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Hyundai Veracruz Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • louyalouya Posts: 5
    Hi, I think I got a good deal. What do you all think?

    2008 GLS, AWD, Premium Package
    total total total = $29,000 out the door, not a penny more.
    that price included all taxes, tags, plates, blah blah whatever.
    drove the car off the lot after 1.5 hours of negotiating.

    - Floor mats ($150?)
    - Rear cargo tray ($100?)
    - Premium package ($1900?) - leather steering wheel, backup sensors, heated seats, power driver seat, sunroof, etc..
    - All Wheel Drive ($1700 more than FWD)
    - Free lifetime oil changes
    - Tires for life (free tires when naturally worn down)
    - Free VA state inspection for life

    sorry, i dont know the breakdown for car price vs. taxes/tax/plates etc..
    according to hyundai website, MSRP is 30,775.

    good deal?
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Congrats on your purchase, but more information is needed:

    Edmunds shows MSRP to be (w/Des Charge)


    Invoice Price is:


    What did you pay before TL&L? Look at your paperwork

    Did you pay any extra fees (Doc Fee, Prep, Etc...)

    Did you trade a car?

    How did you finance the deal?
  • sas5sas5 Posts: 8
    Oops! I may have sent this message a second ago . . .

    Anyway . . . I test drove a Vera Cruz Limited FWD this morning, and I really like this vehicle.

    The dealer quoted a price of $36,170 (no DVD, no nav system) . . . it has everything else on it.

    After some discussion, the dealer took $6,000 off, thus lowering the price to $30,170. Edmunds says that the invoice price on this model is $31,577. It looks as if the dealer is coming in below the invoice price.

    However, there are some fees that I don't know anything about.

    Etching = $299
    Doc Fee = $499.50
    Non Tax Fee = $16.50

    Are these fees legitimate? The tax on this vehicle is $1,161.32. I don't see anything about a license/tag fee on the preliminary figures sheet.

    With the fees quoted above and the taxes added, the total drive away price on this vehicle is $32,146.32.

    Is this a good price?
  • winedogswinedogs Posts: 102
    Don't pay etching and doc fees seem pretty high.
  • louyalouya Posts: 5
    yes, thanks for the reply. here's the details:

    total purchase price including freight/handling/delivery: $27,374 ($2410 below invoice according to above post)

    processing fee: 389
    3% Title tax: 832
    Dealer's business license tax: 55
    NVTA 1% fee: 287
    License/Title fee: 61

    that all totals $29,000

    no car trade-in.
    financed with 10K down... plan to pay it off within a year or so.
    i just didn't want to get ripped off, cuz i dont mind paying fair value, since its a great car.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606

    Based on the information you provided, I think you did pretty good.

    Looks like $2021 under invoice. The processing fee is just dealer profit.

    Not sure what these are:

    Dealer's business license tax: 55
    NVTA 1% fee: 287

    Your deal looks to be the best 08 GLS deal on this board.

    Good work, enjoy your car!
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    The current leaders are:

    07 GLS - $3700 under invoice

    07 Limited - $3500 under invoice.

    07 SE - $3000 under invoice.

    08 SE - $2,000 under invoice.

    08 GLS - $2,021 under invoice.

    08 Limited - $3,161 under invoice. A standard deal should be between $2-2.5K under invoice.

    Prices include rebates.

    Watch out for the extra fees!

    Keep posting the good deals.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    I agree with winedogs those fees are just extra profit, do not pay them.

    The best deal posted on a Limited is $3K+ below invoice. You can do better. If you cannot right now, then wait for additional incentives and try again later.

    Good Luck.

    Keep your trade (if you have one) and financing separate from the car negotiations.
  • sas5sas5 Posts: 8
    Thanks for your response, winedogs.

    I agree that the doc fee of $499.50 is wayyyyy out of line.

    I was told that the etching fee is for the security numbers on the car and that they've already been etched onto the windshield.

    I want to know what the non tax fee of $16.50 is. I called the salesperson with my questions, and he's doing some more "research" for me.

    Also, I've read that $2000 - $2500 off the invoice price is reasonable. The invoice price on this vehicle is $31,577.

    Would it be out of line to ask the dealer to take another $1000 off the $30,469 sale price, as well as the fees?

    Any information you can offer is appreciated. I have a month to negotiate, as the lease on my 2004 CTS is ending.

