantic internet manager emailed and then called me and they said they were no longer offering that price. Now it was $33,700. Beats me! Sure is confusing out there with pricing! I'd still say try They seemed very pleasant and honest over the phone. And I still wonder how much your locality affects the deal. It is factored into Edmunds/Kelley etc.
    I"m sure if I wait for all the specials and the end of the year, I could do better, but my old car won't last that long!
    At any rate, I've learned a ton about buying cars and thank everyone for their thoughts.
  • jimb08jimb08 Member Posts: 3
    I am looking for a good price on an 08 Veracruz Limited FWD with the ultra pkg (DVD) in the San Antonio area. i want to be out the door for $33k or less. Anyone have any leads as to which dealership would be best to approach? Do you think I should aim for a lower price?


  • maxvasc6maxvasc6 Member Posts: 1
    Begining of Febuary purchased a 2008 VC Limited AWD no NAV or DVD from dealer in Massachusetts. Think i did pretty well
    Price $30815.00
    Doc Fees$99.50
    Reg cost$68.00
    Total out the door price $32523.25
    What a great vehicle LOVE IT!!!!!
  • peteyboy30peteyboy30 Member Posts: 34
    This was what the salesman told me. I spoke to him on Saturday as agreed to. He said that a lot of other deals came through, but nothing yet on the Veracruz (he also mentioned that the deal on the 07 Veracruz was removed). He said he's seen this before, and that it didn't make logic sense to go backwards with the deals, only forewards (better deals, less expensive - which also makes sense to me) and that usually 3-4 days later they'll update the current deals. I'm hoping to hear from him midweek with what the latest deals are. When I do, I'll let you guys know here.

    I'm surprised to hear that someone contacted Atlantic and got a different price. If you want to contact me directly, I can put you in touch with my salesman, but only if you are seriously considering buying from him. I don't want to waste his time, of course.
  • winedogswinedogs Member Posts: 102
    If Hyundai offers any deals in March on the 08 Veracruz we should see those deals tomorrow. I checked Hyundai's homepage and the current February deals run through March 3 (today). I did notice that Mazda is offering 2.9% financing for up to 60 months with excellent credit during March on the CX-9.
  • jowangjowang Member Posts: 4
    I guess we are both ok,since I did not get the extended warrenty and got the Navigation system instead of DVD.
    So far I have about 1400 miles on the car. I like it. The mileage has been about 19mpg on the hwy and 15 city.
  • hoo320hoo320 Member Posts: 46
    HI, Maxvasc6,

    I am in MA and looking for a VC. Could you please let me know the contact info of the dealership. Thanks
  • winedogswinedogs Member Posts: 102
    Amazing how Hyundai is offering rebates in March on every single model except ONE! You got it the - Veracruz.
  • peteyboy30peteyboy30 Member Posts: 34
    Well, I haven't heard anything yet, so as far as I know that is not definite. If I don't hear from my salesman today, I'm going to give him a ring tomorrow morning. I'll post up here if there's anything to report. Otherwise, I don't think I would go for the VC. As much as I love the car, I just don't want to get it at regular (5-7%) financing. I'd rather go take a look at the Mazda, or lease a Highlander if need be.
  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    And not having rebates/incentives on the 08 VCs certainly are not a bad thing, especially in the long-term consideration. I hear Hyundai has been able to move the VCs relatively well, which is one of the reasons discounts are scarce on the Veracruz on a national level.

    FWIW, there is a national $299 24month special lease on the 08 VC GLS trim. Other deals from regional and dealer support always exist.
  • vcgirlvcgirl Member Posts: 6
    I live near Nashua NH so I actually went to the Nashua Hyundai.
  • jowangjowang Member Posts: 4
    Sunnyvale, California
  • lemonesqlemonesq Member Posts: 6
    First, thanks to Seloo for his or her hard work on this. I am in central Virginia and the dealer with the largest Hyundai showroom in the country says the best he could offer me was $33850, plus taxes and tags, for a 2008 Veracruz, Limited, FWD, w/ Nav. No DVD. My research shows the invoice on this car , incl. destination charge is $34,911.85. The offer is about $1K below invoice but not the $2K - $2.5K Seloo said was standard.