    I've enjoyed driving the CTS, but I need cargo room and higher seating, and the Veracruz is a great vehicle for me.

    I haven't decided whether to lease or purchase the Veracruz yet. I can go either way as long as I feel I'm getting a good price.
  • louyalouya Posts: 5
    heheh! thanks for making me feel good seloo (despite the fact that i think im the ONLY 08 GLS on the board so far!)

    well, in any case, like i mentioned, i'm happy to pay fair price since it's worth it and it's a great car.

    also, if anyone's interested. here's a great article comparing 6 different CUV's. Veracruz scored 2nd place, only behind the mazda CX-9. which, i agree with, is nice because of its handling. but the VC is a few thousand cheaper for pretty much the same engine/amenities.

  • sas5sas5 Posts: 8
    A few minutes ago I received an e-mail from another Hyundai dealer who offered me an internet price of $32,786, which is higher than the one offered me by the other dealer this morning.

    I don't know if this is the sales price without the added fees and taxes or with them. If this is including the fees and taxes, this price is $640 above the other dealer's price.

    I responded politely that his price is too high and that I'm willing to negotiate a lower price.

    He sent back an e-mail telling me that the price he quoted is his invoice price and that he can't take off any more from the invoice, as that's how he makes his profit.

    Very strange . . .
  • I just got a quote for 29,900 for a limited VC with Ultimate Pkg 2wd...I am trying to find a AWD version ..would 31,900 be a reasonable offer?too much? (the nice 2.9% @48mths is nice incentive and only applies to the 07)
  • dejenkdejenk Posts: 6
    Was your quote for a 07 or 08? Also what state was that quote from?
  • dejenkdejenk Posts: 6
    Was your quote for a 07 or 08? Also what state and dealership was that from?
  • winedogswinedogs Posts: 102
    It said 07 on texasguy33's title.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Compare your price (and the fees) to the invoice price.

    Board members were buying the 07 Limited for $3000 under invoice (in 2007) with no extra fees.
  • kkdonkkdon Posts: 4
    I see only one GLS AWD car left around my area.
    Final quote is..$26891 (after rebate before tax and fees)
    It has also got Premium package.

    Dealer is not going below this, other dealers has only FWD left.

    Is this a good deal?
    I need to finalize tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    How much are the fees? (Doc Fee, Ad Fee, Etc....)

    That price (w/o fees, you must add in the fees they impact your deal ) looks to be about $2800 under invoice, but I could only find a 08 invoice for comparison.

    In 2007, people on this board paid $3500 under invoice for a 07 GLS.

    I am pretty sure the factory is providing the dealer with incentives to sell these cars.

    People are also buying 08 GLSs at $2000 below invoice. If you look at car depreciation information, I think I would rather have a 08 for a few hundred dollars more.

    Unless you must buy a car tomorrow, I would try for a lower price and not pay any fees.

    Good Luck!
  • kkdonkkdon Posts: 4
    Here is the breakup I got from dealer. This is near Seattle, WA

    Invoice Price: $29,389
    Required License Fee: $220.25
    State Sales Tax: $2,674.40

    Price: $32,283.65
    Rebate: $3,000.00 ($2K from us and $1K from Hyundai)

    Total Price: $29,283.65

    I can wait few more weeks and try for 2008, but none of the dealer around my area has 08 GLS AWD in stock.
    Also 07 GLS should give more milage compared to 08, shouldn't that be a positive factor.

    Thanks for your help, please let me know how final price looks.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Your latest price looks to be a $500 improvement over your first quote.

    If you purchased the car, do not pay any extra fees at closing (Doc fee, Ad fee, etc...) Read the contact carefully before you sign!

    What is the Required License Fee? Is it a local or state Gov't fee? If not, they need to get rid of it. Most of the time, the word "Fee" means extra money for the dealership. If you are unsure, have the dealership fully explain the fee.

    If the dealership is willing to go $3K under invoice, the factory is giving them a lot of back door money.

    You have all the information, it is time for you to make a decision. Good Luck!
  • kkdonkkdon Posts: 4
    Thanks for your help.
    stain beige color stopped me from buying it.
    Will wait for 08 GLS AWD which none of the dealer has right now, not sure why.
  • Here's the deal I got:

    2007 GLS AWD
    Cloth interior, khaki exterior
    Standard XM radio, etc. No premium package.

    Price before tax: 25,358.

    The dealership was great and I think I got a pretty good deal. This was in NJ.
  • rugzyrugzy Posts: 16
    Is this from Cars pro Hyundai?
  • kkdonkkdon Posts: 4
    finally I bought this car for $28783 OTD.
    Thanks all for posting your deals.
  • I am looking to buy the 2008 Veracruz Limited Edition FWD, but there are no manufacturer's rebates or financing incentives on the 2008. Given that the economy seems to be going into a recession, and people are holding off on big purchases I am hoping that car manufacturers would come up with some incentives soon. Can someone knowing Hyundai's history on providing rebates in the past years advice me if I should buy right now or just wait?
  • Why are you waiting for a formal "rebate"?? According to posts on this site, purchasers are paying $2-3K BELOW invoice. Back in June 2007, I paid $300 ABOVE invoice for an AWD Limited. I thought I had gotten a GREAT deal at the time. Use the prices on this site and go for it if you think this is the perfect vehicle for you and your family!
  • Its just that I dont to want to see new financing or other incentives from Hyundai soon after I buy it. The forecast for car sales is looking gloomy this year, and it will be a buyers market, which I want to take full advantage of.

    Yes, I really like the car and am prepared to buy it. $3K below invoice looks like a great deal... maybe I will try for it after all.
  • circir Posts: 5
    so what's the deal with the dark bronze color? i've looked high and low in my area and NO ONE has even seen a dark bronze VC. i've called hyundai at their 800 number on their website and they never have an answer. it'd be nice if they just let dealerships know if the color isn't going to be made available, y'know? anyone heard anything on this color conspiracy? :cry:
  • winedogswinedogs Posts: 102
    Currently Hyundai has not produced any 08 Veracruz's in bronze and only produced about 100 of the 07's, according to a dealer. He did a 400 mile search in the Pittsburgh area and found only on base style 07 in Bronze.

    I wanted one as well! Thinking about black. :confuse:
  • prw01prw01 Posts: 6
    I just found this thread. We have done alot of research on the Veracruz and pretty much made decision this is our next vehicle. We have a current lease that does not end til June so we were hoping to wait til like May and make the move. However there is this special finance rate going on with the 07's of 1.9%. We normally lease but just so confused if we should jump on this finance offer and I mean jump as the stock of 07's are disappearing! I found a dealer and they said they could get us the 07 Limited with DVD pkg for $500 below invoice and $1000 rebate with this 1.9% rate. Does this sound good? Should we jump on this with still having our current lease? I do not want that added on my new pmt. Or should we hold out and lease an 08 which we were told would be a 48 mth lease. Yikes! Any help is appreciated.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    You could probably find a dealer to let you out of the lease 4 months early if you're buying another vehicle from him/her. All depends on how motivated they are to earn your business...
  • I bought a 2007 Veracruz SE Titanium Blue w/ premium leather package and entertainment DVD package for $29,000 (which includes the $1000 rebate) not including tax and license. They threw in the floor mats and the plastic cargo tray which I recommend everyone get. It protects the carpet in the back which tends to get dirty easily if you transport a lot of stuff. Did I get a good deal? It was about $4800 off the sticker. I don't know what the invoice was. I tried to shake 'em down for $28,000 but they weren't that desperate!
  • prw01prw01 Posts: 6
    Did you buy this with the special financing rate? Here in NJ it is 1.9 % and you can't get the $1000 rebate and the financing. One or the other. The dealer has the silver limited with ultimate package with black saddle interior. We really want it but this current Volvo lease is a main factor. Seems they could come off more but being rather stingy. So looking like we have no choice but to hold out for a lease. Also I am getting alot of opinions on it being a BAD move to buy a Hyundai as they do not hold value. Dealers have told me that the they anticipate the Veracruz being excellent with their value.
  • My wife and I love our 07 Limited VC. The 07 finance deal sounds very good, but keep in mind that the 08 Limited added a few standard items n/a on 07's. The price of the 08 limiteds did go up by around $600
    1) Memory seats
    2) Adjustable power pedals
    3) Lighted VC door sills
    4) 115 volt power outlit
    Their may be a few other things, but if you wamt the above in the 07, you will have to get the Ultimate package, which adds the DVD ET system.
    Either way, you will love the VC, we have put 11K miles on it, and no problems, best car we ever owned!
    Good luck with your purchase.
  • I purchased a 2008 VC LTD AWD with Navigation system. Total price including tax & license fees for $37,000 out-the-door. Car was purchase at Hyundai Sunnyvale in Northern California.
  • Details:
    2007 SE - Premium and leather Package / Entertainment Package / Floor mats.
    Sticker with destination - $33,795

    Out the door, $28,295, plus 7% sales tax, no fee (That was the last minute fly-in-the-ointment. Never have paid a dealer fee, never will). $5,500 savings.