    My question: Why are dealers willing to go $2 - 2.5K below invoice? Even with dealer holdback and incentives, it seems they must be losing money on sales at this price. What's their incentive to sell a car and but lose money on the sales, other than to get rid of inventory. Its still early in the season so the 2009's are not coming in, and it seems the Veracruz is selling pretty well as evidenced by the lack of incentives or rebates. I just do not see why they would be willing to sell so low as Seloo suggests.

    Thanks to this brain trust for any thoughts.
  • peteyboy30peteyboy30 Member Posts: 34
    Dealer cash. My salesman told me they even pulled that from the VC.

    Yeah, it's for the FWD which I really want the AWD. I'm checking into residuals, money factors, etc. on the VC AWD GLS throughLease Wizard, so I'll see if leasing is a good alternative to buying it. I remember looking at residuals for their sister company Kia, and it was 45% (gag!) so the lease was over $400 (no thanks!) Hoping I find better info about the VC. I wouldn't mind leasing it for around $299. Those prices are usually a good deal, so even a bit more would be fine by me honestly.

    Spoke to my salesman about the lack of deals, and the long and the short of it is to wait - his words, not mine. There's nothing right now, and he suggests that I wait until the beginning of next month.

    After then I'll see if grabbing an 07 at $3700 under invoice is possible, considering the inventory is probably depleting fast.
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    The good deals are a combination of normal rebates, factory to dealer cash (that the public does not know about), not paying high extra fees, and good negotiations.

    I do not suggest prices, but rather just report what other are getting on these deals.

    Make an offer that you are comfortable with and leave your phone number. Time is on your side!

    Good Luck!
  • doctorstidoctorsti Member Posts: 9
    My wife and I are on the market for a 2008 Veracruz Limited AWD with nav and have the dealer looking for a bronze exterior with saddle interior for us. We are discouraged by the lack of special financing offered from Hyundai as we can purchase a Tribeca Limited 7passenger at 0.0% for 60 mo. We plan on using the pricing information found here and looking for some finance deals to compete with local dealers. Does anyone think they will negotiate that low on price and offer some sort of finance deal?
  • peteyboy30peteyboy30 Member Posts: 34
    There's no way to tell until the beginning of the month (somewhere around 4/4), anything else is hearsay, in my opinion.
  • doctorstidoctorsti Member Posts: 9
    the 4th huh, I was planning on using the "end of the month" thing to negotiate a lower price but I may have to wait until the end of april. Is that even real that dealers tend to make better deals at the end of a month or not? We sort of need to car sooner then later but I will definitely not let our salesperson know that obviously.
  • winedogswinedogs Member Posts: 102

    Let me know if you find an 08 Veracruz Limited with BRONZE exterior. I have not heard of anyone finding one and dealers have told me that none have been produced in the 08's, at least as of yet.
  • peteyboy30peteyboy30 Member Posts: 34
    Yeah somewhere around the first few days of the month. Yes, they DO want to make sales by the end of the month, so if you do want the best deal, I'd advise waiting until a VC deal comes out, then wait until the end of that month... see what they'll do for you. Just my $.02.
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    The current leaders are:

    07 GLS - $3700 under invoice

    07 Limited - $3500 under invoice.

    07 SE - $3000 under invoice.

    08 SE - $2,000 under invoice.

    08 GLS - $2,021 under invoice.

    08 Limited - $3,161 under invoice. A standard deal should be between $2-2.5K under invoice.

    Prices include rebates.

    Watch out for the extra fees!