    PLUS, got 5.3% financing.

    Of course it took all day, but worth it.
  • I just bought a 2007 Vera Cruz GLS (BASE) 2wd for 28,917,00. I think after looking at the MSRP on Kelley Blue Book of $26,000 I got screwed and am thinking of trying to back out of this deal. I think that it is a good $2500 over priced. It did include a 1.9% but for that price I shoulkd have gotten at least a AWD? What do people think?
  • prw01prw01 Posts: 6
    well what was the msrp on the car? that will tell you if you got ripped off. did it have any optional packages???
  • No options the MSRP from Kelleys Blue Book is 26305. So, i paid 2500 over that.
  • Sounds like a decent deal. Did you have to negotiate a lot? I have been not been able a quote which is less than $1000 below invoice in the bay area so far this weekend. I hope you are very happy with the car so far.
  • Actually I am very happy with the car. And you are right after further researcher it was a decent deal. I didn't have to negotiate much at all. I had a Tucson in excellent conditon that they really wanted to get on the trade which I think helped me alot.
  • ted29ted29 Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2008 Limited AWD with Rear Seat Entertainment (DVD) for $33,000 - $35,075 was the final out the door price including freight, tags, title, taxes and a unique local tax assessment of 1% ($320). MSRP was $38,275 and invoice was $35,615. I pad an extra $1,400 for the extended warranty - 10 years bumber to bumper. Offered Cash, and it was President's Day at 8:30 p.m. - so may have been a unique situation. Don't think the dealer was too happy with the sale, but they had too much inventory, and needed to move units. :shades:
  • Great deal. May I ask you where you bought this (city and state)?
  • lyle5lyle5 Posts: 12
    In Dec of 2007 we purchased a limited without the Ultra Pkg for $28,995..list price was about 33k. Now the same dealer has a 2007 limited with ultra pkg for the same price. We thought that we got a pretty good deal in December, but this seems to be a very good price...Dealer is in Car Country Carlsbad in San Diego County. We really like the car but would like more torque on the low end. Steering wheel adjustment is archaic and hard to use. We would also like less road noise on rough roads..suspension noise I believe. However, in our opinion it is a great car at a good price with a terrific warranty and lots of built in optional equipment.
  • winedogswinedogs Posts: 102
    I am also curious to where you purchased this Veracruz?
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    The current leaders are:

    07 GLS - $3700 under invoice

    07 Limited - $3500 under invoice.

    07 SE - $3000 under invoice.

    08 SE - $2,000 under invoice.

    08 GLS - $2,021 under invoice.

    08 Limited - $3,161 under invoice. A standard deal should be between $2-2.5K under invoice.

    Prices include rebates.

    Watch out for the extra fees!

    Keep posting the good deals.
  • I bought the 2007 GLS base 2wd with mats for $25,400 in June. (paid cash ) The dealer matched the price I could get on carsdirect at the time.
  • qthqth Posts: 25
    I just bought 07 Veracruz SE, deep blue, FWD, premium pkg., cross bars, carpet mats with 17 miles at @ $25K.
  • player4player4 Posts: 362
    We are shopping around for a SUV to replace our old minivan. Since our kids are all gone to college and it is just my wife and I. We have come down to the Santa FE Limited AWD with NAV& Touring Pkg and the Honda CR-V EX-l with Nav pkg. Seeing that those two would be at or around $30K (Goin by Fitzmall on the SF which is $30,246 ), i just noticed that the VC LTD AWD w/ NAV again Fitzmall price is $33,856 this seems like a great deal since the MSRP is $38,340 and invoice $35,725.

    My question is, Is it really possible and are there dealers out there willing to negotiate this low? Of about $2K under invoice?

    IF you have any personal experiences ill be more than happy to read/hear them.

    Thx in advance

  • winedogswinedogs Posts: 102
    Go back to post#602 from seloo and you will see a snapshot of what others are paying. Seloo does a great job updating everyone on what the "going rate" is by model!

    I'm itching to pull the trigger, but waiting till mid March early April to see if Hyundai offers interest/rebates deals on the 08's!
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