    Keep posting the good deals.
  • doctorstidoctorsti Member Posts: 9
    I will sure let the forum know if my guy can get me one. The sales manager seemed to think it was no issue. I know my salesperson said I gave him a real challenge by asking for saddle interior not to mention the curve ball of asking for Bronze exterior. I know he has found a black with saddle so that may be what we get.
  • archiemaxarchiemax Member Posts: 1
    For those who do not like to haggle:

    I'm in Orlando, FL and I just bought my wife a 2008 Veracruz LTD FWD with DVD rear entertainment system, floor mats, vinyl trunk mat, & wheel locks for $30,585 + $595 dealer fee = $31,180 before tax, tag, title. Black diamond with beige leather.

    Edmunds Invoice was $33,858.00
    Fitzmall (MD not FL) delivered price was $32,182.00
    I did no haggling & I paid the $595 dealer fee without complaint because I was still $1K below Fitzmall.
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    Thanks for sharing, enjoy your new car.
  • qthqth Member Posts: 25
    Bought 07 SE Veracruz Jan 07 with premium package, crossed bars, carpet mat, tint for $25K. It is now 2.2 K miles. Average 19 MPG. Great vehicle.
  • bucwildbucwild Member Posts: 16
    hello everyone, i have been reading through the various posts and i must admit im shocked not to see the prices are not lower.coming next year around this time i plan on purchasing both a veracruz and a genesis (based on the reviews). Both vehicles i plan on buying in cash...Do you believe cash is a great negotiating tool? I f so how much below imvoice would you for see?
  • lyle5lyle5 Member Posts: 12
    We paid cash for our 2007 VC was advertised at $28,995 and we didn't haggle. I don't think that most dealers see cash as an advantage. In many cases they get a kick-back of money if they write a sales contract or insurance. We are very happy with ours, but would have gone for the ultimate pkg if it was available on this 1 of a kind advertised car. It was the only 20007 left, according to the dealer. For all of you considering the VC I think you will be happy with it.
  • lyle5lyle5 Member Posts: 12
    On Dec 31st 2007, we bought a 2007 VC limited FWD from Carlsbad Hyundai at Car County Carlsbad in North San Diego County for $28995. You might try them if you are still in the market....
  • lyle5lyle5 Member Posts: 12
    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier....We bought ours at Hyundai of Carlsbad in San Diego County, California
  • winedogswinedogs Member Posts: 102
    Thanks for getting back to me. San Diego is a little out of my buying area - Pittsburgh! :shades:
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Member Posts: 804
    Have you checked Cochran in Monroeville? They list 3 2007 and 4 2008 VCs in stock.

    and a few more at their South Hills location.
  • winedogswinedogs Member Posts: 102
    I'm not having a problem finding the model, I am waiting for a rebate or better yet, a good interest rate.
  • 19631963 Member Posts: 9
    We've driven the VC several times at several midstate dealers, but the lowest price we've found is at an Atlanta dealer, 2007 VC Limited with ultimate pkg rear dvd for $32,500 drive out. Not our color though. Is there an advantage to buying from a large volume dealer with 26 on the lot rather than the small town guy with only 2 in stock? Do the big guys get bigger incentives from the mfg?
  • lemonesqlemonesq Member Posts: 6
    I have been on the lookout as well for a 2008 VC Lim. w/ NAV FWD; and the best deal I can get so far here in Richmond, Virginia is $34,950. When I asked for the best price on a 2008 Sante Fe, w/ FWD, and all the same whisltes and bells as the VC I want, they told me it came with a $2K rebate, and they would sell it for $29,700. Both of these prices did not come with title taxes and tags. Although I might have been able to do better if they thought I would truly have bought that day. I told them to give me the best deal since I was going to price shop, I do it in person at thre dealership, and I was in no hurry.

    I wonder if the dealer really thought we would buy that day if the price was low enough, if they would not come off the price more that they tell us when they know we are simply shopping, since, if they know we are comparing prices, they know we will come back again with another offer based on the otherr dealers we are getting prices from, and... this is the important point, they want the last shot.
  • winedogswinedogs Member Posts: 102

    In March there are rebates on every Hyundai, except the Veracruz. Check the Hyundai USA website under specials. This might explain why the dealer was willing to give you 2K on a Santa Fe and nothing on a Veracruz.
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